Author Topic: Java errors with web client for IRC? Read Here!  (Read 15582 times)

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Java errors with web client for IRC? Read Here!
« on: February 11, 2014, 06:42:14 pm »

If you're getting java errors with the IRC webclient, you may need to add the site to the exceptions list for Java. A recent Java update added some security measures that may, unfortunately, block the web client from working.  The error I'm talking about will look something like this:

My first recommendation if you encounter this would be to connect with a dedicated IRC client. But if you don't want to or cannot do this, the backup option to get around this is to add to the java exceptions list. The following is a step-by-step guide to doing this (shown in Window's 7).

In the start menu, go to All Programs, and find Java:

Expand the Java folder, and click 'Configure Java':

This will bring up the Java Control Panel. From here, click the 'Security' tab:

Once in the Security tab, click 'Edit Site List' under the Exception Site List:

This will bring up the Exception Site List dialogue. Click 'Add':

1. In the top box, you can now enter the desired URL to add as an exception. Type in ''
2. Click 'Add' after entering the URL:

You will probably get a pop-up warning like what is pictured below. Click 'continue' to allow the site to still be added to the list.

After the pop-up warning goes away, the Exception Site list will remain, with the site successfully added. Click 'OK':

This will return you to the Java Control Panel. Click 'OK':

And you're done! Load up the IRC web client, and it should come up fine without giving that error.

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