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Oregon Fish and wildlife kills bobcat kitten found in school.

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A second one was found in the school as well and is thought to be the sibling. They're thinking of either releasing/rehabilitating it or killing it too.They claimed the first kitten was a "threat" by not behaving "normally."  How is a baby a threat? If it's orphaned then raise it adulthood, teach it to hunt then release it. Don't just kill a kitten. I think I hate them now.

Anyway any of you guys hear about it? And do you feel like doing something about it? Also do you think they'll kill the second one?
I'm going to make bobcat ocs in honor of them.
I think they will, they're hoping the kitten has something wrong with it.
I want to call them out on their BS but don't know how.

Old Rabbit:
It's apparent the officials didn't want to take the responsibility to
have the animal checked by a qualified vet. This is common
among many government officials. They want to take the
easy way out.

I would say start a Facebook page, twitter or anyplace online, if
you can get pictures post them as well. It's public pressure that
works the best.  Be sure to get permission if you don't own the
photo's you might want to use. Even if it's out of a news paper.

Jade Sinapu:
I did not hear about this.  And it hurts me to know of it.  But I think that this is why some of us are here on planet earth.  To care.
I can see you care a lot.  And you make up for those who don't care about animals.  Even if you can't achieve your objective, at least you are never going to do what they did!

A whole lot of people love animals.  Not just furries.  America is full of animal lovers.  My good friend from Vietnam still can't understand why I would WANT 2 dogs in my house!  He can't have a fish in his house, in a tank.  What I am saying is, oh heck yeah, our country is animal crazy!  And those government people should have remembered that before screwing up in public with their decision.

I think that Old Rabbit has some good suggestions. Start there is what I say.

If you have a big online presence and photos of the kittens, facts from reputable source showing how they can be rehabilitated, and facts that show the people did essentially nothing to help the animals, then I bet a whole lot of the public would be VERY interested in speaking up.  Maybe this is nothing more than a Facebook site that summarizes public info with links to the references.  (Save a local copy of the documents, in case they get deleted from internet...)

What ever you do, I would say just use facts, be legal, be safe.  Don't lie about anything.  Have references in case some one calls you out on something.  Use emotion carefully.  Cute photos of the animals or ones like it (don't lie to public), bad images of what happened to the other, etc...

Think about how PETA and ASPCA commercials are... very emotional.  they make me cry and take notice.  But they are legal, and carefully done.

I have NEVER been bitten by, stalked by, or suffered because of any wildlife.  People here think Coyotes are totally disease ridden, dangerous, scary, aggressive.  I can say that all of that is total BS.  I would imagine that for the most part, bobcats are also essentially like most other wildlife.  Harmless unless they are attacked/threatened.

Best of luck to you.


Do we know if the second kitten was killed or not?


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