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Notre Dame in flames

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The cathedral at Notre Dame caught fire on Monday evening. The spire of the cathedral, which was built in the 13th century and attracts millions of visitors a year, has collapsed and the roof is mostly, if not totally, gone. There are ongoing efforts to save the rest of the cathedral.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but may have been caused by renovations which had been taking place.

I've been watching the news on this. So very sad to see and hear about this.  :'( You're probably right as it could have been the renovations which may have started the fire somehow. But it'll be a long investigation before we really know what started it. It's a very sad day when a culturaly significant piece of history and an iconic monument go up in flames. I can only hope that the cathedral may be able to be rebuilt.

Two-thirds of the roof is gone, but the fire is considered to be cooling off and both towers of the cathedral are thought to be safe.


Jade Sinapu:
A lot of places today will never be built like that! Sad to see it burn.
Let me guess a lot of stained glass, paintings  woodwork, all lost.


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