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The Rise and Fall of Team Hell Hounds (chapter eight is now out)
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Hey please let me know what you guys think about in the forums and do note this is a violent story I have had the story checked with staff but just so you know you have been warned. Now without further ado The Rise and Fall of Team Hell Hounds.

    "Chief MSgt Murray", said the ruff voice of general Jerrell "Yes  sir", quickly replied the stern voice of Chief Master Sargent Murray.
"I want you and your team to test the new project your experience in the field and in combat have saved you and your squads lives many times". 
    "Sir what is this project."
  "We believe we found a way to get into a parallel universe we have already tested it with drones and the only signs of life appear to be animal, but we want people not machines in there so you , SSgt  and privet lance along with Sgt Cowell and your pilot Ssgt Dougan get to go on a trip there you will survey the area maybe see if you can find locals if you do, do not  I repeat do not shoot them I don't want a hostile planet am I clear Chief." "Yes sir." "dismissed your team leaves in an hour." Then the general just walks out as if nothing happened
"alright team gather on me." The person in charge of this squad was Daniel Murray he was 25 along with everybody else in the squad. His brown eyes were very relaxed and his uniform was tight his leading style was relaxed but when he needed something done he got it done. Then you had the Lance twins Same birthday same face almost identical except for their rank and job Ssgt lance or spots was the marksman spotter Pvt Lance who had joined the military a bit late was a marksman and was a damn fine one at that. sgt Cowell was a hilarious guy he was the teams combat life saver he is nicknamed scrapes
the team pilot was a very good flyer Ssgt Dougan, we call him dougie because it gives him a chuckle every time he always was able to get a smooth takeoff and landing. The team specializes' in surveying and communication they all mastered in many languages and could bargain for anything. although they were surveyors they were a unknown commando squad each was the best of the best Chief was a explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) he could take apart bombs and was responsible for saving many lives. Dougie scrapes and the lances all served in a unit that hunted down terrorist leader's they got the most but sadly their commander retired so I was put in charge of them.
     "alright in one hour we will be leaving to a parallel universe." Chief said.

       "what are we going to the France again I did quite enjoy the sites and seeing." replied Sgt Cowell

      "no this is a more serious matter, we are going to be the first humans to go to a planet that may not be inhabited by others." They all gasped in unison.
     "chief is this some sort of joke I mean that's not possible is it?!" stammered pvt lance
      "no its quite possible they have already sent drones and have spotted animal life our job is to go over there and explore they don't want the first contact to be some freaky looking hellfire drone they want what society looks like and.."
    "Chief a word" said scientist Richards. " you guys are not the first"
         "hmm what do you mean"
    "you guys are not the first humans there we sent a team of fifteen people and the second they flew through the portal we lost contact so we sent out drones we didn't even find the helicopter they flew through"
        " Why did General Jerrell not mention this"
    " I don't know but if he finds out this did not come from me okay"
 "okay thank you for the info". That's strange, thought Murray the general always tells me everything. "Alright ladies quit squealing in delight we got a job to do we leave in 45" "Yes Sir!"

Chapter one the run:

    "alright now that we are all geared up one last supply check we are fifteen min's tell take off" Chief said, "if anybody is missing anything get it now or we leave without it remember socks, food, knife, guns, shirts, ammo, Night vision, Tarp, string, First aid, your chemical warfare kit, radio, compass , watch IR grenades and last but not least flares. extra gear is on you and bring anything you find special, also we are unsure if compasses work on this planet so be prepared for it to fail, if we get separated go to the landing zone if you cant find it climb up and use your radio if no luck then wait for night then light flares and leave IR grenades. if all else fails just try to survive we will find you, also what is the last thing we do"
        "Shoot Chief!" they all said in unison.
  "alright is everybody ready to go"
"Yes Chief!" it was a long walk to the elevator where the general was waiting for them.
"you boys are five minuets early just on time."
    "yes sir lets get this show on the road"
  "chief I need to speak with you in private, the rest of you its on the -15'th floor, Dismissed" after they all went down the general began to speak "look as you may already know we had sent previous teams and we just got word from them they are all back and in stable condition"
     The Chief knew this was a lie  he just knew it was.
    "did you tell your team of the other ones before you?"
  "No sir"
"good don't ever tell them, lets get going" The general said in a impatient tone  After hoping in another elevator and heading down to the -15th floor it was so much bigger than Chief thought it would be.
    "Jesus this place is huge" there were teams of scientist running around and on the other side looked like something from a sci-fi it was a massive Violet filled circle and just below it was our ride a small helicopter that was unarmed it had two benches a seat for the pilot co pilot four on each bench and then two passengers. it was generally used for transportation and I guess they chose it to look less frightening.
"Now chief I wish you luck the whole world awaits your return. please don't keep them waiting."
   "Alright boys lets load up, Dougan you get this bird up." Dougan and scrapes sat in the front I sat on the right bench alone while the Lances sat on the other benches. pretty soon they were in the air heading straight for the portal. on the headset they all heard,
   "just fly on through boys and I wish you all good luck" and just like that the helicopter was gone and the entire base facility power went out. But on the other side things were much more hectic. everything was pink and dead silent the helicopter made no noise and their was so much turbulence that Chief had to brace and so did lance. They thought this was it until the sight of jungle came into view. Then alarms where blaring and the helicopter was spinning in circles. "SOMETHING IS WRONG", Dougie shouted "WE ARE FLYING AT A SPEED OF 345 KPH I CANT STOP SPINNING"  out of the corner of chiefs eye he could see these weird colors like they just didn't belong there. just then the helicopter blades shattered and the tail snapped off sending everybody on the benches flying and the co pilot was ripped out.
    (Chiefs point of view) The world was spinning to fast and just before I blacked out I hit something and passed out. Chief awoke to his gun on the ground and his gear around him ) after getting up and looking around I discovered nothing was broken. dear god its a miracle. after picking up all of my gear I spotted it (This scene was inspired by this song and I suggest listing to it while reading a wolf with its mouth open a fur coat of teal a white chest blue and orange eyes and a stripe of gold down the back, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted two others one with a all green and blue coat and another with a purple and dark blue. Freezing in my steps I noticed they were flanking me and the one right in front of my started growling and taking a angry step forward then out of nowhere it jumped at me after seeing its leg muscles tighten I braced for it the wolf bit into the soft part of my arm it attacked with such power that I fell to the ground after screaming and kicking it and shaking his head off I didn't want to shoot him because more would come so I took off. in the opposite direction going as fast as I could I just remembered one thing don't shoot unless necessary. Running after crashing was not good at all branches and vines where snapping at my face drawing blood and the wolf kept biting my ankles so I gave it a kick and it yelped and fell but soon was back the ones on the sides of me could of easily taken me out but they didn't its as if they were leading me somewhere. after jumping over a giant root and climbing over a rock I noticed the wolf to my left just darts right and the wolf to my right also darts but in a leg sweeping motion so it forced me to jump and  turn right heading towards some sort of grassy plain everything was happening to fast for me to process the wolf was back nipping at my heels and the wounds on my face and arms where stinging but it didn't matter if I got to the plain and they didn't back off I would have to use my gun. just then I noticed it but it was to late three wolves or foxes I couldn't tell were stopped right in front of me so I stopped as well and the wolves or foxes completely surrounded me so I took out my pistol and aimed it they started to back off until one of them leapt at me from behind hearing the growl I turned and I squeezed the trigger but nothing happened the round didn't fire the gun was jammed just then I was on the ground and the wolf wasn't biting me it was almost punching me so I kicked it off only to have the other wolfs or foxes or whatever they where surround me this time they pinned me down and then knocked me out. I awoke to noise it was loud and was making my head hurt. just then I realized the situation there were two guards out my tent or hut whatever it is I was tied down and my gear was on the other side of the room my arm was bandaged and so was my leg I was still wearing my combat vest but my helmet and pistol where on the table the guards where different they had staffs and where standing on there legs!! I freaked out. I had to get out . so I realized how poorly the knots where so what I did was I took my wrist to rotate the knot so my fingers could get to it. It was no problem after getting that hand free I got the other hand then my legs while doing this I watched the guards to see if they could hear me they didn't. I got on the ground quietly grabbed my gear and looked at my pistol it was jammed full of dirt maybe from the crash I didn't have time to clean it now so I will have to use my rifle . After taking out my gun and unfolding the stock I checked the barrel good no dirt and the clip was full. So the next move was to get out of the tent but how would I get past the guards. Just as I was thinking a I heard a voice that made my heart go into my throat.
"Going somewhere" the voice purred "If so you might want to say goodbye to a few friends "
   "wh wha what do you mean" I managed to stammer out
   "I found another one of your friends there is reason we didn't kill you we led you away from the Ravaging Beasts a faction on this planet that means no good."
   "So you were leading me to safety? it makes sense now" I cant believe they can speak and walk and talk this is INSANE
    "you are probably wondering where are your friends well we have one of them right here"  just then she came down from where she was she was on a pedestal in the ceiling of the tent " I will take you to them if you promise no harm" She was a beautiful Red and blue fox with a white chest and blue eyes.
   "I was sent on a recon mission I never meant any harm."
   "The others before you where not so... friendly" I knew it the general was lying they are probably dead probably killed by them.
   " He was released to see his team and then shot one of clan members  we are lucky that we heal quickly but it will live a bitter wound, he then ran into a tent freed his team then ran off into the woods where they were killed by the Ravaging Beasts"
 "Oh I thought you killed them. "
No we hardly ever kill unless for food." "I want to believe you but I just cant i don't understand why you didn't just ask me to go with you but no you had to chew my arm like a toy".
   "we had to get you to safety as quickly as possible because night was falling" she replied "how many people where in your team"
   "five" I replied
   "that is most unfortunate because we have only found one"
   "WHAT what do you mean you only found one"
  "His name is Missing unlike yours But he had this on his arm" she then pulled out the patch of the medic symbol
 "scrapes" I exclaimed
  "interesting his name is scrapes"
   "No his real name is James Cowell" "ahh that makes more sense"
    "We are still looking for the others but cannot for it has become night and the Beasts are hunting"
   "Hold on get me to your highest point of this wherever"
   "alright and this place is Alexandria" She then took me outside where it was night and it was the perfect temperature the wind was cool and it felt good on my scratches. The town was huge and open everybody was inside except for a few who stopped and stared and started gawking after looking around I noticed one of the guards was the Wolf I had kicked in the jaw I looked at him and said "Hey I'm sorry for kicking you in the mouth" He then replied in a ruff voice
   "Its no problem I'm sorry for quote unquote using your arm as a chew toy" "oh I didn't know you heard that."
"haha we also heard you get up for we have great hearing"

"anyhow wanted to thank you for rescuing me but why is it your standing on two legs now"
   "Well on all fours is a lot faster but it is quite uncomfortable so we prefer to stand"
    "hmm interesting anyways I must go now" after walking around and seeing the place I climbed a set of stairs and then a ladder and it was some sort of watchtower on the inside and then I could see that there was a giant stone wall surrounding the city and the city was quite big Just then I put on my Night Vision goggles where the right socket was Broken but the left worked perfectly fine so I scanned the jungle and the plains and then I spotted it It was a stream of smoke I could only see it in Infra Red and then I noticed the Faint blinking of the IR Grenade. Hold on guys we are coming.

Chapter Two: the Dougan Point of view   

"SOMETHING IS WRONG WE ARE FLYING AT A SPEED OF 345 KPH" It was at that moment that I saw it The lance twins they just looked at each other and jumped, The chief was thrown out and Scrapes got ripped out as well. its just me I thought this is how I die. Just then he grabbed his gear and jumped he made no effort to brace for impact but his fall was drastically slowed down by the vines but the vines had thorns in them leaving tons of scratches and drawing tons of blood and then he started to feel loopy. Oh no I thought, They must be poisoned then he hit the ground but after landing at such an angle I couldn't help but scream the pain was so terrible but the poison was acting fast and I needed to cure myself so I opened my chemical warfare kit hoping to find something then I found it I took out the bottle and inserted it into the epi pen. "I swear to god if this doesn't work" Just then he jabbed it into is lower thigh and the amount of force exerted from the Epi pen shattered his bone and caused him to black out in pain. (if you guys don't believe me that actually happens to soldiers who get exposed the strength of these epi pen or auto injectors are said to have enough strength to split a 2X4 )

"Dougie"  A voice quietly echoed "dougie" the voice repeated again

"DOUGAN WE NEED TO GO GET US OUT OF HERE WE ARE MARKED BY RED SMOKE I REPEAT RED SMOKE" this time the voice was loud and recognizable, it was his very first squad. "DOUGAN DO HOW COPY"

"Affirmative squad lead coming in for extraction" Dougan replied. He remembered it as if it was yesterday. The squad was going in to clear a supposed dirty bomb site they got in and where ambushed by a whole terrorist cell. But this was no ordinary dirty bomb this one was a new generation of dirt bomb without after effects it just causes everything in a half mile radius to disappear.

"Dougan we have three men down I'm going in to get them if you get here and I'm not back leave without me I will find alternative ways to exfil How copy" Silence was the only thing to answer. He knew exactly as the story ended and he relived this moment every time in his dreams every time he tried every time he failed no matter what he did they always vanished. I was not to far away I could see them pinned down on the roof and then just like that an explosion of no silence took the building the ground around it and even the air that was there away in a flash of violet. The helicopter spun in circles at a very fast rate the helicopter got smashed into the ground sending me into shock I then radioed to base explaining what happened then I was picked up and that's when I got moved into the Terrorist hunting cell with the lance twins. Just then I awoke my wounds where bandaged and a saw a shadow move across the treetops I tried to stand to get a better look but I just couldn't the pain was to great so I jut slumped up against whatever this was and then I realized I was at the helicopter site The wreckage was on fire at one point and my clothes where seared but not completely burned the area smelt of smoke and a large area of the forest around me had been cleared but it doesn't make sense why am I next to the crash when I jumped I jumped away and even administered the antidote in a clearing under a tree this made no sense maybe it had to do with that figure across the trees but why would they help me what caused the plain to crash this was to many questions for my foggy mind to handle then I remembered what chief had said

   " if we get separated go to the landing zone if you cant find it climb up and use your radio if no luck then wait for night then light flares and leave IR grenades. if all else fails just try to survive we will find you" Those words brought hope but hope was not gonna get me up high so I was glad I had a lovely burnt out section that provided smoke for Id say a good while but it was night now so the smoke would only do good if it was infra red so ill just lob this grenade over here and wait. its the only option I had.
   Chapter 3: fate of the lance's


"look Charles we need to jump now or we will never survive the crash" the marksman said,

"well we don't have much of a choice now do we Michael"  replied the spotter (obvious yet not obvious way to tell them apart) 

And just like that they jumped not a flinch of emotion they braced for impact and just boom hit the ground. the only thing to break their fall was grass and that did little to nothing but since they were trained to Para drop they did the old tuck in roll although they may have cracked a rib or two they did not have severe injuries.

   "what a bloody terrible fall, are you all right Charles"
   " could be better Michael " groaned the PVT "now what we have little to no options on regrouping there is no landing zone to go to the team is scattered my legs are-"

"Jesus Michael I get it stop okay just stop we will head to the top of that grassy hill and wait till night" and so they did not another word was said until they got to the top of the hill.

"my god Michael look at that fire over there that must be where the HELO crashed nobody could survive that."

"do you think the team is dead" said Michael in a depression tone

"god I hope not" Charles replied "get out your compass and see which way is north on this planet."

"well lets see here the sun is setting in the west and the sun rises in the east so if that's right lets see if it works like it does back home" After one look at the compass he said "gah its all messed up the sun sets in the north rises in and rises in the south so that means to our right is east and to our left is west"

   "great ugh hey what's that in the distance"

   "hold on" replied Michael as he pulled out his binoculars " what in bloody hell is this its a wolf of red blue and orange"

   "really let me see" said Charles in disbelief as he pulled out his sniper "Jesus there is two one is all black you see it like they are chasing each other" Just then the black wolf snags and kills the Red blue and orange wolf

   They both said in unison "what the devil"

   after witnessing that happen they both just stood in silence they both took jobs doing watch over while they slept when it became night they would drop their IR grenade and wait also scanning the forest for IR blinks but none where found.

  "Charles stay here I'm going to get fire wood we have yet to eat in two days get a fire pit ready" and just like that Charles was gone he came back minutes later to discover the nice little camp set up with a fire place in the middle. "ha reminds me when we where in Siberia and had to wait five days till evac came because of the blizzard you remember that don't ya where you got frost bite on your toe"

 "yes Michael I remember its the exact same style of camp except this time we don't need to dig out of our tents every morning" giving a bit of a chuckle

 "alright lets get this fire started got your flint stone"

  "why its right here just set the wood down ill get it going" seconds later they had a campfire going and where eating some MRE's

  "mm this whatever type of meat this is is kind of good" said Charles in a sarcastic tone. just then they heard footsteps panicked that it was a wolf they took out their flares and lit them only to discover being completely surrounded by black wolves and one human. one they recognized it was scrapes. (this scene was inspired by the song This part is pretty violent if you don't want to read it you don't have to you have been warned !!! )

  "scrapes" Charles whimpered but secretly drawing out his rifle while Michael got out his bowie knife 

  "Charles, so good to see you, enjoying these past few days out here because I have its been a wonderful time meeting new friends such as these" said Cowell in a sinister tone, "Do what you must but I want no part in this" and without saying another word he backed away a few steps leaving a pack of angry snarling black beasts ready to pounce.

"remember Charles shoot unless necessary" while the dogs started to slowly close in still snarling with drool dripping from their fangs he replied,

  "I feel this is a necessary moment in our lives to shoot

" I feel as if this is a necessary moment Michael because it appears our teammate has left us to die at the hands of wolves" Just then Charles switched from safety to semi and opened fire at the nearest dog back to back the wolfs jumped and clawed at the two. but they held their ground at one point one of the wolves knocked into the fire and set fire to the camp the wolves where relentless snarling and taking out chunks of skin they where holding their ground when Michael got taken to the ground by having a wolf snag onto his leg kicking and screaming it was tearing at his leg he then kicked it off and killed it with the knife, which was now dull forcing him to pull out his pistol shooting until one wolf went in for the kill but Charles kicked it in the throat and took the majority of the heard towards the fire. that is when the final stand happened wolf after wolf charged at him biting scratching him some wolves caught on fire as they made these terrible noises he looked at Michael and said I love you one last time. that's when he was shot in the leg by Cowell and murdered by wolves.

(breathing room)

  " and now to finish off the twin" pretending to be unconscious from the man, if he should even call him that anymore, stepped right over him. "it appears you boys already got him nice wor-"
 and as he stood to turn away I took out the dull knife and stabbed it into his arm as hard as I could ripping off his patch and running into the direction of the woods.

Chapter 4: Regrouping

(Chiefs Point of view) "Hold on guys I'm coming, look I need to get down to that crash over there how have you not noticed it burning how long was I unconscious for? who the hell are you?

"well first off we cant let you go out you will die and I don't want that on my hands at least you didn't shoot one of our own unlike the others so the blood was on their hands we noticed it burning and assumed anybody around that much of a blaze would be dead, you have been asleep for five days, my name is Felicia "

"five days." chief said as if he took a blow to his stomach "you mean to tell me that Charles lance ,Michael lance and Jonathon Dougan are probably dead"

"well we know of ones death but he was torn to shreds there was nothing left we didn't even know if it was one of your people until we saw the gear."

"I had a man killed by your little dispute and knew about it and didn't even tell me WHAT THE LITERAL HELL"

"calm down now"




"He cannot go" replied felicia in a oddly calm tone

"you have very little time to explain before I completely lose my cool"

"when we found him he was unconscious, he had lost so much blood and was barely alive we got him and patched him up he awoke one night and started screaming his head of something about traitor and murdering sack of waste we were forced to give him a drug that causes him to fall asleep we were waiting for you to wake up to calm him down."

"Take me to him I will deal with this" after taking a short walk back down the stairs into the still shocked crowd they entered what appeared to be a hospital.
a nurse arrived to tell him that the patient would awake in five minuets. After walking into the room he realized who it was.

"this is not Cowell" said chief in a low voice

"but that is who you said this was"

" I know what I said but this is Michael one of the lance twins, Jesus who did this to him" examining Michael was awful he had multiple wounds that were very deep it was astonishing that he was alive.

"well obviously it was the wolves but we had reason to believe that something or somebody else was with them." just as if on cue Michaels woke up struggling to get out of his restraints for a minuet until the site of chief made him stop. he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"oh he wont be able to to talk for about thirty seconds after waking up" said the nurse

"Ill leave you two to talk in peace if you need me ill be in the other room" said Felicia.

"No I want you here with me I want you to hear his side of the story incase you recognize any of it."

"okay I guess"

"okay look at me Michael I'm gonna release you from your restraints do pull a fast one okay soldier" Michael nodded in agreement. and as promised Chief Murray released him. Michael rubbing his wrists tried to speak.

"it it was" Michael said in a very raspy tone that was barley audible.

"easy easy wait a few more minuets ill tell you my side of the story" after telling Michael about waking up on the ground and the chase back to going on the top of the roof and losing his cool Michael tried talking again.

"It was *cough* it was Cowell" Chief fell back into a wooden chair which probably should not have been built to withstand such force because it promptly made a cracking noise.

"what do you mean"

"he and this army of black wolves showed up and attacked us we were holding our ground until-" this time when Michael coughed he coughed up some blood

"hold on." chief said as he reached into his field aid kit grabbing some medicines and sewing his wounds shut and applying ointment to the proper areas "that should be a little bit better now go on"

"well this one wolf lunged at me and my knife was now dull so many more wolves came and then I fell and then Charles he he" Michael was now crying at this point.

"look Michael is it" said Felicia in a soothing tone rubbing his hand "we will get revenge I have lost many friends in combat to these beasts we will get revenge"

"he was not just some friend he was my only brother, we shared birthdays we shared cars we shared everything HE WAS MY EVERYTHING AND AFTER I FELL JAMES COWELL TOOK MY EVERYTHING AWAY HE SHOT HIM DANIEL HE SHOT HIM AND THEN WATCHED AS THE WOLVES TORE HIM TO SHREDS AND I STABBED HIM IN THE ARM AND IT FELT GOOD IT FELT SO GOOD BUT IT DIDNT KILL HIM ALL IT DID WAS GIVE ME THIS LITTLE TOKEN THIS TO REMBER MY BROTHER" Just Chief knew what he was talking about he was talking about the patch.

"we will get our revenge Michael we will find out why he did this but for now sleep, Felicia a word" and just like that they left not a word was said until they where back to where chief was held. "look that was a trained U.S special forces trooper he would not just go and kill a teammate what happened"

"They have a way of brainwashing a host we do not know how but it is how they get so many followers they kidnap our young and brainwash them into becoming mindless slaves"

"But that doesn't make sense why would he just brainwash Cowell he could of brainwashed Charles and Michael."

"I do not know and I am most sincerely sorry but I believe it is imperative that you get some rest for you and a team of elites have a rescue mission tomorrow"

"thank you Felicia"  sleep was hard to come by that night because more questions kept coming why was Cowell brainwashed? why was there even a crash in the first place? is back up on the way? no answers came and only more questions where to come

Chapter 5: The shadow strikes

"Chief" said Michael "chief get up"

"I'm up I'm up alright lets meet this new team of elites" said chief groggily after walking out chief realized that something was off it was to calm to peaceful it was beautiful it was almost the calm before the storm. then out of nowhere alarms started ringing. people started running towards homes, snagging up kids and others and heading inside while what appeared to be the local guards ran on top of the walls.

"chief look the walls lets get up there get a view on what's going on."

"alright but don't shoot lets see how they operate." after saying that chief and Michael headed up the wall to see an impressive battle brewing. on the other side of the wall was an army of black wolves about 50 or so. and on the wall the archers and others sorts of men kept rushing by but they never opened fire as if they where waiting for somebody to make a move the wolves on the other side where just there on all fours when one terrifying wolf stood forward his face was blue and so was his arms and legs but his back was completely black and his fur in some spots was stained a light red and his fangs where hanging out the sides of his mouth drooling.

"You have one chance to stand down or we will take by force." the wolf said in a loud yet persuasive tone. "no response just as I figured alright boys loot the place." and as if on cue the army of wolves launched forward in no specific order but just then he felt a hand on his shoulder push him aside and say

"sorry but pardon me sir." it was a wolf all blue except for a part on his back and chest which where orange and along with him where two others a all green wolf and a wolf who was a dark purple but had a yellow streak down the back. and just like that they jumped into the fray only armed with swords and daggers they attacked quickly leaving no survivors the blue and black wolf was nowhere to be seen and these wolves where destroying this army. Chief and Michael exchanged glances of pure shock.

"hey Michael looks like we found our elite squad" said chief in pure surprise.

"looks that way" replied Michael in a low yet calmed tone. then something happened but the purple fox was hit by something and caused him to collapse against the wall surrounded by wolves the archers where trying to get their bows up to defend them but before that happened Michael jumped into the fray stabbing a wolf in the neck and then kicking away another from the purple wolf.

"Comon Michael" Chief said in a sarcastic tone as he to jumped down into the fray using his assault rifle to fend off at the sight of their new opponents the black wolves turned an ran only about twenty of them remained.

"step aside please" said the green wolf shoving aside Michael away from the unconscious purple wolf.

"hey thanks to me he is still alive"

"I'm sorry its just I really need to treat him." without even giving a second glance the wolf pulled out his first aid kit which appeared to just be a kit of assorted leaves and bottles after selecting a few things and treating him a team of orange and teal wolfs came by with a stretcher and took the purple wolf away. after watching the wolves take away the purple one the blue wolf joined In.

"wow I'm glad you stepped in because those wolves would of killed anthrax"

"Hold on who" said chief,

"anthrax the purple wolf."

"why on gods green earth would he be named anthrax"

"its a long story but the main reason is its his favorite weapon a anthrax tainted blade."

"okay okay and your name is"

"my name is Alfred" replied the blue wolf

"and I'm Bede" piped up the shying green wolf

"well nice to meet you gentlemen you must be the elite squad" replied chief looking the two men up and down.

"well we had a lot more but they sadly passed away" said Bede in a sad tone.

"I'm sorry to hear that but I have lost my own recently and if we don't move quickly I may lose another"

"then what are we waiting on lets go, oh and who are you"

"I'm Chief Master Sargent Murray and this is Private Michael"

"Nice to meet you now lets move" replied Alfred

"Alright we are heading over to where that burn site is" said Michael in a commanding tone

"hey Michael remember who is in charge here" said chief "lets go" and just like that they were off the wolves where obviously faster and the humans had to sprint just to keep up with them. and that's when they came across the crash site.

"there is no way anybody surv-" said chief in a depressing tone before being cut off by Bede.

"no there is somebody here" and just like that he ran to the other side of the helicopter. when he came back he was carrying somebody.

"Dougan" exclaimed chief

"easy easy he has multiple injuries that can be life altering his leg is broken and he appears to have a concussion and had been exposed to vine poison its not fatal but he will be asleep and have vivid illusions. we need to return to camp immediately he appears however to have patched himself up. that doesn't make sense he would only have had five seconds before passing out if he was not already unconscious. and another thing is he should have died from dehydration.
or eaten by wolves."

"weird but we don't have time lets get him back before more wolves come" said Alfred. and after a hop and a skip they where back home preparing for the next big thing to come.

Chapter six: The Meet

It was 3 days after returning Dougan the recent attacks against the city claimed no lives but it did however claim ammunition.  The team had formed a very close bond but Dougan was still asleep he was drinking and eating but would fall asleep instantly without giving any response to anything else what so ever.

"Alright" chief said clasping his hands together. "my team and I are masters in the art of combat you say it we know it all part of training for the job. But we don't have the means of acquiring a sword because you guys appear to hold them up high in value now why is that."

"well we can make you a sword but it will take long our main resource warehouse was captured by the ravaging beast's" Said Bede

"Have you guys ever tried to take it back." said Michael

"Yes many of times but it was such high value to the Ravaging beast's that they practically made it their Head quarters." Replied Bede

"So what is there." asked chief

"Well before we left there was Gold, Iron, copper, and this grainy powder stuff there was a ton of it but it didn't do much." said Alfred

"Wait was it black grainy and did you ever throw it in fire." said chief

"Well ya we tried but it explode- I se where you are going with this" said Bede

"Wait chief are you saying maybe we could blow this place up how would that help us." said Michael

"well first off its their head quarters right it would cripple their chain of command if there is any but who is stationed there, I bet the leader of Ravaging Beast's is if he treasures this prize so much lets take it from him lets cripple him a little bit. Do you have any gun powder here?" said chief

"Well not directly in the city but we dump it all outside on the other side of the walls." after taking a quick trip there and getting barrels full of gunpowder chief began to use his EOD skills to make some Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)

"alright I have enough ordnance to take down this place if we can strike quickly we could disorientate them maybe even get a shot a the big cheese but at all costs we must all come home together" after saying this they all nodded agreement. "alright we leave in Thirty minuets get ready." then everybody went to do their own thing but chief found him self walking a route he never took. Just then he bumped in to Felicia.

"Oh sorry I was clumsy" said chief stumbling backwards.

"its okay I was looking for you anyways," Felicia purred " we got wind of your operation and I have somebody who needs to talk to you before you go she is the leader of our clan and is very wise but do be careful she is quite frail." Just then they walked in a quick pace to a shack in the center of town. "she wishes to only speak with you, I will be out here waiting for your return" and just like that chief walked in. The place smelt of sweet perfumes and it was quite dark in this tent. there was a area of pillows and in the middle stood a very old hunched over woman. her fur was patchy some areas where missing and the rest of her fur was a very faded grey.

"I have been waiting for you, please take a seat I am Margret." she said in a very smooth voice. " I predicted your coming for five years"

"I'm not quite sure how to respond to that mam" said chief with a look of disbelief

" I know you doubt me but I can feel inside of you, I can feel your past." she said turning and looking at him. " I know that this High up person named Jerrell lied to you I know that you never had a sibling I know a lot." she replied

"How how did you know that." Stammered chief.

"I know many things, What color is your fur"

"I don't have fur, I'm human I thought you knew that" replied chief with a confused expression on his face.

"No you have it. its red like the rage on the inside yet its blue for the intelligence you will see one day but that is not what we are here for. I have a special way I want you to kill this Ravaging Beast." The subject change was so quick it threw chief off guard.

"Well mam that is very interesting I am a guest in your area for all you have done for me I guess I can do this for you how do you want it?"

"Take this its a poison, when the first of these attacks began he proclaimed it would be the only way to kill him, grant him this wish." as she was speaking she took out this necklace with a jar attached to it take it you will need it" Chief took the necklace and put it on

"I will follow your wish but why do you think that I have a fur" said chief quite confused.

"You will find out in do time" Replied Margret "now you must go your mission is approaching time. after that quite odd exchange chief stepped outside where Felicia was waiting.

"how did It go" purred Felicia

"well it was weird apparently I have a fur color now" replied chief giving a quite chuckle

"She does tend to communicate in mysterious ways, however your team is about to leave you should go now.

"I will see you later Felicia" Said chief as they parted ways.

Chapter seven: No man left behind

Chief walked into the war room that had a very detailed map in the center. around the table was a group of what chief assumed as generals. "alright My name Is Chief Master Sargent Murray I will be leading this operation I assume you have come here to be filled in on the plan." the generals all nodded in agreement "Alright the operation is gonna take here, I will have my squad starting and infiltrating the attack along with bravo and Charlie while Delta and Echo provide over watch for reinforcements and also provide suppressive fire with your bows. Alpha bravo and Charlie's callsign is Strike team Alpha this is the callsign I will use to get the entire group moving Delta and echo's callsign is going to be Strike team bravo. This makes it to where I can get the entire group to move faster. Anyway moving, on this area is going to be under some heavy fire after the bombs explode this place will be enveloped in flames that is a extra problem because of your fur. Also this is probably the most important. There is NO man LEFT behind. So alert your squads of this situation now. Any questions? no good we leave in five send your squad leaders to meet with me for a more in depth discussion." The generals nodded and left very quickly soon then four strong men came in "Alright here's the plan"

After telling the plan to all of the squads it was time to go chief stepped outside and saw that all of the squads where ready just then Bede stepped up.

"Chief scouts reported back saying that the walls had 15 archers on the walls surrounding the complex,  since we have two squads of eight archers we have them beat by one we are unaware how many wolves are on the inside."

"thanks Bede lets get into position. All squads lets move out. Just then Michael came up beside chief.

"Chief I only have so many rounds left but I got my knife sharpened how many magazines do you have."

"I have six clips five have 32 rounds the other that I have right now is a 100 round drum." after that Michael slowed down to the back of the group there was something about him Chief could feel his rage. He was worried ever since Cowell killed his brother lance was never the same. It was a long hike but they arrived in the area the place was in almost smack dab in the middle of the jungle.

"Alright alpha squad go around the back bravo and Charlie take the front wait until the explosion" chief whispered. after swinging around back chief looked at the wall there where two archers talking to each other. "psst Michael use the rifle make sure the silencer is tight" jus then without even giving a second glance two rounds fired dropping the archer instantly, and it appeared nobody noticed. "alright lets scale the wall" one by one they climbed over once chief stepped over he got a good view of the place there was two warehouses one was filled with only gunpowder and the other must have been the ores where stored. there was a number of wolves walking around and a lot of them concentrated in one building. "Michael you and Bede stay here don't fire unless you need to and watch that building I think we have our High Value Target (HVT) in there. if you see him take the shot, alright me and you Alfred lets go." after dropping and rolling chief instantly saw a problem he jumped down and there was no cover all the way over to the warehouse. "alright we need to move quick lets go" just then they ran about halfway through chief heard.

"HEY OVER THE-" and then a body fall off the wall. after that alarms started blaring and wolves started charging but where being picked off one by one in the horde heading towards them. they reached the warehouse and chief pulled out the explosive. "GET A HEADSTART HEAD FOR THE WALL" chief said, as Alfred nodded he heard Michael say

"Chief I'm out" the horde was still coming the first wolf reached chief just as he armed the charge the fuse had a 30 second delay that's not enough time, chief thought to himself as he shot the wolf and then unloaded his 100 round drum into the horde. Chief took off running as he spotted in the sky a shower of arrows coming down. and some found their targets but others completely missed it left the wolves in confusion. chief made it to the wall and braced and just as he braced the explosion happened throwing everybody off the walls and send a massive fireball destroying the first warehouses and half of the horde and the other warehouse while it rained fire and ash chief struggled to get up. some of the wolves died in the explosion but the rest where either on fire or regrouping for the counter attack. chief looked at Alfred who was on the ground. and picked him up he saw Alfred's mouth move but now words came out there was this terrible ringing noise from the explosion. chief stood up but he felt tired. there was something in his leg. he looked down and at first didn't see anything  but then he tried to walk and the pain was so unbearable that he fell but this time he saw it. It was a piece of shrapnel and as far as he could tell it was not inside but it was a deep cut. Bravo and Charlie had moved in but the remaining wolves had moved in and pushed them back there was just too many of them none of the wolves seemed to notice chief and Alfred on the wall. and then without warning Michael jumped down from the wall and started running. Then Just like magic Bede was next to him saying things to chief but chief couldn't hear bede was trying to wrap his wound but it he was not doing well. so shoving Bede aside and taking out the morphine in my kit I injected it I knew I would not be completely combat ready but at least it would dull the pain so I could move. it only took seconds to work but now a new situation came to light. The wolves after pushing them back where charging straight at the group. He saw this one wolf.. no it was no wolf it was a human a human who had been painted black with a teal face. he was giving orders and now he knew why Michael ran. he was going to kill Cowell. "BEDE GET ME UP" Chief screamed. it was weird talking without hearing yourself but chief did it none the less bede helped him up and said something that he could not understand his hearing was starting to come back but it was still ringing. "STAY HERE IM GOING TO GET MICHAEL" and then chief started to do a hobbling run over to the horde. but something beat him to eat it was the rain of arrows but these arrows where on fire! it cut off the wolves and it lit a good amount of them on fire just then what appeared to be left of bravo and Charlie. Chiefs hearing was back now and all he could hear was the "OORAH" of the warriors as they gave their last stand they took a lot with them but after being surrounded it was over.

(Michaels point of view) I'm gonna kill him he killed my brother I'm gonna kill him he is mine. Michael was right in front of him he never saw it coming he lunged at him only to discover that he had prepared for it because to wolves right above him pounced on Michael they where holding him down but nothing else.

"so the twin has come to get revenge, its a pity that wont happen in fact I think quite the opposite will happen. here's what is gonna happen you can either find some way to die within the next ten minuets or you will join our ranks" said Cowell

"Ill never join you and there is no way you can get me to" growled Michael

"oh we have our ways lance" just then two rounds hit the wolves on top of Michael. Michael breaking free took down Cowell and raised the knife up to stab him when Cowell jabbed a syringe right into Michaels chest. Just then chief showed up and grabbed Michael away from Cowell and raised his gun to shoot Cowell.

"You cant pull that trigger chief, I know you" said Cowell

"You would be surprised what I can do" just then chief squeezed the trigger and then time moved in slow motion there was a click of the hammer but that was it no round fired. and moving with lightning reflexes a wolf jumped on Chief and threw him on the ground with such force it knocked him unconscious. Michael as his vision started to fade he saw Cowell step over him.

"this is your fault and now you live with it, don't worry the syringe is only to knock you out but now that we have chief it appears we have a great new ally in the ranks. have a good night." and just like that Michael collapsed. the wolves and Cowell dragged chief away and all the wolves in the area abandoned base. Bede and Alfred chased after the wolves but lost track they returned to the burning base and saw that there was some of bravo and Charlie left alive but chief was gone and they had no where to start looking.   
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Re: The Rise and Fall of Team Hell Hounds (chapter six is now out)
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It's a bit long. Might take people 1-2 days to read it, so don't expect any quick replies.

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Hahaha I don't expect replies very quickly heck I didn't even expect this post to be able get posted :)
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Re: The Rise and Fall of Team Hell Hounds (chapter seven is now out)
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Chapter eight: The awakening

"Dougan, I need you to listen"
said a very feminine voice.

    "a lot has happened since you came to this world. but I cannot take care of you forever, listen a fellow soldier died and a similar one who looked just like him got taken back to my home I could not read the name on him like I could with you there.... there was nothing left for me to search. I'm telling you this because I know you can hear me you can hear everything but you cant see I have come into contact with that vine before now before you awake in the hospital I need you to give this to the nurse it will be in your front pocket."

Dougan woke up startled his blood pressure was rising and he observed the room he was in it was entirely made of wood but it was not regular wood it was as if it was a bundle of sticks and some light was creeping through. a few things ran through his mind. Okay its day because there is light. I'm strapped down I have no clue where I am my best bet is to sit and wait this one out.

After thinking this a few minuets past and a nurse came in but it was how the nurse looked that startled him. she appeared to be a blue rabbit. Dougan could feel his eyes widen and she even commented on it.

"its okay we are not going to hurt you but the restraints are for our own protection somebody will be with you shortly is there anything I can get you." she said in a sweet and calming voice.

When Dougan tried to speak his voice was very raspy and exerted no noise at first but after clearing his throat he said.

"I would like some water please." The nurse nodded and left. seconds later he heard the clicks of boots and a familiar face appeared. It was Michael he was in terrible shape he had a claw scrape across his face and he was pale as if he was sick. Dougan could tell he was crying but Dougan didn't know why until he felt the bump in his pocket. it was no dream it was some one or something telling him what had happened Dougan was faintly beginning to remember now. there was a crash. I fell and I had to use my chemical warfare kit. ya that's right but after that I passed out. how did I get here.

Michael came in and sat down in a wooden chair. the chair wiggled a little but did not break he sat there and stared for a few minuets and then laid his head in his hands and began to cry.

Dougan worked his arms until he was out of the restraints. they were not very secure and he got up and walked over and picked Dougan up and just hugged him. he knew about his brother but he could feel something else had happened.

"He is gone" said Michael as he sobbed.

"I know your brother is gone" replied Dougan now brushing off his uniform from some dust.

"no its its chief and its my fault." said Michael.

"What do you mean chief is gone tell me everything." Michael then explained the whole situation how they had recovered him from the helicopter and how chief had been taken by the Ravaging beasts.

"Michael its not your fault and we will get him back" Michael's head picked up slightly and he stopped crying. soon after Felicia walked in and began asking questions. but Dougan pulled out what was in his pocket. it was an earing with a little fox on it who was dancing.

"the person who was taking care of me wanted me to give this to somebody here." Felicia's face had a big smile and she hugged Dougan and exclaimed that that was her daughter who ran away when she was young. one of the generals a grey wolf ran in and exclaiming that they found where chief was being held.
For then he sat there and wept for there where no more worlds to conquer -Alexandre the great

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