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Emotional support animals

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Saw this on the news.  :o

I'm fine with people having dogs and cats as emotional support animals. But something like an alligator or other "wild, dangerous, and exotic" animal, HELL NO!  >:( What the hell was this guy thinking? Sometimes, I think people go a little too far bending or breaking the rules in trying to have whatever animal they want for emotional support. The police and/or animal control should have been called in this case. The animal confiscated and the man fined.

cause the rat:
Guess there's emotional support animals for psychotics too. :D

Jade Sinapu:
I have nothing against scalies in furry.
But my idea of emotional support animal would be a mammal.
No gators please!

I think an emotional support grizzly would be cool!

What of a Ball Python?
They're calm, not crazy.

Jade Sinapu:
Actually that is a good idea Firelight!
I guess I just  think of dogs and cats as emotional support animals.
But still no gators for me!


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