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An odd browser problem

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Old Rabbit:
I usually use Windows 10 when on furtopia. The other day I got on
with my Windows 7 pro. Everything worked except I can't see my

I can see everyone elses, but mine is blank. On Windows 10 my browser
shows my avatar fine. The very same browser.. Firefox. I tried using
Internet Explorer. Same problem.

My avatar resides at 
When I try using that address on Windows 7 pro with a browser
i get a not found message. But it finds it fine using Windows 10.

I am using the latest versions of the browsers on both win10 and 7.

I thought perhaps it's not wanting to show .png but it shows other avatars,
and images, i am sure some of those are .png. If it is that, it's odd Firefox
and IE both would reject .png.

Oh and I can see .png pictures on my win 7 desktop and with other media
software on my win 7.

Any thoughts? If and when I find the problem I wil relate it.

Chipper Blu-wolf:
Not Found

The requested URL /odds/orabbit1.png was not found on this server.

Dead link...that's why it doesn't load.

Iara Warriorfeather:
OldRabbit--your website is not working! Did your host server crash? Once your website is visible again, your avatar will be visible too.


--- Quote from: Old Rabbit on August 13, 2016, 11:46:23 am ---On Windows 10 my browser shows my avatar fine.

--- End quote ---
Stale cache.

--- Quote from: ---Sorry! This site is not currently available.

--- End quote ---
Did you forget to pay your hosting bill, or what?

Old Rabbit:
yes my site is down.

Thanks for the response.. I didn't realize I was only seeing my cache image on win 10..

My domain is paid up. I will check to see what the hosting problem is.

Untill then my art posts won't show. I did change to my .com site for my avatar. So you
all can see my long ears and whiskers.  :D


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