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Storm Area 51........NOT!

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The level of stupidity of the human species never ceases to amaze me.  >:(  I've read so much about Area 51 over the years that there's no way in hell anybody is getting in there. Regardless of whether this "Storm Area 51" event is real or a joke, you can be sure our military is watching and waiting to arrest anybody who dares cross the test range border. The guards are deadly serious. There's a reason why the border fence signs say "Use of Deadly Force Authorized.". THEY MEAN IT!
Total idiots for anybody who actually believes in this event and takes part in it. I hope they fail.

cause the rat:
Natures way of weeding out the dumb ones.  :D

I had to laugh when I saw this.  :D Somebody drew a map and included furries (Lighter shade of pink/lavendar.) to take part in the event.  :D

Most of it is just meme content I doubt any of it is serious


--- Quote from: Amducious on July 15, 2019, 04:30:46 pm ---Most of it is just meme content I doubt any of it is serious

--- End quote ---

It may just be a joke meme, but I've read plenty of posts on FB where some people are actually taking this seriously.  :o For their safety, I wish they wouldn't. Even if people do try and cross the test range border, I'm willing to bet the guards won't use deadly force if they can help it. Most of the time, they'll try and catch the intruders and hold them till other authorities can properly process and prosecute the trespassers. The guards and the military wouldn't want to create any "political fallout" if there were any unforeseen deaths that raise the spotlight even more on Area 51 and the activities there.


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