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3 mass shootings in one week!

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cause the rat:
Told ya so.
"GOP lawmaker blames shootings on Obama, 'fatherlessness' and 'drag queen advocates'"

These people are not cold in the ground yet and republicans are already lying. 


Old Rabbit:
Trump is always claiming he is better than any other president,
but the only thing he does is act like a big shot at his rally's,
lie, and cheat at golf.

The sooner he is out of the White House, the better off we all
will be. The only thing Trump should be doing is cleaning out
stalls at a race track.

It's so sad we have to see so much violence, when in this day
and age people should be save and secure. Not burying their
loved ones.

There is no perfect solution, but people don't need military type
weapons to defend their families. I know it's a free  country, but
we should make the same requirements to operate all dangerous
equipment. Be it firearms, cars, trucks, or anything else that can
cause serious injury to the user or the innocent. If people are
 caught in possession of such equipment while drunk or in the
influence of drugs, they should be treated the same as drunk
driver are.

cause the rat:
Trump isn't the problem. he's the result of a problem.

Jade Sinapu:

--- Quote from: Kobuk on August 04, 2019, 07:59:50 pm ---This was the gun used by the shooter in Dayton, Ohio.


--- End quote ---
I would call that image of the weapon and huge magazine... "over kill".  I do not know of a legitimate use for it in civilian life.
Even if it were used at a shooting range... heck.. with that many bullets you will hit the bullseye once just by random chance.  Doesn't mean you are any good or have any skill.  Anyone can spray lead long enough at a target to shred it.  Now hit the bullseye with one shot from 1/2 mile away in variable winds, ya you are something.

In a war zone, this machine may have use, yet it will be used by skilled people too.

My words to the mass killers out there...(none in Furtopia I bet)
The kind of people who go on killing sprees are total losers.  And that is coming from a loser. I mean, if you can't get a date, yeah that is sad I feel for ya.  If your looks are bad, yeah I get it.  If you are socially awkward, well I am worse.  And if you are unemployed, so am I.  But doesn't mean you can go take it out on others.  Whatever your issues, don't cause others to suffer for them. If you need help, ask for it.  You might be surprised who helps.

The kind of people who do these things are also the kind who can't  (or refuse to ) cry at scenes like in Disney's Fox and Hound where Mrs Tweed sends Tod off to the woods.  Now if that doesn't get you crying, you may be unable to feel empathy and sympathy.

Our country will not discuss and address mental health.  At DenFur, I was glad to hear it talked about!  And the fur community was very loving and kind.  I feel that us furs, if we were in the right place, could have changed the shooter into a better person just by being role models.

It is amazing how ones aches and pains, as well as failings and self doubt all dissolve when you know someone cares.
Yet it is hard to be loved when you are full of hate.

--- Quote from: charcoal on August 05, 2019, 12:03:40 pm ---This is why say ban assault weapons to many imature idiots can get em too easy. I'm getting sick of seeing people bringing 30 round banana mags to hunt you only one bullet and these kids think because they play cod they can shoot I'm getting sick of it next time I see an ar15 or an ak I'll put em in the dirt and smash there guns its a privalige to own a gun not a right I'm done ranting I'll go cry

--- End quote ---

Charcoal sounds like you are a smart and responsible gun owner.  Ya it sucks when others ruin things for the rest. 

With great freedom comes great responsibility. 

Seems our country is forgetting to teach responsibility.
(people hate rules.  i had a neighbor who routinely trespassed by my windows so close I could reach out and grab him.  I talked to the father of the trespasser, and the father told me "we do not believe in rules, they are too restrictive to the soul".  I then told him to tell that to the cops, that i was going to restrict his soul till it screamed!)

America has gotten into a rut of believing that we all can just get what ever the heck we want , however we want it.  No one is teaching responsibility and being an adult.
Too many people are underdeveloped as a human, and just think it OK to take take take, and never give. 


Some good comments there, Jade. Well said. ;)

--- Quote from: cause the rat on August 06, 2019, 01:04:23 am ---Told ya so.
"GOP lawmaker blames shootings on Obama, 'fatherlessness' and 'drag queen advocates'"

These people are not cold in the ground yet and republicans are already lying. 


--- End quote ---

Haha! What a joke.  :D If that Repub lawmaker were in Wisconsin, I'd quickly vote her out of office.  :D
In my opinion, there is no single source for gun violence. People and organizations can make studies and spend money till their heart's content to try and find some sort of unifying theme or cause. But they will never find it because gun violence is a "combination" of various factors.


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