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Title: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Kobuk on March 22, 2012, 11:08:05 pm
Taking a cue from something that a new member mentioned in his greeting thread recently, as well as the Fursuit Parade pinned thread in the Fursuit forum, I had the idea of starting a Fursona Bio (Biography) Mega Thread where members post the fursonas they currently have/use in the furry fandom. That way, people here can see and read about all the unique and varying fursonas that Furtopian members have.

This thread is not about what fursona bios you have for RP games, Pokemon, etc. It's only for the main/current fursona(s) you use in the furry fandom.

Since this is a bio thread only, Posting other comments and replies won't be allowed. The reason for this is to keep the thread unclogged of extraneous non-bio posts that may tend to overwhelm and flood the thread. If you wish to reply about someone's fursona, then please send a PM to that person. ;) You can post as little or as much information about your fursona as you want for your bio. What you decide to post is optional and up to you.

I'll start with my own two fursonas. :)

Name - Kobuk D. Husky
Species - Alaskan Malamute canine
Height - About 5' 10"
Weight - 170+/- lbs.
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Dark green, Light green, and White colors similar to those on a Mountain Dew can/bottle. Fur pattern is standard and similar to other Malamutes with white chest, legs, paws, etc., but with the green colors replacing the traditional black, grays, etc. found on traditional huskies. Light green color on the insides of the ears.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade anthro
Clothing - Usually tshirt, jeans, and sometimes a pair of hiking boots, but would otherwise prefer to go barepawed. Sometimes wears a red dog collar, but very rarely.
Likes - Mountain Dew soda, Green tea, Mexican food, Snow (But not the cold), and too many other things to list.  :D
Dislikes - I'll add this later.
Temperment and socialability - I'll add this later.
Fursona picture -


Other Bio Information - V
*imitating David Attenborough*

Let us take, as an example of the husky, the legendary green husky: The Dewd. The Dewd is a unique breed of husky, seeming to live solely on green tea and most noteably, the soft drink Mt. Dew.
If one were to observe the husky in his natural habitat they would see him on his daily hunt. Stalking through office corridors and super market aisles, stalking the abundant cans of soft drink it needs to not only survive, but also keep his coat the tint of green it holds.

Much like the Flamingo, Dewds are not born their distinctive color, they aquire it through their dietary habits.

Secondary fursona (Still under development, but mostly as a future fursuit project.) -

Name - Kobuk
Species - Timber wolf
Height - About 6' 2"
Weight - 200+/- lbs
Gender - Male
Fur color/patterns - Standard gray timber wolf colors and fur patterns, but with a "slight" steel blue coloration mixed in with the gray fur color.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digitigrade
Clothing - Usually a pair of khaki colored cargo shorts and a khaki colored vest with numerous front pockets. Sometimes wears a hat similar to the one Indiana Jones wears, but very rarely.
Fursona picture - Post # 233 here: http://forums.furtopia.org/index.php?topic=38835.225
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Alsek on March 22, 2012, 11:24:01 pm

Name- Alsek
Species- Timber Wolf
Height- About 3'
Weight- 35 lbs
Gender- Male
Fur color/patterns- All White
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade- Plantigrade
Clothing- Often quite well dressed.
Fursona picture- Alsek By Kalida (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1858424/AlsekByKalida4.png) - Alsek By Reva (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1858424/alsekcub.jpg) - Alsek (Medic) By Reva (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1858424/alsekmedic.png)

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Jet on March 22, 2012, 11:41:56 pm
I only have one fursona, but that fursona has a split personality and both are unique to each other. So I'll explain Each separately. Since some info parallels each other, I'll highlight the second stuff that changed in yellow:

First Personality:
Name: Jet
Species: Siberian Husky German Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Colors/Pattern: Mostly black, other than the white around his belly. Along with some brown that starts at the ankles and carries through to his feet. Paws are also brown. Small brown patches of fur where eyebrows would be. Stark white eyes. Has a white lower half of the jaw, which carries over in a sort of swirl down the sides of his neck.
Feral, Degigrade, or Plantigrade: Plantigrade Anthro.
Clothing: Usually jeans with lots of pockets for no reason. Usually, no shirt. Has a band around his right arm just above the elbow, which lights up in different colors. Always sporting something that lights up. Usually carries glow sticks on strings.
Enjoys: Having fun and letting loose. Raving is big with Jet. Always enjoys a little glowstringing.
Attitude: Very friendly. Ready to have a good time and up for anything.

Second Personality
Name: Jet
Species: Siberian Husky German Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Colors/Pattern: Mostly black, other than the white around his belly. Along with some brown that starts at the ankles and carries through to his feet. Paws are also brown. Small brown patches of fur where eyebrows would be. Stark white eyes. Has a white lower half of the jaw, which carries over in a sort of swirl down the sides of his neck. Also has a large scar that covers from the bottom of his left ear and drags on to the center of the left side of his neck. The scar curves slightly towards the back of his neck.
Feral, Degigrade, or Plantigrade: Plantigrade Anthro.
Clothing: Combat pants also with lots of pockets. No shirt, but with an open bullet proof vest on. Has a bloody tourniquet on his right arm, just above the elbow. Always has dog tags, but with a name of someone other than himself. Also, he sports a gun that resembles the weapon in one of my novels in progress.
Enjoys: Nothing. Seems only to gain pleasure from bloodshed and senseless war.
Attitude: Very distant. He is very mindful of his area and those who surround him, not trusting anyone. Often getting lost in thoughts of the past.

Jet can switch between one personality at a moment's notice, and only requires a quick wardrobe change to get into character. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this fursona in either of his personalities. I am learning to draw Anthros better, and soon hope to draw both these characters. I also plan on writing a novel encompassing the background story and war history of the second personality. The first personality is just fun loving and really has no story.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Foxpup on March 23, 2012, 03:16:37 am
Name: Foxpup
Species: Cyborg Fox (holographically stored human brain pattern emulated by a quantum computer packaged inside a genetically engineered wetware interface)
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Gender: Male
Colour: Red/White
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Plantigrade
Clothing: Studded black leather collar, cool sunglasses; optionally pants, shirt, riding coat, boots, and Akubra.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Vulpes Fuscus on March 23, 2012, 04:12:05 am
Name: Vulpes Fuscus
Height: 7'4''(220cm)
Weight: 144lbs
Gender: Male
Appearance: Battle scars are only visible on hands and ears
                  rest of body covered with Persian/Egyptian garment
Likes: The living, plants, animals, anthros, humans. Having senses.
Dislikes: The dead(he thinks they're spoiled), improper use of necromancy,
            foreigners of the prime universe.
and sociability: His heart beats once every three and a half years, you don't get much more relaxed than that.
                     Socially he loves people, but can be very macabre, and intimidating(as in physical presence).
Picture:Not yet
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Kael on March 23, 2012, 04:56:30 am
Dragon first


Height: 8' tall [never gonna be an actual suit]
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Male
Appearance: Scarred, has glowering red eyes, no hair, wears hides, has a greataxe on his back

Likes: Fights, drinking
Dislikes: Fancy talk, cowardice, magic-users

Temperament: What temperament? he is highly prone to fly into a rage at minor things. Has been improving slowly.
Sociability: Anyone he can intimidate hates him, and he is mostly a loner...

Coloring: Red

Picture: see left [unless I change later]
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Milde on March 23, 2012, 06:06:25 am
Name - Milde
Species - Hazel Dormouse
Height - 5ft 3"
Weight - 8 1/2 stone
Gender - female
Fur colors/patterns - Cream, tawny, golden brown
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digigrade flat-faced anthro
Clothing - http://www.rprepository.com/images/gallery/gl-10865-1332448962.png
Likes - Mead, fruits and berries, being outdoors
Dislikes - Rats and small, cramped spaces.
Temperment and socialability - Baseline is optimistic, kind-hearted and surprisingly hardy and hard-working. Tougher and more resiliant than she looks.
Fursona picture - http://www.rprepository.com/c/milde/23492
Other Bio Information -
* Backstory: http://www.rprepository.com/c/milde/23495
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Ol Rab on March 23, 2012, 04:58:51 pm
Name - Hiiro

Species - Celestial Dragon

Height - 6'5 When sitting on haunches. 10'ft When standing up to full height. 7'2 long from snout to base of tail. Tail is 20'ft long.

Weight - 1.5 tons.

Gender - Male

Fur color/patterns - No fur, only glossy, smooth, dark green keeled scales. Along his neck and back and tail are sharp black stripes. Long spines roll down from his head to along his back.

Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Feral, but can stand to become digitigrade.

Clothing - Hiiro is almost never seen without a wide brimmed black hat pulled over the eyes, fingerless(clawless) weighted gloves, and a large black cloak. Wears also a black chainmail tunic.
 Odd for a feral dragon to have a sense of style? Perhaps.

 Pic: To the left and up to see a rough early conceptional portrait. Minus the wardrope.
And with the addition of lots of all water weight....

 Current Hiiro is alot slimmer and more athletic.

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Storm Fox on March 23, 2012, 05:52:02 pm
Name: David Storm
Species: Vulpes Vulpes (Red Fox)
Height: 26 inches (estimated)
Weight: 14 lbs (estimated)
Gender: Male
Colors/patterns: Amber fur with a white lower half for the face, amethyst eyes, black lips, black nose, and black whiskers.
The ears have black tips (for the upper two fifths), with white interiors and amber backsides.
The back fur is amber that gets darker towards the rear, and the chest and underside is white from the legs and throughout, up to the neck and face.
The legs have black fur from the paws to roughly the bottom third of the legs, amber on the outer part and white on the inner part from the black area to the bodies white under fur.
Black fur for the paws, charcoal grey paw pads, and black nails with some white hairs around the nail base.
And the tail has dark amber at the base extending from the back, to a moderate amber further down, with a white tip that has a few black hairs mixed into the white area.
Build: A little on the scrawny side but more fuzzy looking than boney.
Feral, Digitgrade, or Plantigrade: Feral
Likes: Nature, wilderness, exploring new places, and learning new things.
Dislikes: Ignorant, inconsiderate, mean, and foolish individuals.
Temperament and sociability: Rather quiet and reserved.
Tries to be kind and considerate, most especially to those who show kindness and consideration.
Though is also not one to suffer mean or inconsiderate fools, and is generally not someone you would want to get pissed off.
Fursona picture: (*Points to avatar picture*) and, (Best current picture for face (http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p104/Storm-220/StormFoxStudios/stormfoxstudios-webversion.jpg)).
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Brunn on March 23, 2012, 06:58:12 pm
Name - Brunn Bear
Species - Bear-Goat
Height - About 5'7" (Not counting horns)
Weight - About 200 lbs
Gender - Female
Fur color/patterns - Bear body, with the horns and hooves of a goat. Brown fur with a tan belly, muzzle, cheeks and a stripe that runs between the eyes. Occasionally seen with glasses.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Unguligrade (I walk on my hoofies!)
Clothing - Generally wears a green hoodie, and tan cargo pants.
Fursona picture - http://brunn-bear.deviantart.com/gallery/35012883#/d4tsvn2 (More pictures in my Anthro gallery)

Likes: Rain, cloudy days, quiet places, books, chinese food, soups and stews, sleeping and naps, plushies and jigsaw puzzles
Dislikes: Spiders, loud places, crowds
Temperment and Sociability: Does not like meeting new people and is very shy. Generally quiet and reserved. Can be excitiable around friends. Very grumpy in the mornings, or when around people she finds obnoxious. Prefers quiet, hidden places. Loves to cook and read. Feels most comfortable alone, and prefers solitary activities.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Wanderer on March 23, 2012, 09:54:55 pm
Name- not decided yet could use some help.
Species-Ailurus Fulgens or Red Panda
Fur color/Patterns-orange fur on the back. Black fur on the belly and arms and legs. The head has orange fur but the face has crimson colored tear streaks, white cheeks and whit eye brows
Feral, Digitgrade, or Plantigrade-plantigrade he is a type of bear of course
Clothing- he wears a brown cowboy hat with a bluejay and eagle feather in it. He wears jeans and boots, when not free pawing, and a white shirt with a brown trenchcoat. He carries a walking stick with eagle feathers tied to the top and wears a 6 inch knife around his right calf.
When casual he wears jeans and a t-shirt. Stills wear the hat and knofe though.
Likes- the outdoors, and helping others, walking
Dislikes-disrespectful people, crowds, being lazy
Temperment and sociability-generally nice and helpful to those who need it. Can be goofy at some times but serious when he is needed to be. He is a loyal and kind hearted friend and will never leave you. Will back out of fight unless cornered. Can be ruthless at times.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Gearbox on March 27, 2012, 11:48:16 pm
Name: Gearbox
Species: Foxote
Height: 5'10" counting ears
Weight: 130 lbs (trying to account for extra weight like the tail, hah)
Gender: Male
Fur colors/patterns: Dark tan, except for ear exteriors, paws, forearms/forelegs, in-between ears (brown), and chest, underside of muzzle, and front of neck (dirty white)
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Plantigrade
Clothing: Bundeswehr field jacket, dark brown cargo pants, black waterproof boots, some sort of T-shirt (usually a Pittsburgh Penguins one), and black knit gloves with the fingers cut off at the second knuckle. If the temperature gets warm he'll forgo the jacket and gloves, and if it's really hot he'll opt for just a pair of cargo shorts.
Likes: Those with a sense of humor, going for walks at night, metal, backscratches, reading about military history, mil-sim airsoft, hiking, camping, chili, steaks, Dr Pepper, hugs, and much more.
Dislikes: Being ignored, ageists, any sort of long boring paperwork-ridden bureaucratic process, warm weather, his tail being pulled, cops, bees, and waking up.
Temperment and socialability: A little on the quiet side, prefers to sit back, observe, and go over his options before starting something. While creating conversation with strangers can be a problem, he has no trouble talking to people, and enjoys doing so. He angers a little easily and is stubborn, but knows when to fold 'em.
Fursona picture: Clicky (http://www.deviantart.com/download/278259033/flecktarnfox_avatar_by_astarcis-d4lo21l.png)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Grizztof Grünwald on March 28, 2012, 01:55:13 am
Name - Grizztof Grünwald
Species - Alaskan Malamute canine
Height - A bit over 6'
Weight - about 200 lbs.
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - grey and white Malamute, nothing special, see pic.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade anthro, sometimes feral.
Clothing - No thanks!
Likes - Shenanigans, smiles, cheer, charity, doing things for the lulz  
Dislikes - Bitterness, negativity
Temperment and socialability - Friendly, happy, easy-going
Fursona picture - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7659543
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Avan on March 28, 2012, 02:08:06 am
Name: Avan/Avan-Char
Species: Azarian, though that isn't a biological species so much as a category of mind. Azarians do however have self-engineered host bodies.
Dimensions: Varies by form, but is generally 2-3 meters in height, head to toe.
Mass: Again varies by form.
Gender: Prefers male forms, and generally has a personality that is associated as male in azarian society, though genders are very hazy and ill-defined (mostly based on the template species prime, canis lupus, which was used to template a fair deal of their social aspects of their personalities)
Colors/Patterns: Varies by form, often prefers shades of brown, ranging all the way up to white and down to black.
Personality: Flip-flops between being highly ordered and significantly less ordered, though always entirely obedient to the directive of his kernel, which takes the highest precedence. Even higher than puppies. Still the potential to be very unpredictable however. Very much bound to following the azarian moral code, but also very ... direct... about neutralizing threats. Not afraid of stating perfectly accurate assessments that may lack tact, but sincerely tries to help others to improve, so long as they are willing to accept and use the help. No love for human societies, but pities humanity as a whole as opposed to hates them for their failings; morally obligated to not force any changes upon them, only grant them the ability to change. Likes to get philosophical. Enjoys good food.
Clothes: Mostly the standard azarian attire (nothing, lab-coats), in addition to his personal preferences for long-coats & capes & other such stuff. (Though longcoats are also used by other azarians. Capes are generally only popular among the directorate council, which have images to maintain, and are somewhat eccentric)
Likes: Azarian logic, puppies, philosophy, engineering, the AZAR, good food, long-coats, capes.
Dislikes: Bad food, not having puppies, epistemological naivete.
Abilities: Capable of switching host bodies to another factory-fresh azarian host body. Host bodies are capable of oligomorphism (polymorphism between specific pre-programmed forms).
Image (of favored default intermediate form; forms vary): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5274003 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275306

Secondary: (my "IRC Avatar/sona")
Name: 'Avan' (Nominally anyways)
Species: Actually an anomalous recursive inversion of all existence in the form of direct superstring interactions with the rest of spacetime
Dimensions: Roughly spherical ball of wolf fluff of variable size (Capable of warping spacetime, or increasing/decreasing its volume and density) with a fluffy wolf head & tail (sort of like this: http://rlv.zcache.com/fluffy_wolf_button-p145285172907492120z745k_400.jpg )
Mass: Again variable.
Gender: None. It is a pure super-string entity that is not really even made of proper matter, more of just influencing spacetime through their interactions.
colors/patterns: variable, usually white
Stature: None. Ball of space-time fluff which may or may not have limbs.
Personality: Obsessed with fluffs. Fluffles, fluffsplodes, fluffsorbs, flufflecreates, fluffstrudes, flufflesticks, flufflenoise-makes, and more. Very fluffy. Likes to get into mischief, and abscond with cheekfluffs, lion manes, and other fluffy things. Or just outright fluffsorb them. Fluffsorbs all of reality on a weekly basis, which is more of every few seconds or minutes from the perspective of an external observer due to relativistic effects and spacetime warping shenanigans, though due to further shenanigans, this is not usually noticed.
Loves: Fluffs, puppies
Likes: Fluffs, puppies
Obsessed with: Fluffs, puppies
Dislikes: being defluffed
Abilities: would be effectively omnipotent were it not for the fact that it does not seem to be fully sapient, and is always thinking about fluffy wolf things. Can be tricked into not paying attention and getting its fluffs wet, resulting in a complete negation of powers.
Image: None, but see 'Dimensions' for a fairly good visual representation.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Tuulikel on April 01, 2012, 03:05:53 pm
Name - Maruna Tuulikel
Species - Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)
Height - 175 cm/5'7''
Weight - 57kg/125.7lbs, sinewy
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns -  Slightly grey/white fur, no patterns.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade -  Plantigrade, but is known to use digitigrade.
Clothing -  She goes for the steampunk http://t.co/Fav32k0X and white apparel http://t.co/J8sZICg6 Also, she's not stranger to a gypsy fashion. She keeps her garderobe pretty light because of her fur.
Likes - Apples, good steak, butterflies, aerial silk, cheerfulness & freedom.
Dislikes -  Rude people & braggarts.
Personality -  Friendly, Neutral Good, easy-going, playful and trustworthy.
Fursona picture -  She's my avatar.
Abilities - Very agile among other things.

Belongs to a travelling company of performers. Her speciality is aerial acrobatics (aerial silk).
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Helix on April 05, 2012, 04:24:51 pm
Name: Никита Славин (Nikita Slavin)
Species: German shepherd
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 210 lbs. +/-
Fur colors/patterns: Light brown, dark brown and black; typical German shepherd markings
Eye color: Yellow
Distinguishing marks: scar from right cheek to neck
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: digitigrade; sometimes plantigrade anthro
Clothing: When he's not in uniform (http://oi42.tinypic.com/34yo8yb.jpg) (the hat is made of wool, not fur), he usually wears jeans, a plain white tank or tee and no shoes; in the winter, he wears jackboots, an ushanka (Russian hat) and a thick overcoat.
Likes: Hip-hop, soft rock, classic metal, Kasta, tea, pizza, syrniki, books, action movies, television, talking to those funny Americans, hanging out with Vika (his girlfriend)
Dislikes: Communism, arrogance, war, mexican food, cold tea
Fursona picture: I'll link it when I finish it
Attitude: Very friendly and nice in social settings, though with a bit of a temper, and cautious on the battlefield, especially when others' lives are at high risk. He is brutally efficient when dealing with his enemies, as he knows he's not invincible.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Hashira on April 05, 2012, 08:37:38 pm
Name: Carter (Xavier Alstroph till i find a better middle and last name)
Species: Caliox (Cat/lion/fox)
Gender: Dude
Age: 14
Height: 6' 2" without ears
Weight: 148 lbs
Apearance: http://i1062.photobucket.com/albums/t498/Whaty80/042.png
Personality: Carter is an easy going cool cat with a respectful and territorial attiude. He has laser like focus, high suspicions, and nerves of steel. Carter is also somewhat of a fun reckless teen who skateboards and takes big risks when needed, but he is smart enough to see the problem for what it is and know when things will or will not work. He is very calm and cool and rarely gets worried, angered, or bothered. He sly, swave, and clever like a spy, and can talk easily to others and get his point across. He can be demanding and stubborn sometimes, though. He will try his best to keep his cool and get things the way he wants them. He is very athleteic, talented, and strong, but hates to be a showoff. Carter is also religious in the catholic faith, and lover of rock music. Usually any or all rock music is good to him and he loves it all as long as it has a good message to it. He can't stand rap or pure hip hop (though he loves Linkin Park) but he keeps his cool, sits through it, and deals with it with a small smile. He is like that with a lot of issues/conflicts, very cool and easy going. Carter uses words like "Radical, Rightous, Totally, Gnarly, Bodacious, Bro, Dude, Tenacious, Epic, and Cool" often. He is also, secretly, a secret agent............
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: ChristopherLion on April 07, 2012, 08:52:12 am
Name: Chris
Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Colors/Pattern: Yellowish with a medium brown main and tail tuft
Feral, Degigrade, or Plantigrade: All three depending on what form he is in.  Feral is natural form and is the default.  He can take on an anthro form and hold it indefinately but requires energy and eventually he has to return to feral form and rest.  He can also take on human form for an hour or so so long as he does not become too emotional. It takes enormous efort to maintain and is exausting even though he was originally human.
Clothing: Only in human form.  Button up short sleeve shirt, jeans, sneekers, and a green hoody. In feral and anthro form he brades the front of his mane and holds the brades with emeralds. He use to don a battle helmet as a precaution but these days has other technologies he depends on so has semi retired it. He does wear a small and almost unnoticable interlink device on the side of his head that keeps him connected with his bunker and defensive systems at all times.
Enjoys: music of all kinds but particularly dubstep and ABBA. flying, walking, drawing, dancing, playing with his human cubs, computers and amateur radio.  He humans he talks to on the radios have no idea.
Foibles: He is a crossdresser and will ocasionally wriggle his way into something he should not have.
Abilities: He can manipulate substring vibration as a result of being a child of the rift. With it he can create force bubbles.  He is also a genious at programming computers and has created an AI that runs his facilities for him and protects him in time of battle.
Attitude: he is a jokester.  He is good natured and fun loving.  He has no ill will towards others and actually the fatherly side comes out quite often as he becomes very concerned and protective of the ones he befreinds.  He is a cat however and the cat nature does surface now and then.  He can seam alufe at times and If threatened the claws do come out.
Faith/Religion: He has a deep faith in God and tries to follow the great commision of love others as you would love your self.

Ok, I think I've had enough fun.  Next!

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Murkrow on April 07, 2012, 09:26:18 pm
Name - Murkrow Cat
Species - Cat
Height - 5ft 8in.
Weight - 150lbs
Gender -Female
Fur colors/patterns - Light blue mouth, paws, feet, tail tip, inside ears, chest to above crotch. everything else is dark blue.
Clothing - none. but as for preference: hoodie, shirt with some design on it, blue/black/dark colored jeans. sometimes glasses.
Likes - Alot of things
Dislikes - nudity, rap, reggae, hip hop, country music.
Temperment and socialability - ...she didnt earn the name "crazy psycho *female dog*" for nothin!
Fursona picture - http://murkrowzy.deviantart.com/art/IM-BUSY-ARTING-293837091
Other Bio Information - NOT A DUDE.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Eddy on May 13, 2012, 08:28:34 pm
Name: Edwolf.
Species: Wolf.
Height: 5ft 11in.
Weight: 300lbs.
Personality: Edwolf is big, fussy, and self-important. Despite this, he is one of the nicest wolves you could ever meet! Especially if the kids love him (and he loves kids, too!). Is it any wonder that despite gaining so much weight recently, he's jollier than ever before!
Edwolf at the St. George's Festival, Teignmouth. Yes, kids of all ages like to be hugged! But that's another story.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: SenoraKitty on May 13, 2012, 10:30:59 pm
Name: Marine
Birthdate: 02/21
Star sign: Pisces
Sex: Female
Species: Silver Tabby
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 190+lbs.

- Hair and fur: Shoulder length light teal, almost aqua, hair. Black, gray, and white fur.
- Markings: Black tabby stripes on her face, shoulders, forearms, fingers, flanks, thighs, shins, and tail. Her front, under arms, back of her legs, and buttocks, as well as the underside of her tail have mass splotches of white fur. The tip of her tail is black with a black stripe going all the way up the top side of her tail to her neck. She also has black tufts on the tips of her ears.
- Eye color: Azure
- Other features: Pink nose

Behavior and Personality:
Skills: Drawing, healing, decent at giving advice, likes having fun
Weaknesses: New people and situations, shy, opinionated, tenacious, prone to have a short temper, doesn't know how to take compliments or physical affection, has a hard time dealing with trolls/griefers.

Likes: Art, drawing, her friends.
Dislikes: Ignorant people like trolls.

Favorite food: Meat
Favorite drink: Diet coke
Favorite location: In bed
Favorite weather: 60-75 degree bright clear days with a bit of a cool breeze, to severe thunder storms.
Favorite color: blue and violet.

Least liked food: Vegetables
Least liked drink: Coffee
Least liked location: In large crowds
Least liked weather: Cloudy for weeks on end, or extremely humid hot days.

Fursona picture: http://senorakitty.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0#/d4zigsl

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Carlisle on May 13, 2012, 11:45:35 pm
Okay :) Here is mine
Name -  Carlisle Mason
Species - Tiger
Height -Around 5 feet 9 inches
Weight - 270 lbs
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Dark orange fur, jet black stripes with a tuft of dirty blond hair on my head. Blue eyes.
Likes -Hugs, cuddling, being cuddled sometime. Being the big spoon :) art, music, movies, friends, love, cards, ginger ale, cooking, watching tv, reading, writing, poetry, dreaming, wishing, hoping, loving, goldfish crackers, gym/working out, work, fable 2,3, watching my brother play video games.

I'm quiet, polite and nice...until I'm around people who I love and accept and who love and accept me...then I'm bouncy, loud, and fun loving :) I've had some hard times but I'm looking forward now, not back like I was. Bring it on. Perpetually looking for that one mate who will make us happy (us being him and I) together forever or something like that lol
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Post by: blkgli on May 14, 2012, 04:10:19 pm
Name: Cole
Species: Black Wolf
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11'' (6' 1'' With ears)
Weight: 180 Lbs
Sexuality: Bi

Fur and Hair: All black with white tufts strewn about his body.
Markings: Triforce tattoo on his arm. Scar on his left ear.
Eye Color: Red

Attitude: Easy going, nice, caring, always cracking jokes, always has a smile on his face unless in a serious moment.
Likes: Sports, video games, fighting, guns, computers, reading, friends, the outdoors, the summer, rain, space, stand-up comedy, music.
Dislikes: Those without a sense of humor, ignorance, waking up from sleep.
Clothing: When in not in military uniform, Cole usually wears jeans and a t-shirt.
Occupation: Inactive military Sergent Major, Tattoo artist.
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Post by: Loc on May 14, 2012, 05:36:15 pm
Name: Loc
Species: Anthro snow leopard
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5 foot-ish
Weight: 98lbs

Fur colors/patterns: natyrally black spots, but she tends to bleach or dye them. They're currently bleached out.
Eye color: Blue-grey
Distinguishing marks: Nine piercings (three in the left ear, six in the right) and a scar on her stomach from a tenth.
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: Digitigrade
Clothing: Usually a gothic style, with a fondness for flowing skirts and corsets

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, palaeontology, gaming, cups of tea and a nice biscuit now and then, martial arts.
Dislikes: Arrogance, rudeness, bright light, loud noises
Fursona picture: I'm in the process of getting one commissioned, so I'll link to it when it's done.
Attitude: Shy around people she doesn't know and fairly quiet even when she does know them. Tends to be a little bit disordered, with bouts of depression and low self esteem, but fairly friendly when shegets to know people well.
Occupation: Student
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Post by: Luthor_Pendragon on May 15, 2012, 04:53:05 pm
Name: Luthor Pendragon. Or just Luthor.
Age: 21
Species: Black Western (American) Mountain Dragon
Feral, digigrade, plantigrade: Plantigrade Anthro
Gender: Male
Height: 8 feet at top of skull, horns add about an inch and a half when looking straight forward.
Weight: circa 300 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Star Sign: Scorpio

Physical appearance: black metallic scales all over. Membraned wings with no fur, hair, feathers or spikes, only horns on the head. Eyes are a silver-grey. Only wears a black pair of Tripp pants with 2 chain straps, and a collar with a yin-yang tag. Very muscular, but not power-weightlifter so, just enough to get his bulk off the ground.

Likes: Asian food, role-playing, reading, walking, intelligent conversation.
Dislikes: people being judgemental or pushy.
Attitude: Outgoing, confident.
Occupation: Drifter

Anything else you wanna know, just pm me.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Amy on August 26, 2012, 01:53:21 pm
Name - Amy
Species - No specific species
Family - Felidae (Feline)
Height - 5' 10" (unfortunately >.>)
Weight - 130 lbs.
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Base body color of neutral grey, with dark grey on my toes, fingers, palms of hands, and bottoms of feet, along with a diamond (square rotated 45 degrees) on my stomach [1], the tip of my tail [2], and two triangles facing downwards under my eyes, as shown by my profile picture.
<I also have a winter coat idea in mind. My grey fur would change to a pure white, and my dark grey areas to a much lighter grey, on the fringe of being unnoticeable against the white background.>
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade
Clothing - Black collar (not shown in my picture) with a small pendulum charm on it, a colorful undershirt, my specialty 24 jacket, jeans, and Converse.

<Picture by my friend showing me in one of my hobbies, wearing my jacket (which, by the way, isn't such a good idea while bowshooting).>
Likes - Winter, Spring, Fall, Archery, Gaming, Programming, Writing, Drawing
Dislikes - Summer, being called "he" >.>
Temperment and socialability - Super Social  :)
Fursona picture - http://i46.tinypic.com/2ijjio.png
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Post by: Kek on August 26, 2012, 06:32:39 pm
Name - Kek M. Jackalfox
Species - Jackal fox hybrid
Height - About 5' 4"
Weight - 120ib.
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Dull black/dark grey with gold marks around her wrists, ankles, mid-tail, neck, and eyes. Top half of her ears are gold and has an ankh symbol on her forehead. She also has bright red eyes.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digitgrade anthro/ feral
Clothing - Usually tshirt, jeans, and sometimes a pair of sneakers, but she usually doesn't wear shoes.
Likes - Her friends, drawing, swimming, reading, interwebz, pathfinder, and much much more. 
Dislikes - lots and lots of stuff
Temperment and socialability - Depends on last song she heard, who she's with, where she's at, and other factors. But in generally she's pretty amiable.
Fursona picture - http://pure-randomness.deviantart.com/gallery/38561271
Other Bio Information - socially anxious and not always as cheerful as she appears.
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Post by: Iara Warriorfeather on September 03, 2012, 10:59:55 pm
Name - Iara Warriorfeather
Species - Velociraptor-Bambiraptor hybrid
Height - About 5' 2" (anthro form; feral form, about 3' at the shoulder and 6' from nose to tailfan)
Weight - 125 lbs.
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Body feathers-mahogany to red-orange, primaries, secondaries and tailfan feathers-barred cream, underside-cream with brown splotches, scales-faint beige (brightens to red when embarrassed, enamored, or startled)
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digitigrade feral/anthro
Clothing - Her feathers typically serve as her attire, although she sometimes steals and wears her mentor's talisman necklace, an Archaeopteryx feather. Her anthro form typically wears a tee shirt and jeans or shorts.
Likes - Coca Cola-either classic or cherry flavors suit her best; any form of chocolate; any meat (porcine, bovine, venison, avian); classical music (especially violinists); taking shelter under the trees in a temperate or tropical rainforest; sometimes seen on the beach, drawing in the sand with a large pointy piece of driftwood, or chasing dolphins and dogs along the shoreline; also tends to consume red and blush wines when in the solitude of her nest.
Dislikes - Spiders, rollercoasters, giant squirmy squishy things, has a terrible fear of drowning, falling and/or being eaten alive.
Temperment and socialability - Iara tends to be on the quiet side. She enjoys her solitude, although she also enjoys spending time with a few good friends and of course the company of her beloved mate, Utahraptor-Velociraptor hybrid Atum-Bennu. She attends the occasional party or soiree, but only if she knows the company that is kept. She is typically found with her muzzle in a book, which is usually about her relatives, the birds, or her fantasy counterparts, the dragons.
Fursona picture -

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Post by: Thornbrier on September 11, 2012, 03:54:27 am
Name: Chakat ThornBrier
Birthdate: Unknown
Star sign: Unknown
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Species: Chakat
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 180lbs

Parents: Adopted by Hanna Ashworth (human, widow of Savana Ashworth), also raised a fair bit by Savana's brother, Hadrien Ashworth (Founder of Ashworth Power & Research)

- Hair: Naturally green, sometimes dyed blue. Likes to keep it in a spiky anime style.
- Fur: White
- Markings: Black stripes with a hint of lavender. Thicker at the small of the back and near the tail. Base of the tail is solid black. Tail rings start thick and thin out until the end is a tuft of white.
- Eye color: Hazel
- Cloths
    ~ Casual: Black vest
    ~ Work: Equipment harnesses and black vest
    ~ Arena Armor: White plasteel plating, blue and green glowing modules, black body sleeve filing the gaps. Visor has a lavender hue. On hir upper back is a large wing shaped power core system with jets. A larger reactor/jet system is mounted on hir lower back as well. Several weapons are stored in sliding plates along hir flanks. The team logo is a black cat-eared circle behind a mixed pair of large green bat wings and smaller blue feathered wings.
- Other features: Depending on pre/post-op, shi might have four arms on the human torso. Shi has a computer installed in hir lower back with neural-holographic interface.

Behavior and Personality:
Skills: Power Armor Operator, Robotics engineer, hacker/programmer, comm tech, team leader, wilderness survival.
Weaknesses: Empathy is... wonky.

Likes: Freedom, Arena fights, technology
Dislikes: Trolls, haters

Favorite food: Talapia
Favorite drink: Orange Faygo & Tiki Tiki Wiki Wackers
Favorite location: Australian Outback
Favorite weather: Thunderstorms
Favorite color: Black & white, Greens and blues

Least liked food: Was black licorice, after finding Anice shi's not quite sure. Maybe coconut? Oh, but Pina Colada is so good.
Least liked drink: Bloody Marry
Least liked location: swamps
Least liked weather: hot and humid

Fursona picture: First version, pre-op, did the butt stripes wrong. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8765277/
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Post by: TreacleFox on September 11, 2012, 06:00:55 am
Thought I might post this, for my first post here. x3;

General info

Name: Treacle
Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox - Some cat features
Body type: Slim and small.
Body attributes: Nimble and flexible, but not very strong.
Leg shape: Digitigrade
Age: 19

Physical attributes

Identifying marks:
-Purple/violet eyes
-Crinsom/dark purple hands
-Green bands around ears
-Inside of ears are white
-Green zigzag with 8 points on back (9 line strokes)
-Fur is quite long in places (top of head to form hair) and has a shine/luster to it.
-Ears come to a point
-Blue paw print marking on left hip
-Human like finger nails on hands, with slight animal like pads on them
-Feet are digitigrade with animal like pads on them

The colours on the feet and hands blend into the colour of the rest of the fur over a small distance. ie, the purple on the hands does not come to an ebrupt end where the orange of the main fur starts.

Mark colour details (HEX values):
-Eyes :  #540A65
-Hands: #8B004C
-Ear bands: #0CCC3F
-Zigzag on back: #0CCC3F
-Main fur colour: #DC5116
-Paw print hip marking: #1916DC
-Feet are black
-White strip down his front is white
-Inside of ears are white

Body dimensions:
Height: 167 CM (5 foot 6 inches)
Weight: 50 KG  (112.2 lbs)
Tail Lengh: It would be running on the ground if it were held straight, about 95cm.

Treacle has a few cat features such as pointier ears and a slightly shorter muzzle than a regular fox.
Mental/Non-Physical attributes:
Orientation: Bisexual
Favorite food type: Mint, eg: Spearmint
Favorite weather: Cloudy
Favorite clothing: He dresses averagely most of the time, such as jeans and a t-shirt and he does not like formal cloths, such as button up shirts and ties.
Personality traits:
-Quieter rather than louder
-Doesn't Interject too much
-Not very conscientiousness
-Quite open and considerate
-Somewhat impulsive, but listens to logic
-He is sure of himself and his ethics/ideals
-Tries to avoid being hypocritical
-Tries not to regret past decisions

Music tastes: Techno, Trance, Hardstyle
Skills: He has pretty good 'people skills', and is good at debate. He can be very determined and is strong to his moral code.
Weaknesses: Apart from being not that strong physically, he can sometimes take trivial things to heart too much.

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Post by: Blackrose13 on October 23, 2012, 07:00:14 pm
Name: Adrian Dumont
Sex: Male
Species: Grey wolf
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 185 pds.
Fur color/patterns: Grey with reddish brown and purple
Likes: Raves, dancing, music, video games, hanging with his boyfriend, playing frisbee, freerunning
Dislikes: Annoying people, rude people, men who hit women, scary movies
Clothing: Usually a pair of jeans and a tee, but likes to go shirtless. Glowsticks, black dog collar, earring, and belt for accesories. Sometimes wears a darker gothy outfit, or a tuxedo with a fedora.
Personality: Funloving, kind, chivalrous, and adorable. Adrian cannot stand to see women mistreated. Likes both men and women. He has been known to act rather silly around his friends, although in public he maintains a joking yet serious attitude. He acts rather childishly when he is in a good mood. He loves it when Lucas throws his frisbee.
Name: Lucas Magnus
Sex: male
Species: Red fox
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Weight: 140 pds.
Fur color/patterns: Red fur, black paws and tail tip, white stomach.
Likes: Playing video games, shopping, reading, drawing, hanging out with his boyfriend Adrian, cosplay
Dislikes: Spiders, the dark, heights, dolls
Clothing: Usually dresses in a japanese schoolgirl outfit, but when he isnt crossdressing he wears a short black shirt that shows of his chest, a pair of combat boots, jeans, and a huge feather scarf. He wears a black collar with chains connecting to his wrists and his ear is pierced with seven loops that look like rainbows.
Personality: Playfull and mischevious around friends, yet shy in public. He usually shadows adrian around, but fades away in clubs.
Favorite color: purple
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Post by: ArticShadow on October 23, 2012, 07:55:27 pm
Name: ArticShadow.
Nicknames: Shadow or Artic
Species: Grey wolf.
Height: 5 foot 3 inches (without ears) 5 foot 4 1/2 inches (with ears).
Weight: 145 lbs
Gender: Female
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Feral and digitigrade. (For now plantigrade till I can get a full suit.)
Fur color: Lime green, dark blue, and blood red.
Likes: Goth/Emo/punk/dark/scremo music, Mtn Dew Code Red, soup, vampires, hanging with friends and color guard.
Dislikes: People who hurt animals, rude people, men who hit girls, any kind of peppers, screaming kids, kids running though the store, irresponsible parents, and roller coasters... this list can go on forever.
Clothing: More on the Goth and Emo side.
Personality: Can be nice and sweet, but she's sly, likes to sneak around in the shadows. But funny and playful when hyper, likes to play pranks on people. More of a punk and enjoys hanging out at the skate skate park or local convenience store. Much of a rebel and goes against the "norm". Witty and quick on her paws, kinda likes to be alone. Likes to play guitar and drums, but also plays the trumpet. Uses a lot of country slang. May seem mean at first but once you get to know her she's a nice person.

Anthro: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9554694/
Feral: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9585479/
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Volt on October 24, 2012, 02:25:55 am
Name - Dognog/Tiny
Species - Wolf
Height - 4' 9"
Weight - ~95 lbs.
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Light brown with white
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade
Clothing - Usually wears a red Hawaiian shirt with black "swishy" pants
Likes - Cheese, sleeping, surfing the internet, playing videogames, daydreaming
Dislikes - hard work, talking to strangers, spiders, hot weather, driving
Personality - Very relaxed and easygoing, generally happy. Hard to upset. She enjoys friends, but is usually shy around people she doesn't know, but once she knows them, can open up and be fun. She doesn't usually like any sort of change, since she leads such a comfortable life. Being put out of her comfort zone in situations such as social gatherings or driving is very nervewracking.
Notes: This character is based on my own personality.

ETA: might as well add my other characters

Name - Prince Snow
Species - Stag
Height - 5' 11"
Weight - ?
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - All white, with faint hints of silver
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade
Clothing - a fuzzy grey vest, some pants, and a belt with a banner displaying a lion. Carries a sword and a flag displaying a crescent
Likes - Clam chowder, doing good works, reading, children, snow
Dislikes - injustice,
Personality -  Calm and always kind, Prince Snow - who is not actually royalty of any kind - enjoys travelling and helping out other animals in need. He enjoys the company of children because of their innocent nature, and tells them tales of his adventures. He is noble-hearted and actively fights against injustices.
Notes: This character was originally made in Soul Calibur V custom character mode. He doesn't have a complete story in my mind yet, but I imagine him to live in some sort of medieval-type setting, maybe a bit like Redwall or something.

Name - Volt
Species - Manectric
Height - 4' 9"
Weight - ?
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Blue and Yellow, standard Manectric patterns
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Feral
Clothing - none
Likes - battling, Pecha berries, running
Dislikes - contests, Gyarados
Personality - Volt is quiet and reserved usually, but is passionate about battling. She appears very serious to others who don't know her, but is actually quite pleasant to talk to and has a sense of humor.
Notes: This character's name comes from the shortening of my main username, voltianqueen, and I use it as well as my main name frequently on the net (as you can see). Manectric is my favorite Pokemon, and, since it is Electric, I chose to give the name Volt to my Manectric on the game. The character is based on my Manectric from the game.
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Post by: Madam Glitch on October 24, 2012, 02:27:42 pm
Name: Amelia Leigh Krysta
Species: Gray Wolf/Siberian Husky mix
Height: 5’07”
Weight: 117 lbs
Gender: Female

Fur Colors: Dark Red, Dark Purple, Light Gray

Color Patterns: Dark red, dark purple, and light gray A dark red spot around her right eye, and a dark purple spot around her left eye. She has dark purple, spiky egg shaped areas on her thighs and shoulders/upper arms. The outside part of her left ear is dark purple, while the inside part is dark gray. The outside of her right ear is dark gray, while the inside part is dark purple. She has dark pink colored paw pads and yellow claws. The dark purple area on her left shoulder/upper arm is bigger than the dark purple area on her right shoulder/upper arm. The dark purple areas on her thighs and shoulders/upper arms merge into the dark purple area on her back and sides. Her nose is purple, and she has a very long tail. The fur on the bottom half of her tail is longer the fur on the rest of her tail. The underside of her tail is ¾ dark red, and ¼ dark purple, while the entire top of her tail is dark purple.

Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Digigrade anthropomorphic
Clothing: Jeans and sleeveless shirts in bright colors

Likes: Doing crafts/making things, the first and second generations Pokémon games, Dr. Pepper (which can be considered more of an addiction than just a like), exploring, spaghetti, music, hugs.

Dislikes: Debates, arguments, scary movies, videogames, thunderstorms/storms, sushi, Generation 3 and onward of the Pokémon videogames, mice, spiders, getting lost, and screamo music.

Temperament: Easily agitated. Fairly social and optimistic. Phlegmatic and Sanguine

Sociability: Fairly social and optimistic. She tries her best to get along with everyone, though this can backfire and make folks think that she is annoying.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Charrus on November 02, 2012, 01:46:07 am

Name - Firekeeper

Species - Wolf

Length- 6ft (tip of nose to tail)

Height- 32 inches at the shoulder

Weight - 80lbs

Gender - female

Fur colors/patterns - Main color is white. Firey orange 3-tone mane running from the top of her head, along her back, to the tip of her tail. Firey fur tufts on ankles of all feet. Red slash marks on her left side only and face. Blue-black "socks" on all four paws that gradually fade up into the main coat. Blue-black tipped ears and eyepatch on left eye only.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Feral

Clothing - She sometimes wears a pink plaid scarf.

Likes - Fire (kinda a pyro), being warm, blankets, fuzzy things, plushies, spicy food, snuggling

Dislikes - Anything to do with cold (her weakness!!), ice, snow, being wet, etc..

Temperment and socialability - Firekeeper is very light hearted and silly. She likes to play, joke, and tease. Her serious side is kept hidden from everyone but close friends. Like her element, her mood can change without warning. She has human-grade intelligence, is able to speak to other species, and enjoys modern technology as much as her feral body is able to allow her. As for socialability, she is pack oriented, but has many friends among a wide range of species, including humans. She tends to think of close friends as part of her personal "pack" even if they technically are not an official member.
Fursona pictures -
http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b238/Lupine_/Firekeeper320byMoondelle.png (c) Moondelle on DA
http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b238/Lupine_/FirekeeperBusteditedbyAmaroq-1.png (c) Moondelle

Other Bio Information - Firekeeper has a wolf mate and one pup, and an older sister. (For the curious, they are not roleplay oriented.) 
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Post by: charcoal on November 03, 2012, 02:21:30 pm
fur color/black and white
favorite music/one last drink by enter the haggis.geltic rock
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Post by: KitKatPurrpurr on November 08, 2012, 07:59:16 pm

Name: Zoe
Sex: Female
Species: Jaguar
Height: Roughly 5'5"
Weight: 140-150lb
Fur color and patterns: reddish yellow with rosettes. Cream points and a pink nose
Hair color: copper
Feral, digitigrade, or plantigrade: digitigrade
Clothing: t-shirt and jeans, usually.
Likes: music (mostly EDM like deadmau5 and dubstep), art, math, singing, sleeping, wasting away on electronic devices, writing, chubby people and furries, and Portal 2.
Dislikes: people with really strong opinions, wolves (sorry), getting up early, fire, being around the mentally challenged, and having her A.D.D. being called a disability or a mental handicap.
Essentially she's me.

Name: Cree
Sex: Female
Species: Great white shark
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135lb
Coloring: Greyish hue all over, white underbelly.
Hair color: deep red
Feral, digitigrade, or plantigrade: plantigrade
Clothing: shorts and a tank top. Also wears yoga pants and yoga shorts.
Likes: swimming, dubstep, dancing, flirting lightly, sleeping.
Dislikes: deserts, green foods, and country music (but not folk).
Picture: none yet, but eventually.
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Post by: Nagi on January 12, 2013, 06:57:37 am
Name: Alisa Leolf Alexandra
Gender: Female
Species: Snow Leolf( Arctic wolf snow leopard hybrid), also self taught shapeshifter
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye color: Bright green
Fur colors: Main fur color is white, designs are light pink and dark blue, points are brown
Hair color: front light pink, back is brown
Design: has light pink stripes on face and legs, single row of light pink dark blue rosettes, dark blue around eyes, dark blue design on back that's
suppose to resemble angel wings(saw it in one of my games)
Clothing: Renaissance clothing idly, but does have a specific outfit (sorry no pic unless you wanna look through my art, idont know how to put links or pictures here on the phone)
Weapon: Sword and shield(no specific size)
Picture: will be added when I either figure out how to post here on the phone or get internet to the computer
Might add more latter

Weresona might be posted later gotta give phone Back
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Post by: Blackrose13 on January 16, 2013, 01:26:37 pm
If yall want to create a really indepth description visit this site: http://pompfiction.com/links/character-profile-form/ Please note that while the questions are fairly pg13, I have not explored the rest of the site, so be carefull if you arent 18 yet.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Arashi_Calunata on January 21, 2013, 07:36:33 am
What did I do? Grah, Lemme get this post up to thread standards;

Name:Arashi Novalleus Calunata the 3rd

Nickname/ Callsign: Echo One

Gender: Male (Gay)

Species: Desert Hreldren (A species that is predominantly feline with fox traits, bird traits, and a stronger skeletal structure), plantigrade leg design but usually walks digitigrade when barefoot.

Height: 5' 8.88"

Weight: 126 ib

Eye color: Heterochromatic, one eye blue (Left), the other light purple (Right)

Fur pattern(Colors): Shifts at choice, but preferred is a grey coat of fur with tribal markings across the body in black outlined by crimson. Serial Number, Rank, and Unit type are  displayed, in order, on the Left breast, right shoulder, and left shoulder. The belly, groin, inner legs, armpits, chest, throat, and chin are all a creamy white. Inner Groin has the same Black as the tribal markings/stripes. Birth Symbol is in the center of the forehead. Right forearm/wrist has extensive markings to better pyrokinetic abilities.

Clothing: Liani Military-Made Armored Shield Suit (Mark 7), with Dark Grey Cargo Pants with kneepads, leg guards, and hardcase pistol holster on the left hip. Knee plating is stronger on the right side. Utility belt contains multiple ammo and tool pouches. Upper body armor is inserted into armor plugs. Chestplate is close to the body, and had multiple grenades  attached to a belt on the left chest. The right has his serial number. A knife is holstered under the left arm. The right armor plating is thicker on the shoulder and wrist than the left, the right paultron covering the entire upper arm as a solid peice on the outside (Under has a thin plate). The left shoulder guard is close to the body and has a peice of tape with "Arashi" written on it. There is no left wrist guard. The armor itself is Beige-brown.

 Occupation: Liani Combat Archivist in peacetime. Wartime is Multiple-Threat Response, Defensive.

Fursona time: See Fursona Time zone thread

Special skills: Able to change fur and eye colors and patterns at will, can cast "Spells", but specializes in pyrokenetics. Skilled Knife wielder and highly durable.

Not even close to the full thing, but that's a minimalist veiw. Real thing is four 70-page college-lined notebooks.
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Post by: Ezrah on February 08, 2013, 02:58:27 pm
Ok...so here is the rundown.

Name: Ezrah
Species: Anthro Gray Wolf
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 155 pounds
Gender: Male

Colors/Markings: Normal gray wolf markings except for a black area on the tail.
Walking style: Plantigrade

Clothing: Mostly casual. Usually a polo type shirt or sometimes a regular T-shirt with a jacket normally. Sometimes will wear a trench-coat once in a blue moon. Wears khakis or jeans. (fall/winter). In the summer, usually sports a shirt like described before but instead with shorts (any kind of course not short ones) :D In the way of shoes are a pair of black Converse shoes, brown sandals, boots (depending), and sometimes no shoes...but that's usually when around the house. And who could forget about the fedora he wears with his name emblazoned on it?

Personality: Though somewhat short in stature, it is wise not to get on the bad side as he has a short-temper. He could deal a good fight if need-be. On his good side though, he is rather friendly with a good sense of humor and is willing to help whenever needed. He tends to be very impatient. He is stubborn, but that is for the best as it means he doesn't take no as an answer...depending on the situation.

Likes: Classic Rock, motorcycles, cars, coffee, company (not a huge amount though), food, sleeping.

Dislikes: Very hot weather, snow, too much sugar in coffee, patience.

And that's about it. Photo is to the side.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Firelight on February 17, 2013, 04:29:35 pm
Name - Firelight
Species - Folf
Height -  Small
Weight -  100 pounds
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Fire colored fur.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade
Clothing - Pirate clothing 
Likes - Babies/kids, snow but not the cold, dragons, Movies, video games
Dislikes - Mean people, veterinarians, hunters...Umm....Oh yeah extreme temperatures.   
Temperment and socialability -  Quiet, friendly, nice, good listener,  socialability? Loner but will hang out with others if she wants to.
Fursona picture -  Don't have one atm
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Razmina on February 21, 2013, 09:21:35 pm
Hmm...I'm new at this, so uh...hope it's not too odd or out of place?
I'm not very good at descriptions, but I want to try!

Name:  Miniver Willows
Species:  Phoenix
Height:  6'6"
Weight:  250 pounds  * kinda guessing on height and weight
Gender:  Male
Fur colors/patterns:  In this case they're feathers, bright red with hints of gold on the inside of his wings.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade:  Digitigrade non-anthro  (Had to go to WikiFur for this I'm that new.  XD  )
Clothing:  Doesn't wear clothing if he can help it, but will wear an enchanted crown and mantle for spell rituals.
Likes:  Reading, sleeping, calming music, sorcery, art in general, flying
Dislikes:  Loud noises, idiocy, war, and cold temperatures
Temperment and socialability:  Wise, brotherly, kind, friendly, likes his space but enjoys conversations.  He doesn't like humans very much at all.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: SkyFire on February 21, 2013, 11:09:55 pm
 I'll be using a somewhat modified sheet.

Name/Title: Paladin-Ranger Sky, AKA, SkyFire
Species: Anthro tiger
Fur: an electric blue with white stripes, and a perfect white mohawk.
Clothing/eye color: Wears a cloak of a rich, pure blue on one half , a gold stripe running down the center, with a brilliant red on the other half. Also wears highly enchanted silver armor that gleams with moonlight. He also wears a Kama and usually has a longsword sheathed at one side and a pistol(modern/advanced time periods only, short-sword if not either of those) on the other. Regardless of time period, he always has a bow across his back and a quiver under his cloak.the swords are enchanted and shimmer with energy, and when drawn, the longsword emits an eerie hum that fills the room and drives off malicious spirits, regardless if they are demonic or devilish in nature.
Weapons: Pistol(Modern and future time periods only) Longsword, short sword if no pistol, bow(energy bow if future), and some divine magic
Likes: depends on the day, one day cheeseburgers, the next french fries. He always likes fast food and eating and reading however.
Dislikes: Drunks, criminals, snoopers, obnoxious people.
Sociability: wise, friendly, charismatic, somedays he like his space and then he is quiet and doesn't really talk much. Other days his hypoglicemia gets out of control and he is incredibly rude and bad to be around, though that doesn't happen two often. He always enjoys a sensible debate and conversation, and is an honorable warrior that shares the highest respect for all other honorable warriors and fighters in general. After you become his friend, his life is yours, he will do what you ask of him if he is able, and sky will defend you, with his life.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: lirokun Viami on April 18, 2013, 09:38:29 pm
 I saw this and had to add my fursona.
[editing this because I have changed  my fusona] Name: Lirokun Viami or Lv for short.
Age: fourteen
Species: Anthro Cat
weight: 100
height: 2'5''
gender: female
clothing: White T-shirt with the a dark green pixled sword, blue jeans and grey tenni shoes.
weapon: A medium sized sword, that is made of computer pixles.
time: midevil or modern times are the most fitting but either way she has acess to her sword and a computer
likes: friends,other anthros,birds,most food,cabins or castles,jokes,art,videogames,writing,caves,exploring,cloudy evnings.
dislikes: bullies,haters,spiders,aliens,to much heat or fog,bow and arrows.
personality: Somewhat shy. has an odd habit of getting embarresed quickly and saying sorry too much,she will attack without warning if she thinks something is wrong. She can have a short temper when having to make decisions or is confused. She can be a random when she is excited or happy. She can be a little to dependent of others once she becomes attached to them. when she is confused she will freak out or become scared and will try to isolate her self. she is distracted VERY easly.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Fledgling on April 21, 2013, 10:24:44 pm
Name: Chirra
Species: Bobcat
Gender: Female
Size: Bobcat-sized
Colors: Dark brown with black spots and stripes. Cream belly fur, hazel eyes.
Stance: Quadrupedal. Can sit up on hind legs and hold things in her forepaws.
Clothing: None :D
Diet: Mostly meat and fish
Personality: Untrustworthy. Practical. Usually solitary (except for Shambles) unless something catches her curiosity.
Abilities: Long distance communication, communication with forces of nature (i.e. wind) and shapeshifting, all via shamanic trance. There are a few caveats:
-She has to be able to focus. Might not be successful if she's tired, hungry, distracted, or emotionally upset.
-In order to talk to someone over a distance, she needs to either know them well, or for them to have some kind of psychic powers already.
-The elements of nature may or may not listen to her.
-She can theoretically shapeshift into any animal, but she has to be familiar with the animal's form first, which can be achieved through studying, watching or being in prolonged contact with a member of that species.
-Shapeshifting requires a ritual that can take between ten and thirty minutes depending on how well she knows the animal. It wears off when she gets too tired or when she falls asleep.
Picture: Don't have one yet.

Name: Shambles
Species: Sordes pilosus (click) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sordes)
Gender: Male
Size: Pidgeon-sized
Colors: Grey, white and black, with yellow-orange bill and brown eyes.
Stance: Mostly quadrupedal on the ground.
Clothing: None
Diet: Bugs and other small moving things.
Personality: Chirra's close companion and familiar. A little weird. Ravenous thief, but has a hard time carrying anything heavier than a stack of quarters.
Picture: Don't have one yet.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Reverb on April 21, 2013, 10:32:20 pm
Name - Reverberation A Mutt
Species - Siberian Husky
Height - 5'11"
Weight - 140lbs
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Look at my profile pic
Digigrade/Plantigrade - Plantigrade
Clothing -
Likes - Music, dancing, hanging with his friends, cold, food, exercising, writing stories...(I'll add more later)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Keo on April 23, 2013, 10:50:12 pm
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: flatout442 on April 28, 2013, 08:44:40 am
Here's what I'd be:

Name: Brian
Species: Red Fox
Height: 4' 11" (I know I'm short)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Weight: 82lbs
Fur color/patterns: Typical fox patterns I guess
Eye color: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: None
Feral, Plantigrade, or Digitigrade: Digitigrade
Clothing: Blue jeans and a polo t-shirt
Occupation: Student

For this I used my own specifications height, weight, age, eye color, etc.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Scarlegs on May 04, 2013, 03:48:29 am
Name - Scar Katt (An alternate name is Scarlett Katrina)
Species - Domestic house cat(Grey Mackerel Tabby)
Height - About 4'3''
Weight - 30-47 kg (Around there)
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Grey Mackerel tabby, darker stripes. Blond hair and sky blue eyes
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade -  Plantigrade anthro(Some times Digitigrade)
Clothing - Black T-shirt and khaki green cargo pants OR black T-shirt and grey pants with leopard spots(She has NO fashion sense) She always has her blue flower in front of her left ear. She sometimes wears her mauve and pink collar.
Likes -  Cheese, water, cosy rooms, the cold.
Dislikes - The heat, beef, open landscapes.
Temperment and socialability - She is stubborn and short tempered, but when she is nice she is really cuddly. After she has a 'tantrum' she feels REALLY guilty.
Fursona picture -

 Click here :First Pic http://scarlegs.deviantart.com/art/Badge-Maybe-363430817
                   :Second Pic http://scarlegs.deviantart.com/art/Scar-Ref-2013-379086233
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Eightbitresto on May 22, 2013, 01:49:10 pm
Name: Comet
Gender: Male
Species: Ainu dog (Hokkaido)
Height: 5"11
Star sign: Cancer

- Hair and fur: Scruffy white fur, medium spiked green hair. 
- Markings: Twelve black stars from his right hind leg across his back and grey ears. 
- Eye color: left eye green right eye brown
- Other features: three black hooped earring on his right ear, longer tail then most of his species and one ear is bigger then the other.

Likes: sleeping, food and speed, music
Dislikes: alpha Male's, rudeness

Clothing/Personal Style: Loose baggie jeans with black and white metal studded leather belt, a baggie hoodie brown in color with a choke chain hung around his neck.
Favorite food: Fully loaded meat pizza with extra cheese
Favorite drink: Kopparberg all flavors
Favorite location: bed
Favorite weather: Heavy rain storms
Favorite color: Green

Least liked food: Nuts
Least liked drink: Wine
Least liked location: sea
Least liked weather: Heatwaves

Picture: soon i hope
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: cause the rat on June 15, 2013, 10:15:44 pm
Name. Cause

Species. Rat/human hybrid

Hight. 5’ 9”

Weight. 220. At 20 % body fat muscular with a spare tire. Ideal weight would be 190. ya, like that’s going to happen...LOL

Gender. Male

Fur colors/patterns. Mostly gray with a tan snout and jaw. Long white hair, eyebrows, mustache and beard. Pink ears, nose, hands and feet.

Eyes. Solid black with brown iris.

Feral, Digitigrade or Plantigrade. Plantigrade only. 

Clothing. Suit coat and vest but never a tie or pants. Sometimes wears a fedora and shoes.

Likes. Italian food, good conversation and loves to laugh at himself and others. Loves classical, bebop, east cost jazz, rock, hard rock, thrash and heavy metal.

Dislikes. Braggarts, know it alls and drama.

Temperament and sociability. Gullible and a bit naive. Masculine and sure of himself but still be the first to laugh when proven wrong. Just as comfortable being in a crowd as he is by himself. Loves to be mischievous with a somewhat dry and dark sense of humor. 

Persona picture. Nothing yet. Still working on it.

http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u617/jazzbluerat/IMG_3605cause_zpsf8e97067.jpg?t=1371348799 (http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u617/jazzbluerat/IMG_3605cause_zpsf8e97067.jpg?t=1371348799)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Umbreon K on June 29, 2013, 09:53:06 pm
Name - Kazutaka Nisihara
Species - Umbreon

Height - 5' 10"
Weight - 145 lbs.
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Black fur with gold rings around the tail and ears, gold marking on the forehead and biceps.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade anthro

Clothing -  Tend to wear a hoodie vest; meaning a vest with a sweatshirt hoodie attached, my arms are usually bare and under the vest I wear an old worn wifebeater that is a faded yellow and has been stretched and pulled enough to show off the top half of my pectorals. I also wear baggy cargo pants and love wearing old beat up Converse sneakers!

Likes - Basketball, Supernatural Romance novels (yeah I know... v.v)
Dislikes - Soccer, Apple Products
Temperment and socialability - Tries to be friendly, and warm can be a bit shy. Reserved with really personal information.
Additional facts: Has the faint odour of black pepper in his fur at all times!

Fursona picture - Will update when commissioned finished.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Plantan on July 06, 2013, 12:36:03 am
Name- Plantan
Species- Raccoon Sugar Glider and Border Collie
Height- 2.5 feet
Weight- 24 lbs
Gender- Male
Fur Color/Patterns- greyish brown body... brown shaggy hair... Green face mask... Yellow paws... Blue eyes... Black nose.... Green sugar glider wings... Green and grey ringed tail
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Plantan on July 06, 2013, 12:41:01 am
Oops forgot the rest><
Feral Plantigrade or digitigrade- Digitigrade
Clothing- peace sign neckalce...wolves at the gate tank top... Black pants
Likes- music hugs rent dance popcorn all sodas
Dislikes- vegetables outdoors sports and annoying people
Tempermant- likes everyone but shy and awkward at first
Other- loves all colors.... Allergic to self
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: todgar on July 11, 2013, 10:40:00 am
Name: Todd
Species: Bonanzee (Bonobo/chimp hybrid Pan paniscus x troglodytes)
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs

Fur colors/patterns: black
Eye color: Brownish greyish
Distinguishing marks: none
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: Plantigrade, alternating between bipedaling, knuckle-walking and brachiation
Clothing: Often just fur, but varies

Likes: Reading, nature, hiking, food/cuisine, music, role-playing, travel, et al.
Dislikes: unpleasant sensory stimuli
Fursona picture: In the works (meanwhile, see my avatar pic).
Attitude: Polite, curious, laid back
Occupation: Peer counselor, grad student
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: alecfox1997 on August 06, 2013, 08:49:28 pm
Name: Alec
Species: grey fox
Age: 15
Height: 5'3
Weight: 117lbs
Likes: pepsi, music, anime, art, meeting new friends, and lots more :)
Personality: friendly, shy (at first).
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Furenzied on August 26, 2013, 02:34:41 pm
Name: Lunar Edge
Age: 18
Species: Husky / Border Collie Hybrid
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 201 lbs
Appearance: see my avatar :D
Plantigrade legs with Digitigrade feet
Likes: sleeping, nature, swimming, star gazing, snow and cold
Dislikes: parasites, excessive heat
personality: kind but hard to trust others, a good thinker.
Other: he can't die so he doesn't like growing close to others. He travels around quite a bit too.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Mu Rho Ni on August 28, 2013, 01:49:29 am
well i has 2 
     the first one is Mu Rho Ni or just Mu for short he was found by a human research team studying the ruins of planet natalis. While searching these 2,000 year old ruins they found an old stasis pod with the Greek letters mu rho and ni scribed across the top along with native natalic writing which was illegible to the research team. They get the stasis pod open to find a lone member of the native species, a pup they would soon name after the letters scribed on his pod. Mu Rho Ni. His species are bipedal wolf like creatures, he has blush grey fur with white underbelly and markings. when in danger he can go into feral mode in which his eyes turn black ant his strength is multiplied he also has the ability to harness and weaponize dark energy when in this state.
     the second is a work in progress. his name is Paal-Tior. I'm not sure exactly what species but he is going to be an aquatic/amphibious character.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: GrayWolf448 on August 29, 2013, 03:53:37 am
here is mine

Name - Zeff Whetzel
Species - fox/wolf
Height - same as me (as i grow he grows)
Weight - same as me ^
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - light gray belly/chest gray rest of coat
Clothing - plain collor tea shirts and cargo paints tan/gray favorite (dark gray shirt with tan cargo paints)
Likes - games, movies, talking, designing, drawing, good teachers,
Dislikes - immature people, bad teachers,
socialability - shy, sticks to group (if he has one)

so ya my fursona is pretty much me just as a furry
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Firelight on September 12, 2013, 12:23:44 am
I have a new one!
He's not a fursona but he is a fnaf oc

Name -  Sparky
Species - Thylacine
Height -  Size of a large dog.
Weight - 70
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Light brown 12 stripes on back with Lime green eyes
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Feral
Clothing -  Red spiked collar
Likes - Hide and seek, playing with kids, and boomerangs
Dislikes -  The fact he's out of order.
Temperment and socialability - Temp: Moody but friendly. Jealous of Freddy and the gang. Socialability: A lone wolf. If he wants company he will seek you out. 
Fursona picture -<a href="http://s1094.photobucket.com/user/mossfire4421/media/Sparky.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i452/mossfire4421/Sparky.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Sparky.jpg"/></a>

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Trebor Meerkat on October 09, 2013, 03:20:43 am
Name - Trebor Meerkat
Species - Disney Meerkat
Height - Can change size at will, but mainly stays at 4" and 5',7"
Weight - varies with his height
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Nearly identical to Timon. Hair is dark brown, nose is black,
Clothing -Always barepawed, sometimes in his norm form (5'7") he wears an airline pilot's uniform for his job as an airline pilot for TWA. Other times he loves dressing up in a classic pinstripe suit and Fedora. But in his 4" form, he wears nothing but the fur on his hide.
Likes - too much to name
Dislikes - hatred
Temperment and socialability - He's a really nice guy. He often acts like a goofball, but can be very professional when needed to. Trebor has no prejudices, he hates no one, no matter how horrible a person they are. He's not religious. Trebor is a First Officer for Trans World Airlines, based in Seattle, flying the Seattle-St. Louis-New York route. Once a year, TWA has him and his Captain do a special flight for a bunch of lucky people who won a contest, to a preselected destination in The Airline History Museum's Super Constellation. In his off time, he plays the trumpet and saxophone at a local jazz club, and loves wearing his classic dark gray pinstripe suit and Fedora while doing so. He also loves flying his 1961 Piper Cherokee.
Fursona picture - (http://d.facdn.net/art/rjfan/1290452793.rjfan_air_s_pic_for_me___.jpg)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Rocoro on October 13, 2013, 07:23:39 pm
Name: Rocoro!
Age: Not really sure
Species: Asiatic Dhole! (dog)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Appearance: Orange with a little white fur
Likes: Politics, being a silly dunce, cities, playing practical jokes, booping others
Dislikes: water, being made fun of,
personality: A little bit of a twerp and very bossy, but he does get along with others. A little too privileged, narcissistic, but a great joker and very warm talker.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Wrangell on October 13, 2013, 09:21:04 pm
Name - Wrangell

Species - Siberian Husky

Height - 5'11''
Weight - 200lb

Gender - Male

Fur color/patterns - Purple with a white belly and white under tail.

Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - digitigrade

Clothing - Depending on the situation he wears his Captain uniform when he is running the large zeppelin he's in charge of. If he is on his down time he likes to party and go's to raves so he wears his raver gear (a pair of Tripp bondage pants with no shirt) for every day stuff he wears just jeans or cargo pants and a t-shirt

Likes- he enjoys good food, aviation, enjoying nature, partying, dancing, he is pretty good at glowstringing at the raves he goes to, he likes to meet new people

Dislikes- He doesn't like people who are rude to others, being away from friends

Temperment and socialability -  He is friendly, but shy, he enjoys the company of others, he is the type that will go of on an adventure at any given moment.

Here is the picture down below

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Aryd on December 03, 2013, 01:07:21 am
Name: Aryd
Age: 23
Species: Corsac Fox
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: About 145lb
Fur Color/ Patterns: Very light orange with a white chest, stomach, and face.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Digitigrade
Clothes: White, unbuttoned dress shirt, and black shorts
Likes: Traveling, Recreational Climbing, any sort of music
Dislikes: Water (bathing, knee high depths, etc.),
Fears: Birds of prey, large bodies of water
Temperment and socialability: He is friendly most of the time, but when agitated, can become witty, and even violent, in extreme cases. Willing to put himself in harm's way for his group if it could yield preferable results.
Occupation: Disk Jockey at various nightclubs, which one depends on pay, and the hours he works.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 25, 2014, 06:10:31 pm
Name: Blades Tavare
Species: Raccoon (20% Wolf)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190 lbs
Gender: Male
Fur colors and patterns: Typical grey raccoon fur and black mask marking with white fur on his stomach/abs area, grey tail with black rings like an everyday raccoon but has bright blue tribal markings all over the left side of his face, torso, and left arm which glow from time to time.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Usually plantigrade but walks digitigrade when sneaking.
Clothing and accessories: Ripped black jeans or green cargos, sometimes wears a band t-shirt (Lacuna Coil, Coldplay, Shinedown...) but usually wears some kind of vest open to his fur to show off his tribals. Never goes anywhere without the silver cross around his neck which belonged to his late father. Also has a pocket chain with a cross keychain and a skull keychain.
Likes: Cookies, orange soda, guns, video games, girls, cold weather, basketball, rock n' roll and alternative music.
Dislikes: pop music, football, warm weather.
Temperament and sociability: Blades is what you'd call a punk with a heart of gold. He is a touch arrogant and rebellious in addition to his bad temper but in general he's a good guy and more than willing to be your friend for life. Also enjoys hugs.
Swimming in the ocean...
(http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af166/BladesDaRaccoon/EPSON007_zps3ce43175.jpg) (http://s1004.photobucket.com/user/BladesDaRaccoon/media/EPSON007_zps3ce43175.jpg.html)
(http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af166/BladesDaRaccoon/scannerpics001_zps582516bf.jpg) (http://s1004.photobucket.com/user/BladesDaRaccoon/media/scannerpics001_zps582516bf.jpg.html)
My old Badge...
(http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af166/BladesDaRaccoon/scannerpics001_zpsdbfeedb9.jpg) (http://s1004.photobucket.com/user/BladesDaRaccoon/media/scannerpics001_zpsdbfeedb9.jpg.html)
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Post by: Magna on January 25, 2014, 06:28:27 pm
Name: Magna
Species: Mule
Height: 4'10.5"
Weight: 130
Gender: Female
Fur colors and patterns: Standard palomino coloration, white star, stockings, muzzle, and belly
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Digitigrade (unguligrade, technically :P), very rarely feral
Clothing and accessories: Generally wears a thin black band on the middle finger of her right hand, always wears glasses.
Likes: Making things, cinnamon yogurt pretzels, fruits and vegetables, rare steaks and fish, traveling, being outdoors, storytelling
Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, crowds
Temperament and sociability: Generally friendly and somewhat talkative, calm, creative
Pictures: (http://i.imgur.com/yNKKc2e.png)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Jethro on January 27, 2014, 10:15:47 am
Name - Jethro
Species - Collie (dog)
Height - 5' 8"
Weight - 120 lbs.
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - He has two main fur colors. A brownish fur covers the bulk of his body while his belly and muzzle are a lighter tan/cream color. The tip of his long tail is a darker brown.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digitigrade
Clothing - He rarely wears a shirt, his fur keeps him warm enough for that. 95% of the time he's in jeans. He also always wears a bandanna and a metal arm sleeve. And on occasions he goes nude or crossdresses =p
Likes - Knives, melee weapons, tails, snow, tea.
Dislikes - Losing, loud noises.
Temperment and socialability -Jethro is usually hostile, conceited, violent. However once he gets to know someone, he can be extremely friendly and protecting.
Fursona picture - (http://i.imgur.com/ng6ntUP.jpg)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: xracecar on March 24, 2014, 04:18:49 am
Name: EccentricMatrix
Species: Pokémon-Human experiment gone wrong
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 95-105 (sometimes eats meals, sometimes not)
Gender: Male
Fur colors/patterns: black and sky blue diagonal stripes (random lengths and sometimes vertical)
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Plantigrade when standing still, Digitigrade when running/jogging
Clothing: Sports shorts, and a red T-shirt that says 'Top reasons why I didn't do my homework!'
Likes: Sugar, Video Games, Friends, Bacon, etc.
Dislikes: Girls, Vegetables, mom's stir-fry, etc.
Personality: Friendly, but can get pissed off if messed with multiple times, then he/she/they will get wrecked
Special abilities: Dark ice blast, Ice shield, Deep Freeze, Ice/Snow Heal
Passive abilities: Fast heal, Rage (only when person killed close one, or is extremely annoying)
Quote (legit, as I do say this IRL): I'm hungry
Quote response from friends: Dude, your always hungry! or, Dude, you just ate lunch!
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Cassie-Dee on April 01, 2014, 07:41:49 am
Name: Cassie-Dee
Species: Anthro Arctic Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 105lbs

Fur colors/patterns: Dark grey (almost black actually) with dark blue paws. A deep purple coloured chest, with the same purple running along my back from my nose to the tip of my tail
Eye color: Emerald Green
Distinguishing marks:  None
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: Plantigrade
Clothing: A lot of different things, but you'll hardly ever see me in anything that isn't black, except for the rarest of occasions. Cargo pants, platform boots and a tank top are usually the go, with the black leather trench coat when it's too cold/raining.

Likes: Attention, hugs, singing, playing a guitar or bass. Pretty much everything
Dislikes: Not really anything
Fursona picture: I'm a bit lazy when it comes to this...thinking of getting one commissioned
Attitude: Really happy and outgoing when meeting someone for the first time. Also, if attracted to someone, will cling to them and become so attached. But get on the wrong side, and you're asking for it
Occupation: Student
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Shim on April 01, 2014, 11:18:56 am
Name: ShimCat (no space, capital C)
Species: Anthro House Cat
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 160lbs

Fur colors/patterns: Tuxedo. Black with white from his chin to his rotch, his right ear, a stripe and the tip of his tail, his feet, and his fingers.
Eye color: Reeeed
Distinguishing marks:  Some of the white marks like his right ear and the tail stripe.
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: Digitigrade, usually.
Clothing: Nope!

Likes: Singing, performing, entertaining, tabletop RPGs, video games, peanut butter.
Dislikes: Zucchini
Attitude: Generally outgoing and confident.

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Rocket T. Coyote on April 01, 2014, 03:33:11 pm
Name: Rocket T. Coyote
Species: Anthro Coyote (Canis Latrans Rocketus)
Sex: Male
Age: Old
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 195 lbs

Fur Colors
: Brown with tan cheeks and belly. White or cream tail tip.
Eye Color: Yellow
Clothing: Sometimes nekkid fursuit with orange bandana (green for St. Patrick's Day), but usually dessert tan coveralls, white hbt engineer's smock, or cargo shorts with camp t-shirt. May be depicted in Apollo-era hard suit or CAP/USAF uniform.

Likes: Model rocketry, airshows, recreational shooting, collecting militaria, marching in parades, and renaissance festivals.
Dislikes: Coarse language, loud/obnoxious entities, bad/risky behavior, aggressive drivers, yams and salads.

Temperament/Disposition: This old howler tries to treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and cordiality as long as he is treated in kind. He is willing to share his knowledge on a variety of subjects to those with a sincere interest. A rather good hunter and fisherman, he can often find enough food from nature's bounty to sustain himself in the wild, but an occasional Tombstone pizza or a Hungry Man Dinner works too. Rocket comes from a big litter so he values his alone time.

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: greenfox on April 02, 2014, 12:05:49 am
Species: Vulpes Kahja
Age: ??
Height: ~75cm
Weight: ~25kg
Gender: Male

Fur colors/patterns:
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade: Plantigrade or Feral
Likes: mountains, traveling, sleeping, warm weather (basically, what I like)
Dislikes: annoying sounds, cold weather, and large mobs
Temperment and socialability: Generally quiet and reserved but caring, logical, and prone to handing out good advice.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: the lone shadow wolf on April 02, 2014, 12:52:51 am
Name: The lone shadow wolf
Species: black and grey Anthro Eurasian Wolf
Gender: male
Age: 16
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 124.5lbs

Fur colors/patterns: grey with black paws. A white chest, with black markings along my back, face and tail.
Eye color: Green
Distinguishing marks:  markings around muzzle eyes and tail
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: digitigrade
Clothing: I wear black or grey fleece shirt but like a camo coat wear regular pants depends on the season. also wears a sash around forehead and collar

Likes: to chat, hugs, singing (when no one judges or listens), drawing, video games, building complex things from legos, k’nex popsicle sticks, old logs or practically everything.
Dislikes: being judged about his likings, being told what to do all the time, large assignments, clowns.
Fursona picture: I like to hide in the shadows try not to be noticed but waiting to be included likes to party when excited very alert to sound smell and anything people talk about
Occupation: Student soon to be employed.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Schindler on July 14, 2014, 05:51:03 pm
My fursona has three "versions": Billionaire entrepeneur; Southern States plantation owner; Butler
The former is his real "version" but others on FurAffinity hooked onto the butler one.

Name   - Schindler
Species   - Bengal X Siberian tiger
Height   - varies from 7' to 12'2
Weight   - varies
Gender   - Male
Fur color/patterns - regular tiger colours and ordinary patterning. May change this to something that stands out
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade   - Plantigrade
Clothing   - suits and evening wear
Fursona picture   - Artist: Veyz of FurAffinity


Bio -
"My mother died of a terrible fever when I was six years old, and my father fell victim to severe depression. He took to drinking excessively and soon became an alcoholic.
 He used to come home drunk and would savagely beat me for no reason.
 I left home at 15 years of age with only $10 in my pocket, determined to make something of myself. Determined I wasn't going to end up like my sire.
 I traveled to the city and there I got a job as a newspaper and magazine vendor. I began taking an interest in the stock market and, as the years passed, with a little luck and business savvy, got myself to where I am now.
 (Taken from "PlayFur" magazine 08/27/05)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Shim on July 15, 2014, 04:05:09 pm

Art by Sarsoura on FA. Check her out!
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 15, 2014, 12:47:08 pm
An anthropomorphic Rabbit  :orbunny:
About 4 ft tall to the tips of my ears when on my toes.  But mostly I stand in
planitgrade form.
Small is better when living in a hole.
Fur is all white with a fluffy powder puff tail.

Though I am dressed in formal attire, I rarely attend formal affairs.
Mostly to hop about looking for a carrot or lettuce to eat. Except if I find
a cookie or two.



Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: HazardJackal on December 15, 2014, 04:17:24 pm
After over a year and a half of being in the fandom, i FINALLY have a fursona!

NAME: Tren Aegis Moon
AGE (as of writing this): 17 (18 in January)
SPECIES: Golden Jackal
LOOKS: Brass-colored fur all around, no markings or shading of any kind.  Grey-blue eyes.  Stands at five foot eight with a lean frame.
CLOTHING: Bland and dark colors, pants only NEVER shorts... uh... long sleeve overshirts or jackets (i rarely wear just a shirt.)  The only things that really stays the same is my hat, a black wide-brimmed fedora. (How else would i be in the Black Hats Gang?)
PERSONALITY: It's complicated and i don't feel like sharing right now. :P
OTHER: To be honest it's still very much a work in progress...  I also want to note that since i treat most all of my characters as a sort of extension of the self, you could consider them ALL my fursonas.  Maybe that's a good way to show how indecisive of a person i am. :o

NOPE: This guy was a fluke.  Ignore him.  >:(

Seriously, this guy isn't my fursona, and never will be, because i  can't see myself representing myself with just ONE character, ever.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Wildhead_the_fox on February 05, 2015, 12:05:21 am
Name-  Wildhead
Gender- male
Species- Fennec fox
Colors- dirty blonde belly fur, blonde (body) fur, with two thin brown stripes around the snout and tail
Bio- I am a nature loving furry that loves to hike on secluded trails like in zaleski state park, but love a good walk around the block every now-and-then :orfox:
Preferred weapon: one handed broadsword
Weight: ~165lbs.
Height: 5ft-9in
Eyes: green
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Shiru_Da_Koon on March 05, 2015, 03:22:30 am
NAME: Shiru Uzikarie
Gender: Male
Species: Racoon
Clothes: Typically prefers no shirt but will wear tanks or hoodies and always wears short above his knees (soccer shorts)  will wear his favorite camo hat from time to time and for his shoes he choses between his mud boots, combat boots, or his free running vans never wears socks. And sunglasses are a must if its too bright out.
Color(s): Standard Racoon pattern but the grey has a nightly glow of deep blue, standard black rings on tail and black 'paws', and the mask has innerlined light blue linking with eyes changing from blue and green with a golden ring between the the two colors, or more commonly known as "sunflowering"
Birthplace: Atop the trees of southern mississippi somewhere in the backwoods.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 178 lbs
Hobbies: Soccer, writing, par kour, video games, reading, surfing, dirt bike riding, hiking, running, paintball, fishing, and helping people.
Dislikes(in other people): Bullying, being talked down to, a unloyal friends.
Occupation(currently): Deployed Soldier.
Bio: Growing up for Shiru was hard enough after his family had left him at the age of 2 due to his fear of heights, but then a tragic accident of mythical lore happened to him. He was bitten by a werewolf that had chased him up a tree where he became stunned by the height that he had climbed and whereas the werewolf had then knocked him out of the tree. While Shiru lay there stunned with his body motionless not only to fear but to the pain he felt when he landed, the wolf got close to his neck to enjoy the nights meal, only to be caught by a glint in those mysterious eyes of Shiru. He had seen not the fear of death in Shiru's eyes, but the pain of being alone and of never knowing love... So the in exchange for his loyalty the old werewolf gave him a second chance at life...one with thrill and adventure that none would know of. Thus began the life of the first Werecoon...later throughout the years Shiru began to understand that loyalty to others is what makes your friends closer to you and gives you more strength to stand up for what's right and just, and which also made him realize that he wanted to help others in his lifetime, still withholding his little secret from the rest of the world.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Oktek on March 18, 2015, 06:35:26 am
Name: Oktek (yes, same as my nick)
Gender: Male
Species: Domestic cat
Clothes: None, just fur.
Colors: Purpla-white with a standard pattern with white belly plus blue ear tips and red tail end.
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 100 lbs (everyone writes in inches and lbs, but I use the metric system, so I converted the units)
Likes: Science, computer games, movies and jogging (IRL I'm disabled, so can't walk or run, but I'd like to) and Italian cuisine.
Dislikes: Violence, eating liver and loud noise.
Occupation: Lives in two worlds, so it depends. In his home universe he doesn't earn any money. In the second one (called Epizoania) he doesn't have a job, but earns a lot of money, 'cause he has patented the quantum computer.
He was born on planet Planon, the world of shapeshifting species Kranuk. He lost his memory after his spaceship crashed on the planet Delona. He recovered all of his memories using the Mind Gem (idea from Marvel universe). He chose to have the cat form all of the time. When he built his house, he decided to use his understanding of technology to build the Super-stargate, so he could access other universes. By using that Supergate he discovered Epizoania. In there, he discovered that the physics of that universe gives the possibility to create quantum computers using the power of mind. To use them you just need some electrodes and a power source. He patented this project an sold it to Koala Computers Corporation. He found a girlfriend in Epizoania. Her name is Olivia. Now he is married to Her. In his homeworld he lives peacefully with his friends. And we reached "now".

Picture: http://oktek94.deviantart.com/art/Oktek-520301153 (It's not perfect, but I tried...)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: wereaibo1 on March 24, 2015, 03:30:49 pm
Name: Wereaibo
Appearance: a steel beast, mostly canid in appearance. Red glowing eyes, mouth full of jagged metal fangs and claws.
Likes: animals, other robots, science fiction, fantasy, horror
Dislikes: those who are cruel to animals or robots, guns,
Personality: solitary and distrustful of humans yet with a strong sense of duty. Will do anything in his power to aid those in need. Violence is always a last resort but will not hesitate to go into battle should he deem it necessary. Has no problem killing should it come to that. Has a strong honor system. Will not kill a disabled or fleeing foe. Will always step in if he sees the strong bullying the weak.
Weapon of choice: swords, fangs and claws

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Doc on May 11, 2015, 01:09:37 am
My fursona has a split personality. The second one developed when he turned 18.
Here is the body that the two share:
Height: 6 feet even
Weight: 164 pounds
Coloration: Black and cherry red. Forearms and paws are cherry red, rest of arms are black. Shin and down is also red. Rest of legs is black. Ears are black with red tips. Eye color is lime green. Tail has a red tip but is Black otherwise
Markings: a small, white rune like design on the back of his right hand.
Clothing: depends on fursonality at the time.
Leg style (couldn't remember how to spell them): human style
Strength: average
Tail length: 2.5 feet
Tail bushiness: average

First fursonality:
Name: Parker "Doc" Jackson
Likes: looking awesome, wearing cloaks, flying spacecraft, waffles
Dislikes: spoiled brats, his second fursonality, speaking to a crowd of five or more, zombies
Clothing: usually hiking boots, boot-cut wrangler jeans, belt with two plasma pistols in holsters, a graphic tee shirt, and either a long coat or cloak with hood, fingerless gloves
Interests: looking at pretty women (humans don't exist in his world), pie, waffles
Intelligence: very high

Second fursonality:
Name: Eddie the Psycho
Likes: being in control of Parker, scaring people (again, humans DON'T exist in his world), coming up with diabolical schemes to kill everyone
Dislikes: Parker, failing doomsday schemes, losing control of Parker
Clothing: goes bare pawed, bootcut jeans with half the shin ripped off, cloak, goes shirtless to show off "killer" abs (Parker's body does not have abs)
Interests: shooting Parker's ship's THANIX cannons at planets and moons, running from galactic police and military forces
Intelligence: what intelligence? ;-)

Picture: Check my Avatar.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Rexcaliburr on May 19, 2015, 06:36:07 pm
Name: Navire Sanchez
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg
Fur colors/patterns: Sandy yellow with classic black cheetah spots and markings across her face.
Eye color: Green
Distinguishing marks: The two black lines that run from the inner corner of her eye to the corner of her lips.
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: Digitigrade
Clothing: More often than not Navire is in her work clothes - a plain undershirt often in some shade of grey, a beige vest over zipped up, dark grey army pants, and a sash and belt to hold onto her weapons and ECHO device.
Likes: Murder, bounty hunting, sharp knives of all kinds, firearms in general, alcohol.
Dislikes: Standing still for too long, not doing anything, idleness.
Fursona picture: link! (http://rexcaliburr.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Reupload-Navire-by-ajinda-523228893)
Attitude: Navire is cocky and lively with a good mind for leadership. Her natural flair for survival lends her certain warrior-like qualities which ranges from her ability to handle any kind of weapon to turning anything into a weapon to shouting very loudly. She can get broody sometimes, but this is rare and usually she snaps out of things quickly.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: phinox on May 19, 2015, 06:54:55 pm
Name: Phinox
Species: Wolf
Age: 14
Height: 175cm
Weight: 155 pounds
Fur Colours: Red, White, Gray, Black/Blonde (Black for winter, to absorb heat to keep warm and Blonde for summer to not attract as much heat and stay cool).
Eye Colour: Red
Feral, digitrade or plantigrade: Plantigrade
Clothing: Black or Burgundy Hoodie, Black or White T-Shirt of Favourite band(Fall Out Boy), Skinny Jeans and Black DC Hi-Tops
Likes: Skateboarding, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, Music(Pop Punk and Rock), Reading and Gaming and Marvel Movies
Dislikes: Peanuts, Being ignored, having to wait ages for things that aren't worth it. Roller coasters.
Intelligence Level: Tony Stark
Personality: Very Arrogant, Impatient yet Kind, Caring, Honest and Trustworthy. Very Selfless and Stands up for Everyone's Beliefs and Rights (within reason), and has a strong Creed in which to stick to.

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Amducious on May 31, 2015, 01:20:24 pm
I do have a more calm version of him. He's crazy though.
Name: Amducious
Species: Northern Sergal
Height: 5'8" (on all fours he is 5'8", I decided he would be a feral) he is 6'11" in length
Weight: 223
Gender: Male
Feral, digigrade, plantigrade: Feral and digigrade(another version of him Is standing and more anthro like)
Fur color/ Patterns:(regular Sergal pattern) dark blue almost black and white. Eye color is dark blue, has sharp claws he is very fast(has to be so he can catch anything).
Fursona Picture: http://s1365.photobucket.com/user/Nikola_Loska/media/New%20Canvasyes_zpsdsgcvwuo.png.html
Clothing: nothing he is feral
Personality: no questions asked he'll just eat you alive, sometimes he is lonely. He can have compassion but very rarely he wil show it. He wonders alone seeking pray were ever he goes.

I would go more in depth but I'm not in the writing mood(there would be too much :P)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: SilentCicada on June 02, 2015, 08:16:26 pm
NAME: Silent
GENDER: male
SPECIES: monster (unspecified)
AGE: unspecified
HEIGHT: 74 inches
WEIGHT: 240 pounds
COLOR: unspecified - allows for greater artistic freedom

Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Tanu on June 09, 2015, 06:12:21 pm
Name: Tanu
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 215 lbs
Gender: Male
Species: Raccoon
Eye Color: Hazel
A typical black and grey raccoon with a white streak between his eyes. He has a tuft of fur that acts as hair which he regularly brushes back.
Tanu often wears a suit with complimenting necktie, blazer, and gloves. His fairly bushy tail reaches to the back of his knees.
Occupation: Clerical staff
Marital Status: Married
Tanu strives to maintain a professional appearance and thus, seems much more serious than he actually is.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: photalysis on June 21, 2015, 11:34:54 pm
Name: Tuvoi
Species: Felid, Serval
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Gender: Male

Fur colors/patterns: Banded eggplant and maroon with white regions and black spots more typical of a serval. Pale yellow eyes like chrysoberyl for irises with feline pupils.
Stance: Digitigrade anthro, but might walk on all fours in select cirumstances.
Clothing: He wears a trailing sash and jingly-jangly silver chains bearing a pair of onyx and moonstone cabochons about his neck. Over his eyes sit a corrective pair of binocular optics of uncertain craft and origin with adjustable levels of magnification and dimming... The better to see you with! >83
Likes: Fog, woodsmoke scent, moonlight, coffee, videogames, foreign languages.
Dislikes: Aggression, dogmatism and apathy.
Spoiler: Temperament • show
Tuvoi is a reclusive cat who nonetheless derives great satisfaction from the company of his hard-won friends. A xenophile at heart, he sees differences as sources of inspiration and learning that must be protected and conserved, not as threats. He is curious of others, and makes it his responsibility to know their motivations, fears, desires and idiosyncracies to facilitate meaningful bonds. He prefers not to withhold thoughts or feelings and lacks what is considered a proper appreciation for discretion at times, striving for authenticity in all his endeavours.

Tuvoi's demeanor is typically calm and collected. He is given to unfettered bouts of passion from time to time when sufficiently moved, however. He understands anger as a poisonous influence and does not allow others to provoke him for his own sake, he resents the very idea.

Alternately, he is mercurial, neurotic and prone to vanity! The archetypal feline, indeed. Tuvoi is naturally impulsive but tempers this trait with foresight and vigilance. These two aspects are a source of much internal conflict when the restraint meant to serve him instead betrays by targetting that which is innately heartfelt and should not be silenced. Much of his efforts are an assault against an austere disposition that oversteps the bounds of its usefulness.

He tentatively regards himself as an enigmatic errata. Or perhaps an erratic enigma? Either way, he thinks it sounds better than "crazy."

Fursona picture - n/a, QQ
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: E-40 on August 29, 2015, 07:55:07 am
Ok time to blow you away
Weight:250 pounds
Species:blackbear-cyborg mix
Appearance: tall,very classy,blue eyes       

:also known as project ake49814230 escaped the hands of military threat he hides in the shadows waiting for the first sight of trouble not much is known about him he only goes byE-40 wich makes it hard to find him and he saw ww1 and 2,military property
Dislikes:murderists,military,poison Berrys,(Ect.)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Joxstrapp on October 10, 2015, 03:06:58 am
Name - Joxs Trapp
Species - Husky/Plushie
Height - Suit not made yet but over 73 inches
Weight - Suit not made yet
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Deciding (I'm thinking of either a) a husky fur pattern with the colors of a tiger, or b) the fur pattern and color of a tiger.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - ...Not sure what this means...
Clothing - Black dog collar with a bone tag and his name,
Likes - Hanging out with furiends, playing AD&D as well as PC RPGs,
Dislikes - Guys who use female pronouns when describing male friends (when they are not in drag or such)...I tend to growl...
Temperment and socialability - Joxs is very social and approachable.  He is nervous being the new kid on the block but once you get to know him, his humor and loveable charm will win you over as a furiend.
Fursona picture -

Tail: A bit thicker and slightly longer than a typical husky
Notable Marks: Birthmark of a _____ on his _____.
Hobbies: Playing computer RPGs but mostly AD&D old school style and rolling dice. Joxs also likes to torture his brothers with overall mischievous antics.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Firelight on November 22, 2015, 05:00:15 pm
Name - Valentine
Species - Dutch angel dragon
Height - Small
Weight - small
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Pink and red with hearts
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Might be digitigrade
Clothing - Skypro bandana when she is made
Likes - Playing, rubbing against people and furries, head butting, being adorable.
Dislikes - The dark, sharp things, mud, spiders, loud noises.
Temperment and socialability - Nice, gentle, playful, noisy, friendly. Very approachable. 
Fursona picture - (http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i452/mossfire4421/Valentine.png) (http://s1094.photobucket.com/user/mossfire4421/media/Valentine.png.html)
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Samurai Kai on December 07, 2015, 06:20:03 pm
Name - Kai Shiro
Species - Snow Leopard
Height - 5'10''
Weight - 190 lbs
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Look at a snow leopard
Clothing - What Samurai wear
Likes - Compassion, spending time alone, helping others, making others laugh, food, cooking, reading, poetry, singing, companionship
Dislikes - Womanizers, people who lie, bossiness, those who try to pick a fight with her or her friends, most dragons, desperate people,
Temperament and sociability - INFJ.
Fursona picture - You're looking at it.

Kai is a lone snow leopard warrior who searches for a way to redeem all that was lost due to her mother's death and the destruction of their ancestral home. She blames herself for not being strong enough to stop the events that happened at the time, she was very young. Kai hopes to one day achieve a form of peace and justice for all that was taken from those who lived there and to restore a balance that was once within her family, not just her own. Despite having quite the intimidating appearance Kai is most compassionate and respectful to most, a possible trait inherited from her own mother. She is but she likes to think of herself as a monk and all that she does is for the greater good. At times, this snow leopard can be a little cocky, but that is totally understandable especially coming from a feline such as herself. She takes quite the pride out of showing others, especially her male rivals that she is quite capable of fighting and also loves going out of her way to prove that she isn't some type of damsel in distress who needs some type of knight in shining armor to come save her. Though, the possibility of other feline warriors is a nice thought to her.
Kai achieves what she had sought to, and becomes the savior of her home; Hisakawa. Restoring peace and bringing honor upon their home, embodying the virtues of a TRUE Samurai in the end! She wasn't just any simple Samurai after that, she turned out to be so much more. She became a well-known and respected warrior across the lands after vanquishing the cruelty and tyranny of her own father who very much abused and misused the power that he firmly held with the creation of a corrupt army such as his, but she did not stand alone on her quest to take him down, for she had many companions who stood behind and dared to take the pledge to restoring their home by any means necessary, and so they did. Her mission was finally complete, and upon such completion everyone celebrated that victory. Inner peace had been achieved for all. Some even say that the Samurai achieved a form of her own. To her, she just put the beast to sleep.
Title: Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
Post by: Pix on December 20, 2015, 09:52:57 am
Pix's backstory

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Home: South east UK
Species: Kitsune Yokai (2 tailed Ice elemental arctic fox)

Story (first-person style):

My life was uneasy as a cub. I was always picked on and cast out for being different, and things were made harder by my hot-headedness. Because of this, I got into a lot of fights and was always in trouble for one reason or another. In turn, that irritated a lot of adults, who always told me “You’re a smart one and can go places if you just kept your head down.” By the time I was 8, I no longer lived with my family for many reasons. Over the next few years I moved from pack to pack trying to find a place where I fit in, but I never did. I was always alone, apart from the company of my grandmother, who was always there for me until the end. I still went to school and did well, and as I got older my temper
cooled off rather quickly, and I stopped getting into trouble. A combination of being socially awkward, being picked on a lot and never fitting in anywhere meant that I grew shy, quiet and generally avoided being in too much contact with others, as you can image that had a very negative effect on me. I always did have a hard time making friends, but that made it next to impossible, until one day I had enough
of it and decided if others didn’t like my energetic, bouncy and semi-hyper way of life then that was their loss. It took a while, but I did eventually find a small number of others who liked my differences and who shared interest’s with me. With some work, I started to make friends and finally fit in like I always wanted. I still have some trouble with my shy side, since it is who I am, but once I get to know you and am more comfortable around you, that shy side will slowly fade away. I like to make others smile, so I’m likely to always try and make you laugh at least once a day. Just try to be gentle with me, after all I am a fox, and I’m not very big, unless you count my tail, which is the same size as the rest of me.

1st physical form:
Anthropomorphic, white with very slight blue tint fur, tail has ice blue tip and hair is same colour.
Height: 5.10
Build: slender and fast also has 6 tails
Miscellaneous traits: has the ability to manipulate and create ice by freezing the moisture in the air, and can change form.

2nd physical form: (main)
Feral, white with very slight icy blue at the tail tip, along the spine and tips of paws.
Size: slightly smaller than average fox size.
Build: although slightly smaller than average fox size, he is very fluffy and his tail's are as long as his entire body, has 2 tails,
Miscellaneous traits: has slight ability to manipulate ice, and can change form.

Extra detail and observations:
Although able to change into an anthropomorphic form, pix's main form is feral due to the anthropomorphic form draining her energy and her ability to properly focus on anything. This causes her to become more unstable the longer the form is used, until the point that she will pass out and revert to his feral form.

Alongside this change, while in the anthropomorphic form his innate ability to slightly manipulate ice becomes vastly more concentrated and can be dangerous to those around her, although any harm to other's is never intentional. While his anthropomorphic form increases his ability, she can’t control it very well. While he is a kind-hearted and gentle fox, if backed into a corner and threatened she will fight and a dark, twisted side will reveal itself. Those that have seen this side are either respectful of how dangerous it could be or terrified of it. pix herself is scared of this side and will do almost anything to keep it from ever coming out. It is worth noting that she calls this other side ‘xip’. On this note, few people will get to see that pix is not the innocent little fox she seems to be and has an imagination that she tends to hide.
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Post by: Honey Bun on December 29, 2015, 01:00:51 am
Name: Honey Annalise Bun

Species: Bunny

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"

Eye color: Blue

Body type: Average

Fur color/pattern: White with brown and light brown patches. A few white spots on the thighs.

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, writing, theatre and other types of performing, daydreaming,  exploring, making people laugh

Occupation: YouTuber, artist, writer, seasonal Cast Member at Disney World (because in my furry world, these things totally still exist)

Other: She had super cute freckles.  I just wanted to say that. XD
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Post by: Bronx on December 29, 2015, 01:58:37 am
Name: Bronx
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 6'1'
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye color: Green
Occupation: Drummer/guitarist in band
Fur pattern: Grey back, yellow front, red ears, black and red tail
Feral, plantigrade, digitigrade: Plantigrade anthro
Clothing: White undershirt, black necktie, blue jacket, black jeans, red Converse
Personality: Mainly only kind to his friends; listens to lots of music; quick-witted; intelligent; plays video games but remains athletic; would like to be an actor
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Post by: Weirdwolf on January 02, 2016, 02:53:10 pm
Name: Cookie

Species: little penguin

Gender: male

Morph: anthropomorphic

Clothing: glasses, black trucker hat (w/ Transformers Decepticon logo), band logo t-shirt, beige khakis.

Eye color: green

Feather colors: blue and white (body); brown (hair-like feathers)

Personality: socially awkward; friendly; extremely loyal to friends and whatever group he follows; a bit of a weirdwolf (an obscure term for one who often mumbles to themselves in unintelligible sentence fragments); highly intelligent; high-functioning autistic; artistic; imaginative; nerdy.

Hobbies: collecting things (video games, Transformers, plush toys, VHS tapes, books, vinyl records, etcetera); drawing; writing books; playing video games; watching movies, old cartoons and anime; building working tools and appliances MacGuyver-style; learning about his favorite time period (the 1980's); listening to music.

Quirks: has an obsession for anything and everything soft; is ADD; suffers from occasional bouts of depression; prone to manic episodes; is easily angered; kleptomaniacal.

Drawings: http://postimg.org/image/se4b1osw9/ and http://postimg.org/image/lc6dfhpah/
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Post by: Solodarkwolf5 on January 09, 2016, 11:07:32 pm
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Post by: Kain (Asher) Eralf on February 20, 2016, 03:32:42 am
Name - Asher
Species - Atosian Fox
Height - 6' 1"
Weight - 142
Gender - Male
Fur colours/patterns - Grey/brown fur pattern. He has unique gold markings, especially an omega on the back of each hand and below both eyes.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digitigrade anthro
Clothing - Dark-navy t-shirt, one pauldron, sash-toga-like garment, Japanese-styled pants, arm-wraps (see picture).
Likes - Curry, Hot Cocoa, most sour/spicy foods, sarcasm, logic puzzles, sparring.
Personality - extroverted, impulsive, adventurous, somewhat chaotic.
Fursona picture - Artist: Me

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Post by: ThemeoxCat on February 27, 2016, 05:18:44 am
Name: Themeox

Species: Anthro cat
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 148 lbs
Gender: Male
Feral, digitigrade or plantigrade: Plantigrade
Fur colors: Brown and gray

Clothing: A light green T-shirt and dark gray shorts.

Likes: Sushi, anything with tuna in it, puzzles, reading and running
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Post by: CatDetective on April 27, 2016, 03:02:20 am
Well, my main fursona's got a couple different forms, so... I'll fill out some answers once for the feral/digitigrade form and once for the plantigrade form.

Name - Anneko/'Cat'
Species - Turkish Van
Height - Roughly three feet from nose to tail in either form
Gender - Gender does not apply to this cat.
Fur colors/patterns - Mostly white, with red ears and top/back of head, and red tail. Blue eyes. The more towards 'human' the digitigrade form tends, they'll also have red hair (in the human-esque sense).
Clothing - In digitigrade form, they have a fairly femme fashion sense, but mostly casual. Wrap sweaters over stretchy tank tops, leggings, dancewear stuff or loungewear, loose soft pants maybe, or very casual dresses. Glasses a must, shoes a no.
Likes - Lounging. Swimming. Coffee. Dance. Other cats. Hoarding soft toys and things, big pillows. Interesting smells. Late nights, misty mornings, rain, stars, chicken, broccoli, pasta, and tuna sandwiches. Being with family.
Dislikes - Bad smells. Cobwebs. Having to get up early to play by someone else's schedule. Not being brought food when hungry. Looking foolish in public. Loud, sudden noises. Big crowds/strangers. When you think there's meat in your pasta sauce and you bite into a dark bit and it's a mushroom.

Name - Anne/Anneko/Cat/Cat Detective
Species - Cat
Height - 5'1"
Weight - A gentleman doesn't ask and a lady doesn't tell.
Gender - Nonbinary
Fur colors/patterns - Shorthair when it comes to a very fine coat of nigh-translucent white overall, and somewhat denser-furred black ears and tail, longer red hair.
Clothing - Just about anything. Likes dressing up in costumes, but usually lazes about in sweats and tee shirts. More of a willingness to wear shoes (ballet flats or sandals, maybe boots depending on the weather)
Likes - Same as above, with more playing dress-up/theatricality thrown in, and more desire to go out and do 'human' things. Likes shopping at Target. Loves Hallowe'en. Enjoys more TV.
Dislikes - Same as above, with the addition of being wet. The one place, other than where on a scale of human-to-animal, that the two sides really, really differ is water. Also plantigrade form is less into pouncing on things and more afraid of bugs/spiders/moths.
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Post by: Beag L. Howler on June 23, 2016, 04:34:59 pm
Name: Beag L. Howler
Species: Dog, specifically a Beagle
Gender: Male
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade?: Digitigrade
Colors and patterns: A lime green head and a light yellow snout. Lime green back and tail. Light yellow arms and legs.
Clothing: A grey shirt with a denim jacket over it. Black pants.
Likes: Music, video games, hanging around with friends, artsy stuff.
Dislikes: Surprises, being alone for too long, rude people, loud noises.

Edit: I finally have my fursona finalized, minus a drawing. Sad to say, the alien ram isn't my primary anymore.
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Post by: Robert_Silvermyst on August 19, 2016, 11:12:26 pm
Name: Robert Silvermyst
Age: 25
Species: Wolf/Archangel
Family: Farnem Silvermyst (Father, Deceased), Janelle Silvermyst (Mother, deceased), Simon Silvermyst (Brother), Lilly Fountaine Silvermyst (Mate, Deceased), Camio Silvermyst (Son)
Job: High King of the continent of Furgasta
Bio: On the 28th day of spring during the 41st year of Sekhmet, Robert was born into the world, the youngest son of King Farnem Silvermyst and Queen Janelle Silvermyst, the ruling family of the continent of Furgasta. His elder brother Simon was five years old at the time and helped look after his younger brother. Five years would pass as Prince Simon was taught by private tutors and his parents on the duties and responsibilities of a ruler, as he was the eldest of the two. Robert spent most of his time being cared for by Minis, the captian of the royal guard and his newborn daughter. Robert and Minis' daughter grew to be close friends.

However, tragedy would strike one night as cloaked men stole into the castle, intent on kidnapping the Silvermyst children. Robert's cries alerted Minis, who charged into the room. While Minis was successful in saving Robert, the others had gotten away with Simon.

There was much panic in the castle, and over the next several years, Farnem and Janelle sent out search parties, posted up rewards for information and the safe return of Simon. But what was most unusual about it all was there was no ransom, no demands or anything. Robert was raised then to become the successor, and eventually his parents ceased their searches, despite Robert insisting that they continue them.

Despite Robert's close bond with Minis' daughter, the law forbade him from pursuing anyone not born of nobility. In an effort to unite the continents of Furgasta and Delucia, Farnem put Robert into what would be an arranged marriage to Olivia Ragnok, a rather stuck-up snot who was known for treating her servants and people like garbage

The Demon War
39th day of winter during the 41st year of Set
Before Robert was to be crowned the new king to take his father's place, and before the arranged marriage was to take place, the skies over Castle Amun-Ra grew dark. Waves of demons began sweeping through the streets, delivering death to those who stood in their way. But the biggest surprise came in the form of who was leading the demons: Simon Silvermyst himself. While Robert was too late to stop his possessed brother from killing their parents, he battled valiantly against his own brother. In the end, however, Simon's new-found power sent the prince off the edge of a cliff and into the rapids below.

Robert was found unconscious by a winged vixen named Lilly, a ranger who was in hiding from the demon armies. She resuscitated the prince and healed him of his wounds. In return for saving his life, she tasked him with helping her free her parents and the rest of the captured townsfolk of Karneet from a demon slaver. They snuck into the place and eventually slew the demon lord, but when they arrived in the dungeon, her father was already dead, and her mother was shackled to the wall, naked and emaciated. The woman revealed that Lilly was not her blood born daughter, but a young girl she had found out in the woods, abandoned. And the wings were a mark of divine provence.

Robert and Lilly began gathering up survivors, eventually running into Minis and his daughter, as well as gaining the aid of a demoness named Lotus, who desired to free Simon from his possession out of her love for the jackal prince. After the towns were free of the demons, a final assault was made on Amun-Ra castle. The battle was long and bloody, but the demons found themselves outmatched as the warriors were assisted by the summoned angels of Hethert and Isis. Robert, Lilly, Lotus, Minis and his daughter made their way into the castle. Lotus preformed the soul swap ritual, freeing Simon's soul from the amulet he wore and binding the Archdemon's soul to the amulet.


However, the archdemon had gathered enough strength to not only break free from the amulet, but to create for himself a physical form. Robert and Simon launched their attacks on the archdemon, but were easily cast aside. he Archdemon Nizzamoff unleashed a powerful spell of overwhelming power at the small group. Lilly, the angel vixen created by Sekhmet, summoned forth the bulk of her strength to create a barrier to protect her friends. The Archdemon's power was too great, causing the barrier to break in areas as destructive energy pierced through. One such beam struck Lilly, sending her flying back into Robert and to the wall behind them. As the barrier faded and their allies began to attack the fatigued Archdemon in a futile attempt to defeat him, Robert cradled Lilly.

He tried to heal her wounds, but even his divine magic could do nothing. The lingering demonic energy infesting the wounds prevented such magics from working.In her final moments, she placed her hand on her mate's cheek and began to channel the remaining life energy she had left to start turning her own body into holy energy, sending it into Robert to empower him.

"Do not mourn for me yet. Your people, our children, they need you. This was my fate from the moment I was created, and I am happy for it. I love you, and I will be with you always."

Her body became more transparent, more of her body fading until all that was left were the garments she wore, laying limp in his arms. Robert could feel a great swell of power from within him. Some of the energy altered the back of his armor to allow Lilly's wings to grow and emerge from Robert's back, larger than before. The immense power drew the attention of all there, even the archdemon. Robert stood slowly and turned, A single tear of blood rolled down his right cheek. And then, in a quiet, focused fury, holy sword in hand, Robert launched himself at the Archdemon and then took to the skies in pursuit, harolding the true final battle of the war. The Archdemon Nizzamoff now faced the Archangel Robert.

The ensuing battle was vicious, the conflicting energies rocking the castle to the foundations and causing a deep divide in front of the castle, the area scarred by a demonic attack that was intended for Robert. But with one final spell, Robert slew the archdemon, turning him into energy and using the energy to repair the breach between the mortal world and the infernal hells.

9th day of Spring in the 41st year of Osiris
Robert has taken over the throne of Furgasta while his brother and his mate Lotus begin training the troops to defend against the impending attack from the Ragnok family, the ones responsible for Simon's kidnapping and possession, as well as the Demon War. Robert watches over the rebuilding of the war torn country, giving aid wherever he can while settling disputes over land and supplies. he straddles the line of being high king and keeping the other kingdoms in check, and being a single father to his son Camio, the boy she gave birth to during the war.
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Post by: Chipper Blu-wolf on August 21, 2016, 09:36:23 pm
Name - Chipper Blu-wolf
Species - blue timber wolf
Height - 5' 8"
Weight - 165lbs
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - dark and light blue shading along the main torso of the body and face; light blue fur on the belly, and in the stripe from his nose back around his head and partially down his back; rear paws are light blue; tail ends in a light blue tuft (similar to the white/black tip of a red fox); *note* this is version 2.0 of Chipper

Clothing - He be naked! (for now anyway)
Likes - movies and music (on blu-rays and CDs thank you; none of this streaming crap), a good murder mystery,
Dislikes - people who are insanely rude, crude, and don't have an ounce of respect for those who share the environment around them at any given time
Temperment and socialability - generally nice, friendly, and upbeat, but not one to be the life of the party unless he knows the others there
Fursona picture -

He's a pretty standard anthro-wolf. ;)  He could look like a blu-ray I suppose with the colors I've chosen.

https://s6.postimg.io/cwr1l66hd/chipperbluwolf_av3_headshot_webjpg.jpg  (hand-drawn headshot)

https://s6.postimg.io/c8i7287rl/chipperbluwolf_realismbody_scan_webjpg.jpg (full body drawing - feral, ver 2.0)

https://s6.postimg.io/4mpg1t07l/chipper_fursona_ver1_0.jpg (anthro full-body creation on a template, ver 1.0)

EDIT-new picture scans
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Post by: Nyro on October 20, 2016, 02:54:31 pm
Name - Nyro Fletcher (pronounced NYE-ro)
Nicknames - Ny, Ny-Ny, K'naro
Species - Amur leopard
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 172 lbs
Gender - Male
Fur colors/patterns - Red and white with black spots on his face, arms, legs and tail, and rosettes down his back. His ears are also black with white insides.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digitigrade anthro
Clothing - Green bandana scarf with a gear logo. Sometimes he wears metal claws that match his cybernetic metal feet and left eye. He also has a backpack that he usually takes with him when going somewhere.
Likes - His family, minks, music, nature, technology
Dislikes - Gore and unnecessary violence, romance, Lippies Association, celery, large vehicles
Personality - Outgoing, but also an introvert. He can be somewhat impatient, and always wants to get to the point. He is wary of others and his surroundings, and if something seems off, he will get to the bottom of it.
Image -
(I'm working on a new picture but here is a headshot of him anyway)
Spoiler: show

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Post by: Dunder on November 10, 2016, 03:46:41 pm
Name: Derrik Alban Okoye-Mehkir
Nickname: Dunder
Species: Eastern Bongo
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 178 lbs
Build: Sturdy & muscular
Gender: Male
Fur colors/patterns: Average Eastern Bongo pattern and colors, with notable beige regions under his eyes and a gradient black muzzle.
Feral, Digigrade or Plantigrade: Digigrade Anthro or Feral (can switch between the two)
Clothing: Jeans and grey tank-top
Likes: Does, traveling, running, friends, soup
Dislikes: Rain, Cold, Sundays, his job
Personality: Derrik is curious and always looking for a good time. He loves learning about different cultures and has a "try everything" attitude when it comes to new experiences. He's humorous but rarely facetious, and critics have called him a people-pleaser many times. Most people are intimidated by his stature, but all he wants is to have fun with people.
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Post by: Beag L. Howler on November 12, 2016, 11:01:48 pm
Alright, since it's common to make 'sonas that are basically you, here's my other sona, that's more like me. Keep in mind, this is a rough draft.

Name: Tranquility
Species: Sloth
Gender: Female
Fur color: Teal Green (https://files.graphiq.com/2307/media/images/Teal_Green_429802_i0.png)
Clothing: A casual white a-frame dress.
Personality: Really laid back, but also very supportive of her friends. Is mostly just trying to live her life as it happens to her.
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Post by: Sither on September 04, 2017, 10:02:34 pm
Name: Sither  pronounced ( S-eye-thur)
Species: floxelin (extra terrestrial fox)
Age: 44
Height: 5' 10"
Gender: Male

Fur color: Deep cobalt blue with an almost electric teal trimming his ears and on the symbol markings going down his right side and on his tail, paw pads are also the same electric teal as well

Eyes: A bright aquamarine color

Personality: very laid back and  easy going. Can be rather quiet and shy around new animals, but once he gets to know them he opens up and is rather friendly. His friends are like his family and he will do everything he can to help them out. He is very passionate in whatever he does it is all or nothing. He loves to try new things and to live life to the fullest.

Likes: music all kinds from metal to country to soft rock, reading mostly  horror or thriller. Being outdoors long hikes deep in the forest, honest animals ones that are true to themselves as well as others.

Dislikes: Fakes, rude, hatefull animals he has no time or patience for them.

Clothing: shorts or jeans and either a t-shirt or a short sleeve button up shirt depending on his mood.

History: Sither was born on daraxton12 a planet that is earths twin except there are no humans there just animals. It is roughly 1.3 million light years from earth. Sither grew up an any normal floxelin untill his teenage years when these strange markings started appearing in his fur. His paw pads and the fur trimming his ears turned the same teal as these strange markings. No one could explain what was happening to him and soon he was shunned by his so called friends. The only one that stood by him was Alya (a-lye-a) she is his life partner and best friend. They both were determined to find out the origins of these markings and soon they set out across space chasing leads.

Sither was out on his own and ended up crash landing on earth. His ship heavily damaged he had no way to return home. Alone on this different planet he went seeking out others like him. After some time he was able to get a communicator working and contacted Alya. She was on her way but it would take some time before she could  reach him. So for now Sither lives amoung the anthropomorphic animals here.

Finally got my pic finished I would credit the artist but he doesn't really want it.

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Post by: Fleeyock on September 05, 2017, 03:21:30 am
Name: W. A. Fleeyock
Species: Ovis ares
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 159
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Colors: off-white
Job: software engineer
Clothes: whatever's in the closet
Likes: sleeping, algorithms, approachable people with friendly attitudes, the beach, the internet, classical music, arcade games, tennis, hiking, playing with kids, soda water, berries, PBJ sandwiches, munching on grass, making static electricity.
Dislikes: cold weather, homework, jerks, entitlement, cell phones, ads, social media, shock humor, being micro-managed, being sheared too closely, country fields with a lot of weeds, meat, processed dairy foods, dog breath, howling, neck bells.
Behavior: intelligent, loyal to his friends and family, somewhat outgoing, akward but socially capable, unassuming appearance, oblivious, clumsy, humble, generally inviting but doesn't put up with mayhem or harassment.
Pic:  Bah (https://screenshot.net/n132ouz)
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Post by: Firelight on September 05, 2017, 08:38:36 pm
Name - Captain Swift Tooth
Species -  Seampunk pirate cross fox. Former bounty hunter.
Height & Weight - In her world all animals are to scale so she's about as tall as a Red fox and weighs the same as one too.
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Black and brown fur, burn/brand mark on arm
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Plantigrade
Clothing - Goggles, steampunk clothing especially long sleeves to hide her burn/brand mark 
Likes - Her airship, her crew, her dog Nacho, chicken, the wind in her fur, a drink every now and then.
Dislikes -  The navy, her burn/brand mark, Captain Flint and his first mate Sylvester, veggies.
Temperment and socialability - Temperament: Good natured. Socialability: Not very social outside her crew.
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Post by: Citr on October 22, 2017, 01:06:12 pm
Name - Citrine Marigold (with Citrine being her first name and Marigold being the middle name)
Species - Turkish van cat
Height - About 166 cm
Weight - About 50 kg
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Calico coloration so black, white and orangish. The left side of her face has an orange patch that goes over her eye and left ear and extends to the back of her head, while her right ear is black. There's also an orange spot on her right cheek. Both the front- and hindpaw on the left side are black, while the paws on the right side are orange. She has a black tail and a rather large area of orange on her back.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Either digitigrade or plantigrade
Clothing - Most usually a specific blue collared T-shirt with darker blue shorts, but also other casual clothing such as hoodies
Likes - Peace and quiet, sweets, atmospheric places, Christmas, the paranormal and UFOs, making loved ones feel good about themselves
Dislikes - Unnecessary drama, excessive physical contact, continuous noisiness, politics
Temperament and sociability - Quite unsociable, although can get pretty loud around friends. Easily jealous but understanding and empathetic. Really quiet in most situations and sensitive to negativity.
Picture: (Click (https://i.imgur.com/r8Tkwp6.png))
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Post by: SheilahTheFoxeetah on November 08, 2017, 09:11:56 am
Name: Sheilah
Species: Demon
Age: 21
Weight: How dare you as that to a woman :o
Height: 5" 2'
Description: , Although she is looking like a regular fox, she is  only wearing the fur of one.Her blue eyes are so bright they almost shine in the night. She wears a white shirt stained. Even though she looks shy, she is only trying to analyse you. There is nothing under the fur, except a skull. She preys on the weak through their nightmares.
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Post by: Jade Sinapu on April 29, 2018, 09:52:37 pm
Name – Jade Sinapu  (a.k.a. jade wolf, a.k.a.  green wolf, a.k.a Granite GSD) 
Species – Human / Canine (German Shepard Dog/Wolf dog). 
Transformations -  Yes
Height / Weight  – 6’2” (1.88 m),  215 lb (~98 kg)   [except for feral form]
Age – 30’s in human time
Gender – Male
Location – Rocky Mountain West
Birthplace – Rock Creek Canyon (Contemporary Earth)

Anthro or Feral:  (As a feral GSD, you can’t tell him apart from any GSD in anyway)


Traits regardless of form:

History –
Born to human parents, he had a happy childhood.  Grew up around wild lands, learned to love the animals and nature around him. 
At age 6 he became aware of a deeply rooted animal spirit inside of him.  He kept this to himself as people would think him crazy. 

As he grew older, he came to understand that he was different.  He would often have ultra-realistic dreams of running as a feral wolf in a pack.
In real life, whenever he would lock eyes with some large wolf like dogs, it was like they could communicate.  These things he kept very quiet.

During his travels, he happened upon an elder who gave him a Jade Wolf talisman. It was said that this item could bring about the inner wolf
he knew he possessed.  Not knowing what to make of this, he ignored it for most of his life.

Much later in his life, at work a strange lady came to work near his cubicle.  She had the spirit of the dragon and would teach him the ancient
ways of furry and with it, the transformations that are possible. 

After a bitter family argument erupted, he became disowned by his beloved human family.  In a fit of rage, sadness and despair, he consulted
his Dragon friend from work, and she agreed to imbue him with the power of transformation via the use of his jade wolf talisman from long ago
and some mineral dust sprinkled into a flame.

Now he lives life on the fringe of society.  Working weekdays as an engineer in his human form.  He also can transform into an anthro-GSD,
or rarely a feral GSD.  Each transformation puts a small micro-crack in the jade wolf talisman. 

Once the talisman is broken through, it will no longer work and he will be stuck in the form he was last in. 
Each transformation also shortens his life a little.

To supplement his income, and most importantly to supply others like him with the much needed rare
minerals needed for transformations, he works as a prospector in the rocky mountain west. 

When he is in great trouble, he can transform into a stray GSD dog, and enter the house of many a friendly resident in his town. 
In this way he can hide from authorities and those who wish him harm.  Those who give him shelter do not know his true abilities or his true form. 
He knows this, and sometimes this is what he wants….and can use it to his advantage…

Whenever he needs great strength (or for other reasons), he can transform into his Anthro-canine form, but at a cost to himself. 
Mostly he lives as a normal human being, giving aid to those who are of his special kin.

You may see him walking around, as a human, or as a dog, and would never think anything of it. 
But if you possess the furry spirit you will see him for what he is regardless of form or age. 
And if you ever see him as his anthro self, you will never forget him.

There are many of his kin lurking around, you can tell by the ability they have to lock your brain up with a stare.