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My Real Life Story Of Finding The Fandom
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:44:29 pm »
it started in high school(freshman year)
i was taking my first art class
my teacher than was very leanient 
he passed me even if i didnt stay on assinment
so all i did was write
with sketches
they were all about shapeshifting
cause all i though about was.... well becoming an animal
didnt care what just wanted it
so ..
skip ahead to my first job
i finnally got the money to acctually draw on paper
after a while my pics started to look like what they were supossed to
i started making fursonas(they changed on a regular)
i learned what a fursona was on youtube but not the fandom yet
after maybe a year (around my junior year)
i left school
not intending to go back
bullying and blah blah
after i droped out of school
like right after i went to a GED school(still at X3)
it was mosty online for the tutoring
so i strayed to google alot
well everything was blocked
so i was looking for a site that wasnt
i found squido after a while
they had an extensive definition of furry
(note i did not find an inch of the bad furry content)
no naughty stuff just rumor  :P (im not looking)
so thats where i found the fandom and after a bit longer
i found furtopia
note is not blocked by school computers
and in that time ive had 30 or more fursonas
the end X3

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Re: My Real Life Story Of Finding The Fandom
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 03:50:34 pm »
Thats a great story that made me smile, though it was sad :( im glad your in the fandom now ^.^ we discovered furries about the same time too. if you don't mind i have a story to keep it going.

Well in about... 7th grade? i got my first psp which was my first gaming system that i owned personally so i loved it and i still have the exact same one to this day 6years later and it works ^.^ personally im surprised by that. But Anyways! i got socom 1 with it and i played it all the time, and for a while i kept trying to figure out how to get online but i didnt know how. and at this time i had very little experience with anyone computer or technology wise because my dad is against alot of it or atleast was. finally the day came when i figured out how and i had socom 2, so i played it online. almost instantly i fell in love and gave my whole life to this game. for 2years i played more on my psp than i have ever wasted my time on. i wanted to know everything i could about the game. once we finally got a new computer and decent internet i started to become interested in anything computer wise. i wanted to know how to make programs, make games everything. well in 9th grade i finally got my psp hacked from a friend, so i was always looking for psp sites. one day i came across someone who changed my life >.> we played alittle bit, just me and him and his sister. turns out he had a site and i went to it and for some reason i ended up falling for this guy. now i was completely straight at the time, but he was cool to talk to, and i was super jelous of everything he knew because he was always making programs. i eventually found out he was, and still is, a furry. for a long time i had no idea what this was, but because i wanted to get to know him and have him teach me everything he knew i looked into furries. for a good month i looked everywhere i could trying to figure out exactly what a furry was... i don't know if others were qutie sure "how" to be a furry more than "what" one is. and so in about 10th grade i discovered furries, and i found my first gay crush on him, so i figured out a new thing i enjoy and love... FURRIES :D but i also discovered im quite bisexual, more gay and because of him i met my first love who was a guy. but this is how i learned of the fandom

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