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Hallo everyone. I am new to these forums. Signed up awhile ago but didn't get around to posting until now because I am kind of..well shy. Though it seems I will have fun here nether the less.

I'm an 18 year old dragon that lives in Ontario, Canada. I love to draw foxes and dragons along with various other furries or humans, and occasionally try to write stories. I also like playing videogames like Resident Evil or Unreal Tournament 2003.

Well be nice to meet some of you and see you around.

Hey brother, I'm happy you've decided to start posting now.  I don't think I need to introduce myself, so I'll just be the first to say an official welcome to the Furtopia forums ]B=8)

Welcome to the board Nyskall!  We're a friendly group here.  

Me I'm WhiteShepherd the dog.  I like to enjoy life and help others (aka standard dog).  I'm also the general purpose watchdog and sys admin.  I'm a friendly "chatty" dog so beware.  

Welcome to the forums, Nyskall.
I see that you live on the fringes of Toronto as well. That's cool. I'm in Burlington, myself. Maybe someday we'll see you out at one of the 'public' furry gatherins in the area. I'm not going to press ya, since you say you're shy and all. We're here in case the curiosity becomes too much to handle.

Welcome to the Furtopia Boards Ny'! I know I don't have to explain me here ^_^

Though If you do plan to get a website here, I'll be avalible for HTML help and desgin stuff. Not to mention combat suits, Lol


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