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Photo & Video Forum Guidelines, PLEASE READ
« on: November 06, 2011, 07:04:04 pm »
Photography & Video Forum Rules and Guidelines

The Photography forum is to allow members to post photography and videos of activities that they enjoy, and also to collect any topics/threads about any other photo/video subjects that are discussed on YouTube or elsewhere. The photography and videos that you post can be anything furry (or of interest to furry) related such as fursuiting in a parade, or non-furry related such as enjoying a baseball game with friends, etc. The following is some guidelines/rules that members should keep in mind for this forum:

1. Links only for videos. No embedding!

2. Members are NOT to post copyrighted works that are not legal for them to post to the public here without consent/permission from the owner as mentioned in Rule 7d here:
(Adult content pictures/videos must be posted in the adult sections of our forums which is described here: )

3. Members who wish to post/share pics and videos from furry conventions (Anthrocon, Midwest Furfest, etc.) may choose to post in this forum, or to continue posting in the relevant convention topic that may be located in the Convention Forum here:

4. When making a post and adding a link to a vid, please be courteous and provide a short 1-3 sentence description of what the video is about and the content. This gives members the chance to read what the video is about before they choose to click the link since some members may find some videos distasteful or offensive if they are dealing with animals, humor, religion, politics, or any other type of subject.

If any member has any questions about posting videos, please feel free to PM the Mods and Admins and we'll be happy to help you out in whatever way we can. Thanks.

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