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Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
« Reply #75 on: February 04, 2016, 08:07:03 am »
(*...Yeah, I'm a bit behind on this RP again; I've tried to work my IC stuff in order to catch my character up with everyone else chronologically.*)

As he sat in a tranquil, somewhat contemplative state of mindless people watching, Riél eventually noticed the cardinal heading towards his direction.  It struck him as odd that someone was, for apparently arbitrary reasons, paying him so much heed.  After his vision went slowly down her form to her feet and then slowly back up to her face, Riél spoke to his new acquaintance.  "What's up with you?"

As he finished uttering his query, he found himself interrupted by the bell and address of a well dressed panther.  At the conclusion of the speech, Riél found himself to be somewhat annoyed, and he complained in a not particularly directed fashion within the cardinal's presence.

"You'd think that someone with the resources to organize a contest of strangers, a fleet of luxury cars, and a manor's staff would have some clue as to how to disseminate information in an effective and timely fashion, but I guess that's a problem you can't throw money at as easily."  He then continued with a somewhat subtle undertone of sarcasm.  "Maybe they should hire someone to explain how to hire people who can do that kind of stuff, but they'd need to hire someone to explain to them how to do that first."
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