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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #375 on: November 01, 2017, 10:04:45 am »
Trump day 285
Well as usual President Trump has no shame. His tweets about the
killing of 8 people by a terrorist in New York was policitcal in nature.
Not only that the comment that the Democrats passed the bill that
setup a imigration program this man used to get into the country.
This was a bipartisan effort instead. Also there is no evidence this
man was a part of any isis plan. The man entered the country 7
years ago. Isis didn't even exsist at the time.

Many policitians are condemning Trump for trying to use this tragedy
for political gain. Both the GOP and democrats. Along with those in
New York. In fact the GOP blocked efforts to remove this imigration

Trump should be trying to find out why this individual did this. Just
trying to blaim Isis or Islam isn't going to stop it. Treating people
who are different with little or no respect will likely cause more acts
like what happened in New York. We need programs to help them,
telling them their religion is bad, or how they dress is wrong. The best
thing is to  show them the respect they deserve. Each civilization has
cultural habits that look strange to others. We all must try to live together
in harmony. Nothing is perfect, but if we don't try, nothing will change.

Trump is even hinting that this mans family might be thown out of the
country. This will only create more hate. Trump doesn't seem to understand.
He just wants to build a wall, and hire more immigration agents.

The GOP in the house was going to vote on their Tax Cut. Apparently
they don't have the votes yet, or even a workable bill. I kind of doubt
if many want to vote to remove tax deductions for state and local taxes.
I am sure they will continue trying to find a way to  pay for their big tax
cut. I fear they will take money from those whoneed it most, then give
to their rich supporters who don't need a dime.

Only time will tell.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #376 on: November 02, 2017, 10:12:18 am »
Trump day 286
President Trump continues to lie. He made the claim the investigation
about his contacts with the Russians cost the democrats 12 million
dollars. Well the costs was less than $150,000 dollars instead. A bit
over one percent of what Trump claims they spent. Besides the cost
is irreverent. It's the facts prodused that count. So far none of the
report has been proven wrong. Perhaps that's why Trump wants us to
believe it's a fake investigation, and finished document. As much as
Trump complains he would have done the same given the chance.

Trump is talking to his buddy Steve Bannon by phone almost every day.
He is getting lots of advice about how to keep his job as president. I
think anything Trump does trying to stop special counsil Muller will
just add to  his troubles.

Trump was bad mouthing the New York democrat senator for having a law
that lets people into the country. When this senator tried to remove the
law several years ago, but was stopped by the GOP. Trump never listens
to anyone but the people on far right news. Trump has a large staff that
he could call on for the facts, but listens to the far right news instead.
Then he feels he has to double down to keep from lookinng weak to
his base. If Trump was the good leader he claims to be he would
check the facts, and go after those promoting fake news that
the far right media. They are bought and paid for by a far right
billionaire. Who supports Steve Bannon.

The hospital chip "Comfort" that was sent to Puerto Rico finally sailed
into port after 7 weeks. After only caring for nine people a day off
shore it's now cared for 700 people over the past weekend.. Many
of which stood on the docks waiting to board the ship. I don't know
what the excuse was, but it's good the  U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico
are finally able to get the care they need.

Trump claimes jobs are returning since he took office. So far it's lots
of promises. Time will tell if it's true or just more lies. A few thousand
jobs means little when millions will be needing work. Not low wage
jobs the GOP is famous for either.  Now the GOP is calling their tax
bill a jobs bill. They should call it "Lets make the rich richer" instead.
Time will tell, but it's likely the middle class will take it on the chin
again. Ever since the big Reagan tax cut the middle class hasn't kept
up with inflation. But the rich got a lot richer. If this tax bill makes
it. It will likely do the same. The GOP claims businesses will hire and
pay more to their workers. If that was the case workers would have
never needed unions. CEO's are are always lookinng for a  way to cut
costs, and it's the little guy that looses.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #377 on: November 03, 2017, 09:45:08 am »
Trump day 287
President Trump is using his salesmanship trying to sell the GOP
tax cut plan. This plan saves Trump 10's of millions in taxes by
removing the minim tax rule. It will save his kids over $500
million dollars in inheritance tax when Trump takes his last
breath. It will save Trump millions in taxes for his businesses.
Trump said the plan didn't save him any money. Perahaps he
doesn't consider millions of dollars amounting to anything. Yet
he charges the secret service $10,000 dollars to use golf carts
at his golf resorts. People who keep him and his family safe.

Now you might not mind Trump using his office to make huge
sums of money, but I think it's unamerican for a president to 
do anything but serve the good of the people. not his good.

The GOP claims they are getting rid of corporate Tax deductions, but
they don't want to tell us what they are. They say they are
cutting corportate taxes to 20%, but they are only paying 18% now.
Unless they take away deductions they will have a net increase in
I think that's why the GOP won't tell us which deductions if any they
are removing.

Trump and the GOP claim big business will hire more people and
pay them more. The stock market proves big business has money
coming out of their ears. Their CEO's and directors are getting big
bonuses, and paying dividens for stock holders. Workers are getting
little if anything in pay raises. So tax relief will just make the top

Trump and the GOP claims big business will pass along it's profits,
but few ever do. Like I said before, it takes Unions to pry money
out of the hands of big business. The GOP knows this and works to
kill unions where it can. If people don't wake up and put people
in government who care for the common people and the country.
We will all be inslaved by the super rich.

I am not against big business, just the the greed most of them
fall into. It takes regulations to control greed. This is why greedy
businessmen work to get rid of regulations. They will do what it
takes to accomplish this. Lie cheat, to mislead the common man
to  vote for them and their puppets. This country needs to increase
taxes on the upper class not lower them. As is people are loosing
buying power with money moving to the super rich. They just move
on to another business when they fail. The common man goes begging
when they do.

Now the vast majority live pretty well in this country, but if even
a small minority goes wanting. Say 20% we could see riots and
the rise of socializim. Not just a little like we have now, but full
blown social change. The super rich would be well advised to read
history. If a country fails the rich often finds themselves in trouble,
or dead.

If the democrats don't get their act together votes will split off
and likely give undeserved wins for the GOP. Power grabs will
just hurt the country. Democrats need to work for the country,
not argue faults for losses. This just gives Trump something to
point to. Trump continues to attack H. Clinton. A sign of a desperate
man in my opinion.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #379 on: November 04, 2017, 09:03:32 am »
Thanks for posting the links Kobuk.

Trump day 288
Seems everyone in the the Trump administration has membery problems.
The US Atterney General claims he can't remember any involvement
with Russians, but time and time again he has had to make excuses for
false statements under oath. If you or I had done this we
would be in jail. I hope special counsil Muller brings crimminal
chargese against him.

Trump would like to get rid of the atterney general so he could
appoint someone who would fire special counsil Muller. Trump has
been told firing the AG or the special counsil Muller directly
will increase his troubles. So now Trump is telling the AG to
go after H.Clinton, and the democrats as they are the ones who
asked the Russians for help. This rediculous claim isn't going
anywhere, but the Far right is pushing it hard trying to help
divert attention from Trump and the Russians. Fortuantly the only
people who are falling for this is Trumps supporters. I know it's
hard to admit to ones self they voted for a bad person, but they
need to wake up to the facts, and not listen to the far right and
their misleading fake statements that support Trumps authoritarian 
way of speaking.

Trump is just like a coffee shop politician who feels common sense
fixes will solve americas problems. I wish they would, but when a
guy in a coffee shop can say this and that on what should be done has
little effect. A president can't. When a president speaks it has the
force of law. So commenting on ongoing court cases is the same as
interfering with them. It effectively wrecks the prosecutors
case, and gives the defense amunition to win, because of interference 
by the president the judge has to consider.

If you have ever tried to buy a used car from a  hot shot salesman,
you have good idea of what kind of salesman Trump is, one that
doesn't know anything about what he is selling. "Everything is great.
It's a great deal. and believe me you won't regret is." Mulitply those
comments a dozen times and you have Trump. Next time you watch
Trump on TV listen for his sales tactics. The people in New York
call him a con artist, because they know him.

If the GOP stands aside allowing the far right to get by with
turning the country over to big business. I hope they find them
selves to be a real minority party. Big busianess only uses people
to get rich. They spend as litttle as they can for labor. Even
if they paid nothing in taxes. Which many pay less than 20% now.

Trump like many on Talk Radio will say anything to keep you on his
side. It matters not if it's a lie. He just wants your vote so he can
fatten his wallet. If you think he is out to save you money or help
you get a good job. I am agraid your in for a big disappointment.
Obama left with a growing economy, and Trump hasn't done much
more than make  promises to keep it growing. When those
promises fail I fear the growth will slow, and if the GOP passes
their Tax cut generations will be payingthe national debt. A debt
Trump complained about during his campaign. They  are claiming
4% growth or more with the tax cuts, but it will be difficult at
best to grow to 3%. Currently the average is a little over 2%.
A rate Trump called over rated during the campaign.

Time will tell, but it's likely we are headed for poorer times and
perhaps a war with N Korea by next  summer. A war that could
spread beyond the Korean peninsula to China, and they do have
the means to fire nuclear tipped missiles at any target they want.
Anywhere in the world!!! Our missile defense might stop missiles
from N Korea, and that's a long shot , but not in the numbers
China can fire at us.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #380 on: November 05, 2017, 10:06:57 am »
Trump day 289
President Trump is in the far east playing golf. It would be nice
if he took the same interest in the country as he does his golf game.
We know Trump respects most authoritarian leaders. So when he
meets with them, he may receive some tutelage on how to be better
at being an authoritarian.  He should learn how to be the president of
our country instead.

It's likely the countries he visits will pander to Trumps ego. Then
when they have him floating on a cloud will get him to agree on
deals to  help them and not the USA. You can be sure he will brag
about any success he might have, even a small one.

It has been reported that special counsil Muller has enough evidence
to bring charges up on Trumps ex security adviser. Flynn and Flynns
son. Will Trump pardon Flynn? Trump often bragged on how good
a job he did. If Trump starts giving pardons to protect people who
worked for him. It could be considered an interference of justice by
the president.

Apparently the Trump administration is trying to cover up deaths in
Puerto Rico. There could be over 70 from drinking bad water alone.
Many others have been cremated though reports less than 50
overall. Seems Trump and those working for him feel it's better
to lie than tell the truth.

A book was released by Donna Brazil. The book apparently shows
bad actions by the Clintons during the primaries to defeat Senator
Sandors. Much of what is in the book fails to show the facts. It looks
like the author is just trying to make money with conspiracy theories.
Instead of helping the democrats, it could hurt the party. Trump has
already pointed to it in his foolish attack on H Clinton. It's time Trump
puts the 2016 election behind him.

This includes the democrats. Rehashing past elections isn't going to
help much to win new ones.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #381 on: November 06, 2017, 09:50:08 am »
Trump day 290
President Trump and a plane load of his CEO friends are having
meetings in the far east. He is supposed to meet the leaders of
China, S Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, and possibly Russia.

Due to the terrible church Shooting in Texas. I am keeping this
short. President Trump has given his condolences to those who
lost their loved ones.  I do as well. I hope he doesn't try to politicize
this terrible act. The shooter apparently was a white man born in
this country. So Trump can't use it to support his anti immigration

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #382 on: November 07, 2017, 11:46:42 am »
Trump day 291
President Trump and the GOP claim this isn't the time to talk about gun
control. It was interesting how Trump spoke outwhen 8 people were killed
in New York. Saying the justice systemwas a joke. After this he only wants
to say this isn't the time to talk about gun laws. Trump blaims this
shooting on mental illness, but doesn't push for better mental health

If the shooter had been a Moslem, or Mexican immigrant Trump would have
been shouting to the rafters that he warned us and why we need better
immigration control. One wonders if he asked about the shooters ancestry.

When Trump was campaigning to be elected president he said time
and time again. "I will hire the very best people. What he didn't
say was they all would be multimillionaires and billionaires. Many
which have ties to Russia through buisness or investment.Trump
ran H. Clinton down for having connections to wall streat. Even
though he turned around and hired Wall Street billionaires to help
him run the government. Why? Because they are so smart. Well it's
their kind of smarts that caused the recession in 2007, and made
them richer. Now the GOP has in their tax cut bill regulations to
limit investigations of the super rich.

So when Trump drained the swamp he filled it with muney grubbing
alligators who have Russian oilgarch friends. It's no wonder Trump
won't bad mouth Russias Putin. 9 or more of the people Trump
appointed to lead government agencies have Russian connections.

Seems Trump has either a poor memory or ignorance about car manufacturing
as at a news conference in Japan. He asked the Japanese minister if Japan
could build cars in the USA. Well if Trump was really interested in car
manufacturing he would know that Japan does have car factories in the USA.

Saudi Arabia had a big change in the ruleing family. Many have been arrested.
Apparently a power grab by a 32 year old Prince. Odd thing is Trumps son n law
was in Saudi Arabia the week before this, and  was reported to have spent
several late night discussions with the very prince who is takeing power.
It would be interesting to know what those discussions were about. The Saudi's
own several large businesses in the USA. Perhaps that is why Trump sent his
son n law there. If Trump made some kind of deal, I have a hunch it will
be more for his benifit than our country.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #383 on: November 08, 2017, 10:39:44 am »
Trump day 292  It's been a year since Trump won against Clinton. Some
felt he would change if elected. Well people his age are slow to change,
and he is proof of it. In fact I think he has become worse.

President Trump spoke in S korea . Mostly a history lesson about what has
happened since the Korean war. The last part was about life in N Korea. He
didn't call the leader of N Korea "Rocket Man" Could it be because he was
under the guns of N Korea in the building he was standing.  He left S. Korea
right after the speach. He was going to visit the boarder of N Korea, but
according to reports it was too foggy to go so Trump had to sip that photo

Trump also mentioned it was a year after his great win. and he advertises
one of his big golf resorts. I am not going to say which one, but it's near
New York. It would be nice if Trump thought as much about the country as
he does golf.

The GOP had a poor showing in elections one year after 2016. Trump
claims the GOP losses were becuase those running didn't embrace him
enough. I hope the democrats don't get the big head over these wins.
They still need to show the people what they want to do. Even if the
democrats win both houses of congress they will have to deal with a
GOP president.

The GOP is making excuses for the losses. Typical of politicians after
a poor showing.  One bright point was the win by a Transgender
person in Virginias house of delegates. She won against a man who
had been in office for several years. The man who pushed to take
rights away from the LGBT in Virginia.

Hopefully this is a forcast of things to come in 2018.  I am sure the
GOP will work harder to get a legislative win befor the first of the
year.  I am not sure passing a big tax cut for the super rich is going
ti help them alot. Hopefully the GOP will draw back from Trump a
bit after finding support of Trump hasn't helped much in elections.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #384 on: November 09, 2017, 11:15:58 am »
Trump day 293
President Trump is saying we shouldn't blame China for making
money any way they can. Is Trump really saying this after all
his campaign talk of how he plans to punish China for how
the way they take advantage of the USA? Sounds like Trump
has been fed a song and dance by China. Or perhaps a backroom
deal to benefit him or family? Sounds like a good conspiracy
theory some would put on Clinton.

Trump may think China will be nice if he is, but he will likely
find out later they don't care how nice he is. They will do what
they feel is good for them.

The secretary of state claims Trump is just making nice with a
tongue and cheek remarks. You can be sure if someone like
Clinton had said it the GOP would have likely called her unamerican. 

The GOP is still pushing the Trickle down economics idea. They
continue to claim business will pass along tax savings to their
employees. Well I have been around long enough to know people
in business are out to make money for themselves, and if there are 
stockholders, give them dividends to encourage more investment in
in their company. It's the CEO and board of directors who get bonuses
if the company makes more in profits. Now some people down line
may get bonuses, but it's rare to see the common worker benefit from
higher profits. Besides tax savings would hardly be seen as a reason
to pass it along in a pay raise.

If the GOP had their way there wouldn't be a minimum wage, much less
raise it. There wouldn't be any cost of living increases, or unions. The GOP
is about business, and ways to make money for business. The worker is
is only important as long as they are needed. Business will get rid of
employees any way they can. They will automate to have fewer workers.
Business is about making money more than jobs.

I know many business do care about their workers. I commend them
for it, but jobs, regulations and taxes is part of how society works. Some
politicians will use all three to gain power, and they work for the benefit
of those who help keep them in office. In the past one could run for
political office at a reasonable cost. Now it's so expensive politicians
spend a lot of their time raising money. It's no wonder they play
to the super rich for money.

The voter needs to watch politicians, and let them know how
they feel. Otherwise the politicians will do what they think is
best. Often that can be what's best for them. Money can
corrupt even the best of us. So we have to keep them in
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #385 on: November 10, 2017, 09:58:13 am »
Trump day 294
President Trump and the GOP apparently have no shame, It
seems politics overides the rule of law. A ex judge running for
the senate has been accused of being a pedophile. Does the
GOP even care if a child is sexually abused when politics are
involved? I am not saying all members of the party are this
way, but it appears many want to wait and see. I have a hunch
if he had been a democrat it would have been called a terrible
act of imprality. Proof or not. Where is the religious outcry? Where
were they when Trump was accused of sexual impropriety. Seems
they will side with one evil claiming they are doing it to stop the
immoral democrats. They should look at themselves  before they
point their finger at others. 

Seems women are always  accused of lieing or wrong when they
accuse a  man of touching them improperly.  I can understand
why those who support the GOP might feel this could be suspect.
But they and we should want to be sure, especially with 30 people
are backing up the claim that this man was guilty of this kind of

I think there is a movement by women in this country
to run for public office. I hope they do. Then perhaps
those men who want to control women can be
curtailed. We should share power with women, not
step on them, or kick them out of the way. When
women worked to get the right to vote, most men
felt women belonged in the home. It's sad, but many
men still feel women should be seen and not heard.

Trump continues to support autocrats around the world. Our country
should be supporting freedom, not dictators who imprison those who
shine the light of truth on them. People like this only respond to
sanctions that limit their personal freedoms to move around the
world and limits their ability to buy goods. So far Trump only seems
to be against Iran, and N Korea. Both due to nuclear weapons.

Will Saudi Arabia use it's military to attack or try to prevent Iran
from becoming a major power in the region? If so I fear it could
end up dragging us into the fray, and it could cause the price
of crude oil to skyrocket.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #386 on: November 11, 2017, 10:37:04 am »
Trump day 295
President Trump claims he is for law and order. He puts a man
in the office of attorney general that claims to be for law and
order. Shouldn't they be speaking out against the Alabama GOP
candidate for US senate? Trump like many say "IF" he is guilty
he should resign. Well who is going to prove beyond a shadow
of a doubt he is innocent? Normally party canidates are
 investigated by the party prior to letting them run for
a high office as senator. Insteadd they let the far right
choose. A group who apparently could care less if the
man is a pedophile or not. People running for public office
need to be squeaky clean, and not tainted by reputation
or actions in their past. If we don't how can we expect young
people to respect law and order if we support and elect criminals
and corrupt politicians.

Trump met with Putin, and after Putin claimed he had noting to
do with the election in 2016. Trump agrees with Putin over the
CIA. Apparently because Trump can't accept the fact he had
was helped by Russia to win. I think Trump continues to support
Putin because he needs Russian money. Banks here won't loan
Trump money due to him not properly repaying his loans.

People in the military feel we will be at war with N Korea by the
middle of 2018. This is due to a massive American military build
up in S Korea, and the region.  I wonder what Veterans day of
2018 will bring us. If 10's of thousands of our soldiers are dead
what will Trump say? Will he blame Obama, Clinton, the generals,
or N Korea? I am sure he won't blame himself.

The GOP, a party who claims to be for Law, order and morality,
would bend to support suspected sexual predictors is unfortunate.
I am sure they have many other people they could support.
It's still party over country, and now it's party over the rule of
law and morality. We see it in Trump, and Congress. Anything
goes to pass their agenda. No matter who it hurts.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #387 on: November 12, 2017, 10:45:46 am »
Trump day 296
President Trump claimed "No one can buy me." So why
is Trump being cozy with  the autocratic leader of the
Philippines? It has been reported Trump is receiving
millions of dollars from the Trump Hotel there, and would
stand to loose these payments if he failed to back the
leader. A man responsible for the deaths to thousands
in his country.

How many other deals is Trump making as president. The
GOP won't force him to release his tax records. I think
many in the GOP are selling their soul to Trump. Letting
him get by with anything to stay in power, and who knows
how much much money they might be making as well.
One GOP senator was reported to say if we don't pass the
tax cut we will loose the big contributions we get from
from our rich supporters. They don't care if it hurts the
middle class as long as they keep their rich supporters
happy.  That includes the poor, and those on social security
and medicare.

Fox News should be called Trump News, because they won't
say anything opposing Trump. The GOP should change it's name
to the Trump Party, because the GOP leaders stand up and defend
Trump no matter what he does. Even if it's unconstitutional.

Voters appear to be moving to support the democrats, or perhaps
to vote against Trump and the GOP. Hopefully the democrats will
get it's act togeather and have good people running for office.
There are places across the country where few if any democrats
are running for office.

The GOP and Trump are for the rich in this country, not the
common man or woman. Not for law and order, or even morality.
I am sure there are many good people in the GOP, but if they
stand back and let the leadership drag the party down it will
likely be damaged beyond repair.

Latest polls in Alabama are showing Roy Moore is falling behind.
Will the GOP stand with this man, or do the right thing and tell
him to resign.

The GOP will defend their own till the bitter end, but if an opponent
was accused of a bad thing they are guilty no matter what. The
GOP seems to think it can't win unless it tells lies and mislead
the voters. All they have to do is actually do what they claim they
are for, and be honest about it. Instead they hide behind closed
doors, and make dishonest statements.

They continue to support big buisness who have been laying off
thousands even though they pay less than the 20% in tax the
GOP claims will add jobs. The big tax cut for the rich will creat
over a Trillion dollars more in debt, so the GOP will say next
year we have to cut medicaid and medicare to cover the debt
they caused with their tax cut. I wonder how many GOP seniors
will like it when they have to pay increases for medicare, and
who will care for those kicked out of nursing homnes with the
cuts to medicaid. People already are going wihtout to pay for
medicine, or food or utilities, The GOP doesn't care as long as
they can feed the rich fat cats. Most of which think the poor are
just loosers who can die.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #388 on: November 13, 2017, 11:04:00 am »
Trump day 297.
President Trump is apparently backing up on his claim the CIA was
wrong about Russias hacking. Now he appears to be agreeing with
them a little.

Roy Moore of Alabama running for senate is threatening to sue the
Washington Post over the story of his actions with a 14 year old
girl 40 years ago.  It's rather doubtful he would want a public
airing in court of what he did dating teenage girls when he was
in his 30's.

The GOP should tell him to resign. As long as they support him they
dirty their own party and reputation. The man is likely innocent under
the law no matter what happened due to how much time has past. 
We only know what has been reported, but with politics it's all about
public pertion.

I hear the leader of N Korea called Trump an old man. Trump didn't like it.
I think Trump does look old. That's what he gets from being out playing
all those years. It's a wonder he doesn't have his name on bottles of
sun screen.

When Trump pulled us out of the Paris accords for climate warming. At
the time we and two other counties weren't on board. One was Syria and
Venezuela. Both of them decided to join the accord. Guess they didn't
want to be in agreement with Trump. Even though Trump and the GOP
don't like the idea of moving away from fossil fuels. Some states are working
toward renewable energy.

The world would be much better off not depending on fossil fuels even if it
didn't cause global warming.  We could let the middle east deal with their
own problems if we didn't need their crude oil. Also much of the money
terrorists have comes from the sale of crude oil.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #389 on: November 14, 2017, 11:55:12 am »
Trump day 298
President Trump claims he is wanting to lower the price of drugs. Well
he and the GOP isn't likely do any such thing. The pharmasutical
industry spends millions lobbying congress to let them set prices any wahy
they want.

A few years ago a multimillionaire bought a factory that was making a drug
which at cost was $20. He turned around and set the price up to $750.00. For
no reason except to feed his greed. Congress could regulate drug prices and
prevent such outrages, but the GOP has no desire to do so. As long as voters
keep them in office we will pay the price. Other countries would not allow such
things, but in the name of free interprise the GOP will.

The GOP claims "Let the market control prices." Then why do they pass laws
won't allow competition by small companies in the drug industry? It's because
the big corporations don't want the competition. They spend 100's of millions
advertising hoping the public will ask their doctor to prescribe their over priced
medicine. Then add the cost of advertising to their drug prices. Though they make
billions of dollars they cry we need it to do reshearch. Well it's a lie, they spend a
slittle more on R and D  than they do on advertising.

As long as the public returns "Good ole boys" to congress, nothing will
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #390 on: November 15, 2017, 11:05:48 am »
Trump day 299
President Trump and those he appoints including the Vice President all have
a problem with memory. Now forgetting something meaningless is common
to us all, but his people conveniently  forget things few people would forget.
Then all of a sudden when it's reported in the news they remember. The
attorney general claimed forgetting isn't enough to get in trouble, yet about
20 years ago he filed charges against a young policeman for forgetting. Sending
the man to jail for doing the same thing as he and others inn the Trump
administrations have done for months.

It's all about forgetting, denying, and lieing. When will the GOP stand up and
enough? Or will they wait and hope the voters will  send them back to
continue licking Trumps boots?

Guilty or not it seems politicians work hard to have deniability no matter what
they may have done. It's possible something they learned in law school since
most are lawyers. It's time we returned to requiring honesty and morality
for those who represent us in government.

The GOP continues to work on their tax bill, and now will end up
causing health insurance to be more costly, and who knows how
much people with health problems will have to pay. They seem to
think if they coudn't get rid of the ACA directly they will do it with
their relatively popular tax cut for the rich. It's all about finding the
money to cut taxes for the rich. Making the poor and middle class
pay so the won't have to. including Trump and family.

The GOP at the direction of the Federalists are putting
veru conservative judges in lifetime positions. Even if
they have little experience. As long as they are
conservative republicans. No minorities unless
they have a record of conservatism. When Obama was in
office the GOP stalled and did everything they could to
keep these judgeships open till they had the power to
select their own.

Minorites, women, and the LGBT are likely in for a hard
time. Perhaps for a whole generation. If we loose another
moderate supreme court judge to a conservative there will
little anyone can do to get rid of judges with a lifetime
appointment. About the only way is to prove they broke
the law. Which is very rare.

There is talk in the senate to remove the ability for
the president to start a nuclear war. I think to preemptively 
start a nuclear war should require more than one mans
decision. No matter what party he/she represents.
If we are attacked then sure, the president can
respond alone if necessary. The current way it
is setup, is to quickly respond to a soviet attack with
100's or perhaps thousands of nukes. Not a few
by a country like N. Korea. All countries but us and
France use a panel of three or more to use nukes.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #391 on: November 16, 2017, 10:48:02 am »
Trump day 300
President Trump made a rambliing speech about his trip to the
far east. He bragged about how many jobs Japan was promising
to the USA. Only thing it's just talk with nothing agreed in
in writing. Seems all Trump gained in with his trip was a
bigger waistline with all the dinners he had with the middle
eastern leaders. It's well known Trump loves rich food with
lots of calories.

Might be miy imagination, but Trump looks fatter than he
was when he was during his campaign. He has a way to
go to be the fattest president. William H Taft who wieghed
364 pounds, holds the record.

The sexual allegations toward ex judge running for US senator
in Alabama continues to grow even though hedenys it saying it's
just politics. It's strange how the religious community is
supporting a man accused of sexual abuse of young girls. I
would think they would think they would stand back calling
this what it is instead of blindly saying he  is a good man.
Many people thought to be good have been found to be very
bad people. The man who shot almost 600 people in Los Vegas
was thought to be a good man before hand.

Trump was asked to comment about this, but hurried out
of the room with no response.

A democrat senator from Minnesota is accused of unwanted
kissing of a woman before he was elected over 10 years
ago. Not surprising the GOP is immedeatly opening a
ethics investigation for the senator. This is just politics
since he wasn't a senator at the time. He has apologized
to the woman. If women want to change the bad
habits of men, they best vote to put more women
in office. That way they can punish this kind of
activities instead of just asking men to change it.

Men make comments about women and act like they
understand how women feel. This is ridiculous. Only
women know how women feel. I can only guess, but
men should at least respect their space. Personally
never felt it proper to chase women or push myself
on anywone much less women. Seems a lot of men
think it's something women want them to do. To act
like a master over a woman as they would child or
slave. I consider women as an equal and should be
treated that way.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #392 on: November 17, 2017, 10:12:36 am »
Trump day 301
The Trump administration has removed the restriction against bringing
back parts of elephant to the USA. The Trump administration claims
it will provide more money to protect large game animals from pooching.
I suppose we should ignore the fact Trumps family is involved as many
rich people are in big game hunting and obviously want to bring home
Trophies to show off to their friends.

Trump tweeted to bad mouth the senator from Minnisota for his
actions of Kissing and groping a woman. Even to suggest the
senator did more than accused. Likely to create conspiracies
against the democrat. Trump should keep his mouth shut after
20 women accused him of similar or worse attacks during his
campaign. As it says in the Christian bible. "Let those who are
without sin cast the first stone." Perhaps our higly religious vice
president should remind Trump of that.

Our politicians like to claim they are as pure as the driven
snow, but I have a hunch there are many cases of sexual attacks
and harassment with both parties in government. It's been a dirty
little secret of many powerful men down through human history.

Seems people who support men who attack women, want to blame
the women or girls for being seductive. To make the man they support
a victim instead.

The keystone pipe line sprung a leak spilling of over200,000
gallons of tar sand oil. This pipe line was said to be almost
leak proof. Nebraska is about to  vote to permit the same pipe
line to cross their state. I wonder if the big leak will
affect their vote? Somehow I think a GOP controlled state
won't even care and will allow it to cross leaks and all.

Trumps son was was found to be in contact with Wikileaks
during the campaign. A site that was involved with Russia. This
pretty much ties The Trump campaign with Russia and it's help
to elect Trump as president.

Puerto Rico is still having power problems, at least 50
percent of the island. After 9 weeks they are still
getting shameful help from the Trump administration even
though Trump claims they are getting great help.

The house passed a tax cut bill with GOP cheers.
A bill that would if put into law would save the
super rich billions. Troub would save millions, and
with the removal of the estate tax his family depending
on how long Trump lives could save billions as well.
All this while the taxes increase for the working poor.
The GOP has often said they are for jobs, but their
"Trickle down economics" hasn't ever worked except
to make the rich even richer, and the rest of us poorer.
They don't believe in the Minimum wage, or Unions. They
claim all government aid creates dependency, and should
be eliminated. They say let local government care for the
disadvantage. Well local governments often don't have the
resources to fill the need.

I think we should work to help people get off government
aid, but when the minimum wage pays less than people get
on welfare. We need to have a system that moves people
to an equal and even greater income. The way it is now if
a person gets even a part time job they are tossed off
welfare. Perhaps we should just reduce welfare by the
amount they earn working. Until their income equals
welfare.  Then stop the aid. We will always have people
that try to live off of others, but I think most want to
make their own living given the chance.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #393 on: November 18, 2017, 11:34:19 am »
Trump day 302
Today marks a year since I started this thread. To point out what our
friendly or unfriendly politicans. It depends on who you are. If you have
a job that pays enough to have a decent lifestyle? You might feel the GOP
and Trump are doing ok. If your poor and working two jobs to make ends
meet it's not likely your are happy with how things are.

Now the GOP and Trump want to give the super rich a huge tax cut on
the backs of the working poor and middle class. If you voted for them,
you likely were coned  into believing they cared about you. The GOP
and Trump are out to protect their pocket book not yours. .

The GOP talks about how much they want to reduce welfare, but turn
around and give the rich and big corporations welfare with big tax cuts.
Small businesses rarely ever get this kind of welfare. They don't have
enough money to  buy tax cuts  like the super rich does.

Trump and the GOP clame the economy needs these tax cuts to grow
and make jobs. Well unemployment is at record lows, The stockmarket
is at record highs. Big buisness has record amounts of money in their
coffers. The economy has been growing for the past 8 plus years.  All
this and they still clame we must cut taxes to help big busiess and
the economy.  Their TAX CUTS are about making the super rich
happy. People who have spent millions and millions of dollars to get
them  elected. One billionaire has spent almost 90 million to get
the GOP and Trump elected.

The religious right is supporting the GOP and Trump, even with their
immorality. Why?  Because they say they must get rid of abortion and
homosexuality. Not to help the poor and disadvantaged as the Christian
religion teaches.  Their  leadership says we must get rid of abortion and
homosexuality or the country will die. Well it's more about the power
and money their leaders want. They are using their followers for this

Most won't likely want to believe they are being used. Some of their
followers have killed doctors and women thinking they must  protect
the unborn. Others  refuse to give homosexuals the proper respect
they deserve, thinking GOD wants them to oppose those who don't
follow their beliefs.  This leads to divisions across  the country. A favorite
tactic of authoritarians like Trump.

We can only hope for the good of all Americans and the country,
the majority of Americans will stand up and hold the GOP and Trump
accountable.  If they don't  many people will suffer, and may lead
to violence in the future.

The Great depressian of the 1930's almost turned the country
to communism, or socialism FDR pulled the country away from
such extremes by giving aid to those who needed it the most.
The GOP was against giving aid to the poor even then, and would
return us to the days with people begging and dispaire that could
drive us to being a socialist state.

The GOP believes in putting people in prison, even when their
ideas drive some people to crime. We already have more people
than any other country behind bars. It's time we change our
ways of dealing with people. Or we will be building more and
more prisons. With it costing close to  $50,000 a year to keep
people in prison. Just more state welfare in reality. Why not spend
that money to train and educate people out of criminal activiey?
That would likely do a lot to grow the economy, instead of pulling i
t down..

After a year of this and vision failing I don't plan to continue my
daily posts on politics. Instead I will post perhaps weekly or when
there is something big to report on. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #394 on: November 21, 2017, 11:18:49 am »
Trump day 305
President Trump was on the phone with Putin for an hour. One
wonders who was talking to who. Trump seems to be sending
the world a message that we no longer care how people are
treated around the world. Turing over them over to the tender
mercies of authoritarian leaders of Russia, China and others.
It's true we can't police the world, but if we don't stand for
human rights, who will?

Trum made sure Texas, and Florida got all the help they
needed after the hurricanes hit, but to our american
citizens in Puerto Rico and the Virgin islands. They
can help them selves. After 2 months they are mostly
without electrical power, and the army is leaving.

Trump has been quiet about the senate race in Alabama.
Apparently afraid to remind the public of his sexual
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #395 on: November 23, 2017, 09:51:57 am »
Trumps lies never stop, even on holidays. He was bragging about how
he is changing the way we are fighting in Afghanistan even though little
has changed. It's all about training the local army to defend their country.

I wonder how our people there feel when the president embarrasses 
them, because he won't accept the facts.. They can't bad mouth
Trump, but it's bound to affect moral.

If Trump cares so much for the military, why is he wanting to
privatize medical care for Veterans. This will likely leave many
without the care they need. Private industry is all about
profit, and people second. That is why regulations exist. To
protect those who can't protect them selves.

The GOP and Trump are still pushing for their big tax cut
for the rich. I find it odd that big business would support
tax cuts that will hurt the middle class. The very people
who they need to buy their products.  The rich doesn't
buy low end products. They buy high end stuff that only
supports a limited number of workers. Shows that some
rich people can't see beyond their bank account. If people
have a limited amount of spendable income they are going
pay to have food, gas, utilities, clothing first. Then if they
have anything left they buy a new car, TV, refrigerator, ect.

A N. Korean soldier ran a gauntlet of gunfire from his fellow
soldiers trying escape to S Korea. He fell on the S. Korean
side and was rescued by S. Korean soldiers, and taken to
a hospital with serious wounds. Hopefully he hasn't any
family left in N. Korea, because they would be imprisoned
or enslaved. It's sad how paranoid the N. Korean leadership
is. Given a chance N. Korea could have a strong economy
with a good life for the people instead of having to live in
desperate poverty. Then people wouldn't want to leave.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #396 on: November 25, 2017, 10:22:06 am »
President Trump wants to be just like Russias Putin. An autocrat who can
control the people of our country at his own whims. Do as he says, not as
he does. Trump complained that Obama played too much golf. Then said I
won't have time to play golf if elected. Trump has spent over 80 days at his
golf resorts since he took office. Just another one of his lies.

I think we all remember Trump saying in his campaign. "I will hire the
smartist people. It appears according to Trump if your poor your a looser.
If your rich your smart, and it makes no difference if you cheat people
to get rich. That's the kind of people Trump appoints to run government
agencies. People who seem to feel they can use people for their own
gain. Just like Trump does.

Trump has been using the office of president to fill his pockets from day
one of his presidency. This is why he ran for office. His businesses were
failing, he is in hock to the Russian banks for 100's of millions.  So in a
few years he would have been living like a poor millionaire instead of a
billionaire. He will use us all because he doesn't want to be a looser like
the rest of us.

It appears 9 million children are about to loose their health insurance
because congress won't renew the program. Is there nothing congress
feels sacred except helping the rich get richer? If there is a judgement
day I wouldn't want to be a politician. Some how i think their fast talk
won't gain them anything but a fast trip down.

People who support an accused pediphie should hang their heads in
shame. Using the excuse to gain another conservative supreme court
judge is not one of morality. Morality is caring for the poor, sick, and
infirmed. Set the example by actions not by laws to force beliefs on

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #397 on: November 27, 2017, 09:59:56 am »
President Trump wants to appoint a acting administrator
of the consumer protection agency.  The GOP and Trump
wants to get rid of it, not fix it. This agency is supposed to
protect consumers from bad banking practices. It shouldn't
be forgotten that big banks often cheat consumers, and
take homes if a person misses one payment.  Typical
acts by Billionaires.

The GOP and Trump are still calling the tax cut a great thing
for the little guy, but instead it's a big cut for the top 5%.
If it's passed expect cuts in government programs for the
poor and needy. Reports tell that social security disability
benifits will be cut next year, along with medicare cuts. Both
of which people pay for through pay roll taxes. Those in the
GOP have been wanting to privatize those and other social
programs for years. They don't mind giving money to big
business though. Currently big businesses have more money
than ever. Oh in spite of the GOP claims money for big business
gives pay raises. No it doesn't. That is part of their Trickle down
economics claim that never works for anyone but the rich.

If the GOP keeps power the country will be run by, and for
billionaires.  If we have a war, guess who is sent to fight. The
little guys, not the sons and daughters of billionaires or even
multi millionaires. The middle class pays most of the taxes.
These people like Trump talk to powerful people in authoritarian
countries, and learn how to step on those who don't have
money and power.

Congress is working trying to limit the problems caused by sexual
harassment claims. This has been a dirty little secret for decades,
and likely since the country was founded. There is a lot of finger
pointing, but this stuff crosses all races and parties. I think we
should let the voters decide who stays in office unless laws are

While Obama was in office the GOP argued we had too many
federal judges. Now they and Trump is putting as many
conservative judges in as they can. These judges  can stay
as long as they live. If they don't support gay rights, or minority
rights, or womens rights. It's just too bad. Most people can't
afford to appeal to a higher court. All this for people who hate
the LGBT, and abortion. Not counting with the support for big
business. The little guy will be screwed.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #398 on: November 29, 2017, 10:24:17 am »
Trump continues to bad mouth Muslems even though they are more likely
to be victims of terrorisim than anyone else. 

President Trump continues to claim the media reports fake news. A man
who lies constantly has no room to talk. Fox News which is basicly Trumps
mouth piece, and called the state media by Trump rarely ever calls Trumps
hand when he lies.

The last missile test by N Korea shows they can
reach the USA mainland. Trump says he will take
care of it. Either he is living in a fantasy world or knows
something the rest of us don't. I guess we will have
to wait and see if one of our cities is reduced to rubble
or not. When and if he starts a war.

The main newsman on NBC was fired tuesday for sexual misbehaviior, the
latest added to a long list of men accross the nation accused of sexual 
harassment and worse. When is Trump going to be held accountable.
Several women have accused him of the same. I wonder if any of his
billionaire buddies he has appointed to office are guilty of sexual
misconduct? It's possible one or more of them has paid off women to
keep quiet.

Several years ago a woman who ran a brothel in Washington DC was
reported to have several politicians were clients of hurs, including
federal judges. Her list of naming them quietly disappeared. It's
no wonder so many women have reported sexual harassment. Supreme
Court Judge Clarence Thomas was accused of the same. It's likely
the only reason he was voted in was because he was a minority or
the accusation would have ended his chances.

The GOP complains about regulations. The problem is human nature
requires controls or it will turn to greed. This is why regulations are
needed. It makes no difference if the society is based on Communism,
Socialism, or free market capitalisim. Humans will cheat, and step on
others to gain riches for them selves. Some in the GOP tell them
selves otherwise,but it's the truth. Most people won't give in to greed,
but those who do will work hard to get rich, no matter who it hurts.

The GOP complain the Democrats won't help them, but they hide in
closed rooms without democrats to create bills that only hurt the
poor and help their billionaire supporters, and wall street.  I hope
the GOP pays dearly for their errogant activity in 2018.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #399 on: November 30, 2017, 10:16:41 am »
Is President Trump loosing his mind? He claims it wasn't his voice
in the video where he was talking about how he treaded woment.
At the time he appoligized for what he said in the video. Now he
even tells people in the White House it wasn't him. This is just one
thing he appears to not have continuity with his past. Much of his
lies and claims do more to hurt him than others. Why would he want
to hurt his self if he was mentally sane. I am sure many would say
this is just the way Trump is, because he doesn't act crazy. Well it's
true he is okay much of the time, but under stress he changes, not just
showing anger, but making strange desicians when his angry. Also
when talking he can't stay on the subject. Like if something pops into
his head he changed to that even if it's totally unrelated.

We can only hope during one of his times of stress he doesn't start a
war with his psychosis. This wasn't a problem as a real estate dealer,
but with the power of a president where might it end?

Well senator Mc Cain says he will vote for the Tax bil. Last summer he
said he couldn't vote for a bill that wasn't properly run through congress.
Now he plans to do just that. I wonder what they threatened or promised
him to get his vote. The man has cancer, so perhaps he doesn't want to
leave congress with his party mad at him. Hard to say either way. I find
it hard to believe any congresman would vote for this bill. Especially those
leaving office. The rest of the GOP are probably bought and paid for. Some
of them admit it.
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