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UFO's may be real? Pentagon has been studying them!

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I wouldn't exactly say I am surprised by this. The Pentagon has been studying unusual phenomenon for decades. Anybody remember Project Blue Book from the 1960's and/or 70's?

Of course UFOs are real. There's enough flying objects around that it's hard to identify all of them. What do you expect? (If you expect aliens, prepare to be disappointed.)

Jade Sinapu:
I'm pretty sure anything that can maneuver at the speeds these things are purported to do would scare any government.  If real, they would be from another government on Earth, or, possibly a phenomenon we can’t understand, maybe even extraterrestrial.  Either case would alarm many people as it shows them how powerless they are.  If a craft can fly past supersonic jets with no sound, and make 90 degree turns at such speeds, we have no power over them.  With no power over them, we are no longer in control, and we are like dirt in comparison.  Its humbling and we react by spending lots of money and time to figure out if they are a threat, and if they are real.  Of course these things may be of our own creation, either of our own time, or perhaps our future selves?     :o

It does get a little scary when you read "stories" of airline pilots seeing them, trained air force pilots watching them next to the jet with nothing on radar, astronauts seeing strange things and their voice on tape, and multiple people on the ground seeing the same thing at the same time.  Of course, all they are , are, Unidentified Flying Objects, not necessarily aliens...

But what is also intriguing are the many stories of “encounters”; a fascinating subject to say the least!  And of course the MANY sightings people post to sites like MUFON.
Also, I feel that in the US, we sometimes have portrayed UFO's and such things as negative, but are there cultures where it is more accepted, more positive?

A little off topic, but what was the US governments project called, the one that studied psychics and remote viewing?  Can’t remember.

Old Rabbit:
Almost all unidentified flying objects can be explained. We have no idea
what types of aircraft the military is developing and or test flying.

Miss leading information is a favorite tactic of  government coverups.
So it's likely any story the government puts out is a diversion to
cover the truth.

Personally I think the world would be better off if their was space
aliens. Then we would have something to bring us all together. So
far though there isn't any solid evidence for space aliens or time
travelers.  (Beam me up Scottie.  :D )

Jade Sinapu:
I mostly agree with what you said Old Rabbit. 
Many UFO images are actually insects flying out of focus, lens flares, reflections, sun in the lens, operator error, and complete hoaxes.
In regards to government projects, for the public who are not in the know, some of the objects may be by the strictest sense, Unidentifiable Flying Objects.

It wouldn't surprise me if the government was 30 years ahead of what we see in the  mainstream world. They probably had drones WAY back, probably when radio control was perfected.  Perhaps most of these objects are simply that, drones.

I remember when I visited near the INEEL (Idaho National Engineering Environmental Laboratory), outside the EBR1 reactor building there were parts of a decommissioned nuclear powered aircraft engine (called HTRE) for all to see.  So why do we not see these in planes at our local airport?  Maybe they are in use on other airplanes or drones?

But the stories you can find of encounters and such do make interesting reading at times.  :D
And of course, without people knowing the truth, they assume the worst and worry about these things they may see in the sky.
So if Project Bluebook and the like are coverups, how much money and time did they spend?  Wouldn't there be a cheaper way to do that? :)


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