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Using Furtopia Web Hosting
« on: December 27, 2020, 02:45:28 am »
Since around 2010 I've seen a number of good furry story repositories drop off the internet. In fact, only one currently curated, furry, non-erotic repository remains (that I know of),, the posterity of the venerable Transformation Story Archive. Fur Rag, Raccoon's Bookshelf, Furlisophical, Anthro Archives, Mia's Index, and the like are all long gone. While there are a number of curated amateur fiction sites around all but one are non-furry and nearly are all erotic in nature (and therefor I will not be naming any of them).

And yes, I am aware that there are uncurated furry story repositories (SoFurry, FA, etc). The problem there is that a) One must slog through a lot of smut and garbage to find anything decent, b) You are relying on the person uploading the story to have tagged it appropriately, which may or may not have happened, c) With the exception of So Furry, an abysmal reading format (like downloading a file and then finding and opening it).

Now that Furtopia hosting has restarted, I'm toying with the idea of building a repository of good amateur furry fiction that might deal with some adult topics/scenes but not be adult in nature (like struggling with addiction and it's ramifications vs glorifying drug use). I would be getting explicit, written permission from the authors I uploaded, tagging and segregating stories by content rating, and have the stories viewable as simple html (might have them available as something like .rtf, but dunno what would be involved with that).

Is this something Furtopia would be ok with? What concerns do staff see that would need to be addressed?
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