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Title: Rufure's First Fursuit (Project Journal)
Post by: Rufure on May 23, 2016, 10:08:59 pm
Hello, everyone~ I just wanted to go ahead and start this project journal.

I have begun art/concept work for my first fursuit, as well as ordered fur swatches. I will be starting completely from scratch and with no prior experience in fursuiting, so wish me luck! Details of the project are as follows:

Character: Rufure
Species: Cat/Dragon (basically a stylized cat with a dragon/sergal-ish tail)
Style: Kemono
Color Scheme: Light Brown/Dark Brown/Cream/Mint
Leg Style: Digitigrade
Completion Goal: Kemocon 9 - 11/19/2016

Kemono Style: https://secure.static.tumblr.com/70f6cdf4cb6cb92b38976d45ed5c52a4/cicntpx/PVZnaleqo/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4004mcrtins440o8go4s0kc88_640.jpg
I want a tail sort of like this!! I love the way it moves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5EfnWWZQR4

I have always loved kemono-style fursuits--they are what got me really interested in the furry scene to begin with. I think I have a pretty good understanding of how to construct most of the suit, and I'll be ordering a few parts such as teeth, claws, and paw pads from Dream Vision Creations.

Below you can see a drafted reference of Rufure, and a version with my notes. His colors/markings are not finalized quite yet (if you've been in my art thread you'll see that his design is constantly changing ^ ^'), but his shape is, so I can go ahead and do the foam work. I'll be updating this first post, and also posting my progress.

https://gyazo.com/26daee7ba73fea137f4bddb0d9b76769 (no notes)
https://gyazo.com/ea4c6b6f002f204e7fa8038aeb38cf7a (with notes)

(Please excuse the rushed linework and bad anatomy. This is more a marking reference than a shape reference.)

And finally, here is a list of tasks (not necessarily in order of completion) that I'll update as I go along:

- duct tape dummy
- design completion
- head base construction
- head foaming
- eye creation
- pre-fur part installation
- digitigrade foaming
- paw foaming
- tail foaming
- furring the head
- furring partial parts (paws, tail)
- fullsuit construction
- airbrushing

I plan to make a duct tape dummy of myself (with the help of my friend, of course) tomorrow, and start on the head as soon as I get my hands on some foam. If you have any advice/comments/questions, please don't hesitate to post them here! The purpose of this project journal is to keep track of things, and also get as much feedback as I can.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck~