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Does a President need political experience?

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--- Quote from: Yip on October 02, 2016, 05:19:15 pm ---Personally, I don't think official political experience is required as long as it's a person that knows enough to have an idea of what they are getting into.  Which is to say, I'd rather have a president that is learning as they go but that has a strong desire to make things better for the people than to have a president that knows the ins and outs of politics but is in it primarily for personal gain. 

(note: This is my general answer and is not specific to the upcoming US presidential election.)

--- End quote ---
We agree with this, with the side note that they should not be so incompetent or clueless that they are liable to do significantly more damage with a high probability than the selfish person.

Old Rabbit:
So far Trumps lack of political experience is showing, I hope he isn't gullible enough
to listen to one side or the other. Many people like winners, and I think Trump does
too. I hope he doesn't give people important jobs just because they helped him get
elected. That could be a big mistake. Getting elected and running a world power is
two different things.  I hope he knows enough history to understand what
works and what could create more problems for us all.  Time will tell.


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