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Happy Birthday.

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Old Rabbit:

I regret to say I can no longer see well enough to
follow member birthdays. So after many years I must
discontinue my birthday wishes.

So I leave a bowl of chocolate chip cookies for
members on their birthday.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

Old Rabbit must be slipping. I guess he posts more in his political threads than he does giving birthday wishes to me, since it's my birthday today.  :'(

Jade Sinapu:
Sorry Kobuk.   :'(

I think Old Rabbit posted previously in this thread that he can't see well.
Happy belated birthday Kobuk.
Hope it was >= okay.

Kay Alett:
I know that this topic is old and maybe this counts as grave digging but i miss Old Rabbit and I hope he's well.

*leaves a big bowl full of Kit Kats out for anyone to take for their birthday*

To all Furtopians having a birthday, have a Kit Kat. :)

Jade Sinapu:
I miss him too, Kay.
When my birthday came and went, I felt his absence.


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