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Title: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on November 11, 2015, 01:43:55 pm

It's no secret that Eleonburg has a crime problem.  Be it a con man swindling travelers out of their money, a black market on nearly every block, and even occasional street violence in the rougher parts of town.  But that's not your why you're here.  Your job isn't to stand on a street corner and hand out tickets.  As part of the elite guard, your job is to stop the big crimes, preferably before they happen.  You track down and take down the crime lords of this city, and anyone else who is trying to seize power from the government. 

This RP will be taking place in Teriak, a fantasy world that i've been working on since late 2013.  Because of that, i will only accept characters
who are compatible with the lore of this setting.  Certain animals won't be playable, and your characters will need to act appropriately to their race and culture.  For example, if you wish to play a Ban (Bears) you will need to understand that your character will face harsh discrimination in this setting.  likewise, if you were to play a Kelm (Foxes) you would naturally have some animosity towards certain races regardless of if your character is a kind soul or not.

The year is 1370. The city of Eleonburg is a large port town on the southern coast of Sieris, a country that revolves around trade with other seafaring countries and nations.  Since the great war of the 1350s, the economy of the country has been in a poor state, and government officials have struggled to maintain peace within the country.  Crime is at an all time high, and people everywhere are generally unhappy with how things have been going for the last twenty years.  In order to help keep the crime under control, the government of Sieris is now deploying a new breed of cop.  These men are the best of the best, tasked with taking down criminals before they are even able to commit crimes.  They have given these cops the title of Elite Guard.

Skim: Weasels and Otters
Kelm: Foxes and Jackals
Rell: Canines
Thrulls: Coons
Rejahn: Cats
Verlash: Rats and Opossums
Durig: Badgers and Wolverines
Ban: Bears
I'll add more as more races become relevant.




Name: Marcel Stratos
Race: Kelm
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Appearance: Jackal build but red fox colors and markings.  Tall but thin, at five foot seven, and very much in shape.  Amber fur with bold blue eyes.  He's got a full set of black tiger stripe tattoos over all of his body, and yes, he's quite proud of them.
Attire: Marcel wears the standard guard uniform, a blue padded shirt with red trim, but with the sleeves rolled up to show off his tattoos.
Personality: A self-proclaimed ladies man, Marcel seems to think he a way with the women... and boy does he try.  Still, he can also be dead serious when the job requires it. Underneith that rather thick shell of bravado, however, is a young man who doesn't feel like he's made the right choices in life. 
Backstory: Dispite his brash and flirtatious nature, Orlo is a natural at his job.  His exellent record alone is what lead to his promotion.  Orlo is a native of Eleonburg, and having to live through its decline has left a bad taste in his mouth.
Combat: Marcel uses the gentleman's weapon of choice, a sword.  While his time in police work hasn't called for it often, Marcel has kept up with his combat practice, and is very formidable in one-on-one combat.

Name:  Mike Yaris
Race: Skim
Gender: Male
Age: Early Twenties?
Appearance: Weasel features.  Small frame, at only four foot ten, giving him an almost childish appearance.  Light grey fur, almost white in color, no noticable markings.  Green eyes that seem to look right through you.
Attire: Mike wears the blue and red outfit of the Sieris guard, though he never wears the matching trifold hat, instead sporting a black fedora.
Personality: Mike isn't a talkitive guy and until now has mostly kept to himself.  Hardly anything is known about his personal life, even where he lives.
Backstory: Relitively new to the guard, little is know about Mike Yaris, or how he ended up in Eleonburg.  What is known is that until now, he has always insisted on working alone, and that he has brought down more criminals in a year than any other surviving guard has in their whole career.
Combat: To this day, there are no surviving eyewitness to any of Mike's fights.  It is a mystery even to the police force he works for how he fights and with what weapons.  There is no doubt anywhere about his effectiveness, however.  His unbeatable skill in taking down criminals made is promotion to an elite a natural decision.
Other: Considering that Mike claims to not be a native of Eleonburg, it's odd that he seems to know the city better than most living there.  This has only futhered his mysterious reputation.

Name: Donovan Tassalto
Race: Skim
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Appearance: Sea Otter features.  Large stature for a Skim, at five foot six, with a strong frame.  Brown fur with brown eyes.
Attire: Don wears a more ornate version of the cerimonial guard outfit, complete with a bifold hat that's just a little too big for his head.
Personality: Donovan has an air of uncertainty about him, like he don't quite trust his own judgement.  He tries his best, but the bottom line is that he was forced into a role that he simply wasn't meant to fill.
Backstory: Donovan hasn't been head of the guard for very long.  He was permoted to his status when the previous chief unexpectedly stepped down.  While Don's inexperance shows sometimes, he does his best to fill a pair of shoes that he's still adjusting to..
Combat: As head guard, Donovan directs other guards, so he doesn't have to get involved in combat directly.  That being said, he's never seen without his revolver.

Name: Erik
Race: Rell
Gender: Male
Age: Hard to read, but he doesn't seem that old.
Appearance: Spitzish features.  Erik has unremarkable grey and white fur on an average frame with eyes that seem to vary in color; his unremarkable apprearance can let him blend into any crowd.  It's doubtful you'll ever see him wearing the same outfit twice.
Personality: Hard to read.  When Erik talks, he's stright to the point and seems to always be in a hurry to leave.
Backstory: Not much is known  about Erik, save that the government has entrusted him with providing you with information about the criminals you will be tracking down.
Combat: There are no records of Erik ever being forced into a fight.  While he appears to be unarmed, it's likely that he has multiple hidden weapons on his person.
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on November 11, 2015, 01:56:42 pm
If you need to ask questions, ask questions.

(Tip: since neither of you are familiar with Teriak, you're going to NEED to ask some questions when making your characters.)
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on November 23, 2015, 12:50:15 am
Hey, uh guys?  If we aren't going to do this then you could at least have the manners to tell me so.

The magic really is gone, isn't it?
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on November 23, 2015, 12:56:38 am
Magic's still here buddy, I'll start my post tonight.

Name: Roman Aadesh
Race: Rell (Arctic wolf)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: White-silverish fur with brown eyes, fur is notably unkempt and his brown hair is short but messy. Stands at roughly 5' 10", has muscle but is for sure on the thinner side.
Attire: Wears the standard guard shirt and trousers but wears a long black coat over the outfit with a white insignia on the back.
Personality: Very coarse and gritty, not known for sugar-coating his words but for getting right to the point. He's prone to getting into fights and somewhat of a veteran at it.
Combat: Carries a guardian's sword but he's better with his fists for sure and usually tends to default to them.

Name: Dominique Tavare
Race: Thrull
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Appearance: Standard raccoon markings, eyes green like emeralds, stands roughly 6' being rather tall for a woman she can be rather imposing. Long raven black hair.
Attire: Standard guard's shirt with dark pants and a hooded cloak allowing her to blend into the populace easier for when the need arises.
Backstory: Dominique is actually a very skilled assassin, especially when it comes to handling petty crime lords and whatnot. However wanting to keep that part of her life low-key she only joined the regular guard for the time being.
Combat: While she carries a sword she had custom tailored for her uses she also keeps her pistol close at hand for when the need arises. (Pistol being appropriate to the time era)
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on November 23, 2015, 01:00:59 am
Damn, that was fast.  Maybe i just need to annoy you guys more often.

But really, i'm fooling myself thinking that this is ever going to be as easy as it used to be.

EDIT: This RP is on the brink of being canceled.  Or more accurately, STORED AWAY so i can recycle my ideas for this one.  I'm tired of putting in the work and getting no return.  Almost makes me want to quit sometimes.  But i'm not that dumb anymore; if i quit all this work would go to waste.  No, i'll just find another place to RP, if it comes to that.  Hell, the Steam group i made for that specific purpose wouldn't be a bad place to start, would it?
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: The Wise one on December 07, 2015, 10:44:38 am

Name: Jula Kilian
Race: Kelm
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: jet black fur. Light patches of brown down her neck to her chest. Light red eyes. Her right ear seems to have been cut rather viciously in half. 6'0" 140 lbs. Jackal appearance.
Personality: Believing she is better than others in almost any way she can think of. Whether it comes to raw intelligence which there is no doubt she has, she is to stubborn to admit she would lose to a fair few in a fight because of her lack of strength. She uses her intelligence in a cold and calculating way, finding best chances of survival even if it would mean leaving someone behind.
Combat: Wielding a revolver and a short sword, she has become somewhat reliant on her pistol in case of a sticky situation, but attempts to master her own style of having one weapon in one hand and one in the other.

Sorry man for the late post. Lots of stuff been going on lately but I had to find the time to do it is all.

Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on December 07, 2015, 11:15:52 am
Hmm... i complain a second time and player two posts within the hour...  I'm seeing a pattern here!  Okay, so it looks like all i have to do is complain every time i need you guys to post!  Yes!  I'm so good at complaining, how could i fail!?

But seriously dude, it's fine.  If you can't post then that's that.  But i would really appreciate a notice that you're unable to participate, the silence of unknowing burns away at my sanity... and we all know what happens when my fragile mind is stirred...  (Spoiler: I start smiting people for the hell of it!)
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: The Wise one on December 15, 2015, 08:50:35 am
So when's this starting?
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on December 17, 2015, 08:39:48 pm
When i man the hell up and stop being depressed all the time.  That's when.

EDIT: Still kinda working on that, sorry.
Title: Re: Guardians of Eleonburg (OOC)
Post by: HazardJackal on January 20, 2016, 10:55:29 pm
I would like to OFFICIALLY announce that i am not going to move forward with this RP.

I know everyone was already aware that i stopped working on this, but i feel the need to make it an actual announcement about it.

I'm sorry to those i let down, and any who had high hopes for this idea.  Unfortunately i was going though some serious personal troubles at the time i planned to run this, and i was left unable to follow through with my plans.  By the time the outside problems had been cleared up i had lost interest in Guardians, and honestly had pretty much forgotten about it.

Maybe i'll revisit the idea some other time.  There's little reason i couldn't salvage this concept later on.