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Lost In The Mail

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Rocket T. Coyote:
The US Postal Service is model for the world, but sometimes things go awry. Ever have something important fail to get delivered?

Me--My first car payment to GMAC Financing never reached their office, and it was mailed at the main branch of the post office in the same town!

Jade Sinapu:
USPS delivered 2 packages to me in one week.  They came from British Columbia and Florida.  Far away since I live in Colorado.
Yet, for some reason my mortgage payments are habitually delayed by 2 weeks!?!?!  I have come close to being "late" on payment because of it.  And my mortgage company is not that far away.

But to have something not delivered in the same town is very strange.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Mailed my water bill payment at a PO in the same county as the water department. They never got it and my water was almost shut off.

Storm Fox:
I don't send much in the mail, but have received some oddities. The most ridiculous was a letter the made it to my mailbox with the wrong street, town, state, and country.

cause the rat:
I had one package go from the east coast to the west 5 times before it finally arrived here in mid MO. Not quite as bad as missing payments. I do have to take my mail to the boxes outside the post office in town. If I leave them my mail box the post workers don't pick them up.


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