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Title: Server help
Post by: NachtwolfES on January 01, 2008, 06:26:32 pm
You all know that I rarely have servers up and running and that I give you very little notice about when they will be up.  
The fact is that I can't host servers all the time.  I am a busy person.  
So what I'm proposing is that people help out once and a while but hosting a server.  It doesn't have to be up daily.  It doesn't have to be online all night.  Just someone else hosting once and a while would be very helpful.  If anyone is willing to do this it would help get this clan going and would be extremely helpful to me.  Don't worry about not knowing how to set up a server, I can teach anyone how to set up a server if they don't know how.  

Thanks for putting up with me being inactive a lot.  I will try to be more active with this clan and get it up and running soon.