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First all female space walk.

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Old Rabbit:
Two female astronauts are doing a spacewalk to repair part of the
power system of the space station. This is a first for women in
space. A proud moment for all women.  Girls of all ages should
see this as proof women can do as well as men. Yet women are
often paid less for doing the same job as men. I imagine the
excuse has been men are the bread winners, but this needs
\to change.

I say more power to all women, for without them
none of us would be here.

Jade Sinapu:
I completely agree Old Rabbit!

I have always seen life through wolf eyes.  What I mean is that in a wolf pack, both alpha female and alpha male have essentially same duties, same responsibilities, and same capability.  Both are needed to make things work.  They are equals.  Only biological differences needed for reproduction. Otherwise all else same. 

What if one person in a relationship is injured and needs to rely on the other?  If both get paid same for their work, seems fair.  But if one gets paid 30% less for same work, a family could fail or have harder times.

And even if there is no relationship/family/children involved.  Women should get same as men regardless.
I have always seen female/male as equal. And I wish others did too.
I am not in the business of marginalizing someone for any reason.  It is so stupid to say, "hey you are female, you get less".  As if she could control how she was born...
It is just discrimination.

I am glad to hear there is an all female space walk!  Yeah, I feel left out in a way, but hurray for them! 
Besides an empowered person is often a happy person.   :)

So when will NASA have the first all furry space walk?

Jade Sinapu:
I'm in! No space suit needed!


--- Quote from: Jade Sinapu on October 18, 2019, 11:55:10 pm ---I'm in! No space suit needed!

--- End quote ---

There's no oxygen in space, Jade. But since you're so eager to be the first furry in space.............pushes you out an airlock, minus air tanks and suit.  :D


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