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Title: The Game mkII
Post by: Kale on May 18, 2005, 06:50:55 am
[Preface: A breif explination as to why i'm not gonna try running this game like the last one:
It was a real world setting, which meant i have to dealwith the inconvenience that is geography and common sense. I'm going to use a futuristicish setting on a world of my creation which will hopefully better reflect what i am trying to do, even if i dont quite know what that is yet.. anyway, onto the game]

The desert of Kanahvah. The hottest place on Ter-Nolah, so hot that in places, the desert burned. It wasnt heated by the sun, but rather by an inconsistancy in the planets crust, where damage caused somewhere in the distant past had allowed the magma underneath to come just short of the surface, heating the desert sands to unbarable levels, leaving thousands of miles of uninhabitable land, scattered with the few scarred remnants of what had been a great mountain range. In its center lay a single huge building, a temple complex, well more than that. A complex magical device for sealing something. It had not been visited in thousands of years... Until now.

A lone figure entered the cavernous, dark altor room. Its walls screaming with the history of the place. Slowly, apprehensivley, it walked up to the altor, expecting death at every step, but the traps didnt come. He smiled, and pressed his hands into the altor, feeling it starting to decend under his hands. Hearing the noises of complex clockwork starting. It had begun.

<meanwhile, elsewher ein the desert>

Kale relaxed a little in the small cramped cargo bay of the large desert freighter (a large aircraft, designed for long haul low altitude cargo haulage). It had been three weeks scince the change, and he still wasnt used to it, wasnt used to being chased across the countryside by the government and a large group of religious zealots, who claimed that his new form, that of a humanoid otter, heralded the return of the Kadnar est Harradaj, a race of beings rumored to be the reason for the devastation of the continent. He thought they were nuts, although, over the past few days he felt he was being chased by... something else. He hoped he arrived at his destination soon, and hoped his freinds still lived around there.

Title: The Game mkII
Post by: VersteckterGeist on May 25, 2005, 05:51:15 pm
Cyanide slinked slowly through the dark desert. Her long reptilian human morphed body fit perfectly through some boulders. She sighed angrily as the red sun beamed down on her black and bright bio lumenecent body.

"Man.. what the heck did I do to deserve this one.. I know times are tough.. but is this really worth my trouble?" she grumbled miserably as sweat dripped down her dragonic skin.

She looked down at the bright blue stripes on her arm that contrasted her black skin color, and the desert around her. It would be a challenge to hunt her bounty in a strange land with such a harsh climate.. but for the price offered, she was more then happy to try...
Title: The Game mkII
Post by: Kale on May 26, 2005, 05:15:53 pm
The Aircraft shuddered as it hit turbulance, Causing kale to jerk awake. Terbulance? he thought At this altitude? He was instantly suspicious. He checked the knife in his pocket and retreated deeper into the mass of crates in the freighter