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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #275 on: July 27, 2017, 08:21:30 am »
Trump day 188
Our man Trump tweeted to not allow Transgender people
in the military. I wonder if he knew we have about
15,000 serving. Removing that many people will cause
problems from the top down. It's possible Trump might
back up on this once he see's the trouble it will
cause. Trump claims he discussed this with military
people, but that is another one of his lies.

There is a report Trump did this because conservatives
in congress didn't want to pay for health issues many
Transgender have. Well seems the military spent over 40
million on Viagra and other impotent problems service
men had. The Transgender costs were at most 5 million.
Seems they were holding funding for the ridiculous wall
with Mexico hostage over it.

This whole mess has likely staarted with him wanting
to remove the atterney general. Turns out the far right
likes the atterney general, and is giving Trump some
static over his removal. So now Trump is talking about
how bad Mexicans are again. Hoping to let his base know
that removing the atterney general won't make it easier
on illegal aliens.

What is it about the investigation that has Trump so
worried he must try to stop it? Even if he has to fire
the atterney general to get it done. This may be enough
to turn enough GOP members to set up an congressional
investigational council that Trump can't touch.

I don't think Trump even cares about immigrants in the
first place. It's just a sore spot with a lot of people
he is using to get support. Many of the people he has
hired to work for him were aliens. He authorized work
visa's for a large group so they could work at his
resorts this spring. Guess what? they work cheap.

Trumps Tweets could get us in a war, since Trump doesn't
seem to understand that other netions take his words as
american policy. Tweet or vocal.

Trump appointed a man to the criminal divison of the
justest department that has ties to Russia. Seems Trump
never learns. He complains about the press talking about
the Russian investigation and he continues to feed it.
Oh this guy says he won't excuse his self even though
he worked for Trumps campaign. Is this a man Trump hopes
will stop any movemnt to cause trouble for Trump and
family? Only time will tell.

Trump is making not so veiled threats against the people
of Alaska because their senator failed to support Trump and
the so called health bill he wanted. Every day Trump just
digs his self deeper into trouble. Senators don't take threats
like this kindly.

The senate leadership is trying it's best to pass a bill
to get rid of the ACA. Trump wants a win and they seem to
think they have to give him one. No matter who it hurts.

The GOP and Democrats have passed more sanctions against
Russia, Iran, and N korea. Trump may not want to sign as the
Russians are saying these sanctions will hurt relations. Well
they attacked our election, so it's likely congress will over ride
any veto Trump may try to use to stop it. Only time will tell.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #276 on: July 28, 2017, 09:00:02 am »
Trump day 189
Our man Trumps new man is a real potty mouth. It appears
Trump wanted someone to be out there doing whant he
doesn't have the nerve to do on his own. I wonder how
many of his religious supporters like this kind of
language coming from the white house. You would think
Trump would want someone who could express his self
better. Calling people dirty names looks dumb. This
reflects poorly on the president of the country.

It seems Trump is still trying to puressure the FBI by
accusing top people in the FBI for leaking security
information. To discredit the FBI because they artn't
loyal to him.

Troump is out to stop the investigation about him and
his campaigns connection to Russia. To discredit any
people who are trying to investigate him.

Trump must be getting more desperate, he hired two
people who protected the Govenor of New Jersy form
bridge gate.

There must be a terrible truth Trump is trying to
hide. Perhaps even to destroy him financially and
perhaps put and others in prison. Otherwise why is
he trying to wreck the careers of anyone who is
investigating him.

The strange thing is Trump has done all this to his
self. For some reason he has the idea he is above the
law. This is what is getting him in trouble. The more
he tries to stop the investigation the more trouble he
will have. Even if he fires people, others will carry
on. The only way he could stop it would be to declare
marshal law. Then hide in the white house hoping people
would support him.

GOP members made noise like they would punish Trump if
he fired the attorney general. I have my doubts. Their
rich supporters are leading the GOP by the nose. If they
fail to do what they are told their campaign money will
be gone. At least from the billionaires. Only a few GOP
members are ignoring the money and listening to the

This is why the GOP leadership is still psushing, yes still
pushing to kill the ACA. The billionaires that support them
want to get rid of all the social programs that cost them money.
That includes Health care, medicare, social security
medicaid, and health care for the veterans. Yes even
those who are retired from the military.

Trump tweeted lets let the ACA die, and hurt americans.  Trump
appears to be pushing to sabotage the ACA, to punish people
because they let him fail. A president works for the people not
against them. He even said let's change the rules so 51 votes
win. This is weird. Besides I think it's in the constitution that
requires a majority vote to pass.

Even though the GOP lost the vote they will not stop trying to
get rid of entitlements. They want to privatize everything wither
it works or not. Mc Cain voted it down over the process more
than anything else. To move the bill through committes instead
of closed back rooms controlled by rich supporters of the GOP.
Only time will tell if the GOP returns to good government or not.

If the GOP continues to stand with Trump they will fall with him. I
have a hunch they will scatter like rats if and when Trumps ship of
power sinks.


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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #277 on: July 29, 2017, 08:13:51 am »
Trump Day 190
Our man Trump made a speech in front of an audience of police, He
encouraged them to be physically tough with those they arrest. Trump
claimst to be for law enforcement then truns about and tells our police
to break the law. We did our best to get rid of police brutallity in the
1960's. Now Trump wants to go back to it? Many innocent people
were seriously injured with mob violence, and that's what police
brutality is.

Supporters of Trump say let Trump be Trump. Let him decided how
to be president. Well a president is for all americans not just for the
man or woman wearing the title. When a president acts like an idiot
or childish it makes us all look bad.

Trump took an oath to keep the constitutions and the law. Then he
turned around and told all agencies in government to not support the
ACA which is the law of the land. It is the job of congress to get rid of
a law. NOT the president.  He did this so he could claim the ACA was
failing when it was and is not failing on  it's own. It is the GOP controlled
government who is failing the ACA and the americans who need it.
Trump and the GOP continue to break the rule of law in the name of

As I have said in the past. The GOP and Trump don't want to help the
poor or minorities because they see them as lazy people. There isn't
anything new about this. They won't publically admit it because they
could loose votes. Trump goes even farther calling them ignorant. If
didn't why does he call rich people smart?

The GOP claimes if they help the poor or minorities they will become
dependant on the government. Well then teach them to help them
selves. Religion teaches us that it's better to teach a man to fish than
to just give him a fish. Most people don't fish these days, but the
same idea applies.

They should set up regualtions that don't take help away when people
start to help them selves. Doing this discourages people from wanting
to help them selves. The help should be reduced slowly as to not
discourage people from standing on their own. When people on aid
get help that could cost more than they would get on minimum wage,
how can we askt hem to give it up? If minimum wage doesn't pay
enough to equal the aid then minimum wage should be increased.

The religioun that the GOP mostly clings to tells us to help the poor and
the lame. To provide food for the hungry and to help children. So why
do they still turn around and ignore the beliefs they claim to hold?

Just saying I made it so anyone who tries can doesn't work in many cases.
People are born with handicaps, and mental problems. Som learn slower
than most. To ignore the disadvantaged only creates desperate people
who will turn to  crime. Nothing is perfect,, but to ignore the needy is

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #278 on: July 30, 2017, 09:03:41 am »
Trump day 191
Our man Trump hired a new chief of staff. A 4 star general
without much political experience. Is he just another yes man
for Trump?  Or will he tell Trump to give him the authority he
needs to do the job? Or tell Trump when not to tweet? If he
can't or doesn't nothing will change. Only time will tell.

Trump wants to  run the White house like the hub of a wheel.
With him as the hub. Many years has shown it's better to let
staff deal with the chaff of government. The president is there
to make the decisions that only he has an authority to make..
Trump seems to only want to talk about how good he is, play golf
and Tweet instead of being president. The way it is he just wants
to play the part of a president. Much as he played the part of a
CEO in his TV show "The Apprentice". This is why people need the
experience of government to be a good president.

The Sinclaire broadcast group is requiring their affiliates to
play pro Trump reports by a man who has a Russian
accent 9 times a week.. What's next a fireside chat with
Putin? This is another step toward fascism. They are trying
to convince the general public to  support the far right
agenda. The Sinclair group reaches 70% of the country.

Florida agreed to send Voting information to Trumps
voting fraud investigation. There is no evidence of
voting fraud except in Trumps mind. So far most states
are refusing to do this.

N Korea continues to threaten the USA with missile launches
and bomb tests. If Trump doesn't work to convince N Korea
we aren't out to depose the N Korean leader, we could be headed
for a disastrous war that  could include attacks to our own
mainland. Trump has cut the State Department to the bone.
An agency that works to keep the peace and used to  have
people with a lot of experience dealing with bad leaders.

Will Trump go down in history as starting or causing a war that
costs the lives of millions? I hope not. If he does he will blame
it on someone else, that I am sure.

The GOP will need to hold Trump and his people accountable
if they want to stay in power.

There are  a lot of people running as democrats for office accross
the country for 2018. Has the GOP stepped into one meadow muffin
too many? Only time will tell.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #279 on: July 31, 2017, 09:23:11 am »
Trump Day 192
Our man Trump calls his new Chief of staff a great man. Of course
Trump calls everyone he likes great. This man has a lot of experience
in the military, but not much in politics. In the military he could order
people to do their job, but can he lead civilians the same way? I think
he will find one has to work with civilians not order them. Otherwise
they will turn against him.

Trump seems to  think people from the military can do a better job
of running the white house. Well the military works differently than
civilians do, and with politics its mostly comprimise.

Trump is still pushing to change health care to give tax breaks to
the rich, and insurance companies. This encludes tax breaks on
the big bonuses the CEO's of those compainies get. Trump ran
claiming to be a friend of the common man, but instead he is
a friend of rich men, especially the very rich. .

Trump says N Korea will be dealt with, and blaims China for not
helping or stoping N Korea. China would likely have to envade
N Korea to stop N Korea, but they want the government of
N Korea to stay. They don't want a democratic nation sitting
against their boarder. Russia supports N Korea too. We have
to find a diplomatic way or it will end up in a war.

We should use sanctions against N Korea and other countries
that support  N Korea and their military build up. I would
rather see the N Korean leader sitting on his thumb than
starting a war.

Now Trump is threatening to not pay the substies that the working
poor depend on to get insurance.Just the suggestion of doing this
will cause insurance companies to bail out. This is sabotage by

Trump continues to  claim the economy is doing much better
since he took office. Well if the economy continues as is it will
have a very modest increase of 1.9 percent. Which isn't very
great. Trump was saying he would have us up to 6 percent.
He and the GOP will have to work much harder to get that.

They are still trying to find a way to get rid of the ACA instead
of fixing the problems the GOP likely added to it with all the
amendments they tacked on to it in the first place. Some to
prevent the government from making better deals wiht insurance
and drug companies.

The only way to cut costs for health care is by regulation. Too
many people won't buy insurance. Then when they end up in
the hospital they go broke. This runs costs up for everyone
else because losses are passed along to those who do have
insurance We have to have everyone paying or prices will stay
high especially for individuals, and those with health problems.

The GOP didn't like Obama because he is a black man. They can
deny it, but why else would have treated the president the way
they did. No other president was treated this way by the GOP did
over the last 8 years. Obama had his faults, but the GOP just said
NO to everything he tried to do. Even for job creatiing infrastructure
the country desperately needs. Obama asked congress to  work on it
but they said NO.

The GOP has used the ACA as a battle cry for almost a decade,
but haen't come up with a good replacement. I think it's because
the ACA was a plan they liked, but since Obama passed it they
couldn't agree with it wiithout giving a black man credit for it.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #280 on: August 01, 2017, 10:35:31 am »
Trump day 193
Our man Trump is under a law suit about writing a false news story
during the campaign.  Also it has been reported Trump drafted a
false story for his son and the meeting with the Russian lawyer.

Seems Trumps problems just keep stacking up. Most of them are
by his own hand. He continues to call them fake news apparently
to keep him and his famly out of trouble.  The way it's going I
don't think his lies are going to keep the troubles away.

Trumps new chief of staff did fire the potty mouth new guy. So
that was a plus at least. I understand he was lead out of the
white house.

Nothing much new with the augest recess coming up. I think
they are planning to keep the senate open to keep Trump from
doing recess appointments.

They are continuing to do what they can to protect health care and
keep the rich guys from getting big tax breaks on the backs of the
working poor.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #281 on: August 02, 2017, 09:32:12 am »
Trump day 194
The Trump administration justest department is moving
to undo affirmative action by sewing colleges and
schools to stop them from applying affirmative action.

Also the Justest department is saying gays do onot
have civil rights protection against discrimination.

I could be wrong, but this smells of the Far right
pushing to move our country back to the 1950's.
I think it's a first step moving in that direction.
Nothing heard from the white house as yet. In
the end the Supreme court will decided it.

Trump is apparently stalling on signing the
bill that puts sacnctions on Russia, Iran, and
N Korea. I think this bill puts Trump in a box.
If he signs it, he is admitting the Russians
helped him win the election. If he doesn't
sign it, then it, it makes him look like Putin
has something on Trump.

Trump finally signed it witout photos or
fanfair, but complained that congress was
wrong to pass it.

As outspoken Trump is it's odd Trump hasn't
commented on what Putin has done since congress
passed the bill. Not one public word or tweet.

Day two for the new chief of staff. It would
seem he is okay with the rest of the staff. No
more firings anyhow.

Trump is pushing to change our immigration policy
of over 100 years to one where someone has to
speak english, and to have a skill to get a Green
card. Skill based immigration goes against the
promise to accept the poor and disadvantaged of
the world. Sure letting people in because they
have a useful skill is fine. It will keep them off
the welfare roles. I wonder how skilled people
will feel when a immigrant takes a good job
from them.

I guess that's why Trump hires skilled  foreign
workers for his hotels and resorts. Instead of
using home people to do the work. Could it
be they work cheaper?

Trump doesn't like Amazon for some reason. Could
it be the owner of that huge corportation doesn't
support Trumps ideas? One thing the owner of Amazon
is much richer than Trump, and he did it witout a
millionair father to start him out. So according to
Trump law (Intelligence based on riches) he is much
much smarter than Trump or any one else who he
calls smart.

Trump is bragging about the stock market hitting
a record 22,000. Brag on Trump, most people in
the country can't afford stocks. So it doesn't
really reflect a growing economy. So far this
year the average is less than 2 percent. It
was 2.5 percent or more under Obama.

Those of us who want good health care need to
keep the pressure on, because the GOP leadership
in the house and senate want to get rid of the
entitlements. The ACA, Mediaid, Medicare,
Social Security, and the Veterans health care.
All to be privatized so they can cut taxes
for the very rich. In other counrtries the
very rich pay the bulk of the social costs. They
don't want that here..Very rich are people that
have 100's of milliions, and billions of
dollars, and they want more no matter who
it hurts.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #282 on: August 03, 2017, 08:38:27 am »
Trump day 195
Our man Trump is telling lies again. Claiming the national
office of the boy scouts called him. They didn't. He claimed
the leader of Mexico called him. He didn't. Could it be
Trump really believes he got these calls? Or just trying to
look important.

I really do wonder if Trump is having memory problems. To lie
about things like this seems counter productive at best. It's
so easy to fact check them. I know his supporters don't worry
much about his lies, but if foriegn countries can't believe
him. What would happen in a crisis where a few words could
start or stop a war.

If Trump does have memory problems he should resign for the
good of the country. Problem is Trump probably wouldn't admit
it to his self. or want to. If he does it's likely those around him
would want to hide it. To keep their jobs and the power Trump
brings them.

Trump seems to be afraid of Putin. He never talks against Putin.
It can't be the nukes as China has more than enough of them
to cause much the same damage as Russia could cause. So
why would Trump cow to Putin? He bad mouths all other countries
including China, but not Russia. Perhaps the investigation of Trump 
will bring it to light.

Trump and the GOP continue trying to limit immigration. Even
though our economy depends on the labor foreign workers
provide. Also these people harvest crops we need for the
food we need to eat.

During a press conference today a reporter was reminded the
script at the base of the statue of libery was added later. About
20 years. Well the administration should also remember
the Bill of rights was added to our constitution about 20 years
later too. I think in both cases the importance of their content is

Trump is loosing ground in the polls. This is likely to worry
the GOP. Perhpas it's why the GOP isn't listening to Trump like
they were before.

Trump scolded his generals because the ware in Afghanistan
isn't going well. Trump promised he had a winning strategy
there. Trump even was complaining that China was mining
minerals there while we spend money and lives. Trump isn't
likely a scholar of history. If he was he would know you can't
win a war with bombs. The people of a country have to want
to change. Otherwise the same people will move right back
in when we leave.

Even though Trump told the GOP to keep trying to  get rid
of the ACA they are moving on to other business. They will
be up against a debt increase when they return from their
augest recess. Also the budget has to be passed this fall or
the goverenment will shut down.

They have left on vacation even though Trump said they
couldn't leave.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #283 on: August 04, 2017, 09:32:27 am »
Trump day 196
Our man Trump proved how greedy he is by charging
the secret service so much at Trump Tower they moved
out into a trailer on the sidewalk. A rather shameful
thing to do. Trumps people said they had to charge
the price due to costs. I feel so sorry for Trump that
he has to charge such high prices to not go broke. "NOT"

Trump was in West Virgina having another rally. He
should be doing his job instead of having a brag fest.
He continues to call the Russian investigation a witch
hunt. Well time will tell, but Trump should leave it
alone, and let it run it's course. If he is truthful
and honest he hasn't anything to worry about.

There is a report a grand jury has been put together in
Washington DC for the investigation. Trump might fire
Muller, but the grand jury is part of the judicial system
outside Trumps control. Congree is working to protect
Muller so if he is fired, a 3 judge panel will check to
see if there was good cause to fire him. If not he will
be reinstated. Hopefully congress is successful in setting
this up.

West Virgina's Billionaire govener decided to switch
parties. From democrat to republican. Which he was in
the past. Did he run as a democrat just to get elected?
I wonder who orwhat caused that? It seems the more
money people havethe more they want. If there is an
afterlife, I fear they are going to be very miserable in it.

A couple of transcrips were leaked. Here are links to the
transcripts of the calls.

Call to Mexico

Call to Australia

The attorney general made a speech saying the justist department
will be working investigate all leaks that affects national security.
We should hope they don't use this as an excuse to curb the press
from publishing the truth about our government. The only real damaging
leak was by Trumpwhen he had the Russians in the oval office. Phone
calls by the president shouldn't be made public in that it could keep a
forilgn leader from being open in a conversation with our president.

In Trumps rally it sounded like Trump is saying if the democrats win
they will use this hoax about the Russians to impeach me. I think this
will be his rallying cry for the 2018 mid term election. Vote to keep
the GOP in power, or you will loose me as president. Time will tell.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #284 on: August 05, 2017, 09:20:32 am »
Trump day 197
Our man Trump called the white house a real dump. Asked, his people
claimed he didn't say it. Then when pressed with the facts they
said "Oh its just a joke, he didn't meann it." Now he is at one of
his golf resorts for two weeks to have what he called a working
vacation. In my opinon he has been on a vacation sence he was

What else would you call someone sitting around watching cable
news and tweeting. Not counting all his complaints about the
media because they don't brag about him.

Trump and the GOP still claim global warming is a hoax,, but
China and India are turning clean energy into jobs while here
in the US we are starting to fall behind.

Big business here in the US is holding us back because they
don't want to change.from the fossil fuels that has made them
incredibly rich. Trump should be pushing for clean energy.
If we don't the rest of the world will leave us in the dustbin
of the past.

Let's use petroleum for chemicals. and heat and  cool our homes and
factories with electricity. Along with cars and trucks. It's the
future even if the rich GOP supporters want to keep us in
the past.

Coal miners are wanting to hold on to the jobs of the past.
We need to educate them so they can do the jobs of the
future instead of trying to bring coal back. It's more
expensive, and makes our air hard to breath. Anyone
who has been around coal smoke should know you can
taste it as well as smell it. In the old days there were
much fewer people using it. Even then our cities were
black from the soot of coal smoke.

Change is hard for anyone, but if we don't we will fall
behind. China and India has learned the hard way that
they needed clean energy. I hope we don't have to learn
the same lesson.

The GOP will give us fewer good jobs instead of more.
Manufacturing is moving to automation with fewer
jobs. Machines are replacing the jobs people used to 
do with hands. Ignoring this is a dead end for unskilled
workers of the future. We need more trade schools to
train workers for high tech jobs. Most people can learn
to do about any job with training. College is fine, but
we shouldn't require people to have a college education
to do a job that a trade school could teach them to do.

A bit on the ACA. If Trump doesn't pay the insurance
companies the subsidies for those who can't afford
the premiums under the ACA. Then premiums will go
up for all.

Ever use a pay day loan? Well Trump and GOP want to
cut back on regulations over them. These loans are
predatory and cost those who can afford it the least
a lot of money. They need to be regulated.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #285 on: August 06, 2017, 09:02:21 am »
Trump day 198
Our man Trump loves Fox News. His supporters
watch the channel religiously. If someone on the
channel speaks against Trump, the ratings drop.
So it's no wonder they promote Trump.

Fox is a male run channel. Women are not
given respect there. Not to say all men that
work there are bad, but the channel is very
conservative. Seems conservatives believe
women should stay in the home. So it's no
wonder women have had to work against
conservatives to  gain any rights.

Trump treats women who work for him
like he owns them instead of  like human
beings. Sure he is publicly nice to women
in his family, and others, but I wonder what
it's like in private? Past reports have shown
him to not respect women.

I often wonder why women vote for the
same type of men who act like they
are god's gift to women, but many do.

I know a conservative friend of mine
says he tells his wife  how to vote. In
this case I am sure a woman would want
to please her husband. I often wonder
how many women follow this way of

I understand black women tend to vote
the way they want, not their husbands way.
Not to say most women are doormats, but
in general around the world very conservative
men try to dominate their wives. I think this is
why men in very conservative circles treat women
like sex objects insead of intelegent people.

Trump needs to  get rid of the far right
conservatives. The trouble is Trumps base
of voters tend to like the far right. So he
would likely be afraid to get rid of people
like Bannon.

That puts Trump and the GOP in a box.
Because they have to please people who
are going to hurt them with the majority
of the people of our country. To keep power
the GOP needs a broad base, not just  the
far right. In 2010 the GOP won enough
seats in state houses with lies about
Obama nad the ACA  to gerrymander  voting
districts to favor voters who support the GOP.

This way they had a better chance to win
elections to congress. Otherwise the congress
would reflect the feelings of the country instead
of those that reflect a conservative minority.

The United Nations placed sanctions on N. Korea.
Now if China will stand by th sanctions? S. Korea
has given N Korea money. If the sanctions aren't
inforced nothing will change.

Will the Trump administration stop saber rattling
toward N Korea or try to work out a diplomatic
solution. I doubt if the N Korean leader wants to
preside over rubble. I understand the guy worries
about being deposed more than anything else. People
of N Korea look on his family as if they were some
kind of divinity. It's no wonder they support him the
way they do. War with people like this would be
almost to their last man. Much like Japan would
have been if the Emperor hadn't told the people to
lay down their arms.

Trump needs to understand we can't bomb people
like this into submission. So we must work to
deal with them and try to give them what they
want. Russia and China are friendly with them. So
perhaps there is away we can learn to agree to
disagree if nothing else.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #286 on: August 07, 2017, 09:20:31 am »
Trump Day 199
Our many Trump is on what he calls a working vacation. Well
perhaps playing Golf is working for him. Trump feels being
president is a 9-5 five day a week job. I have news for him
it's a 24 hour 7 day a week job. There is reason people get
gray headed in the job. It's very stressful with long hours.
Just because Trump wants to goof off won't get it if we have
a crisis.

Trump is claiming he is creating lots of jobs. Well the last
six months with Trump as president shows the same job
growth as the previous six months when Obama still in
office. When Trump was running for office he was calling
job growth fake news. Now with him in office it's great news.

The economy is doing pretty well for many people, but is the
economy doing well for those who voted for Trump? He promised
he would make things great. He can make a nice speech, but
I wonder how long his supporters will wait for the results.

Trump seems to need the cheers of adoring crowds in the rally's he only allows
supporters to attend as he did during his campaign. Only talking to supporters seems
to be Trumps way to keep his base strong. As a business many he should know zero
growth is a way to go out of business. The same is likely to happen by not trying to build
a larger base. Only allowing the supporters in may make for a adoring crowd, but it's
basically living a lie. Every president has supporters and those who don't support them.
Ignoring those who don't support him fails to teach him what he needs to know. Treating
people who don't support him like looser's will cause him to fail. His conservative base
cheers him on, but for how long?

Trump calls any news that doesn't brag on him fake news. Ronald Reagan said
honesty should be fact checked. The GOP and Trump should follow his

Will Trump end up starting a war with N. Korea? Or will he do what's right and find
a diplomatic solution. Trump doesn't seem to believe in diplomacy as he has cut the
State Department to the bone. The one agency that knows how to prevent wars.
Conservatives have a record of  starting wars.. Both of the Bush presidencies
got us into wars. Clinton was involved in east European wars. Obama started us
with Isis, and returning to Iraq. Seems all presidents find a way to get us involved
with other countries wars. Trump claimed he would end the wars with Afghanistan, and
Isis, but after six months the war in Afghanistan is growing. Isis is slowly retreating from
Iraq, but they are moving into other parts of the world. Now Trump is blaming our Generals
for failing to get the job done. As usual Trump never takes responsibility for anything.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #287 on: August 08, 2017, 10:01:31 am »
Trump day 200
Our man Trump was giving his vice president a warning to stay
loyal. Seems the VP is doing a bit of politics on the side. Perhaps
thinking Trump might be damaged goods by 2020. So why not be prepared
to run for president just in case. The VP claimed no such thing, but
he didn't deny he was out raising campaign money in Iowa.

One serious problem I see with Trump is his attention span. It has been
reported it's about 2 minutes. People around Trump are thinking about
makeing videos for Trump to watch since he has trouble concentrating
long enough to read one page of a report. Trump claims to be so smart,
but he can't follow a report from his security people, or the military.
Trumps at the age some people start having problems remembering or
concentrating very long. So it is possible he is suffering from mental
loss, and his family and the GOP are keeping it hidden from the public.
He could still function pretty well with assistance, but if his attention
span gets much shorter it will be hard to cover up. Other presidents have
had problems. Even Ronald Reagan was known to fall asleep during the day.

Trump is doing his best to call his vacation a working vacation. What
he calls work and real work isn't likely the same.

Trump seems to  be preparing his base by saying the Democrats are out to
get him over the Russian connection. So if and when charges are brought
against him he can say. I told you they were out to get me. This will
likely work for a fair percentage of his base, but I am sure moany wants
the truth to come out.

Trumps new chief of staff seems to be doing a good job, but he isn't doing
well keeping Trump off of tweeter. Lots of tweets coming down the pike. Some
of his base feel Trump should give his phone a toss, and work on his promisses.

Trump wants to hire 70 foreign workers for his resort in Florida for the
winter season. I wonder if his supporters like this. After all Trump has
said we need to hire american workers. So why isn't he doing it? He
claims he can't find workers. He did put a advertisment in a local
paper. The ad was in tiny print. You suppose he is looking for
people with extra sharp vision? Or was it so local people wouldn't
see it?

Trumps washington DC hotel is making money from lobbyists and foreign
people, corporate leaders. GOP members, ect. Trump is making a lot of
money providing rooms and large dinners and such. It's ok to make money,
but this just another case of Trump using the office of the president to
make money. Some is likely against the constitution.. Trump isn't in
the habit of following rules if there is money to be made.

there are a few in the GOP that are joining the Democrats to  protect the
special council Muller that is investigating Trump and his campaign.

The GOP says it's going to work on tax reform when they come back in
september. I wonder what happened to infrastructure? They have to pass a
new budget and raise the national debt ceiling as well. Seems they have a lot to
do in a short time.

Our friendly democrats need to get out and make sure they have good people
running for office. Not just getting people out to vote.

GOP is against workers having Unions.
Democrats favor workers Unions.
GOP is against raising the minimum wage.
Democrats favor it.
GOP is for cutting taxes for the rich and big
Democrats are not.
GOP is for removing regulations that protect the environment so
big business can make more money
Democrats do not.
GOP is working to restrict voting
Democrats are not.
GOP doesn't want to help people get a college educations.
Democrats want to help.
GOP doesn't want people to have the right to health care.
Democrats think people should have the right to health care.

This is just a few things that seperates the two parties. The
democrats need to make sure the public knows where they
stand compared to the GOP.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #288 on: August 09, 2017, 09:42:36 am »
Trump day 201
Our man Trump put N. Korea on notice. Saying he won't stand for
more threats. Now N. Korea has threatened Guam. An American
territory in the pacific ocean. It would appear N;. Korea is
calling Trumps bluff. I hope it was a bluff. If Trump was to
attack N. Korea before they actually attack us. How will the
world look at the USA for causing the deaths of Millions?

It's not likely N. Korea will actually attack first unless
the leader has a death wish. The problem is saber rattling
and brinkmanship could lead to an mistake. Once the first
shot is fired it's almost impossible to stop. Especially
when both sides have inexperienced leaders. N. Korea and
the USA with Trump. Will the American people stand by Trump
if a war is started by Trump? Or will  the name Trump go
down in disgrace along with the USA for starting a war
that kills millions.

I hope Trump isn't trying to impress his voting
base by threatening N. Korea.

I hope our military refuses to start a war unless it's
in response to an attack. Trump is unpredictable, and
he should be checked if need be.

The Trump campaign has been turning over thousands
of papers to congress. I wonder if any are missing?
Only time will tell.

There is an report that Trump is thinking about changing to a hired
army to replace our military in Afghanistan. I don't know how serious
this is, but it would be something Trump might like since he thinks
people will do anything for money.

I hope cooler heads prevail. Bombs rarely solve problems in
the long run. It usually causes more trouble than not.

With a state department cut to the bone and a president
who thinks force wins over diplomacy. Who knows where
all this will end up.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #289 on: August 10, 2017, 09:43:48 am »
Trump day 202
Our man Trump made a speech about the Opioide crisis in our country.
Would you believe he said "Just say no" Now isn't that bright of him.
People get on Opioids via prescription for pain. They don't decide to
start using this highly addictive drug for fun. Doctors need to not give
a big prescription for pain that isn't likely to last more than a few
days. I can't point to anyone, but in the past Doctors have been known
to get kick backs from drug makers if they will prescribe a drug. It
is possible this might be going on. Drug companies make a lot of money
with the sale of Opioids.

Trump again acts like he knows it all. Instead of just making an off
the cuff speech, he should have his staff work up a speech that makes
good sense for a change.

The FBI did a raid on one of Trumps campaign managers in July. Apparently
looking for evidence of wrong doing. To do this a federal judge had to
sign off on it. A judge requires very good reason to grant a warrent for
search and seizure acts by authorities. This man has ties to pro Russian
people. Possible money ties as well.

There were reports that N Korea has managed to size down their nukes
enough to be carried on their missiles. This report is a bit uncertain
at this time, but enough to get the attention of the defense department.

Trump doesn't have to tell N Korea we can turn their country into bouncing
rubble. They know that, it's best to let them know life will be tough on
them if they continue to build up a threat to the USA. If they wish to
discontinue the threat we would be willing to help improve their economy.
There is a report N Korea has been experimenting with private enterprise.
It would nice to see them move toward one like China, and forget about
trying to be a world power, of which there is little advantage. They
would do much better selling us things we don't need. Much as China does.

Trump continues to tweet, even more while on his vacation. Can't leave it
to the news. He claims he and Paul Manafort are at war now.. I guess he is
worried his old campaign managers troubles might rub off on him.

N Korea   claims they will fire four misiles at Guam. Not
to hit it, but apparently to show they can. Will this start
us toward war? Only Trump and those in power can say.
What if one accidentally lands on Guam? This kind of thing
is dangerous, and we know Trump never backs down or
admits making a mistake. So war may be inevitable unless
someone says No to Trump. Will Trumps generals follow
Trump in lock step into war? I wish we had some Generals
from WWII. They would know what kind of mayhem war with
N Korea would cause.  Only time will tell.

During the 1990's the Clinton administration had some
success stopping N Korea moving to have Nukes, but when
president Bush took over he decided to give up on it because
of some cheating and wanted to change the N Korean government.
Moving away from a diplomatic solution. When people don't
talk trust goes away and problems grow.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #290 on: August 11, 2017, 08:50:29 am »
Trump day 203
Our man Trump is complaining that congress isn't doing it's job. He is bad
mouthing the leader of the senate. Now I am no fan of the GOP leader of the
senate, but Trump needs his good graces to get anything he wants done. So
Trump is hurting his self with these comments.

Trump continues to spar with N Korea. It's typical of Trump to repeat
his self once he gets on a subject of any kind. In this case it's putting
us and our allies in the far east in danger. If Trump doesn't understand
what is needed to really fight a war, then we are facing a lot of trouble.

It could be he is depending on the Generals to take care of the details, but
it takes time to get troops and material into the area. I hope the military
tells him he can't just fight a war only with missiles and bombs.

We may know where all of N Korea's launch sites are, but what happens
after we knock them out? N Korea has a lot of mobile missiles that
can reach S Korea, Japan, and Guam. If we miss a ICBM site we might
have one coming toward the USA mainland. Our missile defense isn't
perfect. Who knows where all their ships and submarines are? We have
a very powerful military, but I fear Trump hasn't any idea how to
handle a war if he starts one. I imagine if he does he will
be blaming everyone but his self for all the deaths.

Trump thanked Putin for removing over 700 american diplomats.
He made out like it saved our government money. Well those
diplomats still work for the government until Trump or the secretary
of State's fire or affect employment of diplomats. Makes one wonder
if Trump is Putins puppet, or just crazy. I remember  during one of
the debates. Clinten inferred that Trump could be a puppet. That
got to Trump. Is it because he knows he has to be nice to Russia?
Only time will tell.

I think it's time congress removes Trump from office for national
security reasons. At least till his mental health can be determined.
The VP is a government professional who isn't likely to drag us into
a war to save face. Trump is dragging the country down
instead of making it great again.

I am sure Trump and his base would make a big fuss, but temporarily
removing removing a president for the purpose of checking to see if a
president is mentally or physically  competent is constitutional.

Trump isn't another Hitler, but like Hitler Trump seems to think he is
smarter than the military. This is one reason Germany and their allies
lost WWII.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #291 on: August 12, 2017, 09:26:21 am »
Trump day 204
Our man Trump continues to spar with N Korea as he has for the
last four days. Trump said "Lock n load" We are ready to respond.
Well the military is generally always ready to defend the country.
The plan to attack missile sites from bombers over the ocean may
not keep N Korea from deciding to attack our base in S Korea.

If missiles are fired toward Guam and land in international waters,
will Trump call it an attack? Or only if they land in territorial waters?
What if they just splash down with no blast? So many unknowns.
They may or may not be armed. We wouldn't knowtill after they splash
down or blow up.

Not only that Trump imploded we might send troops to Venezuela. This is
probably just Trump making noise, but he doesn't seem to understand
when the US president speaks the world listens.

All you nationalists out there take note. Trump seems to think the military
is the best way to solve a problem. I wonder how well Trumps poll numbers
do when a lot of body bags start coming home? Trump should always use
deplomacy first, but it seems to not believe in it. Seems ever since the
report N Korea was able to miniturize a bomb Trump has increased his
rhetoric. Last week the UN passed some tough sanctionsagainst N Korea.
 Trump should have called this a win, but he seems to have ignored it.

Trump may be offering a cabinet position to a democrat senator from
W Virginia. If this is true the govenor of W Virgina would replace the
seat with someone from the GOP to replace him. This would give the
GOP another vote in the Senate. I would hope the senator declines
the offer. He should know what Trump is up to with this manuver.
Trump will likely come up with an excuse to fire him soon after anyway.

If Trump pulls this off he will likely say to the leader of the senate.
"There I got you another GOP vote. Now let's do Obamacare remove
and replace again." Time will tell. It seems Trump is out to undo
everything Obama did while he president. No matter who it hurts.

Will Trump speak out against racism and fascism in our country?
He needs to clean the Far Right from his administration. To show
he doesn't approve of violence by fascist organizations in this
country. Not just say it, but work to stop it. It will be interesting
to see if the justice department and FBI do anything about it.

If they don't I fear it will grow and spread across the country.
It's things like this that spread across Germany in the early
1930's. I think we know how that worked out for their country.

If people want to keep confederate historical items
protected. They should set up museums, and cemeteries
to honer those who died for their beliefs. It should be
left to history where it belongs.

The GOP needs to show they are a party of justice
and stand by the constitution. Otherwise they could
find them selves tied to the far right and their activites.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #292 on: August 13, 2017, 09:20:39 am »
Trump day 205 
President Trump comments about the demonstration and violence that
occurred in Virginia. For the most part his comments were appropriate.
But instead  of denouncing the hate groups that attacked clergy and 
other peaceful protesters there. Trump implied all groups were equally
guilty over the years. Trump should have called out the White supremacists
for being Terrorists. After attacking clergy with brass knuckles, clubs, and
bottles of liquid. Lined up with guns as if they were soldiers of an army.
If it had been a Muslim group it's likely he would have called out the
national guard. As it was he called them all bad people.

Trump has a history of racisim, so it's not too surprising he would
 imply minorities would be guilty of racial violence. There are trouble
makers in all groups, but the white supremacists have a history about
hating those they don't like. If he wants to prove he isn't a racist let
him fire Bannon, and other Alt Right supporters in his administration.

Trump isn't likely to do much of anything about the Alt Right. They gave
him untold thousands of votes that helped put him in the white house.
So he isn't likely to do anything to turn them against him.

Trump claims he supports those in the military, but he hasn't said a word
about veterans who have been attacked by white supremacist followers.

How come Trump hasn't called for the justest department to go after the
guilty parties in Virginia? How come the new Attorney General of the US
who has been pushing law and order seems to be looking the other way
except to agree with Trumps comments. He is saying now he will look
into the possibility of hate crimes by those in Virginia.

I think the police should have stood between the groups in Virginia when
the attacks started. Instead they stood back waiting for riot squads. It
seems they were afraid of getting hurt. Well getting hurt is always a
possibility for a policeman. I think the police is trained to protect the public
first and them selves second. I could be wrong though. It is possible they
were told to stand back. It should be investigated, seems when minorities
riot the police is out in force,  so why not when whites riot?

When our country was founded,  they stood up for the rights of the people. If
we fail to do the same our country can fall to those who use hate and violence
to control us all.

For more information about the Virginia attack go to   Or any other major news outlet.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #293 on: August 14, 2017, 09:58:33 am »
Trump day 206
President Trump still hasn't spoken out against hate groups by name or the
leaders of them by name. In the past Trump has tried to side step comment
about hate groups. He speaks out against Muslims, and immigrants, but he fails
to be specific with hate groups. Seems Trump wants the support of hate groups.
To get their votes. During the campaign it was hard to get even a weak condemnation
from Trump of those who hate minorities, jews, and the LGBT community.

The attorney general is speaking out now, but in the past he didn't vote to  curb
hate groups when he was in the senate. He and Trump call for law and order, but
they look the other way for most hate crimes.

I commend the GOP for speaking out against these hate groups, but will they
still stand against hate when this attack is forgotten.? If they continue to
support and vote to put people in power that won't promise to stand
hate. Nothing will change. The New GOP isn't doing a good job when it comes
to protecting, women, minorities, or the LGBT. This needs to be changed or
there will be more problems in the future.

Trump has cut funding for agencies that have worked against terrorists in
our own country. Instead he has been pushing to watch Muslim Americans.

Even if Trump comes out and names hate groups and those involved after
waiting two days. If nothing changes it won't mean much. He needs to
support voting rights, and the rights of minorities.

All this has pushed the Korean problem to the background, but it's still there.
We can only hope cooler heads will find a solution.

Better late than never.
Trump did make a speech naming some hate groups, but no individuals
who lead them. He didn't denounce their approval of him. He didn't say
"I don't want their support or votes.." Trump knows who they are. It's
time the government holds these people and their groups accountable.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #294 on: August 15, 2017, 10:00:18 am »
Trump day 207
President Trumps ex chief of staff is to be questioned
by the special council. A man who likely knows most of
Trumps political activities over the past year. This may
cause Trump some worries.

Also his son n law may have some financial troubles for
Trump to worry about as well. Yes it's the special council
looking for dirty money.

Trump is considering using his power to pardon for a sheriff
that ignored a federal judge. Trump calls him a great man
because he was looking for illegal immigrants in a way he
was told not to.

I wonder how often Trump plans to use his power to
pardon between now and when he leaves office? I think
he still thinks he can pardon his self, and I am sure
he would pardon family, or loyal friends. Only time
will tell.

Today two CEO's resigned from Trumps manufacturing council
today because Trump didn't come down against hate the way
they felt he should.. One was a black man, and one was a
white man. Trump didn't wait two days to repsond. He blasted
the black CEO, never said a word to the white CEO. Rather
odd for someone who claims he isn't a racist. A third CEO left
later. Trump set up this council to lower drug costs. It's doubtful
he cares how much we pay for medicine. Rich people rarely care
about such things unless they can benifit from it.

We must look carefully at our politicians in 2018 to see
who or what they support. If we don't stand up against the
hate in our country. It will consume us.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #295 on: August 16, 2017, 09:11:35 am »
Trump day 208
I was surprised at Trumps news conference, and that is saying a lot.

President Trump made statements that bring shame on him and the
GOP by showing support for hate groups. Saying both sides act the
same is a lie. Trump says people on both sides who do bad things.
But I see hate groups working toward making the country white,
nationalistic, with only the protestant christian religion. They use
violence trying to get their way when they don't have the votes for
it. There is evidence they want to  start a race war in our country.
They believe in seperation of the races. Not together.

Where as the opposition wants religious freedom, voting rights,
civil rights, LGBT, and womens rights. They don't use violence,
even in the 1960's when some were pushing to use violence
leaders like Martin Luther King called for peaceful protests, and
many people were injured by police, and by hate groups, but they
still peacefully protested in the vast majority of cases. Sometimes
they use civil disabeadiance, but it's still with aims to be peaceful.

I know times during demonstrations there are fires set, and looting, along
with some violence, but it's by people trying to stir up trouble, not protesters
I sometimes wonder if they are hired to cause problems, and to make the protestors look bad. I get this impression because many times it's the
same people showing up that cause trouble. They probably know when
damage and violence is done they will loose support from the public.

Trump lied when he said the groups pushing to keep Lee's statue was
quietly marching. They were loud and rude. Also carrying baseball bats,
and some were wearing Trumps Make America Great hats. The fight broke
out the next day when they started to attck the clergy, and other peaceful protesters. Mainly to protect them from that attack. Trump should have told
them to not wear his Make America Graet hats period.

I think Trump did this trying to keep the suport of the hate groups.
Trump didn't call it American Terrorisim which it is, or make a statement
of support for those who were injured. Trump is about Trump, he will do
what it takes to stay in power or make money as president, no matter
who it hurts.

Where will the GOP stand on this? Will they just talk about how bad
this is. Then turn around and continue as before? They risk distruction
of the GOP if they ignore Trumps racist and unconstitutional activities.
Already in the GOP are saying how much they are against hate, but
not calling out Trump for his support of it. It's up to we the voter to
show them the error of their ways.

For more information go to  or other major news
outlets. I noticed even Fox news has been against Trump lately.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #296 on: August 17, 2017, 09:58:13 am »
Trump day 209
President Trump discontinued the manufacturing council. A group
Trump bragged about to create jobs. Apparently everyone was in
the process of resigning, and Trump didn't want the embarrassment
of watching his council die away because of his support of hate
groups. Saying there are fine people in them.

I am rather surprised he hasn't had some resignations of white
house staff over his comments. But there is a report Trump had
been saying this stuff off the record. So perhaps they are only
surprised he said it on TV.

The chiefs of staff from the military branches all said they
stand against any and all hate. This could cause Trump some
consternation since he is the commander in chief, and probably
thinks they should toe any mark he makes.

Trump cries about the media telling fake news, but they mainly
report his own tweets, and statements. The vast majority of his
troubles are self inflicted. He still seems to think he is some
kind of an authoritarian who can command all those in the
government. This will cause him nothing but trouble. Presidents
have a hard time as is without trying to be a tin placed dictator.
In Trumps case that would be gold.

Will congress censure Trump over his support of hate? I will be
surprised if they do even this much. It's time those in congress
think more about the country than their job in congress. Stand
up to prove they mean what they claim, and impeach this president.
Along with the VP if he continues to support Trumps stand on hate.

Confederate statues, monuments, and symbols acrpss tje south are
being removed or likely will be in the future. I am sure this will
cause more trouble. Though I am sure many people feel it's part
of history, and should be maintained. Trouble is they are a symbol
of hate and racism to many more people.

If Trump didn't have enough trouble, he is standing with those who
think the symbols of the confederacy should stay. Then compare
those monuments to those in Washington DC. It turns out there
are about a dozen statues to confederate men in the us capital
building. Sent by states that felt they were representative of their
state. I have a hunch these will go as well. Using a confederate
leader representing a state was likely a protest at the time.

A bit of history.
The civil war ended with a lot of hate in our country. Unfortunately
some people can't  let it go. During reconstruction the US government
forced the states of the confederacy to let ex slaves vote. Several
became representatives of state government and a few in the
federal government. When reconstruction ended the feds
(carpet baggars) as some were called, left. Black people were
were kept from voting, tossed out, intimidated, hung, or tossed in
jail by the white supremacists and KKK, or those who supported
them.. They are the ones who put up monuments in protest of the
(North) US government. Trump should be helping to heal the
country, not pushing us to support the past.

It's time we put this hate behind us, and bring our
country together. The GOP claims to be the party
of Lincoln. Let them prove it.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #297 on: August 18, 2017, 08:57:59 am »
Trump day 210
President Trump is attacking members of the GOP. This
will likely add to his troubles. He needs good relations
with the house and senate to get his agenda passed.

The GOP doesn't have much time to pass a increase
in the national debt, and a new budget. If they don't
the government will have to shut down. Not raising the
debt ceiling would likely cause the US credit rating to
drop, and cause intest on the national debt to rise.
If they spend time trying to pass a tax cut, or try to
remove the ACA again or pass an infrastructure bill.
They will likely run out of time.

Some of this will require help from the democrats. So
the GOP can't tack stuff on without approval by the
democrats. I have heard the GOP wanted to put some
things in to favor big business at the expense of tax
payers. I don't think the democrats will go along without
some comprimises.

Trump may not want to compromise, so things could get
tricky, and a lot of government workers could be on unpaid
leave. I am sure the GOP will try to blaime the democrats,
but the GOP owns the government and should be able to
keep everything running smoothly instead of blaiming others
for their troubles.

Already there is talk of a presidential primary in 2019. Where the GOP may try
to run someone against Trump if he is still president.

Reports are flying that the Trump administration is considering hiring a
private army to fight in Afghanistan. That might get sticky since a private
army might not worry about killing civilians, or bombing hospitals going
after the bad guys. That would likely make us look bad since the army would
be working for us. Time will tell.

The Russian connection is still going strong. I wonder how long Trump will
be able to watch while his finances are being looked at. Trump has done some
things in the past I am sure he wouldn't want made public. Before it's over
we could be saying Crooked Trump instead of president Trump.

The vice president is returning from a trip to south America early to be at a
meeting at camp David about Afghanistan. One wonders why the VP had to
cut a  trip short just for a meeting he wouldn't likely have much say in.
Time will tell.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #298 on: August 18, 2017, 10:12:46 am »


Guess when Trump mentioned about "draining the swamp" in Washington D.C., he didn't realise it would be his own staff! LOL!  :D  :D  :D

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #299 on: August 19, 2017, 09:25:28 am »
Yes Kobuk, Bannon is out, but I wonder if Trump will still call him
as he has Flynn. Or is it war between the agenda of Trump and
the agenda of Bannon? Reports say Bannon feels Trump has lost his
agenda/promise to his voters. Now we will see if President
Trumps thin skin can handle Bannons message.

Trump day 211
President Trump apparently decided to have his chief of
staff fire Bannon. Mr Alt Right his self. I wonder if
this will make any change by Trump. It's hard to say.

Bannon may take some of Trumps support away from
him. His politics are more in line with White Nationalists
than most of the GOP is. He has a billionaire to pay for
Bannons costs to spread his words which may conflict
with Trump.

Reports say Bannon is already saying Trump is working with
Globalists and must return to nationalism. Trump seems like a
Nationalist to me. Perhaps Bannon wants Nationalism to the

Trump may still hold his voting base, but he is loosing big
business over this apparent support for hate groups.

If the GOP doesn't distance it's self from hate, and extremism
they will cease to  be a viable political party. Not just in their
words, but their actions.
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