Author Topic: Notice Regarding RtM Feature - Please Read!  (Read 5623 times)

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Notice Regarding RtM Feature - Please Read!
« on: June 09, 2014, 05:21:10 pm »
For those who may not be aware, the forum has a 'Report to Moderator' (RtM) feature, that allows any member to bring a post to the attention of the staff if somebody notices any activity on the forums that violates our forum rules. It helps the staff keep the place running smoothly, and we do appreciate when we receive RtMs to notify us of a problem somewhere.

However, in the recent past, we've had a few issues with abuse of the RtM system, including:
  • Reports solely based on a grudge between members, rather than rule violations
  • Repeated reports for the same issue (by the same person)
  • Intentional false reports to try out or test the system

The staff considers these to be abuse of the RtM feature, and we will have little tolerance for such behavior. It creates a lot of extra work for us, as we do review and log every RtM submitted.

Now, don't let this make you gun-shy about submitting an RtM. If you genuinely think something is outside our rules, go ahead and report it. It's entirely possible that the staff will review it and decide that it does fall within the rules and that no action is necessary. We don't mind these, and nobody will get in trouble for what they feel are legitimate reports. We're talking about what are blatantly-obvious abuses of the feature.

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