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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #125 on: March 17, 2017, 10:08:30 am »
Trump day 56   
Our man Trump floated his new budget today.

Money for
A wall between us and Mexico.
The Military. I wonder if Trump is planning a war? I
hear the military is buying large amounts of munitions.
cuts in taxes
giving Trump the life style he is used to.

To name a few.

To the state department
To the EPA
To the police
To the humanities
To the arts
to NPR
To food for the elderly.
To aid to the poor in general.
To health care for women.

To name a few.

Now I am sure some will agree with all this, but to
allow the elderly and children to go hungry so Trump
can fly to Florida to play golf, and protect his Tower
in New York , not counting big tax cuts for the rich, is
terrible. There are GOP members who think this is fine.
To say "I grew up poor and made it on my own." Well
some people win the lottery too. If everyone was a hot
shot go getter, there wouldn't be enough jobs for them.
Not even part time dirty jobs they might have worked
hard at to get ahead. They probably didn't have a fire or
got sick. Or lost a job when they really needed it. It's a
fact of life some people fall into poverty, and need help.

The GOP always complains that government help makes
people lazy. Most people want to make their own way. It's
called pride. I admit there are a few lazy bums in society,
but to punish everyone because of a few is wrong. Government
could save money by being more efficient.

The way it is it's hard to fire a person from a government job. Even
if they do poor work. A friend of mine who worked in government
as an administrator told me he had a secretary who spent more
time filing her fingernails than working. After several warnings he
fired her. She tried to say it was his fault not hers. I don't remember 
how it came out, but this kind of thing costs us all.

As long as people are willing to try we should be willing
to help them. If not we need to find a way to get them to
work to help them selves. Those who are not able should be 
helped anyway. Sometimes the State and local people can do
a better job of helping, but not always like the GOP likes to

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #126 on: March 18, 2017, 09:03:31 am »
Trump day 57
Our man Trump is the biggest waster of tax payer dollars ever.
To maintain his lavish life style the governemtn has spent almost
20 million dollars since he took office. The GOP is fine with it and
even try to claim Obama spent more on his travels. This lie is a
good enough reason alone to kick the bums out.

Trump is in Florida again. Costing the locals thousands of dollars for
security and loss of business. He claims it's a working weekend. Well
he could work in Washington DC.

A link to show comparison spending with Obama.

Trump and the GOP have the gall to cut food programs for the poor
and elederly that cost much less than Trumps personal travels.

His last ralley in Tennessee had 2700 protesters
out side the convention center he was in, and kept
out all but those who support him. This is a man who
represents the people? I think not.

Trump is still claiming his Tower was wire tapped. Even to
claim Obama asked the Britsh to do it. How far will Trump go
trying to cover a stupid tweet. To attack friends is wrong. I
think blaiming England is ridiculous. I personally apologize
to our British friends even if Trump doesn't have the decentcy
to do his self.

Trump apparently informed North Korea they were to discontinue 
their weopons program to attack the south or the US. Even if we
have to use force. The only real change is to say we leave all
options on the table to prevent an attack. Unless Trump has in
mind to do a premeptive attack to destroy a missle that could
deliver an atomic weopon. One could say this would be to prevent
war, but who can say what response it would cause. China is a
already defending the North Korean dictator and complaining about
the anti missle system we have sent South Korea.

Trump had a meeting with a dozen GOP house members. He then
claimed he changed their minds on the new health plan from a
no to a yes. Did he threaten to try to cost them their election
next year?  Who can say, but some of them said the would only
change their vote if the plan was amended to their liking. If
you don't like the plan now I am sure you wouldn't l ike the
amendments they would like.  They just want to get rid of
the ACA. No replacement.

Our friendly GOP is still working to rid the country of the
ACA even if it hurts the working poor. Why? because the voters
said to. That's their excuse. They are still cliaming the ACA
is failing, but the experts say it's doing well, and would
still be better than the GOP Plan.

What they should be doing is fixing it. They complain about
helping lazy people with welfare. Instead they want to give
welfare to the super rich. The poor will get poorer and the
rich will get richer. Every body shout. "Yes master" Because
thats where we are headed. In the past the rich enslaved the
poor, and it could happen again. Not tomarrow of course, but
in the future if we don't change it.

How long will people support the GOP and their far right activities.
The far right claims the immigrants will take over the country if we
don't keep them out. I have heard this kind of thing for years by the
far right. It's nothing more than a bunch of people who want to keep
the country for "White Christian People." and no one else. I wish there
was another land mass these people could go, and set up their muitual
admiration society. Then the rest of the world could ignore them all.

Holland voted down a far right populace politician for a leader. This is a
win for all people. It was a disappointment for the far right.  I hope they have many
more disappointments. Turns out Trump is having an effect on people around
the world. Showing others what having a far right leader is all about. Many are
deciding they don't want it after all. France is having an election soon, and the
far right person who is running there is loosing support since Trump has been
in office.

The Dutch had a 82% turn out to vote. We do well to get 60% I think it's time
we get out and vote. If we did perhaps our politicians would care more about
their voters. Instead of running a welfare system for the rich.

Not much to say. They are pushing for investigations about Trump and the Russians.
Since they are a minority in congress they can only pressure the GOP to do the right
thing, and hold Trump and his Cabinet accountable.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #127 on: March 19, 2017, 09:29:34 am »
Trump day 58
Our man Trump said he was going to be a full time president. Well instead of
staying in the White House sticking to business as president. He goes to
Florida about every weekend. A weekly vacation so to speak. I guess it's
normal if your a billionaire to go south for the weekend.  He claims he is
doing government business while there. But I think the $3.6 millon it casts
for each trip could be spent better elsewhere.

Also his wife is living in Trump Tower which costs the government millions
to protect. Why? So his kid can finish his school year.  I say send them to
washingto DC, and give the kid a tutor.  I mean lots of kids across the nation
have to change schools because their parents have to move for one reason or
another.  Trump should set a good example instead of acting like he and his
family should have special privileges. I suppose a billionaires kid might be
damaged mentally if he was treated like a normal kid.

Trump still claims Obama tapped his Tower. Trump just can't admit he is
wrong about anything. Even if he makes a mistake in judgment. I guess
he thinks it makes him look weak. Well it hurts his credibility as president.
When can we believe anything he says?

Now Trump is out acting like he is campaigning again. I have heard the GOP
is paying the costs as they should be. I watched some of a speech he made
at one stop. Sounded just like the old Trump. Blaiming and promising to
fix everything. "It's all easy to fix if congress supports me."  Well he has
had almost 2 months, and all he has done is ....

make a few executive orders. The  Travel ban was writting so bad the courts
rejected it. and his replacement isn't any better.

Another order was to make it harder for people to get a loan to buy a house.

He signed a law that allows mentally ill people to  have guns.

A budget that increases the national debt even though he campaigned he
would reduce the debt.

He supports a health plan that will leave 14 million people without health
insurance next year. 26 milling in the next 10 years.

I could go on, but personally I don't think our man Trump is doing a good
job. His cabinet is full of his Billionair friends. The State Department is in
disarray. The Atterney General is suspect of being involved with the russians.
Trump is suspect of being involved with the Russians.

I think it's high time the Congress should do it's duty and start impeachment
on a president who has violated his oath of office several times.
Only Time will tell.

Our friendly GOP is starting hearings on the Russian connection as well as
Trumps wire tapping claim on the 20th of march. The director of the FBI is
supposed to testify, but he has been known to refuse to answer on grounds
there is an investigation in work. The democrats will try to pressure the GOP
chairman to pursue a strong investigation, but I wonder how willing they are
to possibly show Trump in a bad light. Or guilty of accepting russian help to
get elected.
Only time will tell.

In a few days the GOP will have a vote for their replacement health plan.
They run the risk of it passing in the house, but loosing in the Senate. If
this happens house members will be at risk for voting for a failed plan. A
plan that will harm millions. So in 2018 there will be primaries with
tough questions. So I don't think they want to be tied to a bad bill that
ends up failing to pass.

If you are getting health care with the ACA medicade expansion I would
suggest conteacting your congress man or woman to let them know
how you feel about the new plan. If it passes you may find yourself unable
to afford health insurance that will pay the costs next year.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #128 on: March 20, 2017, 09:37:34 am »
Trump day 59
Trump complains about immigrants from latin america, but the number of
peaple from latin amerca went down by one million last year. But people
from asia, like China, and Melaysia, and others are staying here without
visa's or illegally. It's time we asked Trump and the GOP why they aren't
exporting these people as well as illegal Hispanics.

I think it's time for the GOP and Democrats to sit down and work out
a health plan for all americans. Canada offers care for all at a lower
cost for Canadians than we Americans pay. They end up with better care
with preventative care. A plan like this would work for all encluding
veterans, elderly, young, poor, and even the Rich. Of course there could
be private hospitals only for the rich just like there are nursing homes
that only the rich can afford..

Sometimes I think the reason the Rich don't want to guarantee health
care is so they won't have to share a hospital room with a poor person
much less a minority. I think some of them would just as soon the elderly
and sick would just die and get it done with. Unless of course it's one of
them. I understand Trump is scared of getting sick, and dieing. Many
rich people hunt down special treatments that could extend their lives.

It's normal to fear dieing, but most of us don't have the resources to get
the care that might help us live longer. I am not saying all rich people are
uncaring slobs. But it seems to go along with the territory. Even the Christian
Bible gives a rich man little hope for salvation. I guess that's why some of
them start setting up foundations trying to prove they really care.

It's time the GOP gets off their political backsides  and get this done so
we can move on to other things like drug abuse, repairing bridges. We
don't need boarder walls. If the government would enforce laws against
hiring illegal aliens the immigration problem would solve it's self.

The GOP is wanting to make people work to get medicaide. That's all
well and good if these people can find a job. Or have a way to get to
the job. Poor people often don't have vehicles, or even a place to live.
Or child care so they can work. So finding or getting a job without an
address or a car is often not possible.

If the GOP wants this so bad, then provide jobs for these people to do.
Even if it's just picking up trash. Or running  errands for the elderly It's 
still a way to show they want to help them selves. And those trying to
avoid doing work wouldn't have a good excuse for not finding a job.

There are many ways to deal with welfare cheats without going to 
extreme measures. Insurance companies investigate people for
fraud, the government could pay private investigators instead of 
having government workers doing it. That way if one started reporting
people improperly they could stop hiring them. I would rather not see
this, but it's better than letting people go hungry or going without health

The GOP wants everying privatized. That's all well and good, but when it
comes to giving aid, or other things they don't have a direct interest in. People
often grow tired of handing out money. Where as the government can appropriate 
money for the purpose. The money still comes from the people, but they don't
have to think about it. One GOP member was saying a person not making much
probably doesn't want their tax going to pay for the Arts, or PBS. But that same
congress man defended Trumps weekly trips to Florida, and that person shouldn't
mind helping pay for that. Good thing he didn't ask me.  :P

I hope the Democrats say NO to everything that causes harm to the working poor, 
and the country. They ought to lock Trump in the White House unless he has some
government work to take care of. Obama spent less than a 100 million on personal
travel over his 8 year term in office. Trump will hit 100 million in 6 months if you
count all the money spent for personal travel, protecting his properties and family.

Trump is a bigger risk to national security than the immagrants he wants to kick out.
I wish the Congress would impeach him before he starts a war we all may regret.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #129 on: March 21, 2017, 09:37:12 am »
Trump day 60
Our man Trump still claims his campaign was tapped even though
the FBI, and the Justice department both say there is no evidence
to support his tweets. The GOP is still brown nosing Trump. They
constantly make excuses for him even though they know it's wrong.
Trump just can't admit being wrong about anything. It goes against
his way of thinking. He feels it is weak to do so.

His Press secretary in the White House has the brownest nose of all. Not
counting Trumps spin gal Kelly. He ought to resign. He might think it's
a good job, but I think he will find it hard to get a job outside
the far right in the future.

Trump's downfall will likely be due to a cover up more than an actual
breakage of a law. After all few really rich people ever go to jail.
Un like regular people who go to jail for petty crimes.

Trump is saying those in his campaign who talked to the Russians were
just temporary volunteers for his campaign. Evidence shows otherwise.
So he continues trying to lie his way out of trouble.

The GOP health plan, continuing lies, and stupid tweets by Trump is
starting to drag his popularity down. I wonder if that will change
him any? Only time will tell. 

Trump sure likes to give jobs to his family. The presidency isn't a family
affair, but Trump thinks so. He isn't paying them because it would be
illegal to  hire family.  I wonder though. Once out of office will they find
a gift in their bank account from good ole dad? It's not likely we will
ever know.

Our friendly GOP is doing all they can to get their health plan passed 
in the house. Even to add 75 Billion to the tax credits for people 50
to 64. I am a bit surprised the conservatives would go along with that
much more spending. Perhaps Trump is envolved in this idea. Only thing
the extra money has no ties. It's just money with no real promises to
use it to help the older working poor. I kind of think that money will
end up somewhere else after the vote.

The GOP hearings about Trump and the Russians heard today from the FBI
that the Trump campaign had been under investigation since July of 2016.
The GOP played it down. More brown nosing it would seem. But there is
evidence some in the Trump campaign were envolved with Russia. Perhaps
to win the election. It may take time to find out for sure.

Will the GOP play politics while Russia destroys our democracy?
Only time will tell. What's strange is the GOP were always hawks when
Russia was concerned. Now they just act like it's no big deal that Russia
hacked the DNC.  Well Russia's Putin wants to be the world big shot, and
will do about anything to get his way.

That North Korean madman wants South Korea. His pappy wanted it since
the Korean War. If China had kept their nose out of the War Korea would
have been whole. For some reason China doesn't want a democratic Korean
next door. Somehow they seem to believe it would spread into China. That's
silly, because the Chinese already know about democracy, and tried to get
it in the early 1990's. But the crooked leadership managed to convince
the army to kill the demonstrators. Claiming they were out to destroy
China and it's way of life. The people of China are biding their time and
will try again when the time is right.

I often wonder why leaders around the world are so caught up with power?
They could live the life of a king without being cruel to their people. I guess
it's just the bad old Human Nature at work. Greed and the fear of loosing
control. Those Crooked Chiniese leaders had their bags packed and were
ready to leave the country if the army had turned against them. They knew
the hangman was in their future if they lost.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #130 on: March 22, 2017, 09:19:00 am »
Trump day 61
Our man Trump was in congress emplying threats to congress they would
loose their seats if they don't vote for Trump care. Trump is trying to
say if it fails it will hurt his agenda. I would think if he really cares
about the people who voted for him he ought to be rejecting this plan as
it hurts the very people he promised to help. Of course he may be one of 
those who are rich that feel helping the little guy will hurt the rich.

Trump lies about where the pipe for the keystone pipline will be made. He
says aamerica, but it was made in Rusaia and India, and it's already
sitting in the USA ready to install. So they exempted the Keystone line
from having to replace it with american made pipe. It's just more of his
lies to make his supporters feel good.

The GOP is pushing to have a vote for Trump care on march 22. Even with
Trumps pressuring members of congress it will be close. They even set up
special exemptions for some counties in New York state to gain a vote or
two. This whole thing has nothing to do with representation of the people.
It's just politics. Perhaps 2018 will be the GOP's Waterloo.

Our friendly GOP is wanting to approve Trumps pick for the supreme court.
They ignored Obama's pick saying he didn't have the right to  pick a
judge in his last year. The GOP is trying to sidestep the first amendment
by putting people in the court that support religious values. To do
so amounts to having a state religion.

The man Trump picked is right down the GOP's alley. He has sided with
big business several times as a federal judge. One case was where a trucking
company fired a driver for leaving his rig to get  warm. He had been waiting
for hours in sub zero cold, and could have died if he had stayed. This judge
sided with the trucking company saying the man should have stayed in spite 
of the cold without any heat. This shows he has more concern for property
than the lives of the working class. The GOP should be ashamed to even consider
some one like this. But as we know big business is king with the GOP.

If a democratic president was in office and was under investigation by the
FBI they would be crying "we can't approve anything by a president that is
under investigation." But the hypocrites don't have a problem since it's
their own man in office.

I think many Americans feel the Russian connection is much to do about
nothing. The problem is Russias Putin is wanting to use cyber attacks
to make democracy and the west in general look bad. Send out vast amounts
of disinformation that looks legitimate. They are already doing this in
Europe. They feel this will at least disrupt political systems to harm
democracies around the world. Putin and Trump both believe authoritarian
forms of government is the best way to govern the masses. The public at
large is just a tool for their use.

Perhaps many people feel Trump is doing a good thing following conspiracy
theories instead of real knowledge from the CIA and FBI, But it's dangerous 
to follow lies and false stories. Trump is either a con artist trying to fool his
supporters or he is being foolish. I tend to think he is a con artist.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #131 on: March 23, 2017, 09:57:38 am »
Trump day 62
Trump seems to think we should believe any and all things he says
as fact. Even if there is no proof to back it up. Perhaps this is 
how he runs his businesses. He has been in court several times accused
of not telling the truth. So perhaps he thinks if I say it it has to
be true. Could it be he is mentally ill?

The Chairman of the house intelligence committee took some evidence to
Trump about some incidental surveillance that might have envolved the
Trump campaign without telling the committee. The Chairman was working
with Trump during the transition for Trump. Seems interesting he should
even be envolved with his connection to the Trump campaign. This looks
like the Chairman is trying to help Trump which works against a
investigation. Could it be he is lying as well?

Our not so friendly GOP leadership is still pushing to pass Trump Care.
Even though it might fail unless they can get the conservative crowd on
board. They want to get rid of the ACA without any replacement. They
also want to get rid of Medicare, social security, and the Veterens
health care. They know they can't do it all at once, but thats what
their big business supporters want them to do.

I have mentioned in the past that money is adictive. The more you have
the more you want. Just like a dangerous drug. It's likely this adiction
that causes billionaires to step on the poor, the elderly, or anyone
who might stand in the way of their riches growing larger. Just like
Disneys Scrooge Mc Duck they would swim in it if they could.

Cutting the safety nets for the public will likely destroy the
GOP in the end. All this because the super rich doesn't want to
help anyone but them selves.

The GOP is supported by the super rich who think we should let
the  poor fend for them selves. Let the old and infirmed die. They
will sit  behind high walls with a private army to protect them from
the  chaos that will llikely result. Just as the nobility did in pas ages.

You might think this is all new, but the GOP faught FDR trying to
stop the passage of Social security. They faught to stop Medicare
and mdicaid in the 1960's The GOP believes these entitlement programs
will bankrupt the nation. It could happen if the GOP continues to
reduce taxes for the people who are calling to the demise of federal
entitlements. There is enough money to protect people. It's just the 
super rich wants to keep it all for them selves.

I am not against people being rich, but the idea of being multi billionaires
is nothing but greed. No one needs that much money. It's all un nessacaary
built on the backs of the middle class. Bringing down the super rich a few
billion would make the country better for everyone. I am not saying all at
once, but taxing them so they pay a fair share would do just fine.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #132 on: March 24, 2017, 08:42:32 am »
Trump day 63
Our man Trump is is using his famous skills to convince the GOP
to pass Trump care. So far it's been rather dismal for Trump. He
is saying if it fails I am done with it. This just proves how
ignorant he is when it come to runing or leading a government. It
has little to do with how a business is run. So he is trying to
threaten the GOP membership  in to go along with him. This will
only make things worse with time.

Trump doesn't even care what the replacement plan has in it. He
just wants to stand up and claim I did it. Then to heck with
those it hurts.

Our not so friendly GOP is still trying to pass Trump care. It's
the speakers plan to put health care in the hands of the states
who may or may not have the money to provide the care people need.
The Speaker of the house wants to rid the goverment of all entitlements.
Medicare, medicaid, social security, and veterens health care.Send it
to t he states. Privatise it. Give the elderly money to buy cheap
insurance that won't cover their needs. The Speaker is a terrile man
who thinks private industry is the answer to everything. 

The GOP is listening to the insurance industry lobbiests for data. People
who are only interesed in makeing a profit. There is no profit in
comprehensive health care. Unless you remove the high risk people from
the coverage. These people are either idiots or on the take. They
sure don't care about their voters.

The Chairman o f the intelligence committee was out trying to
say he made a mistake by going to the White House before talking
to his commmitee members. Well it wasn't only his mistake it was
the Speaker of the house who likely told him to go to Trump with
something Trump could use trying to prove his claim of being wire

If they were to pass his terrible plan it would deregulate the insurance
industry. This would allow health insurance plans that give little coverage
at a lower cost.Also at government cost. People will go to the doctor or
hospital and find they owe huge amounts of money. If they can't pay it will
ruin their credit to boot. After all that they can thank your friendly GOP. and

I can remember health plans that promised to pay the bills. Only ending up
covering the hospital room, but not the tests and doctor visits. It's plans
like that people will end up with unless they want to pay huge premiums. Only
the young and healthy under 40 crowd will get insurance at a reasonable cost.
They may even remove the law that requires emergency rooms to care for
the uninsured. This costs hospials a lot, even to put them out of business.  Untill
the middle class wakes up the rich will get their way. No matter how terrible it is.

The ACA was designed to protect the public from those in the insurance industry
from taking advantage of the working poor and others who couldn't afford a plan
that paid the bills. It also covered preventative care. Health costs have gone up
at 1/2 the rate since the ACA has been in effect. The  GOP only lies about it so
they can cut taxes for the rich by getting rid of it. 

The GOP could work with the Democrats to actually fix the ACA, but no they only
care about cutting all entitlements.  Go back to the days where people died at home
in the streets and live in squaler so the rich can get richer. Return to the days when
deseases were rampent because a lot of people can't afford the shots to prevent it.
Or the  medicine to cure it. Return to the days of beggers and hungry children running
like packs of dogs looking for food. All to help the rich behind their gates and guards.

It's a shame the news doesn't go to third world counties and show the squalor and 
beggars in the streets. It's a small step to that kind of life even if most don't think so.
People worry about terrorism, well it's this kind of thing that breeds it. 

Only Time will tell.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #133 on: March 25, 2017, 08:29:19 am »
Trump day 64
Our man Trump is crying. "It's the democrats fault. They didn't
give us a single vote." Here is a video about what happened to
Trump care. Trump never learns, it's always someone elses fault.

Here is a link to a video on the subject.

Trump seems to think running the country is a family affair. He has his
whole family involved. Perhaps thats how he has ran his own businesses
but he is the president, not his relations.  It's time they were sent home.
They can use government intelligence to make losts of money. This should
be illegal even  if they are related. In the past this would have been a
national scandle. When Carter was president his brother was under
investigation for possible help from the president. If Carter had had
him in the white house the congress would have had a fit.
It's time the GOP got out of bed with Trump.

The GOP has given up on replacing the ACA. It was more of a tax break bill
than a health bill. Cut this and that. The Tea Party people wanted to give
the store to the insurance industry. Just watch the GOP and insurance
industry will sabotage the ACA to prove the claim it is failing. The
GOP by cutting funding to the ACA and the insurance companies by raising
rates even higher.

People can't stop now, the battle has been joined and they have to keep
the pressure on the GOP to keep them accountable. We have to work to
give the american people good health care with single payer like Medicare
does. The people already pay into it. All we need is to make the super
rich pay their fair share. 

The intelligence chairman rescheduled indefinably the next open hearing for
the Trump campaign investigation. The Chairmans actions suggest a cover
up for Trump and those in his campaign. You suppose there will be some
revelation that Trump has found the one person who is a Russian spy? If
so they best have some good evidence or it will add to their problems.

There is reports those in the white house are purging their data devices
for fear of more investigations. Only thing they have been told to keep
the data. So if they are they may be facing jail time if true.

How long will the GOP stand up for Trump. as the days pass Trump and his
people are looking more and more suspicious of being in bed with the
Russians. Perhaps even to have a spy in the white house that is possibly
hearing security matters.

Will the GOP continue to let politics control their actions? Or will 
they get their act together and think about the country instead. Today the 
speaker said it takes time to learn how to legislate. Well they have had 
control of the house for seven years. How much time does it take? A Poor
excuse if you ask me.

If the GOP wants good legislation they should work with the Democrats. The
way it is their factions make it hard if not impossible to get anything done.
Legislation requires comprimise between all parties in most cases. Especially
if they are working on a bill that affects everyones lives.

People in the GOP are mostly business people. So they see the world from
a business perspective.  Even though many Democrats have business
backgrounds they are people who know what it's like to deal with
big business and it's greed. Many GOP members do care about people,
but there are many who feel private interprise will solve any problem
given enough time. Private interprise needs profit to survive, and health
coverage for high risk people is not profitable. They need governlment

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #134 on: March 26, 2017, 08:56:05 am »
Trump day 65
Our man Trump is back in florida. He is saying let the ACA break
then we can fix it. If it breaks it will have the GOP's dirty fingerprints
on both pieces. Trump and the Speaker will try to sabatoge it, because
Trump has to win and the Speaker wants to privatise everything.
I could be wrong, but time will tell.

Trump has dumped on his supporters. He said he wanted affordable
health care. But went for a plan that would have dumped on the very
people who voted for him. Trump might be good at selling real estate,
but I don't think he can con congressmen, they are smarter than he is.

The secret service asked for an extra $60 million to pay the extra costs
for protecting Trumps family. So the Trumps can continue their rich life
style. Trumps weekly golf games in Florida for instance. I don't really
think the voters expected Trump to do this. In his campaign he complained
about politicians spending tax dollars for travel. The secret service also
looks for missing people and children. I wonder if Trump would put a few
trips on hold to allow the sevice to do the job of finding kids? I kind of
doubt it.

Trump did do something I felt was good. He signed a bill that helps our
space program. If we don't continue working to advance our ability to
be in outer space. We will find our selves falling behind China and
Russia. It's also a security issue that protects the  country.

It's sad how much the GOP leadership is letting Trump tell them how
to do their work. They need to stand up and tell Trump to start working
and quit bragging about his self. Also to tell his relatives to go home.
Tell his wife to move to DC with his boy to save the taxpayers millions.

Our friendly GOP is looking bad. Trying to work such a big bill in 17 days
was rather silly. I think they were worried the public would stop the bill
if they took the time. This bill was terrible. It took care from Children,
from older people, from women, ect. The voters are going to have to
change the GOP if they want good health care like most every other
democratic country in the world provides it's people.

The GOP  believes the free market can do it all cheaper. Perhaps it
could if human nature wasn't so selfish. Health care has gone up twice
as fast as inflation over the last 60 years. My father was in the hospital
for cancer surgery where they removed a kidney and the cost was less
than $1000.00 even though he was in the hospital for more than a
week. Granted that was almost 60 years ago, but today that would have
likely cost $100,000.00 dollars. I hardly think there is any justification for
that much of an increase. It's no  wonder why insurance costs so much.
The GOP needs to work to cut costs, not cut care.

Medicine costs have gone up just to make people very rich, not to make
a good living for those who make it. Rules could be changed that would
save people thousands, and the government hundreds of millions if not
billions if the GOP would tell big business lobbyists to get lost.

Also they need to make big business pay their fair share of taxes. If
they did the deficet would likely be much less. It's not entitlements
running the deficet up it's allow big business and super rich to not pay
fair taxes. Makeing rules that let big business set up their head office
outside the country to save taxes.

When CEO's of these businesses get millions in bonuses they have the
money to pay a fairer share in tax.

The GOP best tell the far right to get lost or they will end up being
a failed party in a few years. The majority of the voters are not
far right, and will vote against those who are.

In the late 1800's the industrial revolution began and when it did
enterprising people found ways to make things that helped people
live better. Then human nature took over and these people found
could get very rich by treating their workers like property, and put
others out of business to monopolize the trade. This way they could
charge very high prices. The voters forced them to sell off much of
their monopolies. The workers created unions to force big business
to treat the workers fairly. I think it's time once more to jump on the
necks of big business by voting for people who will make big business
and the super rich be good citizens of our country. In the end we all
would be better off.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #135 on: March 27, 2017, 09:41:48 am »
Trump day 66
Our man Trump says he is wanting to start Tax Reform, but with
the failure to change the ACA he may find Tax reform difficult. Most
of his health plan was to cut billions in taxes to the rich. Now without
that cutting taxes for the rich may be harder.

He like most big business supporters want less tax and regulations.
Claiming it will create lots of jobs. There is a problem, thousands of
jobs are being lost due to stores like Sears and others closing outlets
across the nation. Trump may wish to ignore this problem,, but it will
show up eventually. Many of these closings are in areas that supported
him in the election.

Our friendly GOP seems to be working to cover up Trumps mistakes.
Trying to make him look good. Even trying to shut down investigations
of Trumps campaign. They have been out of power for 8 years. So I guess
they are desperate to pass some of their plans that will hurt the enviroment
and help the rich get richer. Not counting making life worse for the working

Now they are wanting to install a judge to the supreme court that is out
to help big business over the little guy. It was pressure from big business
that caused the GOP to keep the seat open even though they should have
put Obamas pick for the court up for a vote. They wanted to use it as a
way to get more votes in the fall election as well.

The Speakers plans to privatize entitlements has been foiled for now, but
like a bad penny it will likely turn up again in the not too distant future.
The GOP believe entitlements are destructive to the country, putting us
deep in debt. This is true if we let the rich, and big business avoid paying
their fair share of taxes. After all other democracy's protect their people
with social programs so can we.

Private enterprise and the market place works well with items the average
person can afford, but only supporting the rich with claims it will help
everyone else is a bad idea. Except for the rich of course. With good
planning costs of basic needs can be controlled. Some things require
us all working together for the public good is needed. Even it has the
bad taste of socialism. Too much socializim is bad, but some is required
to keep a society from falling apart.

If we allow the rich to have most of the money the rest of the people
will work to change the government. In the great depression of the
1930's the country was being pulled in several directions. When people
become desperate they will grab at anything that looks better, even if
it's harmful to the nation.

Even then the GOP was against social programs like Social security, and
have been ever since. I think it was interesting the GOP used money from
the social security fund in the 1950's to help build the interstate highway
system.  The GOP always claim the Democrats are the Tax and Spend party,
but the GOP is always ready to spend money they see laying around like
the social security fund. Since the fund is falling short, and now the GOP
wants to get rid of it. They can always find money for their Pork Barrel
projects to get votes. I am sure both parties are guilty of this.

It all goes back to the voter. If we sit back and do nothing they will think
we are happy no matter what they do. If they run on some plan and get
elected they can say. The people want it. even though they were elected
by a minority of the voting public.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #136 on: March 28, 2017, 09:08:41 am »
Trump day 67
Our man Trump started out blaiming the democrats for the fail
of his health plan. Now he is blaiming the GOP. The very people
he will need to do the tax reform he wants to do next. Trump
seems to just decide and expects congress to follow his lead.
Well I think he will find it doesn't work that way. He isn't a
dictator like Russia's Putin who can have people who don't
agree with him eliminated.

Trump has his family looking over the shoulder of people working in
the White House. Like a bunch of watch dogs. Running to Trump if
someone gets out of line or doesn't want to follow Trump. Seems
that woulc make for a very nervous place to work in. Trump has
run all his businesses looking to family for advice. So now he is
doing the same as presid3ent. I wonder if the supporters knew
they were going to have Trumps family running the white house?

Trump left alone would be more to the left, but family, Bannon,and
the Vice President are pushing him to the far right. I think thats
why he is changing all the time. His battle with those around him
causes him to say one thing and do another.

During the campaign Trump claimed he would work very hard to get
his promises done. Turns out he is gone every weekend, tweeting,
playing Golf, and glad handing to make money. Out doing ralles as if
he was still running for office. Seems a lot different than the claim
he would stay in the White House almost with little or no personal
travel. A report showed him to be at a property he owns 1 day out
of 3. One of his golf courses, hotel, country club, ect.  I wonder how
much money he is making using places he owns instead of letting
someone else benifit from his travels.

The intelligence commmittee chairman went to the white House at night
saying he didn't talk to anyone. No one can get in the White house
without being noticed. The next day he goes with the Speakers blessings
to talk to Trump. No one really knows what the Chairman was up to. He
is a Trump supporter, and part of Trumps team after the election. He
really shouldn't be investigating the Trump campaign when he was a
part of it. Now the commmittee hearings have been stopped with no
real explanation. Makes us wonder who or what the GOP is worried about.

Conversations with the GOP has shown they are still are playing nice
with Trump. At least to the press.. The GOP should work with the Democrats
instead of trying to ram everything past them. They seem to forget they
are not a majority party. They have no mandate to do anything. Except to
follow their oath of office. To work for the good of the country not the
good of the GOP.

The past 7 years the GOP has used the ACA to raide money and get votes to
try to gain power. Now that they have power they can't even do what they
promised to do. They are so factioned they can't get a majority vote without
the democrats. Except for small bills to please some minor group along with
some political pork.

Bills to change regulations that help their friends get votes and make money.
Bills that hurt the enviroment, and make it harder for the little guy or gal.
The Politicians talk like they are there for the people. Only thing is which
people? Billions of dallars for a stupid wall when more asians are sneaking
into the country than hispanics from Mexico. They don't care as long as it
buys votes.

If they don't wake up and listen to the people they will stay out of power. We
need people who listen, and explain what needs to be done for the good of us
all. If businesses didn't hire illegal aliens they wouldn't come to the country
 except to avoid being killed in their own country. Seems rich people from
either party hire undocumented aliens.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #137 on: March 29, 2017, 08:23:34 am »
Trump day 68
our man Trump is removing Obamas executive orders to push
for clean energy. He removed regulations to help coal
corporations make more money by letting them pollute rivers
with mining refuse. Even though coal is a dying industry in
this country.

Those in energy production have been moving to natural gas,
wind, and solar over the last decade. Trump is likely to
remove tax credits that incurage renewable energy use as well.
If we the US don't invest in renewable energy research other
countries wiil. Like China, Germany, and perhaps even Russia.
Leaving us behind.

There are well over 600,000 jobs created by renewable energy
development and use across the country. Trump actions will
likely cost jobs. Big business doesn't want renewable energy
so the GOP is out to see there is little help for it.

Trump is down to 36% approval. 2 points lower than Obama ever
was. I wonder how low he can go before the GOP is embarrassed by

There is a report that Trump wanted a military parade of military
hardware at his inauguration. He denys it, but he was wanting it. This
is something China, Russia, and North Korea likes to do hoping to
intimidate other countries, but I don't think we need to.

The GOP has faught against the idea of climate change for meany
years because big business knows regulations limiting emissions
will cost them a lot of money. The GOP Claims they are all about
jobs. But they never want unions, or require a good paying wage.
People in Big business have their eyes on the dollar, not workers
rights. Or the climate. That's the future and they don't care what
happens 50 to 100 years from now. High tides are already threatening
coastal cities. Especially during storms. The warmer the water and
climate gets the higher ocean levels will rise.

The GOP is truning it's back on holding Trump accountable for his
abuse of the constitution and laws. Who will hold them to it with the
GOP in power? The GOP seems to want to pass it's plans so bad they
will let Trump get by with almost anything. Apparently even the
Russians which is wierd since the GOP has always been afraid of Russian
involvment in other countries. 

Several of Trumps picks have been involved with Russia's Oligarchs.
Possible money laundering, Not counting the election hacking for
Trump. The GOP just makes excuses for Trump. If Clinton had done
1/10 th of what Trump and his people have been acused of they would
have had her up on impeachment in the first month.

Time will tell, but perhaps the protests will eventually put enough
fear in the GOP to get action, or at least a non partison investigation
of Trumps campaign and his picks. When Trump had Obamas atterney generals
across the nation to resign. The one in New York was getting ready to
investigate Trumps campaign. Though this AG had Trumps promise to keep
him, out he went with over 40 others. Perhaps he was encluded so it wouldn't
look suspicious when the AG who was getting ready to investigate Trump was
kicked out. Just another bit to make us wonder what is going on behind the

A link to a report about one of Trumps men and Russia.

This link has several reports  about Trumps possible Russian connections
if your interested.

Fake news is the kind Trump, GOP, Russian oligarchs, and the Far
right  doesn't approve of.  I have to admiit there are some in the
GOP who do look to the facts instead of Trumps alternative facts.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #138 on: March 30, 2017, 09:01:01 am »
Trump day 69
Our man Trump falls to a new low 35% approval. Perhaps his supporters are
beginning to see him for what he really is. A con artist. A man who is only
wanting fame and money. Trump talked about new factories Ford Moters was
building. Acting like it was due to him. Turns out these plants were in
work before he was elected. Just another lie to make his self look good.

It appears the Trump white house wanted the investigation of the Trump
campaign shut down.Seems it has been, at least for the time being. It does
ask the question, why worry about an investigation unless there is something
to hide? According to polls the american public wants the investigation to
continue even if Trump and the GOP does not. I understand the GOP
intelligence chairman is even keeping information from their own committee

Apparently some rich supporters of Trump are worried about his poll numbers
because they are buying ads in 10 states trying to help Trump gain popularity.
These same people helped him during the election. Perhaps they are afraid of
loosing their investment. These people are billionaires and have influenced
Trump on some of his decisions. Also they are far right types. I understand 
they are spending a million dollars on the ads.

This is why we shouldn't let rich people pour money into campaigns of people
they want. The GOP managed to get the Supreme court to allow large donations
for those running for office. This is where these "Packs" came from. A place
where rich people can spend millions to support a candidate of their choice. I think
donations should be limited to what the average person can afford. Not huge
amounts by the rich trying to buy a politician. Hopefully when the democrats gain 
power it will be changed.

The intelligence committee of the senate appears to be bi partisan unlike
the house version. The senate committee said he was not asking Trump
who or what to investigate. The commmittee will follow the evidence.
Time will tell, but this looks much better than the GOP mess in the
house version where the chairman appears to be collaborating with 
the white house..

Seems the GOP is always trying to hide from the their voters or make a
speech with some kind of excuse. They may think all this stuff will go away,
but I don't think so. If the GOP leadership is trying to protect Trump or his
people because of  some wrong doing it will come back to haunt them. The
public is getting tired of them ducking for cover instead of answering

People tend to forget, but the two houses of congress are differenct in
that the house of representatives represent their voters. IN the Senate
they look at the bills from the house and decide if they are for the
good of the country, not because the voters like it or not. That doesn't
mean a senator won't listen to the voters, but they try to have a cooler
head about things. Not always of course. They are humans after all., but
I am not all that sure about the majority leader of the senate. He has
a bad habit of putting party over the public good, not counting his personal
interpretation of the constitution which tends to follow the party line.

Polititicans when in office too long tend to think they know what's best
for the people, and rich people tend to think the same. It seems to be
part of human nature to feel success equals intelligence. In reality it's
usually more about luck and good judgment. I heard some of Trumps
supporters voted for him because he seemed so smart on his Tv show
the Apprentice. This shows voter ignorance. Tv shows are fiction by
their design. Trump was scripted to be smart and wise on the show. It
likely had little or no reflection of the man his self. Just shows with
enough advertising anyone can look good. Trump is smart in that he
knows how to make a listener feel good with his lies. That's why he is
called a Con Artist by New Yorkers.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #139 on: March 31, 2017, 08:24:58 am »
Trump day 70
Our man Trump is trying to get out from under the Russian connection, but
even with him trying to tweet away from it. There may not be much of a
connection, but if that's the case why doesn't he come clean.

General Flynn is offering to testify if given immunity. Nothing on what
he might be willing to talk about. Perhaps about the Russian connection
with Trump or his picks.

Immunity may be hard for Flynn to get. During the election Flynn as saying
if someone wanted immunity they were likely guity of something. This isn't
always true, but it is odd he would be asking for it after saying what he

I imagine there will be careful consideration before giving any immunity as
it could cause problems with other investigations.

The house intelligence committee is still stalled, but the senate committee
hearing is proceeding. In the senate hearing there was testomony about
Trump using Russian tactics in his campaign. Does this mean Trump was
tutored by the Russians? Or did he just like the Russian style of politics?
Hopefully more will be found as time goes by.

The speaker was making excuses for Trump saying the president was just
frustrated when he said he would reach out to the Democrats. In other words.
"Trump didn't mean it guys." Or something to that effect. The Tea party
who gave the GOP clout against Obama is causing the GOP problems now.
They are very conservative which makes it hard for the moderates to follow
them. Causing a split in the GOP.

They are pressuring the GOP to investigate in a bi partasan way to make sure
the Trump campaign isn't connected to a Russian conspearacy or not. Also those
in the white house as well.

The democrats are going to filibusterer against Judge Gorsuchs for the Supremme
court. The judge hasn't been open about his feelings about womens rights, voting
rights, LGBT rights, or health care. Also with Trump under investigation his
picks should be held in limbo untill the investigations are cleared up.

The GOP wants this  big business supporting judge so they will likely do what 
ever it takes to put him in the court. Instead of changing rules they should 
change to a more moderate judge that supports the constitution instead of
the GOP.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #140 on: April 01, 2017, 08:27:43 am »
Trump day 71
Seems our man Trump is still trying to prove Obama put
him under surveillance. Well If I had been in Obama's
place I sure would have had any one who plays with
the Russians watched. Especially someone like Trump. A
man who has had  deallings with oligarchs. A gang who
jumps when Putin says "Rabbit"

Trump claims he was too busy running the country when he
was facing a law suit for calling a woman a lier about his
sexual misconduct. The judge may give him a call when
he decides to go on a vacation. Personally I feel he has one
about every weekend in Florida.

Trump doesn't like judges or courts. They hold him accountable
for his business practices. smf activities. I kind of think he feels if
someone looses money dealing with him it's their fault not his.

I wonder how the GOP will feel when the Russians hack the RNC. Sure
it's nice when the Russians attack their opponents, but they may be
next.Putin like Trump is looking out for his self.

Will the Speaker remove the chairman of the intelligence committee? At
this tim e he appears to be just as dishonerable as the Chairman and
The GOP seems to be covering up something. If not why not have a special
commission to investigate all this business with Rusaia and the hacking.
The way it is they are and Trump are doing the investigation.  how can we
be sure there isn't any thing crooked going on? I think any time there is
a question or investigation involving one brance of government a special
commission independant of politics should be created.

Most of the news this week has been about the house intelligence committee
and it's chairman. And his apparent complicity with Trump who is being
investigated. Then General Flynn has said he would talk if given immunity.
I think Trump may end up giving Flynn a pardon. After all Flynn was very
loyal to Trump during the campaign.

The ACA replacement was more about a Trillion dollar Tax cut than to help
people have good insurance for health. It seems the GOP is out to discredit
Obama any way they can. Even if it hurts the people. I don't think the GOP
as a whole is racist, but I think many are. Other wise why did they say no
for almost everything Obama tried to do. This hasn't happeend with any
president before.

We should remember the GOP believes the richer we make the rich the
more jobs they will create. Well if you make items they like to buy you
probably would be busy. They don't buy regular houses or furniture or
the average car. It''s all luxery items. Millions for huge homes, filled
with musem quality artifacts. It's the rest of us who buy the items
most people have jobs to make. Also they buy things from other countries
like Trump who bought the steel, and aluminum for his towers from China.
When Trump opened his hotel there in washington DC he bought silverware
and china from other countries. He claimed he couldn't get it in the USA. It
wasn't that it was a way to save money.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #141 on: April 02, 2017, 09:01:50 am »
Trump day 72
Our man Trump made lots of promises during the campaign. I wonder
how many of his supporters are still liking the man they voted for? Of
course some voted for Trump because they didn't like Clinton. Not
because they really liked Trump. Perhaps that's why his support is starting
to fall away.

Trump is starting to make threats againsts the Tea Party.  He isn't likely to
cause them much worry since they have their own billionares supporting
them. This may seem like a good idea to Trump in the short term, but it
could split the party even more. Even errode his own base of support.
Many conservatives voted for Trump only to help defeat Clinton. They don't
really like Trump that much. If he starts working with the democrats his
base will likely desolve. Many of the GOP feel the democrats are too far to
the left politically. The Tea Party (freedom caucus as they like to call them
selves) want to make government as small as possible. Just for the defense
of the country, print money, and to enforce the laws dealing wiht other
countries. Much as it was in the beginning.

It's the beginning of the baseball season. The president usually throse the
first ball to start the season, but Trump says he is too busy. It's likely he
can't throw the ball far enough to keep from looking like as they used to say
a girl. It turns out he did play when he was a teen ager, but was tossed out
for trying to club someone with a bat after striking out. This is a guy who said
he was the best player in New York against players like Mickey Mantle.

Oh Trump is out on the Golf course for the 14th time sence took office.
It's ok to play golf, but not every weekend. If he can't do the job then
resign. The Job of President is for the good of the country not the good
of the president.

Trump is increaseing attacks in the middle east. He ran saying he was
going to get us out of a war, but so far he is puitting more of our soldgers
on the ground to fight a war there. More civilians are dieing since Trump
took office. Apparently at our hands. This will only help Isis and other
terrorist groups when they say the west is out to kill Moslems.

Congress and Trump should be working to improve our infrastructure
instead of worrying about tax breaks for the rich. If road and bridges
fall down the economy will start to fail. Not counting all the food we
eat, and medicine many need. Also without good roads the gas
stations would go dry. If you use propane for heating you could end
up cold. Parts are needed daily to keep water and power working some
where across the country. Much of our infrastructure was built 50 or more
years ago. Our politicians have been lazy and more interessted in pork
barrel projects than keeping roads and bridges up to date.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #142 on: April 03, 2017, 09:29:57 am »
Trump day 73
The Chinese leader is meeting with Trump. Can Trump work out a deal
with China to curb North Korea's plans to deploy nukes on missles that
can strike the USA. This is a very dangerous situation for the world. China
doesn't seem to be interested in working to stop the North Korean mad
man. They also seem to be against us from doing anything to  stop
North Korea either. So do we wait for North Korean to go crazy and
start a war with nukes, or do we work to destroy their ability to do so?
We can only hope Trump or his people can find the right path.

Trump is meeting with the Egyption leader. A man who wasn't allowed
to come to the white house because of human rights abuses. 
Trump appears to be worried more about security of the middle east
than Egypts treatment of human rights.

Our man Trump sent his son in law to Irac as Trumps envoy. Seems
like a job for a more experienced man, but Trump has fired many 
experinced people who know diplomacy. So I guess he has to fall
back on family. Perhaps Trump doesn't trust anyone else.

Trump is still working to revive the idea of getting rid of the ACA. He
hates to move on even after failing. Will this fruther delay the GOP
keeping them from working to save taxes for their rich friends.
Only time will tell.

There are more reports talking about how much money Trumps
family has. Also who they owe money to. If they owe a lot to
foreign countries, will this keep Trump from making America
first as he promised?  Having a lot of money isn't a problem
legally. It's how they use it.

The GOP is using every excuse to vote for Trumps picks,
including a judge for the supreme court. They claim the
democrats would do the same thing. That's a poor excuse
to do something wrong because their opponents would do it.
Sometimes I think politicians act like kids instead of adults.

The leader of the senate is all but promising he will change
the rules if there is a filibusterer againsts the appointment
of Judge Gorsuch. Some may say Trump will just nominate
another conservative Judge. So why fight it?  I think the
democrats want to be on record as opposing this judge. So
if he makes decisions in favor of the far right they can use
it when they run for office. It's a shame the constitution wasn't
written to keep a simple majority from removing the filibusterer
that can stop a supreme court judge vote. I think we can be sure
neither party would want it added to the constitution.

Of course there have been surprises with supreme court judge
appointments.  Some haven't been as conservative as the GOP
have hoped. Also some haven't been as liberal as hoped either.
So time will tell.

I just hope this judge follows the constitution, not to give religious
zealots a way to take rights away from people they don't agree with.

The court shouldn't favor the Right or the Left. They should be in
the middle. It's not their place to create jobs, or decide if something
is moral according to any religion. It's their job to decide if a law
or a decision by the president or lower court is constitutional or not.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #143 on: April 04, 2017, 09:43:43 am »
Trump day 74
Our man Trump is letting his son n law be a defecto secretary of state.
He is running around the world talking to leaders. Perhaps as a go between
for his dad n law Trump. Or perhaps Trump is afraid to go to the middle
east since it might be hazardus to his health. I understand he is almost
a germaphobe.

Trump seems he has to hide his connections to Russia. He woud do
better being open with it.

Trump is still waking up early and tweets like some bird in spring.
It's  shame it's little about anything. Talking about Clinton. The
wire taps, and other nonsense. It's time Trump went to work. He claims
to be smart, but he doesn't show it.

Trump talked about jobs in ihs campaign, but he has done little to improve
the jobs. Oh he claims he is, but thosands are loosing jobs. Coal is not
a high job maker anymore. They use drag lines to carve the tops off small
mountains to get to the coal instead of digging mine shafts underground.

Even though Trump and the Speaker set the ACA replacement aside to
work on tax reform and infrastructure before returning it. They are
making noises that they want to go back to it. This may just be hot
air, but with the big tax break for the rich built into the replacement
they may try it again.

Trump invited the Eygption dictator to the White House even though he
has little clout in the middle east thest days.

We may be at war with North Korea soon if China fails to get the leader
of North Korea to back off with his missle program. I have a hunch the
little fat dictator has a fraidy hole or two to hide in if he decides to
starts a war with nukes.

Trump and the Speaker made a show they were respecting Autizim day when
the health bill they promoted was going to cut funding for the same. Such
hypocracy never fails the GOP.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #144 on: April 05, 2017, 09:16:43 am »
Trump day 75
Our man Trump is going to the freedom caucus to see what they would
accept in a health bill to replace the ACA. I have a hunch anything
they would agree to is getting rid of the ACA period or stripping it
of covering people who really need the plan with subtitles. Covering
people who have exsiting cronic conditions at a reasonable price is
not going to happen because there is no profit in it. Unless they charge
prices that exceed the yearly inncome of the average worker.

Trump may be leading us into a war with his enexperience. Hopefully he
will listen to people who understand the seriousness of fighting wars.
Just because we have a very powerful military isn't going to keep some
man like the leader of North Korea from destroying much of the south korean
infrastructure. We may destroy him, but not before many 1000's are killed.
Many will be americans. 300,000 live in South Korea. There isn't any
way to evacuate them fast enough

China wants us to leave North Korea alone. China is trying to take over the
south China sea. Russia is pushing to control countries around them. We can't
fight everyone at once even there wasn't any nukes.

Trump is ramping up troop deplyment in the middle east.Trump complained
when Obama sent troops there. Obama asked Congree about going into
syeria, but they just sat on their hands. Trump hides his dieticians to
send more trops. Or even saying why he is.

If you support Trump and the GOP here is part of
what they are doing for you.

removed Fee reductions for first time home buyers
removed Protection for alaskan bears ..
remove clean air regulations.
regulations for Coal mining.
signed the bill to allow internet providers to sell your browers tracking.
signed a bill to let the mentally ill to buy guns.
lessen health regulations for pesticides, clean air or clean water.
the EPA may be gone in the near future.
Reports that Trump is having private citizens investigated who don't agree with

Heck we may even have fires burning on rivers again. Fish floating you
can scoop up in nets. It will save money for the big corporations,
but you will be more likely to get sick or die of cancer.

I am sure there are several more that can be credited to
Trump and the GOP. I imagine if it will make big corportaions
money they will do it. Why? because it will create jobs jobs
jobs. Not saying they will be good jobs, or if you will have
clean water to drink or good air to breath, but there will be
jobs galore according to Trump and the GOP. Though I think it's
more about making rich people richer. Not counting stepping on
minorities, LGBT, women, and the poor.

Hundreds of businesses are going under across the country. I wonder
how the 1000's of people loosing their jobs feel about Trump
now? Polling shows Trump at 35% approval 57% not. Rather low for
a president in his first 100 days. Perhaps the public who were convenced
Trump was a better choice than Clinton are having second thoughts. Well
it's a bit late now, because the GOP isn't going to impeach him. That mgiht
change if Trump drops to 25%. But that's not likely unless he starts a war
no one wants.

I hope I am wrong, and Trump will be able to make the country better for all.
Not just to make the crooked billionaires richer.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #145 on: April 06, 2017, 08:52:28 am »
Trump day 76
Our man Trump said what happened in Syeria was a crime against
humanity. Also he said he looked at Syerias leader differently now.
It's hard to say since Trump changes with the breeeze, but it sounded
like he may have thoughts of trying to prevent more chemical attacks.
He will have to be careful. Putin has already claimed a bomb hit a
chemical storage depot belonging to the rebels, and not a chemical

Trumps pick of Bannon to the security council was removed by Trump.
The reason given was Bannon was there to look after Flynn. Then why
did Trump wait over a month after Flynn was fired to pull Bannon from
the security council? Bannon is a far right polictical hack with no
business on the security council anyway. So the country is better off
with him removed.

Trump still hasn't filled 512 government jobs after 75 days. He has
time for golf, and weekends in Florida. But not enough time to do
his job.

It was reported Judge Gorsuch is guilty of plagiarism. Trump claims its
fake news or just plain wrong. It's doubtful this will change the GOPs
plans to shove Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court. Can't disappoint big
business GOP supporters by not putting him on the court.

Our friendly Vice Presiedent has been talking to some congress
members trring to revive the ACA replacement bill. Trump is still
upset because the first try failed, and is pushing to try again. It's
part of Trumps big tax cut plan for his rich supporters. Not to help
peple get better health care.

I have a hunch they are planning to get a plan that will pass the
house ready, then put iup for a vote so quick the public won't have
time to tell their representatives to not vote for it. This may work
but if it will pass muster for the conservatives it will likely cause
the GOP big losses in 2018. I don't think those moderates in the
house want to loose their seats to please the tea party.

Time will tell, but congress will be on easter vacation (bless their hearts
they work soooo hard)  over the next week or two. I have a hunch they
will be hiding from their voters. at least some of them.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #146 on: April 07, 2017, 10:14:56 am »
Trump day 77
Our man Trump made the decision to strike a airbase in syeria.  Our navy
fired around 60 cruise missles. None damaged the runways. Perhaps in
case a Russian plane needed to land later. One wonders if Trump talked
with Russia about an attack.. Probably won't ever know.

It's odd Trump was so concerned about Syerian children when he has
blocked them from coming to the USA to be safer. I am inclined it was a
descian based on politics as much as to let the leader of Syera know we
don't approve of chemical attacks. If Trump was so concerned why was he
saying he was ok with Syerias leader a week earlier. Chemical attack
s have been done several times before now.

Trump has claimed over the past several years he was against military
action in the middle east. Guess he changed his mind, or wanted his poll
numbers to rise. It's a dangerous game Trump could be playing and I
hope it turns out for the best. It will be interesting to see what Putin says
about it. I heard we warned the Russians to move out of the way.

Trump needs to get other countries on board against Syeria. Otherwise
the people in the middle east may think this is Americans sticking their
nose into their affairs. If middle east countries were worried about the
people of Syeria they would take care of the job them selves.

Is the attack legal? The GOP isn't giving Trump a hard time over this
attack. In fact they are saying it protects our troops from a Syerian attack.
I didn't know we were at war with Syeria. But we might be now.

Congress should vote to au8torize this action, but they are trying to say
it's all part of the anti terrorizim thing, and doesn't need it.

They are mixed on the issue, but feel congress should get involved
instead of just watching.

In the end did Trump have a gut reaction to a picture or was it politics?
USA Presidents have a bad habit of geting involved in other peoples wars.
Military attacks can often lead to getting a lot of our troops killed.

Some Police actions in the past.
Korean war
Vietnam war
Kuwait war
Iraq war

There were some in eastern Europe, and one in Panama if
i remember right.

It's no wonder authoritarian governments build up massive
armies. They expect the USA to attack them.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #147 on: April 08, 2017, 08:53:38 am »
Trump day 78
It seems strange to me that Trump has been so pro Russia, and so hands
off  Syria he would see one news report about a chemical attack and go off
the rails and turn everything around. When he hasn't cared about Syrian kids
in the past. There were 2 other chemical attacks just prior to the one Trump
was talking about. I think his emotion was an act for the camera. Remember
he is a trained actor. Besides a leader whose actions are based on emotion
is a danger to us all.

This smells of a possible deal where Putin may have put Trump up to
attacking the air base. No damage to the runways. Limited to fuel, hangers,
radar, and some Syrian aircraft. Now it's all done according to Trump, and
the airfield is currently in use after the attack.

Putin hasn't even made it a big thing other than calling it an agressive 
attack on a soverign nation. This chemical attack made Putin look bad
because he had supposedly removed all of Syrians chemical weopons.
He was either made a fool of or didn't do a good job. Either way Syria
made Putin look bad and  Putin is not one to forgive.

Yes it's a conspiracy theory, but it has good possibilites. After all Putin
still plans to meet with the Secretary of state next week. I kind of think he 
would have at least refused that meeting if he was really upset with Trump.

Perhaps Putin saw Trumps polling going down and wanted to help make him
look presidential.. I wonder how long it is before Trump tweets his way into
something weird again? Also some of Trumps supporters have left him over
this attack. Trump was supposed to be america first, not world first.

Also it seems this attack may have caused some arguments within the white
house. Bannon was reported threatening to quit. It appears Trump is listening
more to  his family than Bannon or even the Vice President. What kind of
shakeup occurs is hard to say. The far right isn't happy with Trumps attack
on Syeria.  Only time will tell.

Well our GOP got their way today. We will have a new Supreme Court judge. Trumps pick to please Big business and the GOP has been approved. I hope I
and others are wrong about him being against voting rights, womens rights,
LGBT rights, and  Minority rights. Only time will tell. Some judges have been disappointing to the  GOP in the past as have the Democrats. We can always
hope he is a better man than his record shows him to be.

The GOP seems to be falling in line with Trump on his attack. Many are saying
it was a good response. Odd they didn't vote to approve of Obama wanting to
punish Syeria for doing the same thing only worse in 2013.

We should remember the GOP cares more about winning than rules of conduct.
It dosn't matter if it's limiting voting, or stepping on the rights of others. It it
gets money from the rich or takes votes from their oppoinets they will do it.
It is a sad thing to say about a major party, but I fear it's a fact. Those in the
GOP best remember governing in a nonpartasan way will end in desaster for
them and possibly our country. Dictatorships work this way. I think the GOP
is afraid of their demise. The country is moving away from conservationism 
and they want to stop it.

They are saying Congress should vote to approve attacks on Syeria before
Trump orders any more of them. The GOP still doesn't seem to want to be
on record by voting for it.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #148 on: April 09, 2017, 08:51:46 am »
Trump day 79
Our man Trump said his meeting with China was productive. Probably
not that much or Trump would have been bragging about how good a
deal maker he is.

Trump said he has no plans to  attack Syeria again, but leaves it open.
So it's hard to say. Trump shouldn't be attacking anyone unless there
is a plan for a ending, and the support of other countries in the area.
Anyone can pull the trigger, but it takes a good leader to finish it. Even
then it can lead to bad events. WWI was started by an assassination.

In todays world it's better to punish with sanctions instead of bombs,
bullets or missiles. Many bad leaders are very rich men, so cutting off
their ability to buy or sell goods hurts them much more than bombing
one of their air bases or those they support.

They claim Trump had the authority to bomb Syeria, they claim it
follows the approval to attack nations who support terrorist. I don't
know if Syeria supports anyone but it's leader. They don't like ISIS.
They even sounded confused, because they had been letting the
USA attack ISIS in their country without opposition. Syeria could
legally tell us to stay out if they wanted to.

The constitution says Congress is the only part of the government
who can start a war. The president can defend against an attack, but
not start one. Congress should get it's act together and vote to either
support Trump or not.

Tax day is bringing out protests against Trump not releasing his taxes.
70% of the people want to see them. So our congressonal members will
be getting an earful about not forcing Trump to release them, and not
really investigating Trumps Russian connection. They don't like the idea
of Trump refilling the swamp with rich elites either.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #149 on: April 10, 2017, 09:32:13 am »
Trump day 80
Our man Trump seems to be having troubles keeping his people on
the same page. His son n law, and Bannon appear to be at odds. I
think Trumps son n law will end up being top dog, but the first 
family has to get it's act together if Trump is going to anything

As far as Trump turning against Putin. It will take a while
to see if anything changes. We don't know what might be going
on behind the scenes. 

Trump has ordered a naval strike force to stand off the Korean
peninsula. I hope this doesn't push the North Korean leader into
doing something dumb. The Syerian strike has bound to have made
him a bit nervous. Hopefully China has some people keeping a leash
on him. They don't want a united democratic Korea, but I doubt
if they want a war either.

If there is a war products from south Korea will get hard to find.
They sell a lot of electronics and vehicles. If I owned a factory
there I would be sure I had the info to rebuild somewhere else.

Our friendly politicans are on spring break. I wonder how many
will be willing to meet with their voters?  I am sure they got a
overwheming cry to not approve Judge Gorsuch, but they did
anyway. Claiming the democrats wouldn't vote for any Trump
nomination. All Trump had to do was nominate a judge who had
the public interest in mind as a moderate, not right wing rhetoric.

The hard right would have the country run as a theocracy. You
only need to look at the middle east to see how that works.  I am
sure they would claim it would only be for guidance, but I am very
sure it would lead to laws punishing anyone who didn't follow
the state religion. If you doubt it all you have to do is look for 
"Blue Laws" Most of them were created to stop work or business
being  open on Sunday, but some went farther to include morality
laws to cover activities religious people felt were sinful. Fortuantly
most of these laws are ignored or have been removed. When I was
a kid the only place open was the bus station on sunday.

I am not against religion, but it should be used to set a good example
not punish those who decide not to follow the faithful. In the past
religion was a powerful force in any community and it still is in many
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