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Holly's close call.
« on: June 18, 2012, 09:55:26 pm »
I don't have a lot of experience writing, but I thought I
would post a short story I wrote.

I know there are some punctuation and other writing
errors, but I hope to do better next time.

Holly’s close call.

One day a young rabbit named Holly, and her best friend Macy were enjoying a early spring morning of nibbling clover that was still wet with dew. Later that morning one of the older bucks of the warren stopped by, and said: “You both need to keep your wits about you. The scent of humans is on the wind.”  They nodded, and said they would.

By the time they were finished feeding Macy said she had promised to help another friend for a bit. Reminding Holly of the warning she tried to get her to come with her, but gave up after a few tries, and quickly hopped away..

Now Holly was a rather curious rabbit, so even though she should have went with her friend to the warren. She decided to sit under a Lilac bush for a while. She loved to sit outside where she could smell the flowers, and watch the butterflies flit from flower to twig. Soon she left the cover of the bush, and was following a especially colorful butterfly without thought of danger.

She had seen one of her fellow rabbits killed by a hunters spear, but it had been some months earlier so her thoughts were only on the butterfly. Unknown to her a young human, and his friend had spotted her, and were creeping from tree to bush to get closer hoping to spear her for meat and skin.

Fortunately for Holly one of them stepped on a dry twig whose snap caused her to setup for a second to look around. Before she could move one of the hunters threw his spear striking Holly’s left side.

She squealed as she felt the sting, but it only grazed slicing through her fur as it flew past her. Bolting she heads for the nearest entrance to her burrow. Just as she dives between two large tree roots she hears the thud of another spear striking the tree just missing her tail.

Moments later she sits panting and shivering as one of her friends asks: “Is there something wrong Holly?”

Finally catching her breath she spoke in a shaky voice: “Oh Macy, I was almost killed.”

“What happened?  What was chasing you?”  

   She moved so her friend could see her side and said: “I was struck in the side by a spear, is it bleeding a lot?” Her friend looked close, and said: “It’s not serious, just a small scratch.”

She squirmed as her friend touched the spot, and said: “It’s already rather sore.” Macy gave her a lick on the nose, and said: “Let me get something for it.”

   By now the whole thing was beginning to sink in as her large eyes began
tearing up. She then cried: “Please don’t go, I feel so very frightened right now.”
Holly began to sob as her friend held her trembling body tight telling her she
would be alright.

So she was, and a smarter rabbit too.  The End.

Comments welcome.

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