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A short story
« on: July 12, 2013, 06:51:00 am »
The rain was heavy that day when he received the text, he was running through the puddles as fast as he could to get there not caring how wet his fur was getting. Skidding to a stop inside a hospital as people looked to see a soaked male black and white bunny looking to be around 21 years of age. Soaked to the bone as he dripped onto the mats below him, heading over to the front desk he spoke to the female wolf nurse there "Where is Raul's room?"

the wolf began to look on her computer "He is currently in ICU you will have to wait for him to get out. Until then how about..I get you something to slip into and we dry you up or you might end up in there as well catching pneumonia." standing up she pointed to the bathroom and tossed him a few towels "I'll see what clothes we have and have someone give them to you."

Catching the towels he began to nod as he couldnt get to Raul right now he might get dry at least. Heading into the restroom he went into one of the stalls locking it, kicking his shoes off he began to get undressed as the events went through his mind.

"Come on Raul tell me what this surprise is already." Abel said as he held Raul's hand tightly in his own. Raul's paw engulfing his own as he was yanked over being kissed gently on the lips, his bunny tail wiggling from it "Oh if you keep that up I may not care about the surprise and take you home." he giggled some as Raul lifted him up

Bright orange eyes looked into Abel's soft blue eyes as Raul let out a purred "Oh you just need to behave we are having fun and dinner is in a few moments. I promise to tell you after dinner ok?" setting Abel down he moved a hand to brush his long black hair back that had light green tips. He was wearing a pair of white dress pants with a powder blue dress shirt tucked into them. It covered up his arms which had green Celtic knots in his fur a that went up both arms from his wrists, usually proud to show them off tonight was special as he wrapped his arm over Abel's shoulders pulling him close as they walked into the restaurant "Looks like rain is on the way anyways."

Abel was wearing a pair of black dress pants with a red dress shirt tucked into them, he fiddled with his black tie a bit as Raul held him close hearing the purring "Ok I guess I can wait." entering the restaurant

After entering they were greeted and seated Raul having called ahead to reserve a table. Having a nice fulfilling dinner Abel excused himself to the restroom. Raul watched him head off digging into his pocket he got out a ring box and opened it up to see a simple gold band in it. Nothing fancy just the engraving on the inside reading "Together always." as he got it ready to pop the question when Abel returned he began to feel his chest hurt, starting to cough he spat blood out onto the table before falling over onto the floor. The waiters began to gather around as the greeter called up 911..they were trying to see if they could help him as Abel came out of the restroom

Seeing the scene before him he ran over seeing Raul on the floor coughing up blood and in pain. Panic set in as he began to lean down taking his paw holding it "Raul." he heard the ambulance starting to pull up as they rushed in. Taking up Raul he went to go with but got told to stay out "But we are together I need to go." Abel screamed out as he was held back by a few people "There isnt room for you and we dont want you to see him like this..nothing personal we need the room to move in there to help him."as the ambulance headed off after the doors were pulled close, Abel went inside to toss money down for the dinner as the waiters told him it was ok. To get to the hospital before he saw a box on the table. Taking it up he saw the ring inside and began to tear up before he pocketed the box. Running out the door he began to head off to the hospital as the rain began to come down

[more tomorrow]

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Re: A short story
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*swells up*
What happens next :O
This is beautiful man!