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Lucid Dreaming
« Reply #75 on: October 04, 2005, 12:39:28 pm »
I've been keeping an intermittent log of dreams for two years now.

Something about the construction of my bedroom first:
THe bed itself is half of a bunk-bed. The room's tiny, so it's set-up like a stateroom on a submarine. The bed's five veet off the floor with my PC, a dresser and a chair underneath. The dresser's at the head of the bed (under, rather), with my alarm clock, subwoofer and dream-log on it.

Since I usually wake during a dream, I'll grab the journal from immediately below my head (about two feet straight down) and scrawl whatever I can remember. Since this happens in near pitch-black, I usually have to interpret my own handwriting as soon as I finally wake-up all the way, once it starts getting light outside (usually around 0500-0600hrs.).

So far, I've collected quite an amassment of my own subconscious. Every time I read through it again, I get that feathers-standing-on-end feeling; my dreams are distinctly bizarre, especially going into saturday morning.
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Lucid Dreaming
« Reply #76 on: October 12, 2005, 02:12:48 pm »
As a child I was very good at lucid dreaming. All I had too do was use my imagination and imagine what i wanted too dream about and keep this up untill I fell asleep.  The imagining and dreaming sorta merged and I could not tell when I was sleeping or awake but i could fully controll both.  it was great fun too go too school as a lion and scare everyone, or fly over a lake as an osprey.  Unfortunatly I seem to have lost this ability, and now can seldom even remember dreaming let alone controll them. Perhaps finaly admiting to myself that im a fur will help too reinvigorate my now dead imagination and allow me once again to romp through the forest as a wolf, or swim through the  emerald ocean in search of fish as a orca.........
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