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The Husky Fursuit
« on: December 09, 2014, 06:51:53 pm »
my first story hope you´ll enjoy it, please let me know what you think:

>bla<: mind talk
'bla': thought
"bla": talking

The Husky Fursuit

Niklas a 13 year old boy was walking threw town, it was two days before the biggest Anime and Manga Convention started and he wanted to dress up for that, but he hadn´t found a costume he liked yet, 'damn it, i really want to go to this Con, but i just can´t find a cool costume', he thought. After walking for a while he spotted a shop that he had never noticed before, a sign over the shop said, „Magic Fursuits“, curiosity hit him and he walked into the shop.

As Niklas entered the shop his eyes widened, 'woah, it´s huge', he thought, wherever he looked there were Fursuits of all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, bagers, foxes, wolves, dragons, unicorns and many more. Niklas´s eyes rested on a Husky Fursuit and he walked over to the suit, the suit had gray and white fur and ice blue eyes. 'What a beautiful suit', Niklas thought, he couldn´t take his eyes off of it, he was lost In those blue eyes, as he stared at the costume the eyes of the costume seemed to be moving and the mouth looked as if it was smiling. Niklas blinked, 'the hell', he asked himself, 'did the suit just smile and look at me, no can´t be must have been my imagination'.

Niklas raised a hand to touch the suit, as his hand touched the fur his eyes widened, “wow, it´s so soft”, he said, then he smiled, “i have found the perfect suit for the Convention, every girl would want to stroke me, this is gonna be fun”, and so he took the Costume off of its stand and went to pay, then he left the shop carrying the suit and smiling happily, the suit in the shopping bag was grinning.

Niklas arrived home, he headed straight to his room and took out the Fursuit and laid it on his bed, he stepped back and looked at it, 'I think I will try it on', he thought, so he got undressed and picked up the Fursuit and started to put it on. 'Wow, what a great feeling', Niklas thought after he had the body on, 'now for the head', he thought, he picked up the head and put it on his own head, then he walked to his mirror to look at himself, “wow, I look so cool and cute”, he said to himself, suddenly Niklas felt weird, he clutched his head and groaned.

The pain in his head subsided and he lowered his hands, 'what the hell was that', he thought.

>Hey<, said a voice inside of his head that made him jump and look around.

“Who said that”, Niklas asked aloud.

>It was I, the suit you have on<, the voice said.

“You can´t be serious”, Niklas said, “that´s impossible”.

>Oh, believe me, it is<, the voice said.

“Okay, but why are you in my head”, Niklas asked, “do you have a name”.

>I am in your head, because I am YOU<, the voice said, >my name is Damian<.

“What do you mean with, 'I am YOU'”, Niklas asked.

The voice didn´t respond, suddenly Niklas felt himself being lifted up, “woah, what´s happening now”, he asked, waving his arms.

>I have to change our body, just relax and enjoy the ride<, the voice said.

Niklas body started to glow, “woah, slow down”, Niklas said, “what do you mean, OUR body, it´s my body and what for changes”, he asked.

>It will be your body after the changes have completed<, Damian said. Niklas suddenly felt a warmth that spread from his feet all the way up to his head. After a few minutes the warmth stopped and he slowly lowered to the floor and his body stopped glowing. Niklas looked into the mirror, he noticed movement behind him and he saw the tail wagging from side to side.

“The hell”, he asked, he reached behind himself and touched the tail, “i-i-i can feel it”, he said in disbelief.

>Of course, it´s a part of you now<, came Damian´s voice.

“So this is my real body now, or what”, Niklas asked.

>Yep<, the voice said.

“But I want to be human, how the hell shall I go to school like this”, Niklas said, “i´ll be the running gag from the whole school, I am have turned into a freak”, he said and he started to cry.

>Listen Niklas, you can always become human again<, Damian said.

“Really, how”, Niklas asked.

>You just have to think of yourself when you were human<, Damian said.

“Will you stay in my head, after I am back to being a human”, Niklas asked.

>Yes, because I am you<, Damian said.

“Okay, I actually love my new body, but like I said, I need to be a human because of school and stuff”, Niklas said, “but i´ll happily become “Damian” when there are Conventions”, he said.

>Works for me<, Damian said.

Niklas closed his eyes and concentrated himself on his human form, he felt his tail being sucked inside of him, his face cracked as his bones rearranged themselves, he felt as his heels touched the floor. Niklas opened his eyes, “i am human again, but where is the suit”, he asked.

>Your new body you mean<, came Damian´s voice.

“Yeah”, Niklas said.

>It got sucked into your second form<, Damian said.

“So it´s inside of me”, Niklas asked.

>Yep<, Damian said.

“Okay, and I only have to concentrate on it and it will reappear”, Niklas asked.

>Yes<, Damian said.

“Okay, by the way, sorry for earlier”, Niklas said, “it´s just so new to me”, he said.

>I understand<, Damian said, >tell me, what is this Convention anyway<, he asked.

“It´s a event where people meet who like to dress up”, Niklas explained.

>So there will be other Furries<, Damian asked.

“I guess, but there will also be other costumes”, Niklas said.

>Sounds interesting<, Damian said, >i can´t wait to see it<, he said.

“Me neither, but we have to wait two days, I hope they go by fast”, Niklas said.

****Two Days Later****

Niklas woke up very early, “today is finally the day I have waited for”, he said.

>Morning Niklas, you sound really excited<, came Damian´s voice.

“Morning Damian, sure this is my first Convention I have been on”, Niklas said, “I can´t wait to see what it´s like”.

>Me neither<, Damian said, >when does it start<, he asked.

Niklas checked his watch, “it starts at 10am, we have 9am now”, Niklas said, “so I suggest that we´ll have something to eat and head strait over”.

>Sounds good<, Damian said, so Niklas headed downstairs for breakfast.

“Morning mum”, Niklas greated, his mother was sitting at the table drinking a coffee.

“Morning Niklas”, she said, “so, looking forward to the Convention”, she asked.

“Yep”, Niklas said and smiled.

“Good, by the way: you haven´t shown me your costume, I am very excited to see it”, his mother said.

“Okay mum, let me finish my breakfast, then I will go and put it on and show it to you”, Niklas said.

“Okay”, his mother said.

So after breakfast Niklas walked back into his room, he was about to take off his clothes when Damian called out to him, >wait Niklas<, he said, Niklas stopped and waited for Damian to continue, >you don´t have to undress yourself, your clothes won´t tear when you change into your Furry form<, he said.

“Okay cool, but won´t it be freaking warm with clothes and fur”, he asked.

>It will, but remember your Furry form is your real body, meaning some areas are exposed and I think you don´t want people to see those areas<, Damian said, >you can take of your T-Shirt, but you should keep the Jeans on<.

“Good point”, Niklas said, so he took off his T-Shirt but left his Jeans on, “hm... I think I should cut a hole into my Jeans for my tail”, he said. Niklas took off his Jeans, then he took a pair of scissors and cut a hole into his Jeans, then he put them back on and stepped back in front of his mirror, “here we go”, he said, he closed his eyes and concentrated on his Furry form.

Niklas felt his body changing, after five minutes it was over and he opened his eyes, when he saw himself he couldn´t help but grin a doggy grin, “hello Damian”, he said, “somehow I missed this body, it feels right to have a tail, it´s weird”.

>You´ll get used to it, just enjoy the day in your new body<, Damian said.

“It´s cool to have two personalities”, Niklas said, “as human I am Niklas as a Furry I am Damian”.

>Yep, because both bodies belong to you and so do both names<, Damian said, >i wonder what mum will say<, he said.

“Why do you say “mum”, she isn´t your real mum”, Niklas said.

>Well, since I am you she is my mum<, Damian said.

“Hmm... true”, Niklas said, “okay, you may call her mum, this is all so new to me still, I think I need time to get used to have you inside of me and everything else”, he said.

>You will Niklas<, Damian said.

“Yeah”, Niklas said, “time to show mum my 'Costume'”, he said with his doggy grin, “mum, are you ready”, he called.

“Of course, I can´t wait to see it”, came his mum´s voice.

Niklas walked down the stairs and into the living room, where his mother was waiting, “so, what do you think mum”, Niklas asked as he walked in.

“Wow, you look so damn cute and cool”, she said.

“Hehe, thanks mum”, Niklas said.

“Turn around, let me have a good look at you”, his mother said, Niklas turned around, his tail wagging happily.

“Cool, even the tail moves”, his mother said, “it looks so realistic, great choice”, she said.

'If she only knew that this isn´t a suit anymore', Niklas thought, smiling inwardly.

“Have you thought of a name for your character”, his mother asked.

“Yeah”, Niklas said.

“What is it”, his mother asked.

“Damian”, Niklas said.

“That is a very cool name and it suits your character”, his mother said.

“Thanks mum”, Niklas said, then he checked his watch, “i should get going”, he said.

“Okay, can I get a hug”, his mother asked.

“Sure”, Niklas said, he walked over to his mother and hugged her.

“Wow, the fur is so soft, I am getting the urge to pet you”, his mother said, “but I think you wouldn´t want that”.

“Hehe, when I am back you can pet me as much as you want mum”, Niklas said.

“Okay, everything looks so real, the fur, the tail, even the mouth moves with each word you say and the ears move also”, his mum said.

“Yeah, cool right”, Niklas asked.

“Yes, must have been pretty expensive”, his mum said.

“No, not at all mum just 10 Dollars”, Niklas said.

“Wow, that is cheap”, his mother said, “but I don´t want to keep you, so have fun Damian”, she said, winking at him.

“Thanks mum”, “Damian” said, winking back, then he snatched his backpack with his drink, food and stuff for the day, then he left the house.

“Damian” arrived at the Convention, “damn, what a crowed”, he said, his eyes widening in amazement.

>Yeah, I have never seen so many people at once<, Damian said, >i guess it´s because I was hanging in that shop all those years<, he said, sounding a little sad.

“Damian, I am sorry, must have sucked”, “Damian” said, “but hey, you have finally a life with me”, he said.

>Yes and I am so thankful that I have met you Niklas<, Damian said, >you are a great guy and a cool friend<, he said.

“You too”, “Damian” said.

“Wow, that is a awesome Fursuit you have, Dude”, Niklas turned to see a Tiger, Cat, Wolf and a Fox walking up to him.

“Thanks, your suits look also pretty cool”, “Damian” said, his tail wagging behind him.

“Woah, the tail moves and the mouth as well, even the eyes”, the Tiger said, “must have been expensive”.

“Not at all, only 10 Dollars”, “Damian” said, “by the way, I am Niklas, my name as a Furry is Damian”.

“That is cheap, you have to tell us where you have bought it”, the Wolf said, “my name is Ben as Furry it´s Wolfy, nice to meet you Damian”, he said.

“I am Luke and as a Furry my name is Tigger”, the Tiger said.

“My name is Lewis and as a Furry its Scar, because of the scar across my eye”, the Cat said, pointing to his left eye.

“And my name is Max and as a Furry its Redtail”, the Fox said.

Niklas shook all of their hands.... sorry.... paws and smiled, “nice to meet you all”, he said, “will it be okay if i´d hang out with you, I don´t know anyone else and i´d hat it if I had to run around by myself”, he said.

“Sure you can”, the others said and so they headed into the Convention-Center.

“Damian”, “Scar”, “Wolfy” and “Redtail” walked threw the Center buying stuff, joking and laughing, Niklas was having fun, he had found cool friends and they shared the same interests.

“So, is this your first Con”, “Scar” asked.

“Yeah, I was a bit nervous at first, but now I just can´t get enough”, “Damian” said.

“Yeah, Conventions like these are awesome”, “Scar” said, he looked at his watch, “damn, we have been here already for four hours, time flies”, he said.

“Yeah, no kidding”, “Wolfy” said, “i am starting to get a bit peckish, how about we go to a good restaurant”, he suggested.

“Yeah, good idea”, the others said.

'I hope I can eat normaly with my new mouth', Niklas thought.

>Don´t worry Niklas, you can<, came Damian´s voice.

Niklas jumped a bit, 'sh**, sorry Damian, I forgot all about you', he said.

>Hey its okay, you were busy talking and having fun with your new pals<, Damian said, >besides, I am only your second “ME”, so...<, he said.

'I know, but I still feel bad about it, you didn´t have anyone to talk to', Niklas thought.

>Like I said, don´t worry about it and just enjoy the day, brother<, Damian said.

'I w... wait, did you just call me brother', Niklas asked.

>Yes<, Damian said.

'Why', Niklas asked.

>Because, you are like a brother to me<, Damian said.

'It´s cool to have a brother, at least I am not that lonely anymore', Niklas thought, 'I only wish that you were real', he thought.

>Me too, but you never know what could happen<, Damian said.

'What would happen with my Furry form, if you´d be real', Niklas asked.

>You´d be still able to change between bodies<, Damian said.

'Cool, but I think that it will stay a dream', Niklas thought.

>We´ll see, bro<, Damian said, >now, come on I am starving<, he whined and Niklas chuckled and he hurried after his new pals, but what he didn´t notice was that he was being watched.

'Hmm... I think I will help him with his wish, I will also alter the reality, he deserves to be happy', a old man with long white hair and beard thought to himself, then the man vanished in a puff of smoke, with a smile on his face.

Niklas was sitting in an italian Restaurant with his new friends, they had taken their “heads” off, Ben had short black hair, Lewis had short blond hair, Luke had short brown hair and Max had short red hair, they were amazed that Niklas could eat with his “head” on, “must have been a hell of a training”, Max said.

“Not at all”, Niklas said, he checked his watch, “damn, it´s late I should get home, it was a awesome day with you guys, I hope we´ll see each other again”, he said.

“Why don´t we swap out numbers”, Lewis suggested and that is what they did.

“Thanks guys, see you soon”, Niklas said.

“See you Damian”, they said and Niklas left the Restaurant.

Niklas walked down the street near his house, “hey kid”, came a gruffy voice from in front of him, making him jump. Niklas looked up and saw the old man.

“Aren´t you the man that sold me the suit”, he asked.

“Yes, that me”, the man said.

“What do you want from me”, Niklas asked.

“Well, I believe there is something on your mind, something that you wish for to be real”, the man said.

Niklas eyes widened, “how the hell do you know that”, he asked.

“I am a wizard”, the man said.

“I don´t believe that”, Niklas said.

The man laughed, “well your suit came to life, so believe it, magic is real”, he said.

“Good point, so you sell magic suits”, Niklas asked.

“Yes and no, the suits only come to life if the customer who has a interest in a animal and chooses the costume of that animal”, the man said.

“So Damian came to life because I love Huskies and I chose him”, Niklas said, “in other words, I gave Damian a life”, he asked.

The man nodded, “yes”, he said.

“Wow, and what do you want now”, Niklas asked.

“Well, you wish that Damian would be real and your brother”, the man said.

Niklas nodded, “that would be awesome, he is a great guy”, he said.

“Then I will grant you that wish, I want to see both of you happy”, the man said.

“But what would my friends, especially my family say, if suddenly a human-like dog is in our house”, Niklas asked.

“I can alter the reality, to make people believe that Damian and you have always been brothers”, the man said.

“You´d do that”, Niklas asked.

The man nodded, “yes and before you ask: yes you can change into your Furry form even after Damian isn´t inside of you anymore, you just have to concentrate on your Furry form like before”, the man said.

Niklas thought this over, >Niklas, brother, please<, came the pleading voice of Damian.

“Okay do it”, Niklas said, the man smiled kindly and took out his wand, he pointed it at Niklas, there was a blinding flash, Niklas closed his eyes.

“Your brother will be waiting for you at your house”, said the voice of the man, Niklas opened his eyes, he was standing alone in the road. He looked at himself, he was human again, then without a second thought he run home.

Niklas opened the door, “DAMIAN”, he called, his mother came out of the kitchen.

“shhh, your brother is sleeping”, she said.

'It really worked', Niklas thought, he run upstairs and noticed a door next to his that wasn´t there before, he took a deep breath, then he opened the door and walked into the room.

Niklas looked around the room, it was dark so he turned on the light, “turn off the damn light”, came a groan from the bed, Niklas run over and looked and there lay Damian in his furry body, Niklas shook him.

“Damian, wake up it worked”, Niklas said and Damian opened his eyes and yawned.

Damian looked around, then at himself then at his brother, “wow it really is real, I have a real life, a home and a cool brother”, he said, “i can´t be happier”, he looked up at Niklas and both smiled.

“We´ll have so much fun together, now I can call you “brother” for real”, Niklas said, “and we can cuddle at night as furries”.

Damian beamed, “that would be nice, I wonder if I can change into a human”, he said.

“Why don´t you try”, Niklas suggested.

“Okay”, Damian said, he closed his eyes and concentrated, he felt his body changing. After five minutes he opened his eyes, “did it work”, he asked.

“Come to the bathroom and see for yourself”, Niklas said with a smile, so both of them headed into the bathroom and Damian couldn´t believe what he saw in the mirror.

“Holy Sh**, I look like you”, he said, “we are twins”, he said, beaming.

“I am so happy to have a twin brother”, Niklas said, “we will have so much fun together”.

“We will, I can´t wait to go to the next Convention as myself”, Damian said, smiling.

“Yeah, that will be sooooo cool”, Niklas said, the boys hugged and then went back to bed.

Over the next years, Niklas and Damian had lots of fun, they spend the normal days as humans but on Conventions and at nights they changed into their Furry forms. Niklas was the happiest boy in the world to have finally getting the brother he had always wanted.

THE END (for now)

I hope you enjoyed my story, please leave a review, thanks! I am also currently working on a sequel to this story, so stay tuned!!
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