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Hi everyone!  I'm Mylo, an arctic fox.  I've been on Furtopia since 2010, which after lurking for a few months I considered to be a one-of-a-kind community among not only the furry fandom, but among so many other forums and websites I've visited.  I love this place, and now that the staff has appointed me as a watcher, I feel like I can finally contribute back to the well-being and sustainability of Furtopia as a community.  :)

I like to draw, write, photograph, make electronic music...pretty much anything art-related.  But I'm also fascinated with computers, electronics, people, consumerism, minimalism, world cultures (especially East Asia, including and especially Japan, which is why you'll occasionally see me writing in what little of the language I know), and anything to do with movies.  I am currently in college studying mechanical engineering.

Perhaps I'll add more to this thread later.  For now, if you all want to ask me anything about (most) anything, feel free to do so!

woah!  :o  That's cool, you're a watcher now! :D Congratulations, Mylo.

Congrats Mylo! *bro paw* that's so boss your part of staff now :D


--- Quote from: Jet on August 18, 2012, 11:45:55 pm ---woah!  :o  That's cool, you're a watcher now! :D Congratulations, Mylo.

--- End quote ---

And now, I am watching you. o.o  That's right Jet.  YOU.

Are you!?  O_o


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