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North Korea: Will there be war?

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--- Quote ---I don't know what Kim is after, precisely, or what he's trying to make us do, but I think something might have changed for the worse in the past few months.
--- End quote ---

I second this. ;) Whatever happened to his health, I think it left him a few more lightbulbs short of a full chandolier. The guy ain't "all there", know what I mean? Like I said, if he feels really pushed into a corner with no way out, I feel he could do something really dangerous.  :o

Along with the other idea listed above, we also have to take into account the current state of America. If NK is paying attention to our media they can probably see that we're not in the best of states at the moment. While things are getting better our economy is still on the fritz and we're already involved in another war. I would say that there is a likely chance that if they were to go to war with us it would probably be soon.

But that's if they even want to target us. There's no real telling. They may go for somewhere closer or may not at all. It's all up in the air, but I'd say there's plenty of evidence to speculate that yes, they very well could be considering it.

Narei Mooncatt:
Personally, I think ol' Kim is just a short man with a massive inferiority complex....that may lead him to do something bad. And UN sanctions? Yeah, we know that'll work. *eyerolls* I don't think sanctions (by us, the U.N. or anyone) really does any good with these kinds of people. They already get their dasterdly goods on the black market or make it themselves, so it only hurts the common citizens of said country and the leaders ususally couldn't care less about that. They can easily turn it in to their favor, spinning it as if we're the bad guys and rally even more support for his actions. At least, that's how I think a lot of these power hungry people are. I'm all for diplomacy, but not indefinately. There comes a point where you need to start taking action.

Motor Mouth:
North Korea dosent have the manpower nor cash to afford a war with China, the US, or even a UN force. While his warheads are troubling, in reality he dosen't anymore than 5-10 and these are not doomsday devices were talkin about neither, but short to medium range missiles that would impact China and Japan the most. Kim Jong-il is just like a schoolyard bully, trying to look bigger than he actually is to cover up his own faults.

To mirror a bit of what Narei said, I think at this point KIm is far beyond the in influence of U.N sanctions or other diplomatic efforts. If anything, the US isn't even bearing the brunt of N. Korea's saber rattling. South Korea is in grave danger, and both China and Russia have gotten together to try and persuade NK to return to the negotiating table. (more on that here: The two Nations have gotten tired of NK's belligerence, and NK is taking umbrage to the fact that everybody seems to be vexed out of their minds by Nk's inability to do anything productive. Even now there's word that their aiming their missile tests just a little too close to Hawaii:


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