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Rufure's First Fursuit (Project Journal)
« on: May 23, 2016, 10:08:59 pm »
Hello, everyone~ I just wanted to go ahead and start this project journal.

I have begun art/concept work for my first fursuit, as well as ordered fur swatches. I will be starting completely from scratch and with no prior experience in fursuiting, so wish me luck! Details of the project are as follows:

Character: Rufure
Species: Cat/Dragon (basically a stylized cat with a dragon/sergal-ish tail)
Style: Kemono
Color Scheme: Light Brown/Dark Brown/Cream/Mint
Leg Style: Digitigrade
Completion Goal: Kemocon 9 - 11/19/2016

Kemono Style:
I want a tail sort of like this!! I love the way it moves:

I have always loved kemono-style fursuits--they are what got me really interested in the furry scene to begin with. I think I have a pretty good understanding of how to construct most of the suit, and I'll be ordering a few parts such as teeth, claws, and paw pads from Dream Vision Creations.

Below you can see a drafted reference of Rufure, and a version with my notes. His colors/markings are not finalized quite yet (if you've been in my art thread you'll see that his design is constantly changing ^ ^'), but his shape is, so I can go ahead and do the foam work. I'll be updating this first post, and also posting my progress. (no notes) (with notes)

(Please excuse the rushed linework and bad anatomy. This is more a marking reference than a shape reference.)

And finally, here is a list of tasks (not necessarily in order of completion) that I'll update as I go along:

- duct tape dummy
- design completion
- head base construction
- head foaming
- eye creation
- pre-fur part installation
- digitigrade foaming
- paw foaming
- tail foaming
- furring the head
- furring partial parts (paws, tail)
- fullsuit construction
- airbrushing

I plan to make a duct tape dummy of myself (with the help of my friend, of course) tomorrow, and start on the head as soon as I get my hands on some foam. If you have any advice/comments/questions, please don't hesitate to post them here! The purpose of this project journal is to keep track of things, and also get as much feedback as I can.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck~
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