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The GOP and the Clintons
« on: October 29, 2016, 12:45:11 pm »
I think it's sad that the GOP will stop at nothing to keep H Clinton from being

I admit she likes lots of money.  So does Trump.
She likes power. So does Trump.

The big difference is the GOP hates Clinton. It mostly started when she was First Lady.
She had the Gall to try to get single payer health care for the people of this country. Just
like practically every other country in the world has.

The Insurance industyy, the medical industry and others involved int health
care immedicatly began running down the idea. They were afraid they might have to
really halp sick people at a reasonable price.  So they all called their friends in congress
to stop Clinton. They put ads on tv misleading the public about single payer health care.
Obama did manage to get the ACA through congress, but with compromises that threaten
destror it. Instead of working to make it better the GOP only wants to get rid of it.

Then we can go back to the days when there will be lifetime limits on the cost of your
care. If you have an existing ailment you will have to pay a huge premium if you can
get insurance at all. How does $1500,00 a month sound to you? Seniors and others will
loose preventative care programs. The GOP claims they will replace it with a better
program, but if that's true why haven't they done it already.  Ted Kennedy work with
congress for years trying to get good health care with no success.. Clinton did manage
to get child health care passed in the 1990's, but had to fight the GOP to get it.

The GOP knows that Clinton knows how to work her way through the law making process,
and can be very successful at it. So they don't want her to have any seat of power.

So for the last 20 years or more they have used every leagle trick trying to make her look
like the devil himself. To make hur unelectable. They hate her and they fear her.

I am not a big fan of Clinton, but I don't want Trump to win. He will not create good jobs
perhaps none at all. He only wants to be president to make money and the office of th
president will give him a way to make alot of money. Look at the Clintons if you doubt

I also don't like how the GOP misleads people. Or works to limit voting, or waste tax
dollars on vendettas that has nothing to do with security.

People say they want change. The only way that will happen is if you put people in
the legislature who will work for change, not sit on their hands crying foul every time
they loose. Not those who say no to compromise. The GOP used to believe in working
accross the isle. To compromise with their opponents for the good of the country.

Many of those in the GOP only want to privatize everything. Let the public care for the
sick, the poor, the vulnerable of our country. Why, because if the government does it
they might have raise taxes on their rich friends.

Smaller government is good, but not at the price of forgetting those people who need
the protection of government. There are too many greedy people to leave it to the
private sector alone. People who want to lower minimum wage. Trump said we should
lower it too. To remove safety standards that protect workers from employers who only
think of the bottom line.

Conservatisim is fine, free interprise is fine, a bit of socialism is needed, but not too
much as it can slow growth. The liberal left have good ideas. The legislature
should comprimise, if something doesn't work fix it, The GOP says government
programs like food stamps and unemployment pay just makes people dependant.
That can happen, but if someone is being helped, require them to do a little something
in return. Most people want to be self sufficient, but it takes help to get there when you
have nothing but the clothes on your back..

The GOP claims to be about making jobs for people, Lower taxes and regulations will
generate jobs. If it wa s perfect world it might be true, but greedy people ruin it so
government is needed to stop them. In the late 1880's a few people gained power
through industry. As they grew richer, they looked down on the workers as being
expendable. Just like machines to be discarded when they couldn't do the work.
The  government had to step in to place controls, destroy monopoly's who were
increasing prices with no competition. Take away the regulations and controls and
the monopoly's will return, and Trump would be leading the pack.

No party or person is perfect, but when one uses dirty tricks and wastes tax dollars
trying to destroy someone, it's time to take their power away.. Here is a story the GOP
is pushing now below. It was against FBI procedures to releast current investigations
before they sift through the evidence.

I think those in government know the GOP will land on the neck of anyone who supports
or gives Clinton the benifit of the doubt. Last summer the GOP gave the head of the FBI
a hard time for not calling for an indictment of Clinton. I am sure he knew they would
have gone nuts if he hadn't told them about the new email search before the election.

Though the GOP and Trump is making a big deal out of it. It's mostly just noise as the emails
were on a laptop that wasn't even Clintons. Most likely duplicates of ones the FBI has looked
at already. I think if the GOP had their way the FBI would go after anyone who ever sent
or got a email from Clinton period.
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