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Searching for a computer printer.


Wanted to ask and get suggestions from everybody for a good computer printer. I've been without one for months since my HP8600e All-in-one broke down. :(  Now I'm looking for something new, but not sure what to get. I only have a few things figured out:

a) Windows 10 compatible
b) Must be under $200
c) Prefer inkjet
d) I do print, scan, and copy, but I don't care about faxing.

Any suggestions?

Varg the wanderer:
I haven't bought a printer in almost a decade, so I don't have any recommendations.

I would cruise Amazon and read reviews. Even if you don't buy one off of there, they generally have a good amount of feedback.

Old Rabbit:
I would suggest choosing an inkjet that uses the lowest cost
cartriges. That's the biggest cost in printing. I bought a combo
HP printer/scanner a few years back from Walmart for less than
a 100 bucks. It does a fine job of printing and scanning. Also the
cartridges are relatively low cost.


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