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Re: [Loc] Kimba the Malamute
« Reply #200 on: October 04, 2018, 05:31:23 am »

According to her chip, today is Kimba's birthday. She's 7. We've had her for three months. In theory, we are due for a home checkup from the shelter any day now.

She's settling in well. Training is ongoing - she will get into cars happily, she loves to get in them. But will cry and whine when she's secured in or we start to move. She is still anxious to go new places that are outside, and taking her for walks involves going the route she knows and loves, and then adding a small amount on to the end to gently push her limits. She doesn't like being left alone, but will deal with it for an hour or two. She and I have fallen into a morning and early afternoon routine, which suits both of us fine for the time being.

Excuse her wonky smooshed headfluff in that picture, she had been lying across my laptop.

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