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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #325 on: September 13, 2017, 09:27:42 am »
Trump day 236
President Trump could be looking to the democrats to help pass a bill for
DOCA Dreamers. Trump apparently is saying he would support it without
funds for his wall. Of course the GOP has to allow a vote or nothing will
happen. Time will tell if the GOP will go for it. They have a history of
being against allowing illegal aliens any way to stay.

Will we ever find out why the Trump administration has lied at almost every
turn about connections to the Russian government. Starting with Trumps
campaign to the present. They lie and try to blame others for any deals with
Russia. Trump was trying to get approval to build a massive Trump tower in
Moscow during his campaign. This could be one reason he has been trying
to butter up Putin. Well Putin like Trump looks out for himself. Since the deal
fell through I wonder what Trump is up to now?

Trump purposely hid this deal with Russia. He claimed to not even know the
man who was working to get his Moscow Tower approved. We should be
wondering what other deals Trump is planning to do while president. He can
offer other countries pay for play deals. The same thing he was accusing
H Clinton of doing. He has committed almost every bad thing he accouse H.
Clinton of. The GOP should have impeached Trump months ago, but they are
scared of loosing Trump who promised to sign any bill they sent to him.

The Russian government is using the internet to get the American public to 
turn againsts Moslems, and other immigrants. I kind of think this is to cause
divisions in our country. The old saying United we stand, divided we fall is
just as true now as it was when we started our country. Putin knows it, and
will likely try to  divide us all.

We should look to the major media for information, not the fake news online.
The major media can't lie for long because they are in compitition with others
in the same business. They would love to report a major news telling a lie on

Trump seems to be ready to push his tax reform. He gives little or no details
on the plan. He talks about cutting taxes for the Middle Class. This may be
true, but he wants to cut taxes on the very rich most of all. I don't think
the democrats are going to go along with cutting taxes for the rich when we
are looking at huge spending for aid and repairs for hurricane victims, and

Trump and the GOP clame lower taxes will create huge numbers of jobs,
and big growth in the economy.  They say we will cut your taxes, but how
much in actual dollars for the average tax payer? For the very rich anc
corporations it will be millions of dollars, but for the average tax payer,
who can say. They sure don't want to say, because it might not even be
5 dollars a week for a lot of workers.

They say big business will spend those tax savings creating jobs. Well
over the last decade big business is more likely to  buy high tech machines
to to do the work than to hire more workers.  Repetitious factory work
is becoming a thing of the past. GOP politicians want to avoid this fact,
or claim it isn't true.

H. Clinton tried to  tell coal miners they will need to learn new jobs.
Trump and the GOP turned it around and claimed they would bring
back the coal industry. An industry that is much more automated
than in the past. Coal is dirty fuel since most of what remains is
soft coal that has a lot of sulfur in it. I can remember when the
school in my town used coal for heat.  You could small it blocks
away downwind.,and a coal fired power plant pollutes much more.
That's why China is moving away from coal to renewable energy.
Much faster than we are.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #326 on: September 14, 2017, 08:33:16 am »
Trump day 237
President Trump asked ESPM to fire one of their employees because she
called him a white supremacist. She wasn't fired, but was called up on
the carpet over it. Why would ESPN not want an employee to call Trump
a white supremacist? After all Trump is on record of supporting them. I
say tell it like it is. Trump ran saying people should be plain in
their speaking. Unless it's about him I suppose.

The internets social media may have to start looking at ads they sell
space for. To make sure they are not pushing fake news. Especially by
foreign countries. Personally I don't follow most social media, but
many people do. Your going to find all kinds of conspiracy theories on
the internet. I used to hear people on CB and ham radio talking about
things that made no sense at all. Now they are on the internet makeing
the same claims.

The special council Muller is looking at Mike Flynns son as well.
Perhaps to pressure his father to tell what he knows. Flynn has
been involved with several countries in business deals. There
isn't anything wrong doing business, but you have to tell the
government if you want security clearance, and Flynn didn't.

The Trump administration is trying to say the Director of the FBI
he fired broke the law by releasing his memos. Those memos were
the property of the director not Trump. So he didn't break any law.
It's just Trump trying to turn his troubles toward the ex director
of the FBI. This will likely cause Trump more problems.

Trump seemed to think being president allows him to do anything
he wants. It's this thinking that has caused him so much trouble.
All his working life secrecy has been a big thing with him. So as
president he is trying to run the government like one of his
corporations. He is finding out he can't get by with keeping
secrets, because the people want to know what the president
is doing. So the news media will be watching his every move.

Every time Trump talks to the news media he wants total control.
He won't let people ask a questionw without him interrupting as
if he knows what the question is about. This is one reason
Trump is so ignorant about so many things. He seems to think
he already knows it all.

Trump has been inviting democrats to have dinner with him lately.
Even to not invite GOP leaders. It will be interesting to see
how this works out. Is Trump trying to pull the wool over the
eyes of the democrats?  I doubt if they will go along with Trump
unless it's a on the level compromise.

Trump continues to call the major media fake news. I haven't
seen any purposeful fake news by the media. If we don't listen
to the people who actually go after real news. We will be at
the mercy of Trump and the government, and only know what
they want us to know. This is how Putin controls the people of
Russia, and the people of any other authoritarian controlled

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #327 on: September 15, 2017, 08:30:31 am »
Trump day 238
President Trump strikes again. His remarks about the terrorist
attack on a train in England.  He said scotland Yard knew about
the person who placed the exposive device.  Fortuantly no one
was killed, but Trump didn't have any business telling England
how to respond to terrorists. They are probably better at stopping
attacks than we are. Seems he has to act like a know it all even
when he shouldn't even comment except perhaps make an offer
to assist.

President Trump went to florida, and made some speeches. Even to
ask people to vote for a GOP senator from Florida. Not counting
handing out some food packages. Most people like to see our
polictical leaders at times of disaster. Trump is pretty good
a putting on a good show for the public. He has signed off on
declarations to help the hurrican victimes. Which is a good thing.
I hope for their sake he really cares. Time will tell.

Trump is catching a bit of flack for his apparent support of the
DOCA people. The GOP Right is beside them selves that Trump is
putting off the big boarder wall, and his deal with the democrats
for DOCA and boarder security. I will be surprised if Trump stands
up against the GOP Right. Polls show his base approves of helping
the DOCA people, and not tossing them to who knows where. Personally
I think anyone who has served in our melitary risking their lives
for this country should be offered the chance to be a citizen. To
not do so is rather discusting. But the GOP on the right are ready
to toss them out with no offer to let them apply for citizenship.

Trump continues to claim that some of the people who are against
white supremist are just as bad. This just stirs up problems he
dosen't need to deal with. Trump can't stand to admit being wrong.
We all make mistakes in life, but as president he should take the
high ground by never comparing socially bad people with others.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #328 on: September 16, 2017, 08:53:14 am »
Trump day 239
President Trump is still trying to limit immigration from Moslem
countries. Kind of strange as it was only supposed to be a few
months to begin with. It's been almost 8 months. So it would seem
he has had plenty of time to work out a immigration plan by now.
Even though almost all terrorists activities in the USA have been
done by US citizens. Oddly enough Trump never seems to notice them.
Trumps anti Moslem plan will likely cause more trouble than protect

It's interesting to know that "Facebook" accepted payment for ad space
in Russian currency. Seems that should have been a sign who was buying
.ad space. Don't you think? Yet "Facebook" claimed they didn't know of
any Russian buys. I think more is going to come out over time. I think
if a foreign government pays for ad space it should be tagged so the
public can know where it's comming fron or who supports it.

Well they are at it again. Trying to get rid of the ACA. The GOP
is giving red states sweet deals to get enough votes from undecided
senators to pass a bill thata will cut medicade, and allow insurance
companies to charge huge premiums for those with health problems. I
find it hard to believe the GOP to be so heartless to let people die
just because they are too poor to buy insurance that will pay the bills.

All this will do is put rural hospitals, clinics, and doctors out of
business. Making it much harder for low income people to get the care
they need. Especially the working poor in rural areas. If they accomplish
this terrible act, I hope they pay dearly at the voting booths in
2018. This is just so they can cut taxes for the top 1 or 2 percent of
americans. People who spend huge sums to help them get re elected. The
GOP is largly bought and paid for by the rich. I am sure some democrats
feel pressure by supporters, but the GOP is front and center.

Another reason the conservative wing of the GOP wants to cut health
care for the poor is because minorities make up a big percentage of
the poor, and they don't want to help them. It's this kind of thing
that causes a lot of unrest in our cities. When disadvantaged people
are treated like second class citizens become deperate enough they
fight back. Then the GOP points and says they don't deserve any help.

Senator Sandars and 16 other senators have sponsered a bill that would
setup Medicare for all. You can be sure the GOP will cry. "It will raise your
taxes alot." Well people pay thousands of dollars a year for insurance
that requires huge copays, and deductibles. Yes taxes would go up, but
I have a hunch it would be significanly less than the thousands people
pay in insurance premiums now. I am sure the pharmaceutical industry,
,hospitals, clinics and doctors will be agaisnt it due to  regulations that
will require them to charge less for their products and services. Many
in the health care industry are getting gold plated rich, and will fight
hard to protect their health care gold mine. Even if it means many
poor people including children will suffer and die.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #329 on: September 17, 2017, 09:01:19 am »
Trump day 240
President Trump is going home to New York on September 19
to make a speech at the United Nations. It will be interesting
to see if he can follow his teleprompter for the whole thing. Or
will he go nuclear and make a fool of himself and our country?

Personally I think the UN should be moved to Switzerland. It is
nothing but a nest of spies anyway. It would save New York a pie
of money with all the diplomats gone. It would still be able to
do what little good it does anyway.

Even with all the terrible weather we are having Trump and
the GOP still don't believe in Global warming. I guess they
will still be denying it when they have to use a boat to get
to the capital building in washington DC.

A book written by H Clinton  and her campaign was released
this past week. Trump felt he had to defend himself even
though he won the election.  Poor Trump he worries so much
when he hears people talk about him. Unless of course if
they call him "Great".

Some in the GOP are calling to have the military to
shoot down one of N Koreas missiles. This won't likely
change the mind of the N Koreans leader. If we missed
it would  give the N. Korean something to brag about.
If we did shoot it down he would likely call it an attack
against them. Let's save that for a missile that is headed
for us or an ally.

Congress is working on bills to place sanctions on China
to press them to not continue to trade with N Korea. Even
if China does end trade. Russia does a lot of trade with
N Korea as well. We should remember that during the
Korean war both China and Russia supported N Korea
with material and jet planes. They trained pilots and
even flew some against the american forces. Who's
to say they won't side with N Korea again even if
N Korea starts a war. China is saying they won't
support N Korea if they start a war, but only time
will tell.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #330 on: September 18, 2017, 09:29:10 am »
Trump Day 241
President Trump posted a video implying he hit H Clinton with
a golf ball. Anyone who thinks this is funny should stop and think
is this something we expect from our president? Even if you don't
like Clinton or what she stands for. Violence is never an answer to
anything other than self defense of your person.

Trump has implyed violence is proper from the days of his campaign.
Encouraging his followers to commit violence agains those who  opposed
him. I think he should have been called down then, but instead people
made excuses for him. Including  the media. I think he should have faced
charges for incitment to riot. I think that's why  Trump decided to not have
his rally in Chicogo. If people had riotedhe could  have been blaimed for it.
Trump still promotes violence,telling police to be rough  on those they take
to jail. More than one of his video tweets have shown violence  toward others. 
The president shouldn't act like a school yard yard bully, but until people of
influencecall him down for his childish actions it will continue. joke, or just
politis. Well if anyone posted a video showing someone hitting him, they would
likely be in jail.

Still the GOP makes excuses for him, even laughing about it.  I wonder if the
video had been with a GOP senator or the speaker of the house, would they
still be laughing and saying "Oh it's just Trump." It just shows the GOP is still
cowing down to Trump and his followers. I think it's a terrible example by a
president, and his lack of respect  for others. Encluding the GOP.

The state department continues to suffer under the Trump administration.
Trump doesn't seem to understand that deplomacy does more to prevent wars
than the military does. Just like any family, the world community  needs to talk
with each other. Also to hold out a helping hand when a people  need help. In
the past before missiles it took hours if not days to start a war. Now it only
requires minutes. Without diplomats to pass along our ideas and plans otherwise
misunderstandings can start a conflict that could lead to a disaster affecting
millions of people.  A nuclear war would make the hurricane damage look like
what a thunderstorm might cause in compassion. Add killing radiation on
top of it.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #331 on: September 19, 2017, 10:04:04 am »
Trump day 242
President Trump will be speaking to the United Nations. It will be
interesting to see what his speech is about and if he stays on subject.

Trump is still talking about undoing the agreement with Iran. An agreement
that limits their move to having nuclear weapons. To do so will allow them
to proceed as North Korea has. It may be that Iran may try to cheat, but no
agreement is worse than one that lets us inspect them as this does. The only
other alternative is war. I have a hunch Iran will be tougher to win against
than Iraq. Are we ready to spend another Trillion or more with a new war?
Who can say Russia won't supply them with weapons if we do.

Trumps campaign manager Matafort has been told he will be indicted in
conjunction with the Russian connection investigation. So the investigation
deepens. This may give Trump reason to sweat. Only time will tell.

Trump met with the Malayan leader even though he was apparently caught
laundering a billion dollars buying products from the USA. The Justice
department is currently hunting down said property to bring it back to
the US. Trump is basically  sticking his thumb in the eye of law
enforcement by meeting with him. This is nothing new for Trump he
doesn't respect law and order unless its to his advantage.

They continue to ignore the needs of the working poor. The
GOP seems to think if you can't afford insurance, it's just
too bad. You can just go begging.  Some don't care if it's
your parents, children or spouse. Shows you how indifferent
some rich people are. They claim we can't afford it as a
nation, but they are ready to cut taxes for the rich by
hundreds of millions of dollars. Money the rich would hardly
miss. The GOP claim it will make jobs. The rich don't buy
much of what  the average person works to make. They
invest in items they hope will gain value over time. Diamonds,
Silver, gold and collectables. Not jobs. Factories buy
automation more than hiring new workers.

So when the ACA is gone the insurance companies will stop
insuring sick people, and charge older americans higher premiums,
and other things the ACA did not allow them to do. So they can
make even more money, and sell insurance that doesn't cover you,
GOP supporters should call to tell their GOP congressmen and
Trump you are glad  to see your local hospital close and no local
dotor or clinic. If the GOP is re elected in 2018 they will try to
privatize medicare, medicaid, social security and the VA. Mark my
words, because they want to get rid of all government aid or care
so the private sector do it all. If they don't you can just suffer
and or die. Just  like poor people did a 100 years and more.

Most people today don't remember how poor people suffered
in the past. I just hope we don't return to those days so the
rich can get richer. Already many many people have to either
go without food, power, to buy medicine. No money for a
doctor, or dentist. Kids go without good shoes or warm
clothes. Granted there are a lot of charities providing for
people, but charities don't have the funding to help everyone
who needs it.

The GOP claims hey are helping the economy grow, but when
they cut aid there is a lot less money going to grocery stores or
doctors, or hospitals. To even cause some to close.  Causing
people to loose jobs. Something they don't want to admit.

The GOP wants capitalism, and free enterprise, but we
have to regulate industry or they will put profit above
health and the environment. They should remember
in the 1930's how the great depression was seeding
discontent, and calls for socialism over capitalizim.  We
need to accept some socialistizim to protect the poor
elderly and disabled. If we don't it will destroy our
country. President Roosevelt saved our country with
his jobs programs. Then WWII forced the government
to feed industry with enough funding to employ
thousands. Then after the war the government gave
low interest loans to ex service men to buy and build
homes. This lead to a lot of growth during the 1950's

The GOP needs to pass a good infrastructure bill to
rebuild the country. It would provide millions of good
paying jobs. Which would feed industry for even more
growth. Instead they want to cut taxes for the rich who
will do little to help the economy.

Sorry about the long speech, but we need to think
about growth, not feeding the rich who can take care
of them selves.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #332 on: September 20, 2017, 09:25:03 am »
Trump day 243
President Trump is using campaign funds to pay for lawyers. These
lawyers are for Trump and his family. It's legal, but for a man
who claims to have 9 billion dollars, I think should be ashamed
to use donations to elect him for lawyers. So far it's nearing
$400,000.00  dollars. So all you Trump supporters, be proud
because you know Trump is using your money to keep him and
family out of jail.

Hurricane Maria is spreading distruction in the Caribbean. US territory
islands, The Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. This will affect not
just a few thousand, but over 3 million US citizens that live on these
islands and call them home. Will Trump and the GOP help them in the
same manner that they did those on the US mainland? As an american I
hope they do. But in the past the GOP hasn't paid much attention to
these territories. I hope the media holds the GOP and Trump accountable
if they ignore the needs of our fellow citizens in the Caribbean.

President Trump made a speech at the United Nation tuesday. I really
think Trump accually hopes the leader of North Korea will start a war.
China has said it won't defend N Korea if they start a war with the US.
So perhaps this is why Trump continues to insult the N Korean
leader. How will history paint the united states after nearlyall of
the Korean country is destroyed along with it's people.

Trump may want to please his voters, but the average Trump voter
has llttle real knowledge of diplomacy or how to work with other
nations. This kind of speak just confuses other leaders, and makes
them distrust the US when our President talks about nationalism.
I think some left seeing Trump as a hate monger with thoughts
f war in his heart.

If Trump continues to not use diplomacy with other countries it's
very likely we will be in a new war. Communication is the only key
to lasting peace. The Clinton admistration was moving toward
peasce with N Korea, but when President Bush took over he scrapped
the peace initative. That was when N. Korea began serious development
of nuclear weapons and missils to deliver them. So we can thank Bush
and the GOP for convincing the N. Koreans to persue their nuclear
defense.  The GOP isn't the only party that has got us into war,
but the GOP has done their part.

I think the GOP congress will be getting an earful for following
the wishes of 25% of the country instead of the majority. The
GOP is betting that a large percentage of that 25$ or more will
outvote the majority in the next election. With all the gerrymandered
districts and their work to  limit minorities and others voting they
may be right.

It can be difficult to defeat people who work to  deceive by
blaming others, using the publics fear and ignorance to do so.
This is nothing new. Bad people have done this to gain power
many times down through history.

The twin disasters of an earthquake in Mexico and the Hurricane
in the Caribbean is in work. We can pray for those affected. So
far Trump has sent help to  Mexico and declared a disaster for
Puerto Rico  and affected territories. I commend our President
for that. Hopefully help will continue for all US citizens affected
by hurricanes this year.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #333 on: September 21, 2017, 09:47:11 am »
Trump day 244
President Trump continues to have chats with various diplomats and leaders. I have
noticed Trump always talks about how great something is. He was speaking to some
African leaders about how happy they should be because of the resources they are
selling to rich business men. Well it seems Trump doesn't understand that rich business
men often take advantage of poor countries. This is why Trump needs to
listen to people that understand this, before making us look bad or uncaring.

This is why it's so important to have diplomats that understand the language and
culture of foreign countries. Trouble is Trump seems to think he is great about
everything, and doesn't listen to people that know. Sill the State department has
many jobs to fill. Many are diplomats that need to represent and communicate US
 policy. Also to give Americans a place to go when they have problems.
Still Trump leaves these jobs unfilled, supposedly to save tax dollars, and has
caused many experienced people to leave the state department.

There are reports that Trumps cabinet members are using chartered airplane to
 travel short  distances they could travel in a car. They should be using commercial
flights instead of spending millions of tax dollars for their own comfort. This shows
how little rich people think about the money they spend. Millionairs and Billionaires
think more of their own comfort than saving money for the tax payer.

Trump signed on to sanctions to countries and businesses that deal with N Korea.
Time will tell how well this works. We can't always believe Trump so we will have to
wait and see how much is true.

We have sent people and equipment to help rescue people under earthquake
rubble in Mexico.  I hope help for our territories in the Caribbean is forthcoming
as well. The flooding in Puerto Rico has people on rooftopsnow. Areas there got
36 inches of rain in 24 hours. The amount Huston Texas got after 3 days. Kinda
tells how bad it is there.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #334 on: September 22, 2017, 09:17:51 am »
Trump day 245
North Korea is claiming it will fire a nuclear armed  missile into
the Pacific ocean in the near future. Apparently to prove they have
the capability to hit the USA or it's allies.

Iran is saying they have multi warhead missiles that can fly upto 1200
miles. This threatens the entire middle east. It's likely Israel will find this
to be a serious threat.

Trump should not be making threats with his tweets. Will these tweets cause
Iran or N Korea feel Trump might start a war.

The new sanctions against N Korea could get the attention of the N Korean
leader. As a leader he needs the support of people around him. These sanctions
could cause them to rethink their support.

I am sure Trump wants a win. Something to point at when running for re election
in 2020 if he hasn't been removed from office. I just hope his desire to stay president
doesn't end up starting a war we all may regret.

Our friendly GOP is still working to kill the ACA. This is all about cutting taxes for
their rich supporters. Some who have said they wouldn't give them any money if
they don't cut taxes for them. These are billionaires who shouldn't be asking for
tax relief in the first place. They hire tax lawyers that keep their tax rates lower
than the average american as it is.

The GOP could reduce the need for so much money to run for office. Just make
that limits how much people can donate to anyone running for office.  Prior to
television people could run for office with a few thousand dollars. Now it takes
hundreds of thousands to millions. With the internet they don't need so much
TV coverage.

As with most people change is always hard, and the GOP is scared to death the
country is moving toward socializim. Well I have news for them. If people get
desperate enough they will call for social changes, and vote the GOP out.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #335 on: September 23, 2017, 09:00:53 am »
Trump day 246
President Trump met with the Turkish leader and gave him praise. This
leader had his security people attack peaceful demonstrators in front
of the Turkish embassy last year. Not on embassy grounds, but outside.
15 of these security men have been charged, but will likely not return
to the country for prosecution. Trump should be telling the Turkish leader
to have these people returned instead of giving him praise. But Trump
has a Trump tower in the capital of Turkey, so I doubt if he wants to
cause any trouble that might cost him some of his precious  profits.

Trumps inauguration fund ended up being $107 million in donations.
We don't know for sure how much was spent for the inauguration, but
Obamas cost less than the $25 million Trump claimed to spend, and
was bigger with many top names for entertainment. The inauguration
committee has been asked about where the extra money went. Trump
claimed they spent around $25 million, but gave no proof. Turns out
Trump can pocket the rest if he wants. To do what he wants. Remember
he offered a donation of 1 million to the Texas relief fund. Just one million,
and still had at least $75 million he could use for anything in his
inaguration fund. Wasn't that nice of him for being so generous? "NOT"

Puerto Rico is getting federal aid, but I wonder how long the GOP and
Trump will support aid to those Caribbean territories?

After 9 months the federal government finally said 21 states
were hacked by someone. 3 states said it was apparently the
Russians. The Trump campaign and his campaign manager are
still under investigation about involvement with Russia. Trump
continues to deny any involvement with Russia. Trump lies and
tries to blame others for his problems. So time will tell.

I think there are people who feel the Russian investigation
is just politics. I have a link to a webpage that lays out why
we should be concerned over what Russia did.

I think if and when Trump is impeached he won't go down without
a fight, and will continue to claime he was treated unfairly by
the media, GOP, and the Democrats. Even if he stays till 2020
and looses the election he will be on fox news claiming the
election was rigged, and stolen from him.

The GOP gave up a bipartisan effort to improve the ACA to make a try
to kill it. Even trying to pay off some senators by offering their states
more money. If they have all this money, then why are they claiming
the country can't afford it? I think many of our friendly GOP have sold
them selves to rich supporters. That is probably why they ignore the
voters at home. It's a shame they don't have to wear a sign on their
back with the names of their owners.

Sure they have to beg to get money for their campaigns, but they could
reduce the costs by limiting donations to individual members running
for congress, and the amount of money spent by anyone running. Instead
they worked to allow political action committes to help support members
running. These PACKS have few limits on how much they can spend
since it's not about individuals donating for any one canidate
running for office. It's more about supporting a party platform
 than individuals.

If congress would actually work to reform campaign spending it
would allow more qualified people to run for office. Also it would
give them more time to do the job instead of raising money from
the rich crowd wanting a pay for play agreement. I think many in
congress want it to be limited to rich players. So change will
be slow to come, if ever.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #336 on: September 24, 2017, 08:52:25 am »
Trump day 247
President Trumps call to  fire NFL players if they don't stand for the
National anthem is wrong. It's none of Trumps business to tell people
to fire others. These players are protesting the way the police is killing
black people. Not against the country or our military. Obama had been
pushing for change in  how the police treat minorities. Trump and his
atterney general are returning us to the days of the past where
minorities were treated like second class citizens.

Trump will do anything to build his support. This fight against the
NFL may be a big mistake. Americans love Football. I don't think
they are worried very much about a player not standing up for the
National anthem. In 2011 Trump said it was ok to burn the American
flag. Trumps wife had to remind him to put his hand over his heart
during the anthem earlier this year. So it goes to show it's not about
American symbols, but Trump. We should remember Trump is against
anyone who doesn't support or praise him.

The Trump administration and the GOP are still working hard to limit
voting in our country. Claiming it's all about voter fraud when there
is no evidence of such fraud. It's all about the GOP wanting to win
elections so they can discriminate against minorities and the LGBT.
They know they are in the minority so the only way they can win is
with dirty tricks. If those of us don't get out and vote the GOP will
take and keep control of our country. If they get a conservative majority
in the Supreme Court they can do just about anything they want.
There are many ways to take rights away from people if you control
the government. The bill of rights can be interpreted in many ways.
You might think only the left or liberals want to take your guns. A very
conservative government may decide you don't need them at all. Or
have a right to speak out against them.

Trump continues to bluster against the leader of N Korea. Short of turning
N Korea into bouncing rubble. Threats to do this isn't change N Korea, we
have to use diplomacy. The more talk the better. It would be better to kiss
up to the N Korean leader than killing millions of people trying to get rid of
him. Why should we care if he can brag about winning the ware of words.
We should have left the Koreans alone in the first place. By now they would
likely be more like China with a growing economy, and we would have saved
hundreds of billions and saved the lives of 50,000 UN and American soldiers
in the Korean war 65 years ago.

The GOP continues trying to get rid of the ACA, It's all about saving movey for
the rich, not the middle class. They lie and lie trying to claim it's to save people
money. Most people are insured by employers, the ones that will suffer is the
working poor, and disadvantaged. Canada offers good health care for all it's
people for less money.  That proves we can do the same. They aren't going
broke like the GOP claims we would. Price regulations and preventative care
will cut costs for us all.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #337 on: September 25, 2017, 09:32:18 am »
Trump day 248.
N. Korea claims Trump has declared war on them. Perhaps the N Korean leader said
this hoping to get support from China, and Russia. The UN passed tough sanctions
that will hurt N Korea if countries follow through with them. Time will tell.

Trump had some military aircraft fly north over international water along
N. Koreas coast. Apparently as a show of force. I don't know why Trump
thinks the N Korean leader is ignorant of our power. He knows we can
destroy his country, but he also knows that S Korea will suffer the same
fate, and perhaps one or more of his missiles will hit US territory.
It would be much better to talk.

Trumps son n law is using a private email since Trumps election.  Using it to message
others in the white house. This is what Trump was calling H. Clinton a crook over. Not
turning in all emails she sent or received. I think anyone with a email account has
deleted thosands of emails that are personal or spam. So calling Clinton a crook for
deleting personal email is just a lot of noise by a man who has and is doing the same

Trump and the GOP leadership is still trying to get enough votes to kill the ACA and cut
Medicaid to please their rich supporters, not their voters. I wonder how many GOP
members have been to medicaid supported nursing homes? To tell them why they may
have to go without care, or by relatives who may or may not be able to give them
the care they need. Many of these people served in the military, and gave of themselves
to help others when they were younger. It is rather shameful how we treat our elders in
this country. When my mother was in the rest home. I went to visit almost every day. I
rarely saw others getting visits by family. Almost like their families were glad to be rid
of them. Not everyone treats their elder families this way, but many could do much more
than they do.

Come on Trump. Our Caribbean territories are not getting the aid they should be getting.
Even after a week people are in desperate need of water and fuel to run generators and
vehicles. If we don't provide the help they need there will be a mass migration to the US
mainland. Not a few thousand, but possibly a million or more. I really think we should build
a large naval base in Puerto Rico to replace the one in Cuba. If we did it would pretty much
solve the economic problems there.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #338 on: September 26, 2017, 10:18:23 am »
Trump day 249
The investigation continues about Russias involvement in our election. Some
with  ads on facebook and bots on twitter. Not counting trying to hack into
voting data. Trump continues to claim it's a hoax. Probably because he feels
it discredits his presidency. Well in my opinon loosing the popular vote by
millions is what discredits his election the most.

There isn't much new. N Korea is on the edge of a hot war with us, The
white houseis using private emails for government information. Aid for
the Caribbean territories is taking too long with many people desperate
for water, and fuel. Trump just says we are handling the situation. Then
complains about football players for not standing up during the
national anthem. Something that isn't the business of any president.

If our friendly GOP took the same interest they did for H Clinton, perhaps
more would be getting done. They continue to  ignore Trumps indiscretions,
and tweets that do more harm than good for our country. Trump and the
GOP should care more about the people of our country than their agenda.
Trump should care about the country as a whole, not just those who voted
for him.

Puerto Rico has applied for statehood more then once, but our congress,
mostly the GOP have denied it. Now they are blaming them for having a
poor  infrastructure. Puerto Rico has been treated like an unwanted step
child for years. I think it's because of it's Hispanic background, and we
know how the GOP feels about Hispanics.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #339 on: September 27, 2017, 09:03:43 am »
Trump day 250
The GOP decided to give up on removing the ACA due to not having the votes.
Not because it's a bad thing to do. Trump said he was disappointed that it failed.
I guess in spite of his promise to have affordable health care for all, he was
ready to sign a bill that would take it away from millions of americans.  Including
many of those who voted for him.

Trump and the GOP are moving to  do tax reform, claiming to
cut taxes for corportations and the middle class. Details are
in work.

Two people died in a hospital in Puerto Rico because their emergency generator
ran out of fuel. Fuel that should have been delivered to all hospitals there.  It's
been a week after all. I hardly think we could expect a hospital would have more
thana weeks supply of fuel on hand. RED TAPE is slowing aid. Trump could have
the military make sure fuel and water is supplied to all hospitals immediatly. As
well as a communications system for the island till the civilian system is repaired. 
How many more people will die due to government bureaucracy when Trump
has the powerto give the military full power to save lives. He claims he has
people there checking to see what is needed. They could decided that after
the emergency has past.

A hospital ship has been ordered to Puerto Rico. It may be 4 days before it
even starts the 5 day trip. Why did they wait so long. H. Clinton on twutter
told Trump he should send one. Soon after the order was made. It wasn't
her job to request it, Trump was busy fussing about the NFL when he
should have had relief for the Caribbean territories in mind.

A lot of aid is moving, but it has been a slow start. People will begin to
get sick, and die in the thousands if aid isn't forthcomming. 3 million
people need a lot of aid and need it fast. This could end up being the
largest human disaster in the history of the USA.

The Jones ACT, a 100 year old law made to protect american shipping
following ww1. This costs Puerto Rico economy hundreds of millions.
This ACT was bought and paid for by rich shipping interests.  This
ACT should have been done away with years ago. To have a law
like this and then to blame Puerto Rico for being broke is discussing.

Here is a link to the Jones ACT .. This doesn't affect the US mainland
like it does Puerto Rico. Also if needed it should be updated as the
Merchant Marine service isn't near what it was in 1920.
Florida was given a waiver after Hurricane Irma. So why not Puerto Rico?
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #340 on: September 28, 2017, 10:06:51 am »
Trump day 251
President Trump is continuing to sabotage the ACA by not guaranteeing
subsidy payments to insurance carriers. Causing an almost 50 percent
increase in premiums. Also they are cutting advertising for sign up
to the ACA this fall. They know if fewer people are signed up the higher
the premiums will be, and in some areas no insurance at all. After all
this Trump and the GOP have the Gall to blame the ACA for failing and
costs going higher.

They want the public to believe it's a bad law. The ACA is just a free
market to sell insurance. The law does require policies to pay the bills
and provide for preventative tests. Without the ACA we will return to
the days when insurance companies selling policies that pay little
leaving people with debt that drives them into bankruptcy and no
credit. All this because Trump and the GOP leaders hated the fact
a black man was president. The ACA is a GOP idea that Obama worked
to get passed. So for the past 7 years they have used their hateful
lies to gain seats in congress.

Alabama voted for a religious radical man as a canidate for the US senate.
This country was started because people wanted religious freedom. If we
put people in office who want only one religious belief it will set freedom
back decades. This guy wants to put homosexuals  in jail for homosexual
acts. He claimes the terrorist attacks are due to morality. By his standars
I suppose. It's this kind of thinking that has caused the suffering of
millions down through history.

Tax reform or tax cuts? It was reported Trump could end up with more
than 75 percent in savings for his self. Trump has hundreds of corporations
who will benifit if Trump gets the tax reform he wants. Tax rates for the
lowest earners will go up from 10 to 12 percent.  Middle class will likely
end up paying about the same. Due to large increases in personal and
family cost deductions. The rest goes to cut taxes for the very rich with
cutting rid of capital gains, and inheritance taxes.  Most of which mostly
affects millionaires.

Time will tell, but it's not likely tax reform will end up with much of Trumps

Trump is still saying he is working to help Puerto Rico, but people are dying
while Trump and the GOP play politics. This disaster needs military force to
solve. They need help now not next week.   
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #341 on: September 29, 2017, 09:33:52 am »
Trump Day 252
Will President Trump hold Tom Price accountable for spending tax dollars for charter
flights when he could have saved the tax pagers hundreds of thosands. Price offered
to pay for his seat in the aircraft when it was he who wanted a whole plane. He is
responsible for the whole plane not just a pot to sit on. He needs to pay the whole
cost he signed off on.

Trump continues to claim he is doing all he can for Puerto Rico. While people go
without fuel, food, and water. A cruise ship is helping thousands off the island
on it's own.  There are thousands of shipping containers siting on docks waiting
to be dilivered. The US military should be there in force with the means to help
the US citizens of Puerto Rico. This is not a foreign country, but a US territory
that needs our help, not promises and bragging by a president who is worried
more about cutting his taxes than the people of Puerto Rico. It's likely there
will be tens of thousands migrating to the US mainland where they can vote in
2018 in case the GOP and Trump have forgotten.

The special council is pulling white house staff in for questions along with
all paperwork and data about the Trump campaign, and administration. So
Trump and company best get their stories stright.The special council isn't a
GOP buddy trying to cover for Trump.

The Russians are still trolling Twitter, and other social media sites. Working
to divide our country. Anytime you see negative remarks about people who are
talking against the GOP or Trump it's very possible it's a Russian bot or Troll.
It's another good reason to follow the televised news and newspapers instead
of social media for any political news. There is proof that Russian hackers and
Trolls by the thousands are working to divide our and other democracies around
the world. No matter what Trump or the GOP claim to the contrary.

Trump is talking more than the GOP would like about tax reform. They will likely
try to ram this through before the public learn the dirty truth that they mainly
want to cut taxes for their rich supporters and other very rich people. Rich
people buy stocks and invest to make more money. They don't by toasters and
washing machines and other products that make jobs.. Each time they cut taxes
for the rich and corporations the government looses money. Each time they raise
taxes on them the government gains in tax revenue. In spite of the lies the
GOP wants to feed the public.

Trump and his people continue to call news repoarts from and about Puerto Rico
misleading and not telling the truth. People on the ground can see the response
isn't as much as Trump claims it is. They could have been on the Island right
after the storm. Excuses about bureaucracy is common cop out by politicians.

If our military was run like this during a war, we wouild likely loose.  This disaster
needed full control by the military to do the job.  One order was all they needed.
"Do what it takes to save the people of our Caribbean territories NOW." The
president has emergency powers that can bypass RED TAPE. Then sort it out
afterwords. This inaction by Trump will hang over his head from now on.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #342 on: September 30, 2017, 09:03:11 am »
Trump Day 253
I am ashamed to call Trump our president. After his tweets attacking the Mayor of the
largest city in Puerto Rico made a passionate pea to save the lives there. Calling her
and the people of Puerto Rico lazy because they are asking for help. These are US
citizens who deserve the help they need no matter what Trump thinks about them.

Why? Because he can't be at fault. It has to be the fault of Puerto Rico and the media.
Trump never takes responsibility for anything. Even the 3 star General Trump sent there
said there isn't enough men or equipment there to do the job.

I think it's partly due to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands don't vote for president, and
Trump only cares about those who voted for him, and not even all of those. Trump can
deny it, but he is a racist, and doesn't think women or minorities should be elected to
any public office, or own a business of any size. He wants everyone to brag on him and
lay praise on him for anything he does. If they don't he is ready to step on them.

If Trump was as smart as he claims to be he would know presidents never get lasting
praise. Like any politician they are only constantly liked by blind supporters who look
the other way. They don't want to see any evil, hear any evil, or speak any evil about
the man they voted for. In Trumps case that's about 30 percent of the population.

The GOP is talking about the Carabbean territories needing help, but I have my doubts
if they work very hard to help them. Unlike Florida or Texas there isn't any representatives
in congress to speak out. Fortunately there are some democrats speaking out. Those in
the GOP are mostly making excuses for Trump.

By the way Trump still wants to build a huge Trump Tower in Moscow Russia so he
will continue trying to please Putin.

They will likely be working to pass their big tax cuts for the very rich, and leave
Puerto Rico to Trumps not so tender mercy.

I could say more, but hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #343 on: October 01, 2017, 09:31:52 am »
Trump day 254
President Trump has been playing golf for 4 days and tweeting
whild the people of Puerto Rico suffer in long lines for feul, ice,
water, and food.  They arn't in a air condition room while waiting,
but standing in 100 degree weather for hours on end. Trump claims
these people are just looking for handouts because they are too
lazy to work. If he does go to Puerto Rico he won't stand in the
sun. I think he will tell his staff round up a crowd of supporters to
cheer when he makes a speech talking about how good everything
is being taken care of at his command. Because Trump always has
to look good.

While Trump rides around on a fancy golf cart the government
has to rent a golf cart from Trumps resort to follow him around.
The rentals are over $12.000.00  dollars so far. Trump continues
to use his office to make money hnad over fist. It's no wonder
why his cabinet members think they can spend tax dollars for
chartered planes along with air force planes for work and
vacations. Just like boss Trump does.

Trump made more tweets telling the secretary of state to not
spend a lot of time trying to talk to N. Korea.

This business with Trump and the NFL over the national anthem
still continues. This is a first amentment right. People in other
countries are shot and tortured for speaking or acting out their
beliefs. That is why our founders made it right. Trump doesn't
really care about this, it's just another way he is playing to his
supporters and getting acheers at a ralley.

The majority of the public just want to watch the game, and
don't really care or want to deal with the politics of how the
players or Trump feels. I think even his supporters will grow
weary of this over time.

Trrumps habits and use of wifi for tweets and emails make H.
Clintons email problems totall insignificant in comparison.
Perhaps it's time to lock up Trump and his people instead.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #344 on: October 02, 2017, 09:15:04 am »
Trump Day 255
President Trump spoke condolance to the people in Las Vegas.
He plans to be in Las Vegas on wensday Oct 4 2017.

Congress will be making their condolances as well. Some
talk about gun control. For and against. I really doubt if
gun control could prevent a determined person from using
weopons to  kill others.

One good note is the Caribbean territories are getting
better recovery help after almost 10 days.

All news will be centered on the shooting in Las Vegas, so I
have nothing more today.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #345 on: October 03, 2017, 10:04:43 am »
Trump Day 256.
President Trump arrived in Puerto Rico today. Then to a photo op
Where he bragged on the military, fima, and the Govenor of Puerto
Rico.  He shook hands with the mayor of San Juan, then turn away
not saying anything. She was placed out of camera range while
Trump bragged on how well the government had helped the Island
of Puerto Rico. He claimed he wasn't being political, but it was
obvious he didn't want the Mayor to have any attentiono. In fact
she was the only dignitary who wasn't invited to speak by Trump.

Trump reminded the Governor that Puerto rico owed a lot of money, and how
much this is costing the government. Hopefully Trump will go to the hard hit
areas and not just the areas that had strong sturctures that survived.

Trump continues to act like a child anytime someone doesn't brag on
him. Trump talked about political correctness, but when this woman
told a truth that embarrassed Trump he did his best to embarrassed her.

Trump plans to have another photo op with him talking to some locals, but
I wonder how hand picked these people were. We can be sure Trump
wouldn't want to be boo'ed at or fussed at on camera.

Then he is to be flown around the island in the Marine One Helicopter. Then
to land on one of the Navy ships to make another speech.

Trump didn't want to talk about gun laws. Saying it's not the
time to talk about gun control. He and the GOP want to wait
till the public cools off so they can do what they want about
gun control.

Gun control should be more about gun safety, and not letting
poeple who have serious mental problems to not have them.
Background checks may be a hassel, but even though a crook
can steal  a gun or buy one from some individula. It takes time
and trouble to do so. Adding a little trouble to buy a firearem
can save lives. The NRA didn't even want the tech to keep a gun
from being used by any but the person who owns it. This would
save the lives of both the police and children who are killed by
accidental shootings.

It's not likely we will see any change. The GOP has passed laws
that allow the mentally ill to have guns, and were in the process
of allowing silencers for individual gun owners. They are reconsidering
this idea.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #346 on: October 04, 2017, 10:19:59 am »
Trump day 257
President Trump is in Los Vegas visiting hospitals, and making speeches. Why 
didn't he do the same in Puerto Rico. Already 34 have died there. Instead he cut
his visit short. At least hospital visits would have shown he cared.  He should
order an aircraft carrier with many helicopters to carry food to isolated villages and
bring out the sick and infermed. Trump only cares about those who voted for him.

Well there are a lot of people in this country who have family on the island of Puerto
Rico, and I hope they show the GOP and Trump their feelings at the voting booth.

Not much in the news about anythig but the shooting. Congress is avoiding the
issue of gun safety and control. Heaven forbid they do anything to cause the NRA
bad mouth the GOP about gun control.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #347 on: October 05, 2017, 09:31:48 am »
Trump day 258
President Trump is having trouble getting along with his cabinet. Trump still wants
to run the white house like a big corporation with him as the CEO. "I am the "Boss"
and everyone must live with it.

Trump never admits being wrong about anything. This may work well for a salesman
selling products to the public, but not as president. I really don't think he knows
anything except how to sell real estate, play golf, and perhaps how to be an actor.
This idea of his to always fight back when attacked may have served him in the
past, but it makes him look look bad as president. Being a bully will only hurt him.

It's no wonder those in the white house talk behind Trumps back and leak problems
he has to the press. The secretary of state apparently called Trump a Moron. It's
likely  he isn't the only one in Trumps staff who feels the same about Trump.

Trump acts like he is some kind of emperor who like the story can't
tell he has no clothes, and expects everyone in his domain to tell
him how great he is, and how fine his clothes are. In Trumps case
the clothes refers to how smart he is.

Trump said we would remove Puerto Rico's prestorm debt. His people
and the GOP are trying to say we shouldn't believe everything Trump
says. Time will tell, but it's not likely the debt will be cleared.
Even though Trump said it would be.

They continue trying to cover for Trump. A senate partial report
about the Russian involvement in the 2016 election, the GOP is
trying to say there isn't any real evidence they were helping
Trump over Clinton. They know Trump would have a fit if they
found he won with the Russians help.

The GOP say it's too soon to talk about gun control. They just want
to stall till the public pressure lessens for gun control laws. They
are scared of the NRA. It's too bad health care doesn't have as much
clout. We do need good safety laws for gun ownership. Just as we do
for other dangerous devices or products.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #348 on: October 06, 2017, 09:54:37 am »
Trump day 259
President Trump has removed the requirement for womens coverage to
prevent unwanted pregnacies from the ACA. Trump says it's to keep
government from making people do whats against their religion. Even
if it costs the rights of others.

Trump made some comments that there is a comming storm. It appears
to involve the military, but he didn't say what it might be. Trump never
seems to understand how such statements affect our allies, and those
countries who might think we are out to get. It's this type of thing that
start wars.  Perhaps Trump is hoping it will.

Trump talks like he will undo the treaty with Iran over their development
of nuclear weapons.  This will likely cause them to restart their program
at full speed. 7 nations made this treaty, not just the USA. So it's not
likely we will have any support to attack Iran. In fact we can be sure
Russia will take Irans side, and sell them weapons and material. Not
counting China who is a trading ally of Iran.

Trump should be impeached before he causes a war that could cost
millions of lives. He has already committed impeachable acts, but
the GOP is scared he would turn his followers against them. They
know it would likely cost them both houses of congress. Even at
that they should care more about the country, and their agenda

Trump continues to call the major news fake. It's to be sure to
cover up his mistakes, and to mislead his supporters. The major
media is in a business, if they started lying those in competition
who are in business would be happy to report it.

The GOP passed a law change that allows the seriously mentally ill to
buy weapons. It would appear the GOP and Trump wants to undo any
and all decisions made by Obama including this law. They don't seem
to care that people who are so mentally ill they can't decide how to
spend their money would have any business with a firearm. Trump was
glad to sign this change in the law.

It would seem the GOP and Trump trust the menally ill to not shoot
people. The very ones who generally end up shooting people.

So our friendly GOP will put us all at risk just to pass their agenda no
matter how stupid it is. As long as it undo's Obama's work while in
the white house.

The GOP claims they can't contact Christifer Steel in Britain. About his
report about Trump and the Russians. Mr Steel has said he will speak
to them anytime they want. So I think the GOP isn't being totally honest.
Seems ever since Trump won the election lies are flying even from
congress as well as Trump. That's nothing new, GOP politics are filled
with lies. Even the democrats at times, but the GOP wins the race
hands down. The GOP leaders will do anything to win their agenda
even if it hurts the country.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #349 on: October 07, 2017, 09:07:08 am »
Trump day 260
President Trumps polls show his approval at 32%, and only 24% feel the
country is moving in the right direction. I think his support is fading as
the months go by. I wonder if the GOP is noticing this?

Trump killed a waiver for Iowa that would lower health insurance
premiums under the ACA. He and the GOP are continuing to cause
the cost of health insurance to climb under the ACA for Americans.
So all those who voted for Trump and the GOP should call them up
and thank them, or perhaps complain.

Still half the people of Puerto Rico are without electric power or
clean drinking water. People in the mountain areas haven't even
seen any aid or help after three weeks.  This after Trump claims
how good a job is being done there. In a country of 3.5 million
americans there are only 15,000 federal workers helping. There
should be 50,000 which is not even 2 people for every hundred.
As is it's less than 1 person for every 200. Florida and Texas both
got more help.

Trump made the comment that Puerto Rico owed 70 Billion. Well
this is from bankers who gambled that they would make money
loaning Puerto Rico money. So it's their loss not tax payers, or
even the people of Puerto Rico. Though Trumop made it sound
like it was to be paid back. Instead of trying to sound cute by
speaking the name Puerto Rico with a spanish accent he should
be working to help the americans there.

The secretary of the Treasury has cost the tax payers $800.000.00
riding in air force planes since taking office. Why? because he wants
a connection to Washington DC at all times in case he is needed. I
hardly think the secretary of the Treasury is needed a all times.
He could call in after landing taking a commercial jet. He is just
another fat cat that wants a cozy ride on someone elses money.

Trump during his campaign complained about waste of tax payer
money, just another lie as he and his staff have spent nearly 100
million on travel in the past 8 months. His staff could be using
commercial flights for domestic travel, at around 1% of the cost.

Obama and his staff spent less than 100 million for demestic travel
over the entire 8 years he was in office.

Trump removed contraceptive care from women that need it through
the ACA. Supposedly to protect religious rights, or morality. This is
just Trump playing to the religious right voters. The GOP and Trump
complain about the cost of medicaid to the government. This action
will just increse medicaid costs when those women who can't afford
birth control start getting pregnant and having babies.

The GOP leadership and Trump are out to make everyone do what
they think is correct. Womens rights, minority rights, and LGBT
rights mean little or nothing to them.

For the first time in seven years jobs didn't increase over the
last quarter.. Jobs dropped. Strangely enough Trump didn't take
credit for it. I am surprised he isn't calling it fake news.  Now he
has had Fima remove hurricane recovery statistics from their
website. Is he ashamed for people to see the slow recovery in
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands? Who can say.

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