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Califur.1 2005

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Party Pony:
This Southern California furcon is back.
Dates are May 20-23, 2005.
Info is at CALIFUR.

Last year this was a pleasant, relaxing, 'party-con'.
At this point, I hope to be there, and maybe have a dealers table again.

I really want to go this year. I gotta see how much this will costme total first. hopefully I'll be able to afford it.

Not sure if I can get the time off but I will drop by the hotel lobby to say hello to any furtopian that is there. My work is in Long Beach just down the freeway from the con.

I want to go. the price to get in isn't to bad but how much it wil cost me to get there and a place to stay with my daughter will suck

yay for free kids. at least i dont have to pay fo rher

Last year was fun and relaxed, so im gonna go to this as well.


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