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Backups, Cloud or Home?

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Jade Sinapu:
I overlooked the benefit of OFFSITE storage.  Now,  I remember once being theIT guy at a small company I worked for.  I actually took the tapes home and put them in a fire safe.  Not really good since it was proprietary data... And not encrypted.

So yeah,  off site storage is good.  Especially if encrypted.
And also yeah, got to trust someone sometime.
I trust my HDD manufacturer.  But maybe it will fail tomorrow.
And NAND flash dies too.
And optical disks can get damaged too.   However I must say I have bought a lot of CD and DVD  that were scratched and didn't play,  for like 1$ and buffed them till they play.

This is also why I print my favorite photos on good paper, with good ink.  Then put them in sleeves.  Then in a binder. Most are 8x10" on glossy, so they could be scanned or re imaged later if needed.

If all my computer programs get"upgraded" or turned off, or lost, etc..., I have my photos of my dog, grandmother, nature, etc where I can see them...

I am wondering if I practice what is called paranoid computing?


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