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Title: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Jade Sinapu on July 11, 2020, 10:24:54 pm
 Hi fellow fuzzies,
I joined the fury fandom maybe only 2 years ago.  I've met many great furs who I call friends.  I fell in love with the concept of fursuits and even now have one myself.  I still love my favorite old cartoons and wolves and wildlife art.  I still am drawn to most facets of furry.

But in a way,  I am not sure I'm "furry enough" whatever that means, to be in the fandom much any more.   

Sadly, my job,  and things outside of furry always get in my way.  I really want to write a few stories, but I know deep down inside I won't have the time.  I really love much of the art,  but I stink at making my own art,  which is all I want to do.  But again, no time. 
And lastly,  my fursuit, which I honestly do feel represents me,  almost never gets used because I have no time.   Even though I have been called a generic pure-breed GSD , and that i have no creativity, that is not true. No one ever got to know my fursona, and that is my fault. My fursona is a GSD so he looks like one . But sadly my fursuit is in a style that is not as cool as most, yet it is what I wanted.  This makes me feel like an outcast. My fursuit, is me. *sigh* oh well...

I tell you this because I probably won't be active a whole lot.  I Don't want to go away.  I fell in love with furry for real reasons.  I loved Denfur and hope to go again.  But alas,  work sucks my time from all that I care about.  And I have no way to do the things I want in life and make the money I need for bills. 

So I am afraid I have to put furry on a back burner for a while till I can get things settled out in my life.  I will try to check in here as much as I can.
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Amducious on July 12, 2020, 12:18:38 am
It’s no worries my friend
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: cause the rat on July 12, 2020, 04:03:50 am
Furry is a state of mind. Your a furry because you are. Because you want to be. It's not a talent or the time you can spend with others. It's something you can enjoy even by yourself.  Look forward to reading from you when you can.

And speaking of "not furry enough". Bet your furry'er than I am. I have no desire to own a fursuit. No desire to wear ears and a tail. I think furry porn is silly and I wouldn't own any of it. In my opinion most furry art isn't worth buying. I'm a singer songwriter with years of experience but have no desire to make furry music. And I'm an artist who's never done a single piece of furry art. And I'm straight. Not homophobic. But have been made really uncomfortable at cons. None of that is going to stop me from being a furry.
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Jade Sinapu on July 12, 2020, 06:16:15 pm
Hi Cause,
I guess I'm still trying to figure out the complexities of furry.
Much of what you said kinda spoke to me.   And for the record I would call you rather furry.  So... with what you said, I guess I have to be.   :-[

But yeah, so little time anymore to do the things I want to do.  All I do is work.   :P gets old.  Well, now I start a long week at work, probably won't get to chat much.  But I'm not going anywhere too far from furry.
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Kay Alett on July 12, 2020, 08:16:12 pm
Furry is a hobby, not a way of life. It's not a sexuality or a lifestyle choice or any other big, major thing some folk wanna build up as. Furry is a hobby. It's kind of a state of mind really. Are you a furry because you like anthros? No, you're a furry cause you say you're a furry.

"I like anthros. Am I a furry?"
"I don't know, are you a furry?"
"Then you're not."

That's all it is. It's a hobby. It's a thing that you like and engage with for some personal fulfilment.
Now I'm not saying that you can't make furry into something bigger but you have to understand that furry is a bit like pizza. You can have it really huge or just small and personal, you can get crazy and experimental and put pineapple on it and if you like it then you like it some will hate you for it some will love you for it.
However you want to be with this hobby is the correct way for you. There's no right way or wrong way.

Actually I take that last part back, the wrong way is when you try telling people they cant be furry unless they do something specific. I've seen that before and I just shake my head cause they don't get it at all. Furry is what you want it to be and what you make of it. If you want a fursuit then go for it, I've wanted one for years but still aint got one. I took several years away from furry to hang out with the bronies and found my love of avians over there and came back. I never really "stopped" being furry though.

So don't stress about it. Just be you. Whoever that is.
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Jade Sinapu on July 13, 2020, 01:48:59 am
 Hi Kay,
I really appreciate your words of wisdom.   Perhaps my"slow down " in the fandom, will allow me time to fine tune my fursona and think about what I really want to do in the fandom.
I really want to make use of the park I live near by.  I want to entertain folks as myself. But I,  again,  need the time.

Well... My bed linens are clean,  after my puppy peed them all 2 hours ago... So I guess it is off to bed so I can get up in 6 hours...

Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Varg the wanderer on July 13, 2020, 09:50:12 pm
Jade, we talked about this before, and you've received a lot of good advice here already, so I'll be brief:

Life is life. We all have to sacrifice the things we enjoy to cover our needs sometimes.

If all you do is work, and have no time to enjoy living life, is it really worth the work? By that I mean, perhaps you should seek a position where you have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, even if there are less of those fruits.

You can write while you are busy. I wrote a novel while in engineering school. You know what that is like. If I can do it, so can you. When you take your puppy out, think about your plot and characters and what they would do in different situations. You can even "write" the story in your head and then put the words on paper/electronic document later as you have time. Much of 'Nonreturnable' was "written" behind the wheel of a forklift or walking across campus, along with the few chapters of "Streetcars" and several shorts. I wrote most of 'Wet Cement' while enlisted in the military and working as a mechanic 90+ hours/week. If you have the inspiration, it's possible.

Also, I've read your resume, and you are, without a doubt, creative.

Also, if your character looks generic it forces your personality to be what defines your character, something harder do and with much more potential to influence those around them. Nobody misses a fursona when they're away because of their neon-colored wings or tragic back story. They miss the personality and life in the character; something that takes a lot more than a paragraph of description or few hours of creative costume design to convey.

But I get busy. As long as you plan this to be temporary (because we will miss you) we'll look forward to your return.
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 14, 2020, 11:47:50 am
To me being furry is how I feel inside. A personal thing , something you don't have to  prove to
anyone else. When I could see well enough I enjoyed animal character art, and drew a lot myself.
When I first got online and found the fandom, it was like finding a world I had been looking for all
 my life.

More than just cartoons, and stories, but a world where other people enjoy the same thing I do. I am not
homosexual, I think it's a shame that much of the public see furry that way. Sex is something personal
for yourself and someone you love, and how to think about it is your business, as long as you don't
invade the rights of others.

Some see being furry is childish or infantile, but it's nothing like that. Many grown people  enjoy
plush toy animals, especially women. They just represent part of the fantasy we enjoy. Most people
who are furry love animals, and wish to see them treated with compassion, not tortured in a
laboratories with no concern for their pain.

Just enjoy the furry world where it fits your fancy my friend.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:
Title: Re: Won't be active a lot, sadly
Post by: Jade Sinapu on July 19, 2020, 11:15:11 am
Well, I am at home with the pup, and logged into work, but also Furtopia.

I knew you all got it!  And reading all this brought tears to my eyes so much I am glad I am a touch typist, because I can't see.

I watched Safety Prance video and laughed my tail off.  Again!  My dog came running to see what was "wrong" since this is apparently the first time she has seen and heard me laugh.  That is both fun, and sad. 

Varg, you are right of course.  I will write a story, and I will do it with a passion once I get started.  In fact, all I want to do when I "retire" is write stories.  To dream and show others my dreams. 

And as for work... well... I do not know how to live differently than I do now, and still have a dog or a car that works well, or a retirement.  I need to work a certain amount to make the money to live in this world.  I moved to a town that has 15% lower cost of living than the one I left behind.  I live 14 min away from work.  I save 275 on gasoline each month compared to before.  I am now a home owner (for better or worse) for the first time in my life and my mortgage is less than rent.  And I can afford to buy food and stuff.  Yes I work a lot.  But I get a lot.  Yet, all I want is freedom and lots of time.  But I see all around me people who have absolutely nothing and are homeless on the street.  I do not want to be that. So where is that middle ground?  I don't know.  But I do know that 5 others in my company are about to bail.  So I am not alone in my feelings.  Probably time to start finding another job...

Old Rabbit, I love what you said here.  When my last dog died, all I had was memories, and a large wolfie plush.  That thing, now well worn out, got me through bad times.  As did all of you!  Thank you!  I am not a kid, but yet I love to see old cartoon reruns as well as act silly now and then.  But the thing that you said that really got me was this "When I first got online and found the fandom, it was like finding a world I had been looking for all
 my life. "  Yes.  I remember entering furry and 3 days i never slept because I was in shock I found home.  "Thank you God, because you must be fur covered" is what I actually said once.  Because it was like I was given a huge present.

Ok, time to go to "work" again.  65 hours this week, and of course no overtime. 
Wanda , my pup also needs my attention.