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Offering suggestions at Furtopia.
« on: February 27, 2013, 06:22:21 pm »
Here at Furtopia, members are welcome to offer and post ideas, questions, tips, suggestions, etc. for improving the forums, IRC, or other services here at the website. Your suggestions and ideas are important to the staff so we can help to make this a better site for future generations of members. :)

While the Staff will read and consider all suggestions offered, we'd like to have the members keep in mind a few things that the Staff have to consider when reviewing your ideas and suggestions. Such things can include, but is not limited to:

1. How will your idea/suggestion affect the memberbase here?
2. How will your idea/suggestion affect the other forums and services here at Furtopia?
3. How will your idea/suggestion affect the rules & guidelines that Furtopia has?
4. How will your idea/suggestion affect the Furtopia server operated by the website owner/operator?

Those are just a few sample items the Staff here at Furtopia must consider and discuss before any new idea/suggestion is implemented on Furtopia. One major suggestion that the staff always seem to get is new ideas for forums to be added on Furtopia. While the Staff understand that members would like to see/have new forums created for various interests the members have, sometimes, the Staff cannot implement further additional forums for the following example reasons:

1. Furtopia is a site dedicated to anthropomorphics (furry) as indicated in Item # 2 in the main Furtopian rules here:

2. The more forums Furtopia has, then the more that the staff have to watch and/or the more extra people the Staff have to "hire" so to speak.
3. Furtopia already has plenty of furry or non-furry areas for topics to be posted in. If something doesn't fit in a particular area, then please PM the Staff and we can help locate a suitable area for that item.

4. Sometimes we get suggestions for Pokemon, Car, Vampire, Movie, or other non-furry forums. While we wish we could add a lot of non-furry forums, we can't as this would go against Item # 1 as mentioned above. Secondly, there already exists dozens or even hundreds of sites on the Internet dedicated to Pokemon, Cars, Vampires, and other non-furry interests that members can go to.
5. As has sometimes been mentioned before in the past:
If we add another board, then we have to take into consideration if the "traffic flow/interest/demand" for that new board justifies us having it. If people don't see it, use it, etc., then it just sits there and doesn't get used, then why have it?

6. There's another issue the staff have to take into consideration on if a new forum is created. If a certain forum is being "overwhelmed/flooded" by topics that are not normally supposed to go into that forum, then the staff may consider creating a seperate new forum.

The above are all valid reasons for why a new forum (and/or service) may or may not be implemented on Furtopia. And just because a new forum was not added for you to discuss your topic, doesn't necessarily mean you CAN'T post that topic. If you're having trouble on where to post something, then please read this thread here. :),39036.0.html

If members have any further questions on what was presented in this post, then please PM a Mod or Admin and we can help you out. :)