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What are you watching right now?

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cause the rat:
Doc kept me out of work for the rest of the week. Told me it would be a good idea to exercise a bit to keep from getting two tired when I go back to work. So I decided to watch a bunch of old Kung Fu movies.

Jade Sinapu:
I am watching my computer screen.  I'm at work.  Supposedly working.

cause the rat:
Another American attempt at anime. Looks to have the same problems as "Black Lotus" had. Filled with meaningless, slow moving segments and predictable. "Pantheon" looks to follow that same trend.

A comic drama called Mew and Mewtwo
It's silly, sad, random and will make you cry/tear up.

cause the rat:
Binge watching "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon". On season three now. Also finished up "The Fruit of Evolution. Before I knew it my life had it made".


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