Author Topic: Talented hip-hop artists?  (Read 1429 times)

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Talented hip-hop artists?
« on: May 24, 2014, 01:48:23 am »
I feel like I'll probably get some hate from this, but I want to see if anyone else on here can tell me some good hip-hop artists. I don't mean rappers that follow the PMW formula like A$AP Rocky. I talking about rappers that have skill, whether it be in speed, lyrics, or overall talent. If you want example of hip-hop that I like here's a list: Yelawolf(comes from a Podunk town like me, so I can relate to some lyrics), Tech N9ne (his flow, speed, and lyrics are absolutely fantastic, and he's from Kansas City, so he's pretty influential in my area), Rittz (Can't even explain how good he is...Put simply he spits hot fire), Hopsin(I really like his style, flow, and lyrics. Best example of his lyrics having meaning is Ill Mind of Hopsin 5), and Jarren Benton(occasionally his lyrics can be ignorant, but he's fast and definitely talented, most songs are "turnt up".)
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