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Just wanted to know if there were any other furs in the new england area going?? I already made my reservations.
  For info go to

that would be fun. i doubt i'll get to go. i'll have a job by then but probably no money.

Its only about 2 hrs from me and i had alot of fun last time. so, why not?

I was planning on going, its only like 20 mins from me or something. Than I realized I would be at RIT than so it'd be more like 7 hours from me. I'll figure it out when it gets closer.

Hey Kouga , what kind of things can one expect to see hear and do there since you were there last year??  I have never been to any cons before. I jumped at the first opportunity to go to one near me.  It looks like a blast. All of the pics I have seen contain nothing but people smiling and having a good time. The 4 hour drive is nothing to me.  Any info anyone could give me would greatly apprecianted. Thank you.


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