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Is the Idea of marrage "outdated?"

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Motor Mouth:
Marriage isnt outdated, it's that people get everything about marriage twisted and confused. People seem so wrapped up into themselves these days, that a long term commitment to one person just seems "outdated" to them.

Outdated? No. Perhaps unfit for a certain amount of today's society? Certainly.

High divorce rates only mean that  >50% of people couldn't get it right the first (or second, or third...) time around. People like my aunt have had two divorces, yet my father has stayed with my mother his entire life. If they were the only two people kept track of, the divorce rate would be 66.6~%. I believe that some people are cut out for marriage, others take a while to find someone they really wish to stay with, and others... not so much.

Throughout much of the world, I think it is.

In the U.S., there are some important legal rights afforded with marriage. Despite how "pro-marriage" a society this might be, there are policies that apply to some of us that are anything but. Itico and I had planned on getting married this year, but had to postpone because we found out that if we were wed, I would be considered his guardian and he would have all his disability benefits taken from him, including Medicare. I work for a non-profit, and the budget is tight, so I have no benefits that would carry over to a spouse. We are very much in love, and would like to have the partnership rights, but we don't have a romanticized view of marriage either. We both believe that two people can be in a loving partnership without being wed.

In some other countries, that view is held more widely than it is here. In this country, marriage is still very much the norm.


--- Quote from: Acton on June 24, 2009, 01:43:07 pm ---Lets see marriage exist for thousands of years in hundred of cultures in human history. Yet some how in 2009 America marriage is obsolete. The problem is not marriage it our sick, stuck up, narcissistic generation, staring with mine the counter culture boomer generation. 

--- End quote ---

But that's the point of this thread, OP is claiming that the idea of it is outdated.

Aside from the legal benefits of marriage I see it as an aesthetic more than anything, simply an age old tradition born from a religion which I myself don't follow, and this appears to be becoming a more common mindset.

Ultimately, each new generation creates new social stigmas (or moulds the existing ones), you can't stop it and should embrace it.

Having said all that, I can see how some people view marriage as a sign of trust and security, making a commitment as they believe their in love for each other and don't see their marriage as a '50/50 emotional risk'.


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