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 Hello there! Nice place! Can i come back more often? Sure!  

Well, i am an anthro meerkat - Ben and a few of the others know me from the BCCC & BBS' -  so i think that i might get along here with a few of you, but for the regulars, just post to say hi and let me get to know you, 'kay?  


Heya, Aladasian. Welcome aboard.
You'll likely get along alright here... I think.

"Hi Alad!"  *tail wags and smiles*  We're a friendly bunch and like to chat.


Howls and welcome Alid.

*wags tail and smiles*

As the others have said, welcome, we are a freindly group and don't bite, unless you are into that and ask us to  >

I am the local overworked folfy.

If you need anything just ask..


*tailwaves*  Hiya Al!

Like everyone else said, we're a friendly enough bunch.  Come on in, make yourself at home; we won't bite.  Maybe a nibble here and there, but that's all in good fun, right?


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