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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #350 on: October 08, 2017, 09:22:39 am »
Trump Day 261
President Trump continues to ignore the needs of the Americans
in Puerto Rico. Instead he sits around freting about the news not
giving him praise.

Trump continues to work to keep his voting base. a group who are
slowly leaving him anyway. I am sure he will keep a solid 20 %, but
if he thinks that will get him elected he will be left standing alone in

I just hope he doesn't get us in a war that kills millions, encluding
Americans. He doesn't mind seeing the working poor to go without
health care, or other needs. I don't think he cares about the brave
people in the military. If we go to war it's  likely thousands will die.
With Trump blaming the generals for the losses.

A GOP senator called  the white house an adult day care center.
After Trump called the senator a coward for not running for
re-election. I wish the rest of the GOP would stand up to

Trump is reaching out to the Democrats to help pass a health
care fix. They said they would work to fix the ACA, but not
to get rid of it. So time will tell. The GOP isn't happy about
Trump talking to the Democrats. So time will tell.

The GOP leadership work to delay or not pass sensible gun control
for the country, but they won't allow the public to enter the halls of
congress without going through metal detectors or carry guns there.
I guess they feel their lives are more  important than ours.

There is a movement within the GOP to have a constituional amendment
convention. They wish to give more power to the states. They want states
to have the power to discriminate againsnt minorities and LGBT, not counting
anyone who doesn't agree with the state agenda. People would have little
chance to appeal to the central government. To even give the states a way
to over rule the supreme court.

You might think this isn't possible, but most states have GOP govenors and
legislatures. So if the US congress can start the ball rolling there are likely
enough states to ratify it.

The GOP has for many years pushed for states rights. They claim to be the
party of Lincoln, but this could even give the states a way to leave the Union.
Something that Lincoln started a civil war to prevent.

They sing a song that it will make the country as the founders wanted, but
don't believe them. It's a far right movement to gain full control for the GOP. 
Why? Because they  and the super rich know in a decade or so the country
will shift far enough to the left to kick the far right out of power. At that
point the super rich will loose much of their control as well.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #351 on: October 09, 2017, 10:37:00 am »
Trump day 262.
The VP left a football game, because some of the players didn't
stand for the national anthem. I can't say for sure, but I have a
hunch the VP didn't want to get chewed out by Trump for not
leaving. Personally I doubt many if any of those who went to
see the game left as well.

There are more important things to worry over than giving
people a hard time for  quietly protesting.

Personally I don't think any VP or President should attend
any sporting event. The cost, and disruption of the local
area shows a lack of consideration for the public at large.
I really doubt if many went to the game because the VP
was there. In fact some may have stayed home because
he was there.

Trump continues to stir the pot in Korea. I still think
he hopes N. Korea will do something Trump can
respond to. A plane shot down, or a missile from
N. Korea going a miss.

Trump is trying to add some immigration inforcement
to the dreamers protection bill. When he had promised
to give the dreamer kids protection without adding on
anything else. The GOP hopes to use this to get the
democrats to  vote for more immigration inforcement.

The dreamer kids are working hard to  stay in the
country without asking for handouts. They will likely
move to Canada who will benefit  from these hard
working people.

It's unfortuant Trump can't see beyond his supporters.
Many of which seem to be short sighted as well.

Fima isn't doing a very good job in Puerto Rico. I
kind of wonder if Trump is telling Fima to do as
little as possible there, and the Virgin Islands.

The govenor of Puerto Rico i s asking for more
money needed to  get the power grid back up.
The death toll is climbing even if Trump doesn't
want to admit his failure there.

They can't seem to  get zeroed in on any one
thing. They want to protect Trump, misleading
the public about tax reform, and anything that
might help them stay in power. It would be nice
if the GOP and Trump really cared about the
country instead of their agenda.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #352 on: October 10, 2017, 10:23:31 am »
Trump Day 263
President Trump according to staff he screams at his people when
things doesn't go his way, or when he feels insulted. So far he is
being held in check by his top secretaries. Makes one wonder
what Trump might do in one of these times of rage. The GOP
needs to kick Trump out before he starts a war or something
to harm the country and perhaps the world.

Trumps lack of belief in diplomacy, and his thinking military
threats work instead we are headed to a probable disaster.

He doesn't seem to understand that some people will go to
war over words. Even if they can't win. Pride has brought down
many leaders through history.

I wonder how bad things have to get before the GOP wakes up
and works for the good of the country?
Only time will tell.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #353 on: October 10, 2017, 10:33:25 am »
Trump day 264
President Trump claimed he was rich enough to not owe
anyone, but has had his hand out for money almost from the
beginning. I think he is nice to the Russians, because he and
his family owes them millions of dollars.

Those who voted for Trump said they wanted to clean the swamp
by voting for Trump, but he has it running over with the money
grubbing super rich. Trumps friend and hero Bannan is out to get
rid of almost all GOP senators using the money of a super rich
billionaire who wants to control the government because he
wants to change it to benifit him and the super rich.

If by some chance he and Bannon succeed we all may
 loose our basic rights. Especially for minorities,
and the LGBT, with women and disabled not far behind.
The GOP managed to clear the way to let the super rich
spend tens of millions to mislead the american
public with lies and conspiracy theories.

Once they load the GOP with white supremacists who
hate anyone who is different. This country could decend
into a civil war. Then marchal law could bedeclared and
we will be at the mercy of a small group of super rich
men just like Russia.

The GOP continues trying to protect Trump. Even though
they know how unstable Trump is. Seems they don't
mind betting the lives of our brave military by not dealing
with Trump. If Trump discontinues the treaty with Iran it
will give the radicals in Iran a way to gain more power. If
they do then they may try to control other middle eastern
countries with military power or threats. If they bring their
Nuclear program back up to speed, then will Trump decide
to stop them with a war?

Trump doesn't seem to understand how one actioncan
cause even worse problems in other countries. World politics
is like a chess game. If you play without planning you will
likely loose in the end.

There is a report that Trump wants to increase our nuclear weapons
and the means to deliver them by a factor of 10. Trump doesn't seem
to understand that this would immediately start an arms race. We
have enough to turn most of the world into bouncing rubble. With
an treaty breaking arms race life on the planet could be completly
destroyed if we had a nuclear war. There might be a few suvivers
crawling out of shelters, but even they would  likely be dead in a
few years. Due to radiation poisoning of land air and water. It
was after this when the secretary of state called Trump
a moron later.

It would take many years to grow our nuclear force 10 times, and
cost several thousands of billions of dollars we don't have to spend.

Trump claims to be so smart, but he acts just like ignorant people
I have seen who think common sense ideas will fix anything. I hope
the people who voted for him will see him for what he is. A danger
to our country and way of life. Perhaps even the world.

Like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned. Trump talks about people
not respecting the flag while California burns and people in Puerto Rico
die. If he continues to ignore his job he may yet be impeached.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #354 on: October 12, 2017, 09:27:16 am »
Trump day 265
President Trump made comments that perhaps NBC should loose it's license
to broadcast. Well Trump is showing his ignorance again. NBC is broadcast
by individual television stations, by sattelite providers and cable. They don't
have a broadcast license to loose.

Trump claimed he hated everyone in the white house. Except for one or two,
perhaps he likes his family. How can anyone respect someone who makes 
childish statements like this.

Trump is promising to reduce the national debt. He points to the stock
market growth as reducing the debt. Profits on the stock market only
help stock holders who only pay taxes on stocks they cash in.

Trump claims the stock market is doing great, well it's been growing
for many years slow and steady. Mostly under Obama. 

The stock market makes money mostly for rich Americans. It
does little or nothing to reduce the national debt.

Watch out Trump care is  here. Trump is promising cheap insurance that
gives great coverage. You better read the fine print. Cheap plans will not
pay the high costs of heath care. Trump claims this will cause more 
compitition across state lines. He didn't say anything about people who 
have health issues. This whole deal is designed to harm the ACA even
more than it has been harmed by the Trump administration over the last
several months. All designed to drive up premium costs trying to prove
the ACA is a bad deal. They should fix the ACA instead.

Trump and the GOP are hoping if they hurt the ACA enough the public
will want to get rid of it. Well I kind of think if they do destroy health 
care for people who can't afford it. Only to make cheap plans that
don't pay the bills. The public may decide to replace them as well.
Puerto Rico still isn't getting the help they need. Fima just wants
people to fill out forms, and does little to help. Even the hospital 
ship is only helping seven people when they could be helping many
more. It's likely due to paperwork and lack of transportation. I have
a hunch Trump will say the hospital ship is costing to much with for
the care it's providing. I understand Trump is already saying the 
Caribbean  territories may have to handle repairs on their own, and
congress is saying they want to loan the territories the money for repairs
and for them to pay it back costs to the government. I really believe the
GOP wants the territories to ask for independence, because congress has
stalled  for many years to allow their request for statehood.

It's too bad they can't vote, You know they wouldn't pull that with Florida,
or Texas.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #355 on: October 13, 2017, 09:39:20 am »
Trump day 266
President Trump sent his chief of staff out to defend
his lack of ability to lead our country. The news conference
by General Kelly was basicly a whitewash of Trumps problems.

He said being chief of staff for Trump was the toughest
job he ever had. Sounds like he is saying Trump is very
hard to work for. A good president should be easy to work
for. I think we know Trump is constantly changing his mind
except for his plans to make his self look great and richer.

Trump said the country would stand by Puerto Rico last
week. Now he is wanting to leave Puerto Rico to recover
on it's own. New Orleans had help from Fima and the
government for 6 years after the Hurrican Catrina, not
a few weeks. The Americans in Puerto Rico deserve the
same consideration and aid.

I see this as more proof of Trumps racist feelings. I think
he see's Puerto Rico as a foreign country of latinos who he
considers to be lazy people looking for a hand out.

He ran for office blaiming latinos for the countries
drug problem, and dangerous people who needed to be walled
out of our country. He never mentions those coming from
China and the far east who deal in drugs and a sex trade.
I am sure many of his supporters consider most spanish speaking
people as being lazy and looking for a free ride.

I wonder how Trumps supporters will feel when they see food
shortages with prices sky rocketing due to a lack of foreign workers
to harvest vegetable crops. Stoop labor isn't a favorite work for
most Americans, so the large farms find it hard to get home grown

Now Trump and the GOP are working to wreck the ACA which will
cause millions of people to loose affordable health insurance.
Replaced by insurance that won't cover existing healh problems
even pay all needed costs of a hospital stay. This will cause
people to not get needed care and if they don't die will end
up on medicaid as a last resort. Costing the government
billions more in the long run. Not counting work and taxes 
lost due to people being sick because they can't afford a
doctor or the medicine.
What's next. Trump wants to break the nuclear treaty with
Iran. Then we will have another country like N. Korea
working to have nuclear weapons.

Trump is giving it to congress where the GOP may do

The GOP's hate of Obama goes on and on. Even to put us
all at risk.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #356 on: October 14, 2017, 10:07:35 am »
Trump day 267
President Trump claims to hold Cristian beliefs. A man who grabs women, kisses
them without their permission. A man who says the people in Puerto Rico and Virgin
Islands are getting good care and doing fine, when they are not. A man who wants
to take health care from the poor.

As I understand the Christian religion it's about love, and helping the poor, and above
all the children. I can see why someone in the Religous right not aprove of homosexuals
and abortion, but no one is telling them to be gay, or have an abortion. They can
disprove of anything they want, but to tell others they can't love someone of the
same sex or a different race or no choice to have a baby or not is wrong.

This country was founded on religious freedom. Not any one religion as the far
right would have us believe.

Religion should lead by example, not by force of law. Countries who are theocracies
have few if any personal freedoms that are contrary to the state religioun. We should
remember the days when religions tortured and burnt people at stakes because they
wouldn't agree with a state religion.

I am sure Trump and the religious right would deny they want a theocracy, but I can
see someone like Trump giving them a cabinet position in the future. Especially if
Trump thought it might give him more votes.

Unfortuantly there are many people who feel one man control of a country is a
good thing. It is not,  no matter how good that one man might be. One man
can easily be corrupted by moneyor blackmail. There will always be people
who would try to control a leader with money or lies. Just like lobbyists who
work to convince our people  in government to make lawsto the advantage
of those they work for. Much of the time it is not in the best interests of
the country.

Trump is a good example of a one man government. Over the last 10 months
he has changed rules and regulations he feels will give him more votes. His
tax reform is for his benifit and his rich friends. Not for the middle class and
the poor. When congress  couldn't change health care he is trying to change
it his self. He is giving big business more access to the enviroment even though
it puts it at risk. Big business and  even small business will put profit over the
enviroment every time. It's up to the government to regulate them.

Free enterprise is a great thing, but without regualtions it will go wild with greed.
That is why we have laws against monopolies, and many other regulations to
control businesses.

Trumps actions with N Korea and Iran may cause us to be
at war in a few months. If we are I fear the public will not
want to change government during a war. I hope this isn't
a plan Trump has in mind. Our anti missile tech is about
50/50 not 97% as Trump claimes. The 97% only applies
if we fire 4 intercepting missiles against every one coming
our way.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #357 on: October 15, 2017, 09:30:33 am »
Trump day 268
President Trump continues to tweet about the NFL Perhaps only between
golf shots. I heard Trump cheats at golf. Not just a little but in a way he
seems to think no one notices. Now cheating at golf isn't all that serious,
but it does show what kind of man he is. It shows he will do anything I
mean anything to win. Even to break the rules to do so. With golf it's just
a childish thing, but where does it end?

By the way while Trump may get cheers when he says how bad the NFL is.
Supporters may boo when a player doesn't stand for the anthem and flag, but
cheer when the game starts. Few if any leave like the VP did. People like
football as much as they do the flag, or national anthem. Perhaps more.

Trump continues to suck up to the Russians. Congress voted to add more
sanctions to Russia, but Trump hasn't implemented them. Even though the
law required them to be on the first of October, 2017. That was two weeks

Trump continues to disrespect his secretary of state. How can the secretary
do his job if Trump changes his mind without telling the secretary first. Trump
has no respect for diplomacy period. He appears to think if I can't bully or
threaten a country into doing what I want I will destroy them.

Trumps Tax plan will cause some middle class to pay more iln taxes, even more
in the future, and the fat cats like Trump  and his family will  save millions in
taxes.  Oh he denys it, but it isn't the first lie he has told.

Trump lay's blame on the Democrats for preventing his success, but the GOP
could pass just about any law or regulation they want. So it's a dumb excuse
by the GOP and Trump because they can't control members of their own party.

Will the GOP run scared from Bannon's threats to run people against them
in the primaries? So far they publicly say no, but politicians hardly ever admit
what they really think or feel. So time will tell. Right now I doubt if Bannons
so called League of smart canidates will do very well against the GOP favorites.
People give congress about 12% over all, but their own congress man or woman
over 50%. It's a good ole boy thing. "My daddy voted for him so I will." Or
"He got that bridge built that no one else would." Even if the bridge was nothing
but portk barrel politics.  It's hard to defeat a politician that knows what his
supporters want to hear.

Bannon brags after his man won against the GOP and Trumps pick. Only thing
he didn't stand behind the man who won after the polls showed he would likely
win. Kind of odd for a man who claims he can defeat the GOP members up for

We aren't hearing much from the Democrats these days. They have a standing
offer to work with the GOP as long as it's a compromise and not a capitulation
to what the GOP and Trump wants to accomplish. The Democrats needs to come
up with  a policy that reflects what the country wants. I think they should say.
"We wil impeach Trump" Perhaps the VP if his hands are dirty too. They need to
say this because the GOP will claim it anyway. Also say they will listen to the
GOP about abortion, but not take womens rights to have one away. Women
should have a right to make dieticians about their own health and body.

I think people want the Democrats to be out spoken on their policy. I think a
lot of people liked Senator Sanders because he stood up for what he believed.
If people didn't want it, so be it.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #358 on: October 16, 2017, 09:58:29 am »
Trump day 269
President Trump expects everyone in his Cabinet to swear an Loyalty
oath. Well everyone who works for the governlment swears an other to
support the constitution. Trump asking for an oath of loyality is just
a hangup for Trump. Something he demanded from all those who worked
for him in the past.

Trump keeps saying he is just trying to fulfill his campaign promises. Then
why isn't he working to give everyone affordable health care like he promised?
Seems he only fulfills the promises he wants to and makes excuses why he
doesn't do them all. Seems his only plan is to destroy everything Obama  tryed
to do good or bad. Now he wants to lower inspections for the food we eat. I
suppose not only does he want to cut health care, he wants to cut inspections
for the food we buy and eat.

He seems to think regulations aren't needed. Like everyone is honest and wouldn't
hurt anyone to save money or time. In his tax plan he trys to tell us that industry
will use tax savings to cut prices and increase worker pay. Well I have news for
Trump, big business works to make money for themselves, not the people they use
to make it. Not to say they all are like this, but many of them are.

I think getting rid of regulations is to help Trumps businesses to make money for
hisself and his family and friends. I am sure some regulations do little good, and
it's good to revisit their usefulness, but removing them without study is bad.

Trump is treating his cabinet like a board of directors in a big business. Wanting
them to report how much they have cut spending instead of the job they are doing
for the public. He continues to ask for the wall with Mexico, but doesn't mention
immigratioin and drugs from the far east to the west coast.

Trump continues to claim rich people are the best for government agency leaders and
blaims the democrats when the GOP runs congress. These so called smart people end
up spending tax dollars to continue the life style they are accostomed to while doing a
poor job for the agency Trump offered them to run.

Trump said he stopped the subsidies for health insurance to get congress and the
insurance talking. These subsidies are there so the working poor can get health care
not to make the insurance companies rich. If Trump thinks insurance is too high
then go after them not the working poor.

Trump continues to claim his failures are due to the democrats even though the
GOP is in control of the goverhment. It's the GOP who isn't getting things done
not the Democrats. The GOP spent 7 years saying NO to Obama, now they don't
know how to properly pass anything. They have too many radicals to do a proper
job. Trump has little or no plan other than saying "Get it done"

The GOP was lobbied to change wording in a law to limit distribution of Dpioids. To
do this GOP members got large contributions for relelection. In all the pharmasutical
industry spent over 100 million to get the change done. So they can sell all the
Oploids they want. Kind of shows how big the profits are with drugs when the
drug industry will spend huge sums to lobby congress. Trump claims he wants to
lower drug costs. Time will tell if he really means it.

I hope the democrats can get their act together. They need to be working to get
more democrats in state governments. Otherwise the GOP will use them to keep
control of the federal government. 2020 will bring a new census and GOP controlled
state will gerrymander state districts so help keep GOP members in congress. They
know they are a minority party and will do anything to stay in power. Even to stop
people from voting especially if those voters are for democrats.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #359 on: October 17, 2017, 09:29:46 am »
Trump day 270
President Trump took questions for 40 minutes. As usual he takes
questions then twists them to suit his self. He was asked about his
contacting the families of the soldiers killed in Africa. He tried twist
it to say Obama didn't do it, which Obam always did. Then after
pressed he said he planned to mail them a letter soon. This proves
Trump doesn't really care about the military as much as he claims.
It reminds me of when he was disrespectful to the Gold Star family
during the campaign. Even to say Mc Cain wasn't a good soldier
because he was captured. Perahaps Trump doesn't respect an
soldier who is captured or killed. Kind of seems that way.

It has been two weeks since the soldiers were killed. Trump has played
golf more than once since, so there he has no excuse for the delay.

Trump stood with the leader of the senate. Both claiming how friendly they
are. I hardly think friends would be cussing each other over the phone which
had been reported a few weeks ago. It seems all Trump has to do is tell the
GOP to jump, and they ask how far. They are kissing up to him. So sad.
Seems only members of the GOP who are willing to say what they think
about Trump are retiring.

A panel of professional psychiatrists claim Trump isn't mentally fit to  be president. In
fact they claim he a danger to the security of the country, and could at a moment of
rage could push the nuclear button. Under the 25th amendment Trump should be
removed from office until a bipartisan panel of psychiatrists can certify Trumps
mental health. I rather doubt this will happen because they know Trump would
retaliate against the GOP even if he was or wasn't cirtified as fit. So it's likely we will
stay in the hands of a man who is likely mentally ill. Who could start a nuclear war
during a tramper tantrum.

Congress should pass a law that would require congress to approve the use of
nuclear weapons except to respond to an nuclear attack. There is a bill in work
to do this, but the GOP is stalling it's passage. Odd as it would affect any
president, not just Trump.

President Trump has already hurt this countrys standing in the world. We are
not the beacon of hope for those who wish freedom, and has helped those
who wish to have total authority over their population. No longer do we
reach out to help people in other countries to gain more freedom.
We only help fight terrorists who might attack our homeland.

Trump wants to make the USA a business interprise instead of a country who
leads the world in the persuit of human rights and freedom.

Trump has no shame. Stoping subsidies to insurance for the ACA costs
us all.

They only have 30 working days in 2017 to finish the budget,
tax reform/cuts, health care, infrastructure, and several other
bills. I wonder how much they really manage to get done
this year.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #360 on: October 18, 2017, 10:19:56 am »
Trump day 271
President Trump a man with little respect for the feelings of others
talked to the mother of one of the soldiers killed. He made a comment
that it getting killed was something her son accepted when he joined
the military. Such a cold unfeeling statement shows how little he
understands one of the basic requirements by a president to  give
comfort and respect to remaining family of those he sends into danger.
Instead he turns the whole issue in to a political football.

Now Trump claims he didn't say it. Trump has a habit to say others lie
to cover his mistakes or indiscression. He isn't a moral person. He didn't
even remember the soldiers name or the womans name.

Trump is trying to push tax reform /cuts, can't stay on subject as usual.
Just has to defend his self, no matter how imoral he acts.

The  attorney general is answering questions in committee today. About his
converstations with the Russians and the Trump campaign. He claimed he
didn't even talk with Russans, later he admitted talking with them.

The bipartisan work to reinstate the subsidies for the ACA is in work. Time
tell if it goes anywhere. Trump is for it one minute and against it the next.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #361 on: October 19, 2017, 09:37:53 am »
Trump day 272
President Trump is very good at stiring up the anger
some people have toward government, but he cares not
for anyone but Trump.

People may think Trump ran for office to make america
great again, but he ran to fill a personal and financal
need of his own. Trump is a pitiful man who will put s
us all at risk, and his only worry is having to stand
over our dead soldiers frowning because they didn't win
for him.

A man who had time to play golf, but not enough time to
console the parents of brave soldiers who died for our
country. Then when he is forced to do it, he knows not
how, and is afraid to admit it. Every president since
Lincoln understood their duty to console the fmailys of
those who died serving our country.

I think the reason he didn't want to talk about
the soldiers who died in Africa, is because France pulled
our men out, and he doesn't seem to respect those who
die or get captured. Just as he gave no respect to Mc Cain
during his campaign.

Trump claims the stock market is growing due to him.
The market grew studily durning Obama's time in office.
Trump called the rise a bubble during his campaign,
but he has forgot the term bubble now. I fear the stock
marrket is over priced, and is likely due for a big adjustment,
or even a large drop if there a big selloff. The markets
around  the world have been supported by big banks for
several years. This isn't likely to last.

In spite of Trump claiming big business needs tax relief, they
 are growing with large profits. That's another reason the market
is doing well.

The bipartisan bill to reverse Trumps action to stop the
substidies to help the working poor get health insurance
via the ACA. Has apparently been stalled because Trump
wanted it stopped, and we know the GOP won't oppose
Trump. Hopefully they do pass it over his objections.

In the senates Judicial committee the atterney general
dodged and danced around questions of his involvement
with Trumps firing of the director of the FBI. Also questions
about his involvement with the Russans during Trumps
campaign. Mostly by claiming Trump might not want him to

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #362 on: October 20, 2017, 09:28:31 am »
Trump day 273
The president had the gall to say he has done a great job
in Puerto Rico after four weeks  of making excuses of
why the people there should be doing more on their own.
Trump keeps hollering "Fake" news. I think we should start
calling him a "Fake" president.

Claiming they are lazy. The govenor of Puerto Rico appeared
to be prasiing Trump. Perhpas hoping it get more help for
Puerto Rico and the American citizens therein.

I saw on my local  tv station an advertisement saying the
democrats are blocking tax cuts. Well if anyone is blocking
tax cuts it's the GOP as they are running the country. I think
this is only the beginning of the GOP trying to pass the blame
for their do nothing work to the democrats.

People standing  lines for water, ice, food and fuel for generators.
Sleeping in the open or in homes with no roofs. Trump talking about
how much money Puerto Rio owes. Much of which they owe to Trumps
fat cat buddies. Trump shouldn't be talking as he is going to Russia to
borrow money because banks his credit isn't worth anything here.  I
understand the VP put the state of Indiana deep in debt, when he was
govenor. I wonder why Trump hasn't mentioned that.

The conservatives in the GOP again are pushing to privatize the
VA. So all you veterans out there may get to buy insurance for
health care. I wonder how that will work as many veterans have
health problems. Existing health problems due to service. I can
imagine the private insuance industry will want rather large
premiums to cover veterans with existing issues.

I should say it's mainly a proposal right now, but bears
close watching.

Just more proof that the GOP and the Trump administration
doesn't really care for our veterans. They will use the excuse
they want to give veterans better care. We have heard about
veterans having to wait months to  get care. I think this isn't
as much of a problem now, but it will be another excuse to kill
the VA. I doubt if the GOP will provide enough money to pay for
insurance or medicine the vetreans will need to get the same care
through the VA now.

Turns out in Wisconsin last November 11% of democrat voters
didn't vote because of restrictive voting laws. The GOP has been
working to make it harder to hccrpss the mation. With the excuse
to stop non existant voting fraud.  A claim that is just to help the
GOP win elections as there is no proof of significan voter fraud. We
should be incuraging people to vote, not discouraging them.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #363 on: October 21, 2017, 09:22:11 am »
Trump day 274
President Trump is interviewing possible nominees for atterney
general for the area Trump Tower in New York  sits. And in
Washington DC. It's possible Trump is wanting people that won't
come after him for legal offenses.  Also Trump has nominated
unqualified men for federal judges. Some have radical religious
opinons. I fear people in the LGBT community may be facing tough
times if these kind of people  are made federal judges. Much less
womens rights.

It seems Trump feels it's okay to bend or break the law if he
can get away with it.

By the way Trumps tax cuts will increase the national debt by over a
Trillion dollars. That's a 1000 billion people. These tax cuts are for
corporations, and the fat cats like Trump. By the time the middle
class finds how little the tax reform/cut works for them it will be too
late. Anyone notice the way it seems Trumps belly is growing?
Perhaps it's those fancy chocolate cakes. Maybe he should leave
his golf cart at the club house. LOL.

Trump apparently sent his chief of staff out to back him up on his
unfeeling phone call to a greving mother about her son being
killed. This is something Trump should have done personally
instead of hiding behind a spokesman. Chief of staff Kelly not
only backed up Trump, he lied about the florida congress woman
who told the press what Trump said. A black woman who who
has done much for her district, and is a close friend of the
family of the fallen soldier. Chief Kelly turns out
to not only support Trump, he acts like him, and after
telling a false story about the congress woman he should
hang his head in shame.

The Trump administration put the African country of Chad
on a list of Moslem countries that can't get visa's to the USA.
So the leader of Chad pulled his army out of the area our
men were killed in. Trump had no business putting Chad
on the no visa to the USA list. They were helping us fight
Isis terrorists in the neighboring country untill Trump screwed
up. It's very possible this was a direct cause for the deaths of
the soldiers. If the Chad soldiers had been there the sneak
attack probably couldn't have happened. Trump never seems
to think about cause and effect in foreign policy.

Puerto Rico has had less than a third the aid and help Texas
recieved after the hurricane hit them. The army could have
provided fuel, water, ad transportation to the american citizens
there. Trump claims he has done a great job, but it's more
like a fake job. almost 60,000 people  have moved to the
mainland in the past month. They could turn Florida into
a blue democrat state for the next election and for 2020.

A news man asked Trump, how about making Puerto Rico a
state?. Trump replied, 'Not now". Well I think this would
be a good time to do it. They have applyed several times
over the years. They pay taxes, and their young people
serve in the military. But congress continues to stall on
the application for statehood for Puerto Rico, and the
Virgin Islands.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #364 on: October 22, 2017, 09:28:18 am »
Trump day 275
It's only 90 days till Trumps first year of being president is over. So far
he has done little but undo Obama's regulations, and even trying to
remove protection for the enviroment. Trump complains that the GOP
hasn't passed anything for him to sign. It's mostly due to his lack of
leadership. Instead he tweets and plays Golf.

Trump continues to poke the leader of N Korea by shows of force by
our military. I hardly think the leader of N. Korea has to be shown
our military power. If he was that stupid I doubt if he would be
a leader. I still think Trump hopes N Korea will do something
that Trump will feel he has a right to respond to. At that point
it's likely to increase to all out war.

I understand about 50% of Trumps supporters think we
should go to war with N. Korea. I wonder if they would
still feel that way if the military draft was in effect. I
haven't heard of people lining up to join the armed
forces. Would Trump still be pushing N. Korea
if his family was at risk?  I doubt it. He got out of going
to Viet Nam because a doctor said he had bad feet. Yet
he is a big golf player. Guess his feet improved.

Trump and the GOP complain about the national debt, then they want
to cut taxes for big business and the ric to the tune of about 200 billion
a year. "Oh it will grow the econ9my" The cry of the GOP, but  there is
no evidence of it working. They point to the 1980's with the Reagan
tax cuts. Well it was huge cut which did work to make the rich a lot
richer. The middle class lost over the years since then.

The age old claim that trickle down economics will help the worker
by helping big business. This is false as big business rarely passes
any savings along to their workers. That's why unions were started.
Big business almost always fails to increase benefits to their workers.
It's human nature to be greedy, and big businessmen are no exception.
CEO's will get millons in bonuses while the workers get nothing.
Along with Trump and his fat cat friends in his cabinet.

It is a big shame that the GOP still fails to support equality for men and
women. Trump runs woment down by saying they will let hem do what
ever he likes, even sexually.  I think the biggest reason H. Clinton lost was
because she is a woman. I heard local women say. "I don't think a woman
should be president." Yes even women say it. Also many women will follow
their husbands wishes, a friend of mine said he always tells his wife how to
vote. I think many men treat their wives more like children than an intelligent
individual. It's probably a hang up from the past when women felt they
had to act dependent and give up all decisions to their husbands. Otherwise
they would end up an old maid with no support. Girls were taught this as
children. To feed the ego of men.  Boys were taught they must protect
women (The weaker sex ) To think they are too ignorant to survive on
their own. This is changing, but will take time as many religions give
men rule over women. Or at least emply it.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #365 on: October 23, 2017, 09:04:05 am »
Trump day 276
President Trump continues adding to his shame over his argument and lack
of respect for the family of the fallen soldier he started last week. Trump is
unable to apologize for anything he does, no matter how bad.

It's this crazy way of thinking that could cause us to end up in a war. I hope
his supporters hold Trump responsible for his bad actions as well as those
they feel are good. The GOP sure hasn't.

Trumps test walls are almost finished. He will go to the site where they built
them to check out how they look and perhpas watch someone try to scale
them. Well they won't keep drugs, and people who are determined to cross.
Reports show boarder crossings are the lowest in many years. A big problem
that gets little attention is it will disrupt migrations of wild animals. I am sure
cares little for the migration problems of wild animals. Many wild animals
migrate accross the region every year.

Our friendly GOP wants to reduce the amount of money people can put in IRA's
that isn't taxable. From 18,000.00 a year to 2,400.00 a year. Why? To pay for
the big tax cuts for corporations and the rich fat cats like Trump. I wonder if
Trumps supporters like that? Trump is claiming it's not true, but it's in the GOP
proposal in the new tax bill.

Trump claims the new tax bill will give workers pay raises, because of the tax
savings to Corporations. Why not just cut taxes for the workers instead? Big
business never passes along tax savings to anyone but stock holders.
and most big stock holders don't need the money except to feed their greed.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #366 on: October 24, 2017, 10:20:53 am »
Trump day 277
President Trump like most politicians lie and tell half truths to mislead
the public and their supporters. This business of Trickle down economics
never works the way he and the GOP claims it does. Also bottom up
regulations don't work near as well as top down regulations do. Local
government can be intimidated by big business in a way they can't
the state or federal government. That's why big business likes local

Trump and the GOP are promising to create millions of high paying
jobs, when they have failed to do it time and time again. The GOP is
run by big business. So they will never with honesty work to help
the little guy or gal. The working man or woman are just tools of
the trade to big business. This is why people need unions to protect
workers rights.

The GOP promises tax cuts to gain prosperity. But all it does is
increase the national debt. Everytime the democrats work for
economic responibility the GOP calls it tax and spend. When
President Clinton left office we had a balanced budget. So it
goes back and forth.

Trump promises jobs, but the world is changing and even
Trump doesn't have products he sells made in the USA.
Automation is the future so factery work for humans will
be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. Any
job that is repetitious will be automated. It's likely the
service industry is the best future for the common worker. 

The people like tax cuts so the GOP use them to get elected,
not to reduce the debt with a growing as they claim. Neither
party is without guilt so we all need to work to put the best
people in government.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #367 on: October 25, 2017, 10:22:49 am »
Trump day 278
President Trump made his way to the capital to meet with  with
senators as part of a lunch meeting.  According to reports even
though he went there to promote his tax plan he  ended up talking
about how much he has done in the last 9 months. This seems
to be a habit of Trump. He has to talk about his self and forgets
the important subject at hand.

The Trump administration is working to prevent a teenage girl
who is a immigrant from having a legal abortion at her
own expense. A federal court judge told the government to
allow her to have the abortioin, but the Trump administration
continues to not allow the girl her rights. It appears those
holding her are trying to prevent the abortion untill the
pregnancy has gone past the point she can get a legal abortion.
The man Trump apointed by Trump who can release the girl is
a radical who is totally against abortions and has even put the girl
through unwanted counseling trying to convince her to not have
the abortion. Just another case where Trump cares more about
his supporters than the rights of others.

Trump is reaching out to  religious radicals and their followers
for their votes. People who have murdered doctors who preform
abortions, and acts of hate against the LGBT community. People
have a right to speak out even if it's hate, but they don't have a
right to push their beliefs on others.

Trump continues to  make tweets against against senators and
those in congress. The very people he needs to pass his agenda.
It's more proof Trump has no idea how to be president of our
country. He claimed to drain the swamp, and turned around and
filled it with fat cat billionaires. He may think rich people are very
smart, but many of them got rich by stepping on others. The way
they spend tax dollors for them selves and to keep their life style
shows it.

People might be okay with Trump blowing tax dollars to keep his
billionaire life style, but I don't think the people want to see it in
 those he hires to help run the country, and most of them have
done a poor job of it. It's likely because public service doesn't work
the same as running a business. Something Trump needs to learn.

Investigations about the soldiers who were killed in Africa continue.s
It turns out they didn't have much battlefield experience. Not to
say they weren't good soldiers, but I kind of think even well trained
soldiers need experience to be the best at what they do. It appears
their mission may have been changed to trying to go after a local
Isis recruiter. Did they have proper planning or support? Hopefully
if there was a fault it won't be repeated in the future.

A US company was giving a $300 million dollar contract to help rebuild
the power grid in Puerto Rico. This may have been a deal made because
they were a friend of someone in the Trump administration. The company
is owned and run by 2 people.  The last contract they had was a million
dollar job here in the states. The costs appear to be large for the work
needed. There are some complaints by other power compainies saying
they should have been given the job because of multistate agreements
where power compainies work to help each other. Only thing is it has
the appearence of being a deal made for politics instead of for the
benifit of the people of Puerto Rico.

Hopefully the job is done correctly. Sometimes people in deals like
this aren't that good.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #368 on: October 26, 2017, 08:50:58 am »
Trump day 279
President Trump and the GOP is trying to cover up or
divert attention from Trumps involvement with Russia.
They are trying to say the Russian thing is just the
democrats making an excuse for why they lost, and the
real Russian deal is with H. Clinton and the Obama
admistration over the sale of uranium. H. Clinton didn't
get any money for making the deal. Though now the
GOP will likely spend millions more in tax dollars
investigating this. This occurred seven years ago. If it's
such a big deal how come the GOP waited till now to
worry about it? It wasn't secret as nine government
agencies signed off on the deal.

Trump still hasn't implemented the sanctions on Russia
passed by a huge majority in both houses of congress.
This was supposed to be done by October 01 2017.
Congress has requested that Trump impliment them,
kbut so far he has ignored the request. So it appears
Trump is still sucking up to Putins Russia for some
reason, perhaps it's money he owes to Putin. I hope
congress forces Trump into acting, but somehow I
think the GOP is too afraid of Trumps tweets to make
Trump do anything.

The GOP and Trump should worry about the business of
government instead of chasing political dog biscuts.

Today the GOP in the senate voted to prevent people from
sueing banks for cheating customers. Trump sent the VP
over to break a 50/50 tie vote to defeat the bill that
would allow people the right to sue banks. I wonder
how the GOP will argue this was a good thing when millions
of people are often cheated by big banks and financial
institutions. Perhaps this can be implimented once the
GOP is removed from power. It was reported  the senators
had been lobbied for days by the banking  industry to block
the bill. Trump had campaigned he would limit lobbyists,
but if anything there are more than ever before.

This is just more sucking up to rich supporters by the
GOP. They could limit how much money people could spend
for getting elected, but i am sure the advertising industry
would lobby to defeat such a action. They make billions
from election advertising, and would not want that to

Trump and the GOP claim they are working together,
but little is being done. The tax cut in work for
the rich supporters of the GOP may be hard to get
done. Trump makes it hard for the GOP to  work
out deals behind the scene. So time will tell.

Today Trump bragged about being a studend of an Ivy
league college. This means little toward intelligence.
All a person needs is a good memory to pass tests, and
it wouldn't surprise me if he bought copys of some tests.
We would never know if he did, but it does happen. I
think most of us forgot most of what we learned in 
school. Schools are to teach people how to learn. How
to work out problems, how to use knowledge. It's
apparent Trump didn't learn much on how to learn.
He is a fine salesman,  and knows how to manipulate
people but otherwise he just lies, and bullies his way
thorugh life. As people get to know him they soon
find out how to use him. And not to do business  with
or for him.

Even after 5 weeks most of the people of Puerto Rico
are without power, running water, and other necessities.
People are having to resort to natural springs and
streams for drinking water. The storm caused the deaths
of many animals, so their rotting bodies are polluting
streams and springs. So far over 70 cases of serious
illness has perhaps resulted from tainted water. If
the death toll from this kind of thing grows, there
will and should be an investigation for not providing
clean water for the citizens of our nation.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #369 on: October 27, 2017, 10:00:53 am »
Trump day 280
President Trump said he would release all documents on the
Kennedy assassination on thursday. Turns out some agency's
wanted to go over the documents to  black out any information
that might effect national security. Seems odd there could be
sensitive material remaining after 55 years.  In my opinion it's
about covering mistakes than security. Even though Trump claimes
transparency it's likely many pages will have parts blacked out.

The white house is claiming the govenor of Puerto Rico signed
off on the $300 million dollar contract to repair their power
grid. Congress is instigating since there is the appearance
the secretary of the interior who lived in the same town
where the compainy is located.  May have pushed to get the
tiny Whitefish company the contract. Reports are the whole
thing hasn't followed Fima rules and could be rejected even
though work has been started. Then again with Trump who
can say.

The house of representatives voted for a tax reform yesterday.
Though it was a close vote with 20 GOP members voting NO.
It's not likely to become law in it's current form as it takes
away deductions for local and state taxes. A lot of people
who live in areas where due to large incomes pay close to
$40,000.00 in local and state tax. They won't want to
loose this kind of a deduction on their federal taxes.

I am concerned in their hunt to save money to cut taxes
for the rich they will  start taking money from those who
can least afford it.

Trump is returning to the past once more. Claiming advertising
to tell people never to start taking drugs will solve the drug
problem. The "Just say No" push when president Reagan
was in office never worked. So here we go again. The
GOP is trying to save a dollar instead of spending the money
it takes to get people off the drugs. Highly addictove drugs
requires help to escapte it. I think it all goes back to the drug
industry out to make money by pushing dangerously addictive
medication. They told doctors it's not addictive if the use was
supervised by a doctor. Even though they knew the Diploids
are highly addictive.

In the past the GOP felt drug use was a problem for poor
minorities  not white people. Well I think they are finding out
even many of the people who voted for the GOP are addicted
and dieing. If they ignore them they will pay the price in 2018.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #370 on: October 28, 2017, 09:39:29 am »
Trump day 281
President Trump came out calling women who are claiming they were
sexually harassed or attacked liers. He may be talking about women
who are saying he has, but it looks like he is calling all women
liers when they claim sexual harassment. Either way Trump hasn't
any credibility for calling anyone a lier. Much less women who
have been mistreated.

Reports say Special counsil Muller has filed charges against someone,
but it is under seal, so we will have to wait to see whohas been charged.

Perhaps this is why Trump and the GOP have been trying to
shift blaim to anyone but Trump and company for involement
with the Russians. They may have some info that is causing
them worry. If they can discredit the special counsil Muller,
they might not have to follow his recommendations or charges
the justest department might not want to procecute.

Trump is complaining the democrats paid for information about
and the Russians. Turns out a GOP started supporter started
and paid for it till Trump as nominated. Then the democrats
paid to keep the investigation going. Seems strange to me
that even though the investigation was finished in October
2016, the democrats didn't release it before the election.
Trump has no room to complain because he would have
done the same thing given the chance, and probably did.

The eastern district atterney for Virgina resigned. Seems
odd since he appeared to like the job just two days earlier.
He had been doing quite a bit of work for the justice
department so one can only wonder why he resigned.
Could it be he was asked to do something unelthical?
Only time will tell.

It may boil down to wither the GOP will try to come up
with excuses for Trump or not. If special counsil Muller
brings charges to Trump and ore others who were in his
campaign. Will the GOP or the justice depoartment do their
duty or not. If they don't it will be up to the American
people to remove those in the government who won't do
their constitutional duty, by voting for new members. Be they
republican or democrats. If the people do not, we will be at the
mercy of Trump who will very likely start a war with Iran and
or N Korea. If it goes nuclear millions will likely die, and many
may be here in the USA.

It seems the GOP and Trump both feel they must have someone
to blame for their short comings. So they attack H. Cclinton,
Obama, and the News media. The GOP or Trump have no sharme. They spend
millions of tax dollars investigating only for political gain.  At the same time
they want to shut down the special counsil claiming it's a waste of money.

Congress voted to change the senate rules so it only takes 50 votes to
pass their tax bill. I am sure the GOP would have had a fit if the democrats
did this.  And they did when the democrats reduce the needed votes to
approve federal judges.. It should take at least 60 votes to change rules
that affect the whole senate or the country.

I think they are just trying to confuse the public so they can continue to
protect president Trump. So the GOP can pass tax cuts for their rich
supporters. I know people hate to admit they voted for a bad person,
they best wake up or they may find themselves wishing they had
never heard of Trump.

Here is a link to a web site that covers the Russian investigation.

I fear it will be up to the voters before it's over.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #371 on: October 29, 2017, 09:42:10 am »
Trump day 282
President Trump continues to say all is going well in Puerto Rico, and now it
appears the Trump administration was complicit in hiring a tiny power
company run by 2 people were given a $300 million dollar contract. Then
they try to point to the govener of Puerto Rico. Who is doing all he can to
get power restored. He is now saying the contract should be cancelled.

I doubt if we ever find out how this company got the contract, but Fima
is claiming they didn't approve it.

The GOP and Trump are still trying to divert attention from Trumps involvement
with Russia to a investigation of H.Clinton over a sale of an uranium mine in
Canada to Russia. She had no part in deciding if the sale was approved or not.
It's just Trump trying to get elected all over again. Even after almost a year he
continues to tell us how he won the election. The only reason he won is due to
the electoral system of electing presidents, because he lost the popular vote
by 3 millon votes. He knows it and it drives him crazy.

I think it's time the GOP and Trump started doing their jobs according to the
constitution. Not to make money for them selves, or to stay in office.  It's
time they hold people accounable for the law,  not for political gain.

The GOP leadership tries to claim the investigations of the special counsil
Muller are not valid. Muller is a member of the GOP and was the director of
theFBI for over a decade. There is no reason to say he will favor one party
over the other. Even though some in the GOP are trying to say he should
resign and end his investigation to stop.

Trumps complaints about special counsil Muller could add to his problems.
When a president makes a statement it has an effect which can be called
abuse of power. He even implied Mullers decisions are political.

I think the only reason Trump hasn't been impeached is for political
reasons. The GOP is afraid of Trumps supporters. They would have started
impeachment of H. Clinton in the first month if she had done what Trump
did in his first week of office. Because he then and now hasn't followed the
Constitution which he swore to do when he took the oath of office.

I am thinking it will be women voters who will come out to save us all.
They don't have the ego probem many men have. Women will admit
to themselves they made a mistake when men won't. Women in the past
have stood up for children, and the disadvantaged. I think they know
better than anyone else what war does to loved ones and family.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #372 on: October 30, 2017, 09:39:36 am »
Trump day 283
President Trump claims the indictment of Paul Manifort, and Rick Gates
doesn't show any collusion with him and Russia. This may be true, but
these people were high up in his campaign. So this can't be good for
Trump. This link should have more information.

Trump may feel this has nothing to do with them, but I imagine Special
Counsil Muller has a lot yet to come. So Trump may need a sweat band
for his head . He was braggine about how much these people did for him.
It appears he may be going to toss them under the bus by claiming he was
fooled by them. Trump and the GOP should have done background checks
on them. Even if Trump didn't know it makes him look bad. After all he
cliamed time and time again he knew the best people and would hire

The Trump people are saying George Popodopolis was only a unpaid forign
adviser. The fact he pleaded guilty may mean he is making a deal to tell
all he knows about Trump and Russia.

The GOP has dragged their feet on the investigation of the Trump campaign
and to find out how Russia hacked our election. They should be working to
prevent mare attacks in the future. When the 911 attack was made congress
created a special commission to investigate it. They should have done this to
help prevent more attacks on our democracy.. Instead they cower, worrying if
they investigate Trump they won't be relected. It's time they do their job, and
if they don't they should be kicked out.

Time will tell, but this could be the beginning of the end for president Trump
and company.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #373 on: October 30, 2017, 12:16:19 pm »
With all the news about Manafort, FBI, indictments, etc. going on, all I could think of was Johnny Cash's song "Burning Ring of Fire" going through my head.  :D

"I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire."

When Trump and his associates play with fire, they're going to get BURNED!  :D  :D  :D

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #374 on: October 31, 2017, 10:31:30 am »
I think he is feeling the burn now Kobuk.  :D

Trump day 284
President Trump appears to be trying to hide behind H Clintons skirts,
because this uranium business is nothing but nonsense. No uranium was
shipped to Russia. The secretary of defense, and others at the time signed
off on the deal. H. Clinton had nothing to say about it.

Trump is claiming all the charges was about things done before his
campaign. Even though Manifort was still moving money during
the campaign.

Also Trump is claiming George Popodopois had little to do with
him or his campaign. Even though he was trying to work a deal
with Putin to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the Trump
campaign. At the Time Trump was saying he didn't have any
deals with Russia inwork or not.

The GOP didn't  say much about this deal, but I think they just
want to see it go away. They want to cut the taxes they promised
for their rich supporters.

It's likely the GOP will be facing big losses next year. Even
with Trump begging everyone to vote for the GOP.

It turns out facebook spread fake messages
from Russia. It's likely over 120 million people
read them. It's time for the GOP to admit we
need to take this serious and get busy to
prevent a repeat for the next election.
Trump tries to claim it's not true. I think he
hates the fact the Russians helped him get
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