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Peace Quest: War and Revenge
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:46:42 pm »
Introduction: The Incident

General Brudge was not a patient man. He wasn't a considerate man, either. But that didn't matter in the least to him. This was war, after all. Consideration was not needed. Not with the enemy THEY were facing, anyhow. In General Brudge's opinion, all they needed was logical thinking, plans, and the power to crush their enemies.

Hopefully, their latest weapon would be all the power they'd need. He had yet to see the weapon, but from what the scientists in the war-labs had told him he gathered that the weapon they were working on was one of extremely destructive force. Something that could pummel their enemies into the ground for good. The thought of that made General Brudge smile. He was determined to win this war.

"Sir." a voice said from behind him. Turning around, General Brudge found a soldier standing there. Looking into the soldier's eyes, General Brudge was pleased to see fear in the young man's expression.

"What do you want?" General Brudge asked, sharply, and the soldier before him stepped back.

"I was sent to tell you, sir..." the young man began, shakily. "The's complete." The General straightened up.

"The weapon?" he asked, simply.

"Yes, sir." the young soldier replied, nodding. "Project 111 is complete."


"Well..." the General muttered, upon laying eyes on the 'weapon' for the first time. "You say THIS can solve all our problems?" An old man in a lab-coat who was standing beside the General nodded.

"Yes. This project is something that will shatter our enemies with ease." he said. he pointed through the glass window and into the room in which Project 111 was contained. The room was constantly under maintainance, due to the incredible power of the 'weapon'. "She'll be ready tomorrow." General Brudge observed the weapon and looked vaguely impressed. This was rare, because his face was normally a mask of complete lack of emotion.

"It's a SHE?" General Brudge muttered. "Just looks like an oversized LIZARD to me." The scientist shook his head.

"No, sir. It's much more than any lizard." he said. "That just so happens to be the only Gorgonopsid alive. And, as of this moment, the most destructive and powerful predator on this planet." The creature in the room was asleep. It was still under the effects of a tranquiliser, so it would take another hour or so before it awoke. But even as it was, everyone who looked at it could tell that this was an amazingly powerful predator. It had a height of 2 metres at the shoulder, and a length of four metres. Its scaly skin was lined with scars from the experiments performed on it. Sabre-like teeth jutted out of its top jaw. Claws on its feet were long and very sharp. These claws glinted in the low light.

"Tomorrow, you said?" General Brudge asked.

"Yes, General Brudge, sir." the scientist said. "She'll be ready tomorrow."

"Good." General Brudge said, with the slightest of dark grins. "Tomorrow we'll give the blasted furries what-for."
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