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Personally, I think treating certain words as 'bad' is kind of dumb. It's just a collection of syllables which is no more or less powerful that any other collection of syllables. The important thing is not the words themselves but the meaning and intent behind them and the manor in which they are said.

Once while riding the bus, there was a guy that was saying things like "We hold these truths to be self evident..." and "For every reaction, there is an equal and logical reaction."  And this guy made me uncomfortable. Not because of the words, because I didn't have a problem with them. (Other than the fact that e said 'equal and logical' instead of 'equal and opposite'.)  What bothered me was the way e said it. Loudly, speaking to no one in particular. It gave me the feeling that this guy was drunk or maybe not all there. Either way, it means you have no idea what they might do, and that is unsettling.

I know that example is anecdotal, but I think it does a good job of illustrating what I'm talking about when I say it's not the words themselves that matter.

Old Rabbit:
I grew up in a non swearing enviroment. I often heard them in public places,
Just not at hom.

I never got in the habit of using swear words when writing or talking to others.
It's probably because I had to  deal with the public over the years in my work.

Though many people do swear, you can't tell by looking if they do or are accepting
of iit. So I never got int eh habit of doing it.

Many feel they need to use them to express their feelings and emotions. I am not offended
by the words, sometime i woder how they talk at home or to their kids.

I think they over use them in movies and in books. That's just my opinon.


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